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HELLO!For the next few minuets I'm gonna teach you how to catch bugs and fish real 


1.First of all you need a fishin pole to fish!So go to Tom Nook's store and buy one.

2.When you're near a lake,ocean,pond or any other water place...take out your 
fishin pole and press A when near the pond,ocean...whatever.If you see a fish 
shadow in the water,press A near the shadow and the fish will come after the 
bobble.When the fish bites on the line and the bobble goes under the water,thats 
when you press A again and you will automatically catch it!

3.DON'T run around near the pond or water place like a crazy person,that is how you 
lose a fish.

4.DON'T press A when the bobble is right next to the fish in the water and that 
also helps with scaring the fish away!

5.If you ever do catch a fish you can go to the mueseam and give it to the owl guy 
and he will put it in the fish room so all the towns people can see!

6.Alot of the good fish are in the ocean.Alot of the times when its rainin there is 
some rare fish in the ocean.


1.Again,you need a bug net to catch bugs.Tom Nook will have it too!

2.Press A to catch a bug when you have the net in your hands.

3.DON'T......for instance,alot of bugs like to sit on trees,dont run around the 
tree as fast as you can because that will scare it away.

4.There is a bug called a Pond Skater and he literally does skate on the pond but 
anyway,you can cath it with your bug net if it goes near the side of the pond so 
you can catch it.

5.You can also give a bug to the museam and the owl guy will put it in the bug room 
for everyone else to see it.

6.Alot of bugs make noises so if you go into an acre and hear it,make sure you just 

Thanks for readin the FAQ.If I think of some more for this topic I will make a 
second one!

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