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Prices and info for Buildings, and other add-ons.

Pond-2000g-All it's for is decoration, and during the summer you can get 2 ducks, 
male, and one female, but you can only get them once, and they are pretty much 
they go in the chicken coop and don't lay eggs, and can't make fertilized eggs.

Food Processing Room-30,000g-You can use it to make cheese,and butter,which sells 
 a lot more than the milk it takes to make it.

Milking Room-60,000g-This is DEFENITLY not worth its price, it makes it easier, and 
lets you milk your cows while they are asleep, but its not worth that much gold,
you just push your cow in when it needs to be milked, and then you can just walk
off, as I said before, you can milk them when they are asleep, just by pushing them
in.and then you just later collect the milk out of the dispensor, also after you 
them in for a couple seasons, they start going in on their own, it is connected to
the barn, and has exits/entraces in the barn, and in the pasture.

Seed Maker-6,000g or you can get it free from Daryl(find out how later in this 
This is probably the most profitable item in the farm, it goes inside your tool 
 and can hold 12 fruit\vegatibles at a time, and makes 2 seeds from each, it takes
 3 days to change from a plant to seeds.To make the most money off of it, make trees
(bananas or peaches if you can)and put their fruit in, and sell the seeds to Van.

Chicken Coop-Starting building-holds your chickens, and the egg incubator.

Tool Shed-Starting building-This holds your tools, and the fence to fence your
 pregnant cow in, and the calf hutch the calf goes into when its first born.

Food Storage-Starting building-This buidling holds your shipment box, the legder,
and the food storage, which I would not store any rare things in since it is
visited by Murrey who will steal some food, but you can tell him to give it back.

Barn-Starting building-This holds your cows, sheep, horse, and goats, along with 
food basins, and the fodder storage.

Pasture-Starting building-You can put your animals out here where they can eat the 
green fodder, and get some fresh air, but do not have them outside in the rain, 
that could get them sick.You can also cut grass to store in your barn.

Feilds-Starting buildings-You plant plants here, although hybrids only grow on the
Very Fertile Feild.

Locked Shed-Starting building-This is a completely worthless building if you ask me.

House-Starting building-This is your home, which holds your bed, and later in the 
game, your childs bed, and toys, and your kitchen and fridge.

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