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1.0  Copyright Information
2.0  Version History
3.0  Disclaimer
4.0  Weapons and Items
     4.1  Universal
     4.2  Russian
     4.3  British
     4.4  American
     4.5  German
5.0  Tips
6.0  Walkthrough
     6.1  Russian Missions
     6.2  British Mission
     6.3  American Missions
7.0  Cheat Codes


Rule #1 - Do not steal this FAQ.  Stealing, in this case simply entails 
          deleting my name and adding yours in its stead.  Beyond that, I don't
          care who hosts this file (to a point, see below).  I'd prefer it if
          you emailed me with this intent, but it isn't necessary.  
Rule #2 - Do not make money off of this file.  No offers to buy it, no 
          membership requirements to view it, nada.  Period.


ver. 1.0 - This FAQ is a bit utilitarian, but pretty much everything's there.
           It was my intent to finish this file before KOTOR 2's launch, hence
           the...Spartan style.
ver. 1.1 - Fixed some bad information in the last British mission, as well as
           cleaned up some typos and such.  I also added a Cheats section, 
           since a few people were confused as to what some of them do.


I've all but given up on multiplayer anything these days, so this guide will 
not cover any aspect of it.  Also, I will not include anything pertaining to 
the control scheme.  I'm assuming you're able to find the control setup in the
options menu and handle all of that yourself.



/Health Kit
A small round tin with a red cross on top.  Instantly heals some health upon 
pick up.

/First Aid Kit 
A green satchel.  These are saved for future use when taken and restore a 
considerable amount of health, nearly the whole bar.  You can also use these 
on allied soldiers, but there's no real point unless one of them is required 
to survive.  More on this in the Tips [5.0] section.  You can carry six on Easy
difficulty, four on Medium, and only two on Hard.

There are three different kinds of regular grenades, but they're all basically
alike.  Note that you cannot cook the grenade, nor can you control how much
force is behind the throw.  The grenade's traveling arc is a little screwy as
well.  Basically, you should just toss these at a group of enemies, preferably
ones behind cover or around a corner.  They aren't much good for anything else.
Note that the Russian and German grenades (the stick ones) take a little longer 
to throw.  In two of the British missions, you'll also get some sticky bombs, 
which are just grenades that stick to things (duh) and can destroy tanks.

/Melee Attack
Obviously a last resort, meleeing is rather ineffective in this game due to the
rather poor hit detection, though it is powerful.  Not all guns can melee
(though most can).

/Emplaced Machine Guns
Usually MG42s, these guns are great if you find yourself in a position to use 
them.  They can only track so far to either side, but they have unlimited ammo,
are quite accurate, and are damned powerful.  They don't overheat or anything,
so feel free to hose the area.  Just keep in mind that you're pretty exposed
and, obviously, can't move (unless you stop using the gun).  Of special note is
one of the British missions, which places you behind the machine gun mounted on
a jeep.  Aside from your being carted around, it's identical to any other MG.

You get to drive a tank a few times during the campaign and, if you're like me,
will relish the opportunity to laugh at those machine gunners as their hundreds
of bullets bounce harmlessly off of your armor (before blowing them up with a
shell, that is).  You have infinite ammo for both cannon and machine gun.  You
also, technically, have infinite health.  You'll notice two health bars.  The 
top is your armor, which is depleted alarmingly fast when hit with something 
explosive.  The bottom is according to the game your character's (i.e. the 
driver's) health, which regenerates automatically.  The only real difference 
that I've noticed between the Russian and American tanks is that the American's
cannon is much weaker (as it should be).  Both tank's shells have a 
considerable blast radius and are therefore effective against groups of 

/RUSSIAN 4.2  \

/Mosin-Nagant (4/5)
A powerful, albeit slow, rifle with a good range.  It's bolt-action, meaning 
each round must be manually loaded from the clip, which only contains five 
rounds.  The reason for the high rating is the gun's pinpoint accuracy while 
crouched or prone, with standing accuracy being only a little worse.  Best used
behind cover and at medium to long range.  The latter can be a bit of a 
problem, though, as the zoom only goes so far.

/Scoped Mosin-Nagant (4.5/5)
Same as above, only with a 4x scope, making long-range fighting a piece of 
cake.  Also, this gun must be reloaded one round at a time, which is fairly 
time-consuming.  All other advantages and disadvantages in usage still apply.
As an aside, this gun has the best scope, as its targeting lines terminate very
close together, making it easy to see where exactly you're shooting.

/PPSh (2.5/5)
Let's start with the good.  This thing has an impressive rate of fire and a 
seventy-one round magazine (!).  Now the bad.  It's horribly inaccurate and not
too powerful, meaning a lot of those rounds (of those that actually hit 
something worthwhile) will be required to bring down the Germans in your path.
It works okay indoors (where you'll generally be at close range) but is a waste
of ammo anywhere else.  If you want a SMG, grab a MP40 instead.

/DPM (5/5)
Now we're talking!  This beast of a gun is powerful, reasonably accurate 
(you'll want to crouch while firing if at all possible), and the magazine holds
forty-seven rounds.  If you wish, you can also deploy the gun's bipod (press 
the melee button while prone) thus making the gun even more accurate, but this
precludes the ability to actually melee attack.  Like that matters.  The rate 
of fire is lower than most machine guns, which is actually good since it cuts 
down recoil (again helping accuracy).  A great gun all-around, so use it 
whenever you can.

/BRITISH 4.3  \

/Lee-Enfield (4.25/5)
Much like the Mosin-Nagant, this rifle is powerful, accurate, and has a great
range, but is a bit too slow to be safely used at close range.  The extra 
quarter-point is due to having a ten round capacity.

/Sten (3/5)
Again, good and bad.  The Sten uses a thirty-two round magazine 
slightly better overall than the PPSh.  *ahem*  It's still inaccurate and has
fairly bad recoil despite a moderate rate of fire, though it does have a much
better effective range than the PPSh.  Damage is moderate too.  Like the real
British troops, you'll want to trade this for a MP40 ASAP.  You'll be finding
more ammo for it anyway.

/Bren LMG (5/5)
Much like the DPM, this is about the best gun you're going to find during your
short tenure as a Brit.  While it doesn't load as much ammo per magazine 
(thirty rounds; not bad), the Bren is still accurate and powerful.  It also has
a bipod and, thusly, no melee.  I suppose you could raise the complaint of its
general size and top-loading magazine somewhat hindering your view, but that's
pretty minor compared to its strengths.  The sight can take a little getting 
used to as well.

/Mines (N/A)
Teller mines aren't actually British, but I don't know where else to put them.
These are anti-tank only; they cannot be triggered by infantry.  An 
(apparently) infinite number will spawn near the tanks you're supposed to 
destroy with them, though you can always use the aforementioned sticky bombs.

/AMERICAN 4.4  \

/M1 Garand (4.5/5)
Like the other rifles, the Garand is highly accurate at range (though perhaps 
slightly less so than the others).  Unlike the other rifles, it's semi-
automatic, meaning it's quite useful at *any* range.  The downside to this is
that it's a bit weaker than the bolt-action rifles, so that eight round 
magazine won't last as long as you might have expected.  Speaking of which, 
said magazine cannot be ejected until it's entirely spent (due to the weapon's
design).  This isn't a huge problem since reloading is pretty quick, but it can
be annoying.

/Thompson (3.75/5)
The Thompson is basically a more powerful Sten gun with a thirty round 
magazine.  It's still inaccurate at any real range and has a fair bit of 
recoil.  At least you can actually find extra ammo for the thing without 
waiting for a squad member to get kacked, unlike the Sten.  Between this and 
the MP40...go with personal preference.  I haven't really noticed a big 
difference in effectiveness overall.

/Browning Automatic Rifle (4.75/5)
This one's a bit strange.  It's as powerful and accurate as the Bren or DPM, 
but it has no bipod and the magazine only holds twenty rounds.  That last is 
the main reason why it didn't get a perfect rating; having to reload so often,
especially during the kind of firefights where the gun is most useful, is 
pretty irritating.  Still, it's an automatic and better than the Thompson, so 
you might as well use it when it's available.

/Browning .30 cal (3/5)
Yes, it's powerful and sports a one hundred round ammo belt.  It also slows you
down to a crawl and isn't too accurate unless you deploy the bipod.  Also,
you're unable to use the sights unless the bipod is out, which is pretty
annoying.  On top of all that, extra ammo is either scarce or non-existent.  I
consider it more trouble than it's worth, hence the score.

/Springfield (4.5/5)
Apparently, this gun is only available in the multiplayer mode, but I assume it
functions similarly to the Scoped Mosin-Nagant given my knowledge of the real-
life version.

/M3A1 Grease Gun (1.5/5)
Ugh.  Take the Thompson, make it weaker, less accurate, and add more recoil 
(to be fair, the latter two are improved considerably while using the sight).
In other words, it's the PPSh, only without high rate of fire and the gigantic
magazine.  It only appears in one level, so you might want to use it a little 
just for the sake of using it.  Otherwise, ditch it immediately.

/GERMAN 4.5  \

/Kar98 (4/5)
Functionally identical to the Mosin-Nagant, up to and including clip size (five
rounds).  You generally have an easier time finding ammo, however.

/Gewehr 43 (4.5/5)
A ten-round, semi-auto sniper rifle sounds pretty good, right?  Unfortunately,
either this gun is much weaker than its bolt-action brethren or the Germans at
the endgame are much stronger, because the G43 usually requires two or three 
chest shots to bring down one guy.  Of course, being semi-auto, those two or 
three shots can be delivered pretty quickly, but that sort of defeats the 
purpose of using a sniper rifle.  Still, against groups of Germans hiding 
behind stuff (i.e. 60% of the final American level), the G43 can't be beat.
This gun does have a rather unintuitive scope, what with the targeting lines
terminating a fair distance from each other.  

/MP40 (4/5)
Ah, the gun I keep telling you to use.  Let's see: decent accuracy, low recoil,
decent damage, thirty-two rounds per clip, and about half of the Germans in the
game use it, meaning ammo is no problem.  No real weaknesses.  I'd say that's 
about the best one can reasonably hope to get from a SMG.  

/MG42 (3/5)
Functionally identical to the Browning .30 cal, but uses a fifty-seven round
magazine.  Still slows you down, still inaccurate unless you plant yourself
to the ground, still more trouble than it's worth.  

/Panzerschreck (2/5)
First off, the rating pertains to everything except tank-killing.  These fire 
an armor-piercing round (so no gigantic explosions), but do have a small area
effect that can kill infantry if they're close enough.  Somewhat useful against
a big clump of Germans, but pretty inefficient overall.  You're probably better
off grabbing another gun once you're through with any tanks in the area and 
ignoring the launcher altogether otherwise.

/TIPS 5.0  \

1) Always, always, always use the gun's sights when you're not moving.  The 
   accuracy increase is incredible with most automatics, and with the already
   accurate rifles you'll get a small zoom to encourage sniping.  Ammo isn't
   too much of a problem in this game, but clip sizes are, so do your best to
   make those shots count.

2) Crouch or prone behind cover whenever possible.  The smaller the target you
   present to enemies, the less you'll be shot.  Enemies will eventually start
   throwing grenades to dislodge you, so always be prepared to relocate.

3) Speaking of grenades, they aren't too useful out in the open due to the
   difficulty of aiming them.  Indoors is an entirely different matter as there
   are walls and piles of junk and such to stop the grenade somewhere close to
   where you want it.  This occasionally applies outdoors as well, when a few
   Germans are hiding in those little alcoves scattered throughout the game.

4) Regarding your AI allies, there are three different kinds you need to
   distinguish.  First is the cannon fodder, the ones who run around, kill 
   enemies, and die.  Second are plot soldiers, who are much more useful than
   the regular guys because they're invincible (they still take damage, but
   won't actually die unless the game specifically wants them to).  These are
   the ones you'll want to charge into rooms and around corners for you.  Third
   are objective soldiers (or tanks).  These are distinguished by an objective
   stating "X must survive" and have a health bar on the upper-right corner of
   the screen.  These are also the only soldiers you should expend first aid
   kits on, for rather obvious reasons.  I'll point out any plot or objective
   soldiers during the walkthrough.

5) I generally save first aid kits until my health is down to about 33%.  Any
   less runs the risk of getting killed before I can heal, any more and I start
   feeling pretty stupid if and when I come across a health kit.  Some levels,
   though, are hard enough to warrant using them at closer to 50%.  You'll have
   to play the game a bit to find a system most comfortable to you.

6) Sort of goes without saying, but be sure to duck behind a building or
   something to let your green health bar recharge while in a tank.

7) Health kits and first aid kits will remain in the place where you found them
   until the level ends, so feel free to backtrack if necessary.

8) Regarding weapons, it's generally best to have a long range rifle and short
   range automatic on your person.  This way, you can effectively handle any 
   situation that may arise.  I'm going to assume this will be your MO during
   my walkthroughs, so you may have to adjust things a bit according to your
   personal preferences.

9) Try to let allied soldiers bear the brunt of, well, everything.  99% of them
   will either be quickly replaced or can't be killed at all.  Sure it's cheap,
   but it keeps you alive and armed, and that's what matters most game wise.


The paths through most of the game's levels are pretty linear and you'll always
have your compass pointing you in the right direction, so I won't bother you
with directions unless there are multiple ways to go.  In the latter case, I'll
point out junctions as well as which route I find easiest and hardest.  You'll
have to take that with a grain of salt, I'm afraid, as the enemies don't
generally just wait around for you to shoot them.  I'll also point out any
first aid kits, but *not* health kits.  The latter are usually dropped by
enemies, so just keep an eye out.

The first campaign, and definitely the easiest of the three.  Consider it a
running tutorial.

/Not One Step Back
Plot Soldiers: Sgt. Puskov

After that rather dramatic opening, you'll automatically exit the boat and get 
in line for a weapon.  Just your luck, you're second in line and only get ammo.
Head forward once gaining control towards Sgt. Puskov, your guide for this 
lovely evening.  I don't think he'll actually make good on his threat to shoot
you, by the way.

Puskov will lead you through some trenches and up a hill towards the oil
refinery.  Nothing you can do but follow him when he moves and duck behind
anything handy when he stops.  There are health kits everywhere along your
path, so you shouldn't have any trouble.

Once at the refinery, witness some moron running out into the open and
attempting to go Rambo with a bolt-action rifle on a group of Germans behind
cover.  Consider that a lesson on what not to do in this game, then grab his
rifle.  You can either return to your original position or continue south a few
feet and crouch behind the pipe.  I'd go with the latter, since you don't have 
much ammo at the moment and thus need to be as accurate as possible.  There's 
only five or six Germans shooting mostly at everyone else, so this is a piece
of cake.  Head inside when you're done.  One of the soldiers had a MP40, which
you'll want to grab if you can find it.  You can also trade the Mosin-Nagant
for a Kar98 if you wish (or are really low on ammo).

Next, a large group of Germans will start running past the windows to the 
south.  Shoot them down.  A lot of them won't even fire back.

After Puskov blows a hole in a nearby wall, follow him outside to witness
Stalin's trademark "throw as many bodies at the machine guns as possible and 
hope some of them survive" tactic.  You have two options here: follow Puskov
(easiest and safest) or participate in the swarm (certainly taking damage and
possibly getting killed).  Either way, you'll want to end up at the south side
of the building containing the MG42s, where you'll find a hole.  Head in, 
killing any Germans you see (the MP40 works great here).  Follow Puskov to end
the level.

/The Flag Must Fall
Plot Soldiers: Sgt. Puskov

I should mention here that your armament usually doesn't carry over between
levels.  Sorry.

You start with a lesson in breaching doors.  Aim your cursor at one of the
men flanking the door and press the use key.  The guy you used will kick down
the door and one of them will rush in and start shooting.  Do this whenever the
opportunity presents itself, especially in most later missions, where the 
kicker will toss in a grenade before anyone enters.  Anyway, let them enter
first, then start shooting around the corner to help out.

You have to do the honors for the next door.  Crouch next to the door, open it,
then ease around and shoot anyone you see.  Simple.  Through the hole in the
wall is a staircase leading down to a group of Germans.  Crouch behind the 
barrier to the left or prone at the top of the staircase and snipe them all.
One of them had a MP40.  You'll need that.

Two Russians will set up a machine gun at the windows to the west and the 
gunner will be killed.  Take over, aiming first for the machine gun in the 
cylindrical pillbox to the left (the Russian gunner usually doesn't get him),
then for any infantry nearby.  Continue until you have sniper problems, which
will automatically be solved by Ms. Tanya Pavalovna, who also gives you a new

Head east and down the stairs to be confronted with a new wave of Germans.  You
head back upstairs and use the MG to deal with in order to save ammo, or just
snipe them from the doorway.  However you do it, grab the first aid kit by the
door, head up to the broken wall and shoot down any Germans that appear,
preferable with a rifle.  Be sure to grab the first aid kit nearby and any MP40
ammo you see.   

We'll deal with the left pillbox first.  To the south, you'll see a wooden
wall, actually a trench, which opens towards the north.  Wind your way through,
stopping to kill any Germans that appear (both in the trench and on the hills
beyond) until you come to the exit.  Immediately turn right and head up the
hill to reach the left pillbox.  Kill the guy inside and anyone that followed
you in to accomplish that objective.  Grab the first aid kit.

Head north in the current trench and you'll see another across an open area.
Head there, make your way to the center pillbox and clear it.  Now you have to
do something somewhat dangerous: exit this trench, turn around to the north,
then run to the next trench across open ground.  The problem is that there can
be a *lot* of Germans in this trench.  You could try proning about halfway
between the trenches and sniping (or use the MP40 if there are a lot of them),
or you could just blitz the damned thing.  Either way, clear the right pillbox.
The trench also branches to the west prior to reaching the pillbox.  That way
leads to a room with a first aid kit and a MG42.

Head back into the previous trench (south), clearing any Germans that are 
almost certainly there.  The trench will shortly branch to the west, facing
that gigantic bunker.  Guess where we're going?  Continue west to find some
rubble, also inhabited by some enemies.  Clear it and hook north to find the 
trench (damn, I'm tired of typing that word) that leads to the bunker entrance.
Head through.  There are quite a few Germans inside the bunker, so you might 
want to wait for some allies to catch up before entering.  Once clear, use the
flag pole in the center of the bunker to end the level.

/Dead in Her Sights
Plot Soldiers: Pvt. Sokolov
               Pvt. Kirelenko

Mmm...sniping.  This part is simple enough.  Grab the first aid kits to the
north and south (don't forget the one through the doorway to the south), then
just shoot eight soldiers (giving precedence to any that appear in the second
floor of the building to the northwest) to attract the attention of a tank.
Shoot the three guys that escort the tank so the sapper can rather humorously
deal with it.  Now you have to follow Pvt. Kirelenko, grabbing a fourth first
aid kit along the way.  Kirelenko will tell you that you'll have to go through
the sewers to get past the tank blocking your path.  Run east to the building.
You'll take damage from the tank, but you should have plenty of first aid kits
and you'll get another at the manhole anyway.

Head down the tunnel to a fork.  Left has a couple of Germans guarding two 
first aid kits.  You should also take a Kar98 as it reloads faster than your
sniper rifle.  Do swap the Kar98 for a MP40 as soon as possible, though.

Head down the other fork (west).  Follow the only path until you come to a
largish room with another Russian soldier.  There's a nice gap in the rubble 
to the right for you to snipe through (the left path has no real use, though a
German or two might use it to flank you).  Once you reach the doorway to the 
east, head down the tunnel to the south (this way was blocked off from the
other side) for a first aid kit and ammo.  Go back and head through the door
you ignored.

At the next fork, head left, then left again for a first aid kit.  Now head 
west a bit and you'll come across a room with about five Germans.  A grenade
will deal with most of them.  Four-way intersection here.  West is where you
came from, south leads to a first aid kit and doubles back a bit.  North and
east lead further into the level.  North is probably easier as you can snipe
everybody.  East favors the MP40 and contains a small side room with a first
aid kit.  Once at the long north-south tunnel, head all the way south for yet
another first aid kit, then go north to continue.

Once through the crawlspace, you'll hear gunfight from the south tunnel.  Head
inside, pausing to snipe anyone you can, of course, then head west.  Not too
far, though, unless you want to say hi to a MG42.  There are two first aid kits
here: one at the very entrance of the north tunnel and another all way to the
south.  The best way to deal with the MG42s and their accompanying infantry is
to prone in the middle of the intersection and snipe them all.  Note that are
some more infantry on your level that may approach from any of the three

After the gunners and such are dealt with, just follow your compass out, being
careful of the staircase.  There's usually a couple of Germans hiding in good
firing positions up there.  Then, just climb down the ladder and follow Saadak.

/Defend the Factory
Plot Soldiers: Pvt. Sokolov

Follow Sokolov's lead until you reach the factory.  Stay crouched while in the
trench and you won't take much damage, if any.  Right when you enter the 
factory, grab the three first aid kits in the corner by the staircase.  Head up
those stairs, turn around to find three more health kits, then up the stairs to
the south and get ready for target practice.

On the east side of your sniping platform is another first aid kit and a large
amount of sniper ammo, so don't grab that until you're down to thirty rounds 
or so.  There're two more first aid kits and more sniper ammo on the west side.

The way this section works is this: many, many Germans will spawn from either
the east (left) or west (right) side of the large area south of you.  Of 
special interest are the Panzerschrecks and MG42 crews.  The former are
carrying a long brownish object and run very slowly.  The latter come in pairs,
each carrying a part of the gun.  The Panzerschrecks are the only danger to the
doors you have to protect, and the launchers they drop will be ignored by other
Germans.  The gunners can be defeated by sniping either member of the crew (the
other will then run away).  If they get the MG42 set up, however, any German
may use it.  The MG42 gunners are also the only soldiers who can hit you with 
anything approaching regularity.  So, the game plan is focus on the launchers,
then attack any machine gunners, then shoot any regular infantry that's 
reasonably close to you.  Sokolov will periodically call out the direction
from which the Germans are approaching, singling out launchers and MG crews.
You have to protect the doors for ten minutes.  If a door is destroyed, 
the guys with launchers will attempt to fire at the tank inside the factory.
Regular infantry will also enter to harrass you.

Once about nine minutes have passed, a German tank will appear on the right
side.  Just head to the left and stay down.  No Panzerschrecks will appear
during this time.  After the last minute is up, Sokolov will tell you to head 
to the ground floor, where the Commissar will open a side door.  You need to
kill the Germans attacking the tank crew to the east.  One of the crew members
will have been injured while running across the street (there's no way to 
prevent this), so heal him.  Approach the tank until a symbol appears, then 
press the use key to mount the tank.

Objective Soldiers: Sgt. Belinki
Plot Soldiers: allied tank (I think he's invincible until you reach the HQ)

You need to protect Belinki (under the tank) while he makes repairs.  You have
a DPM, so select it, prone while peeking from the side of the tank (facing
roughly east-northeast), and deploy the bipod.  You should have no problem
mowing down any German foolish enough to run out in the open long enough for
the repairs to be completed.

Once done, hop in the tank and tear up any idiot German still hanging around
(if you like, you're impervious to bullets), then head west and follow the
allied tank.  Just remember that Panzerschrecks will still damage you and to
drop behind cover to regenerate health if necessary and you'll be fine.  When
dealing with enemy tanks, try to move back and forth across their line of fire
to avoid getting hit (much) or, better, just poke out from behind cover to
fire, then retreat to reload.  I'm afraid I can't be too specific here, since
infantry just comes from everywhere and the tanks don't really follow a pattern
either.  Hell, the friendly tank might even kill the latter for you.

After all of the enemy tanks are killed (there's three or four), you'll be told
to defend your headquarters against an assault.  Get there, kill everything 
that shows up, including the tank, until you're told to head inside.  Do so,
grab the first aid kit (it won't carry over, but hey) and radio, then leave.

/Into Red Square
Plot Soldiers: allied tank

Follow the tank.  Once you reach the Red Square, you'll have to kill six
machine gunners followed by three tanks to take control.  Once done, navigate
your way out and resume following the allied tank.  Upon reaching the station,
you'll have to kill two more tanks, then ram the doors to get inside.  Damn but
tanks kick ass.  Kill the guys with Panzerschrecks inside and dismount.

Enter the west most door first and kill the guys inside.  Take the first aid
kit, then head to the other door to the south.  In the room with the staircase,
head through the door to the east to spawn some MP40-wielding Germans near 
your tank.  Obviously, you should skip this if you plan on using the PPSh.  If
you took any damage, there's a health kit in a room up here.  Go up the stairs
I mentioned to replay a scene from Saving Private Ryan.  Kill the guys in the
next room (when it opens up), grab a health kit from the corner if necessary,
then continue up the next staircase.  Follow the hallway, up more stairs, over
the bridge, through the door, to the spotter's house we go.

/Operation Little Saturn
Plot Soldiers: allied tanks

Head forward a little ways and use your machine gun to down six of the 
attacking Stukas.  There's not a lot you can do about their bombs, I'm afraid.
Anyway, follow your tanks down the hill and around to the perimeter of the 
enemy base.  You'll encounter your first Flak-88s here.  They're a small, 
cylindrical cannon that can really tear apart your armor.  On top of that, 
they fire pretty quickly and are very accurate.  Kill them on sight.  For 
reference, the first is right in front of the gates, roughly northwest of your
position after passing the hill to your right.  You'll also want to watch out
for guard towers scattered about the base, as they tend to have Panzerschrecks
stationed in them.

Head inside the base.  Now, the paths do branch on occasion here, but all of
the routes lead to the same places and none is really any better than another.
General tank combat techniques apply, as there are plenty of rocket launchers
and enemy tanks scattered about.  So, just follow your compass until you head
inside a warehouse.  In here, you'll have to use your machine gun to discourage
four infantrymen from clambering all over a friendly tank.  Head outside when
finished and continue through the base.

When you reach the East Barracks area, you'll have to destroy two tanks and a
Flak-88.  Continue on until you're told to enter another warehouse for repairs.
While your crew is busy, you'll need to head out on foot to deal with an 
anti-tank crew upstairs.  Head up the south staircase and deal with the 
soldiers that drop down the ladders to the west, then go north across the
catwalk and through the door.  Kill the Germans inside, then head around and
out to take out the guys with Panzerschrecks.  They're invincible until you
open the door, so no sniping, unfortunately.  There are also a few guys on the
ground.  Kill them yourself or let the tanks deal with them.  Head downstairs
and mount your tank.

/Airfield Ambush
Plot Soldiers: allied tanks (second set)
               Sgt. Belinki
               Sgt. Petrov

Follow the tanks out of warehouse to the train depot, where you'll have to kill
about six tanks.  Follow the next set of tanks to the airfield, where you must
destroy all of the large planes (JU-88s, I think) indicated on your radar.  
Mind the hangars in this area.  Many of them will open up as you approach,
releasing tanks and/or infantry (and some contain target planes).  Once done,
head through the newly opened warehouse to the main airfield, destroying a few
tanks and Flak-88s on the way.

Stay off of the airstrip as much as possible.  If you collide with a taxiing 
plane, you die.  Proceed north and then up the hill to the west until you're
forced to dismount.

Take the first aid kit near the wrecked tank just ahead, then move forward, 
killing Germans as you go.  There will be some long-range fighting shortly, so
you should grab a Kar98 and some extra ammo.  Use the DPM for now.

A little ways up the hill, you'll begin taking fire from a MG42 in the control
tower.  Stick the left side of the road, staying behind cover as best you can,
until you find a ditch.  Head in (quickly, the tower gun can hit you here)
until the gunners line of fire is blocked by that Utah-shaped thing up ahead.
Inch out of the ditch and to the right until you see an APC to the left with
another machine gunner firing from on top.  Throw a grenade at him and he'll
die along with the APC.  Now head over to the right side of the Utah-thing and
snipe the first gunner.  The Kar won't kill him in one shot unless you hit his
head (fat chance), so duck back behind cover whenever you hit him so you don't
get killed.

A more difficult alternate method for dealing with the gunners is to run along
the right side to the farthest truck.  Inside is a first aid kit and a 
Panzerschreck, which will make short work of either position.  I don't like
this method due to the high potential for damage while running to the truck. 
Do get the first aid kit regardless.

Now, the tower.  Head around back (either way, no difference) and in the door.
Head all the way up to the third floor, killing all the Germans in your way,
then head back down to the second floor and grab the book on the control panel.

Big step up in difficulty here.  Machine gun nests have better firing positions
and enemies are more aggressive and accurate in general.  You'll also have the
distinct pleasure of dealing with tanks up close and personal...while on foot.

/Mission: Matnata
Plot Soldiers: Yusef
               Pvt. Locke
               Sgt. Starkey

For starters, I'd head over to the west and up the hill to the north to take a
first aid kit and trade my Sten gun for a Bren LMG.  Your squad will have begun
their attack on the machine gun nests by the time you've grabbed them.  You can
snipe two of them by crawling a tiny bit north.  You'll have to rejoin your 
squad to get the third, but your allies will probably take care of it by the 
time you get there.  On the way to your squad, head to the ring of sandbags on
the left for another first aid kit (and a MP40 if you want one).

By now, a tank will be circling around up ahead.  You'll have to get close
to use your sticky bombs (grenades) on it.  I prefer the southern most wall 
that it passes.  Crouch next to the wall until you see the turret pass by (it
should be focusing on your squad) then stand up and start throwing.  It'll take

The German HQ is pretty obvious, what with the giant swastika above the front
door.  Approach the building and it'll open up, as will the infantry inside.
Kill them, enter, go out the back.  Head up the mountain path, grabbing three
first aid kits along the way, until you reach the communications post.  Clear 
it out, then plant a C4 charge on the antenna to the west of the building. 
Then run away.  Then duck, because a machine gun will open fire.  Duck by the
wall (where the gate was) to clear out some of the infantry below, then run 
down to the sandbags.  

Time to take out that machine gun.  Head around the building to the left 
(grabbing the first aid kit in an alcove to the left on the way) until you see
a wrecked jeep.  The gunner is on top of the building just around the next
corner.  Inch around until you can snipe him.  Move forward, but keep your 
sights on that gun because a few more Germans usually appear and any of them 
could man it.  There's Bren ammo near the jeep, by the way.

Follow the street to the south and east until you come to a staircase leading 
up to the machine gun.  Head up and kill anybody still alive.  There's a small
room on your right after ascending the staircase containing a first aid kit,
and probably a few Germans.  When the area's clear, Sgt. Starkey will tell you
to take the northern machine gun and clear MG nest in front of you.  You have
to juggle two things here.  First, the MG itself.  Second, the guys who
occasionally appear on top of the building a bit to the left.  Just keep
shooting until you see an APC crash through the gate.  Mop up down below (that
APC was German) and head down the staircase to your left.

Head through the gate to the nest area and follow the road.  When you reach the
generator, a bunch of Germans will spawn.  Kill them and plant the C4 to 
finish the level.

/Depot Saboteurs
Plot Soldiers: Sgt. Starkey

How could everybody *not* be awake after all that gunfire?

Anyway, kill the guys that appear on the building to the north, trade your Sten
for a MP40, and grab the first aid kit that one of the guys dropped.  Head 
inside to grab some mines and MP40 ammo.  Head out through the window.  You can
find more mines in the building across the street, though you can't carry any
more at the moment.  You'll shortly be attacked by three tanks, two of which
will circle the block you're on.  Hide somewhere (the niche below the window is
fine) until they pass, then plant a mine or two roughly where you think they
crossed.  You can always grab more mines from the other building if you run
out.  Or just use your sticky bombs.  Make sure you save two sticky bombs,
however, should you choose that method.

The third tank won't move, so head around the west side of the mine building 
(watch the building past it to the north, there are quite a few guys there). In
an alcove to the northwest is a first aid kit.  Proceed east, hugging the left
side of the street until you can see part of the tank.  Toss two sticky bombs
to destroy it.  Careful here; I usually get rushed by a dozen Germans after 
destroying the tank.  Around the corner to the left is a machine gun nest.
Throw another sticky bomb at the wall to deal with it.  Down the street to the
west is another machine gun, which you can either snipe from here or move down
the street using the buildings on the left for cover.  Also, be sure to head
south from the first MG nest for a first aid kit.

Proceed west down the street to the building with the swastika flag over the 
doorway.  Upstairs, by the MG42 is another first aid kit.  On the first floor,
head through the eastern door to continue to the fuel depot.  Just north of
where you exited the building is a machine gunner who is, fortunately, a bit
slow on the draw so long as you don't run out into the street.  Kill him.
Ignore the fuel caches for the moment and concentrate on sniping the other 
machine gunner down the road, along with any other infantry that appear.  Once
the area is secure, start planting the C4.  There's a first aid kit near that
last machine gun position if you need it.  Once done, head back down the road
to the jeep.

/A Desert Ride
Immediately kill the sniper on the rock tower, then grab the two first aid kits
behind the jeep.  You'll be needing them.  Crouch behind the front of the jeep
(facing west) and snipe infantry until you're told to get on board.  Do so.

From here on out, you'll be driven around automatically, so I can't really give
you a walkthrough, per se.  I'll do my best to point out where the larger 
groups are located direction-wise.  

Spin around to face the front of the jeep.  The first group will be to the
east.  Destroy the truck too, so you can move on.  After a bit, you'll see a
truck in the distance with a few infantry around it.  Destroy the truck and the
explosion will kill the infantry.  A couple of Stukas will be incoming down the
road immediately afterwards, so shoot them down.  After that will be a group of
enemies to the west behind some ruins, along with a couple of trucks and an
APC.  One of the enemies will be behind a machine gun, so kill him quickly and
try to keep the others away from it.

You'll eventually have to detour around a tank, where there will be more 
infantry in another set of ruins.  They're mostly focusing on the British
troops, though.  You'll then be told to provide covering fire.  Aim south and
be prepared for a sizable force.  You can't do anything to the tank.  
Afterwards, aim in front of the jeep and destroy the truck blocking the way.

After turning a corner, you'll face two more Stukas.  Shoot them down quickly.
Shortly after that will be a roadblock of sorts consisting of a truck, a
machine gun, and a few infantry, all roughly to the northwest.  You're done.

/Raiding the Fortress
Objective Soldiers: Sgt. Dehart
Plot Soldiers: Sgt. Starkey

You have a lot of work to do before you can even attempt your objective, so 
let's get to it.  You need to start by getting rid of the gunner firing on your
reinforcements, so head north.  Take a quick detour to the east (where the 
British soldiers are standing) to kill some troops and grab a MP40.  There's 
also a first aid kit behind one of the sandbag walls.  While you're here, go
ahead and kill the machine gunner southeast from that big structure (ground
level, not in the tower).  The British entry point is roughly north of your
position.  You should also see machine gun fire aimed at your troops as they
run to the other side of the area.  Head down the steps to the north and peek
around the corner, sniping anyone visible.  When it's as clear as you can make
it, wait for an opening and run to the pillar northeast of your location.  Deal
with any infantry that may still be around, then snipe the gunner on the APC.
Now your troops won't be half dead when they attack the main German position.  

Head back up the stairs near those sandbag walls and take cover behind the 
pillars to the southwest.  You should see a machine gunner to the east, almost
opposite the German spawn point.  Kill him.  From this position (roughly), you 
should be able to snipe the gunner in the tower.  Inch south if you can't see 
him, keeping an eye on the other machine gun in case another German tries to
man it.  Now comes the hard part.  You have to start killing infantry until 
there's only one or two around, then run to the entry point and place the C4. 
Clean up any remaining Germans and head up the eastern tower to find Sgt. 
Dehart.  On the way, grab the first aid kits by the machine gun just north of 
the German entry point, behind the sandbag wall to the left of the stairs 
leading up the tower, by the machine gun inside the tower, and on the top floor 
in a corner.

You have to protect Sgt. Dehart, so don't hesitate to use a first aid kit on
him.  Germans will start pouring in from the British entry point and you have
to just sit around and shoot them until reinforcements arrive to cut them off.
I prefer to turn north and cut across the raised area so I can fire at them as 
soon as they spawn.  Grenades are very useful here.  After they stop coming,
you'll need to plant a C4 charge on the APC to access the cistern.  You've
already killed the gunner on the APC and the one on the MG in the area behind 
it, so get to it.  Toss a grenade down the stairs to kill the Germans down 
there, then head down to finish the level.

Another increase in difficulty, though not as large as the last one.  The
Germans really start getting grenade-happy here, so don't think you're totally
safe while behind cover.  You'll be doing a lot of urban fighting here, often
cowering behind a Sherman while MG42s and infantry fire like mad down the
street you're traversing.  You also start the campaign with the most difficult
escort mission in the game.  Have fun.

/First City to Fall
Objective Soldiers: M12 (artillery)
Plot Soldiers: M4s
               Cpl. Church

Despite Walker's speech, the M4s cannot be destroyed, so don't worry about
them.  He wasn't kidding about staying behind the tanks, though.  One more
thing: the tanks will frequently stop during the level.  They won't begin 
moving again unless you move past a certain point, usually even with or a
little beyond the first tank's position.  That's assuming you don't have any
other objectives to attend to.

Anyway, head forward until the tanks move, then park yourself somewhere and let
them blow the crap out everything on the street.  When the firing dies down, 
move forward again until you hear someone yelling about clearing a building.
First check the bombed-out building to the south of where the M12 stopped for a
first aid kit.  Now, head into the building indicated on your compass, being
careful of the machine gun down the road (which you can't do anything about)
and the soldier or two that will attack you upon entering.  There's a first
aid kit on the first floor in the back room.  Head upstairs, killing Germans,
clearing rooms, etc.  One of the rooms on the second floor has another first
aid kit.  Leave.

The tanks will automatically start moving before you exit.  You'll now have to
actually defend the M12, as several Panzerschrecks will pop up here and there
around the arch.  The first two will appear to the right of the arch, then two
in center past the arch, then one or two more to the left.  You'll receive a
message telling you when they're all dead, so, when you get it, turn tail back
behind cover so you don't take unnecessary damage.  There's a first aid kit in
a small room to the right of the arch and another by the fence to the left.

Moving on, the M4s will park themselves around the next corner and engage the
infantry there.  Sometimes a Panzerschreck will run around towards the M12, so
be prepared to deal with that.  Nothing major.  Once everything quiets down, 
move forward a bit to make the M4s do the same.  Stay behind one of them as 
they destroy the machine gun nests in the buildings along this road.

The next time the stop, things get a little tricky.  There is a lot of infantry
here, some coming from the ruined building on the left side of the road around
the corner and others from in front a ways down the street.  You'll only want 
to turn the corner far enough to fire into the building.  So long as you don't
go much farther, the tanks will stop and deal with the guys from the front.  
There is also a first aid kit in an alcove just around the corner, on the right
side of the street.  Moving forward a bit, more guys will spawn from the front,
including more Panzerschrecks.  There's also a machine gun in a building that
the M4s are pretty slow to deal with, so be careful where you stick your head

Moving forward again, the M12 will begin taking fire from a building which 
you'll have to clear from the inside.  Get there quickly, as I don't believe 
they stop firing until you do.  Fairly standard room-to-room fighting, though
you don't have to actually go up to the third floor to kill the anti-tank crew.
There's a large room on the second floor with no ceiling, which just happens
to be directly below the anti-tanks.  Kill them quickly.  There's a first aid
kit on the third floor.  After clearing the three floors, you'll be told to 
check the basement as well.  Hang a left after reaching the first floor to 
find the stairs down.

There's another first aid kit down here if you need it.  Head into the tunnels.
This is an entirely linear area with lots of little alcoves for cover, so just
move between points of cover, taking enemies down as they appear.  Watch out
for a guy with a Panzerschreck towards the end as well as the odd charge on 
your position.  There's a first aid kit in plain sight about halfway through
as well.

Now comes the annoying part.  Run up the stairs to the machine gun.  You have
hose the area for a long time.  It's annoying because you really can't tell
where the launchers are and just have to hope you're getting them all.  All I 
can tell you is that they seem to all come from a building on the left side of
the plaza.  There is a checkpoint back at the start of the tunnel if the M12
is destroyed.  Good luck.

Unfortunately, that isn't quite the end.  If the previous bit was annoying,
this is downright cheap.  First, look down.  See that manhole behind the tank?
Keep that in mind.  Second, reload all of your weapons.  Empty the Garand's 
magazine if necessary.  After the M12 has finished blowing the crap out of the
theater, you'll be able to head downstairs to the plaza.  KEEP YOUR SIGHTS
TRAINED ON THAT MANHOLE!!!  Seriously, after the tanks move forward a bit,
three guys with Panzerschrecks will come out of there and start laying into the
M12 at practically point-blank range.  It would really suck to fail the mission
after all that crap you've already put up with, so gun those cheap bastards
down as soon as they finish getting out (they're invincible until then).  Head
down into the sewers to finish this nonsense.

/Underground Passage
Plot Soldiers: Cpl. Church

You have to destroy five ladders to prevent more of those cheap bastards from 
killing the M12.  Easy enough.  The first is right next to you, so blow it. 
Downstairs is a first aid kit.  Go back up, through the door and far enough 
down the spiral staircase for you to snipe some, if not all, of the soldiers
below.  There's another first aid kit in an alcove to the right.

Approaching the pile of rubble in the center of the tunnel, look up and right
spy two more Germans.  Off 'em.  Head up the spiral staircase to the south to
find an excellent sniping position (you won't have to worry about grenades 
either), a first aid kit, and another ladder.  Go back downstairs and then west
to find a third ladder, another first aid kit, and a portable MG42. More troops
will spawn while heading out.  I find it easiest to use the Garand and snipe
through the grate near the floor.  Head back up to the second ladder you 
destroyed and through the other door when you're done.  

You'll be on the second floor of a fairly long corridor full of troops.  Easy
pickings since most are below you.  Beware of the machine gun nest at the end.
There are three first aid kits (two one the second floor, one on the first) and
the fourth ladder in the back.  Head downstairs for ammo if needed, otherwise
head through the door to the northwest.

Continue forward until you encounter a firefight between some American troops
and some Germans.  Save the former by killing the latter.  Head north down
the tunnel and up the ladder to continue.  You'll find the last ladder shortly,
but you might want to clear a few of the Germans from the nearby tunnel before
blowing it, just to be safe.  However you do it, blow the ladder and start
making your way out of the sewers.  This tunnel is much like the one in the 
previous level.  Also like the previous tunnel, you have to watch out for the
last guy, this one carrying a MG42.  Exit the tunnel to finish the level.

/Surrender at Aachen
Objective Soldiers: M12
Plot Soldiers: Cpl. Church

There's a first aid kit right in front of you at the start, so grab it and 
start climbing the stairs.  You'll barge in on some Germans.  Kill them and 
grab another first aid kit in the corner.  If you took any damage, you can 
"use" the teddy bear in the closet to refill your health.  Continue climbing.
In the next room are some more Germans and another first aid kit.  Climb, then
take control of the machine gun and prepare to cover some tanks.  Aim for the
Panzerschrecks first, of course.  There's another first aid kit nearby.  Climb 
over the rubble to continue.

Quickly grab the first aid kit on the bunk then sprint downstairs, killing
Germans as you go.  There's a door to the south containing a Panzershreck.  
Kill him before he can cause too much damage to the M12.  There's another first
aid kit by the wall across from this room.  Now just hang back until things on
the street calm down a bit, then proceed downstairs (taking yet another first
aid kit if necessary) and outside.  Don't worry, this escort mission is much 
easier than the last one.

Follow the second tank until they stop.  The M12 will destroy the building
holding all of those machine guns for you.  The reason this is easier, by the 
way, is because you tend to stick to narrow streets where the enemies can
only engage the invincible M4s.  You'll quickly reach a point where several 
soldiers run out of an alcove on the right side of the street.  If you've been
staying behind the second tank, they'll probably ignore you and will quickly
be mowed down.  There's a first aid kit in the alcove from which they came.

You'll quickly come to another alcove, this one containing some Panzerschrecks.
They generally aim for the M4s too, but kill them quickly anyway, just in case.
There's also a first aid kit in their alcove. Once in the square, you'll be
given a new objective.  Don't worry about the M12, it's safe where it is.  If
you kept following the second tank, it'll lead you right to another first aid
kit.  Nice of it.  It also stops next to the building leading to your 
objective.  Head inside.

When you exit the building, immediately look up and to the north and kill the
guy on the balcony.  There are a lot of Germans in this alley, some of which 
are pretty grenade-happy.  The pile of rubble just outside of the door works
fine for cover, so long as you're prepared to run either back inside the 
hallway or across the alley when a grenade comes your way.

At the end of the alley, around the corner to the right, is a machine gun.  
Snipe him or throw a grenade.  Enter the building here carefully, dealing with
the Germans inside one at a time.  Head all of the way upstairs and kill the 
two Panzerschrecks.  Grab one and fire two rockets at the tanks below you.  
This mission's done.

/Come Out Fighting
Plot Soldiers: M4s

For all my complaining about the Grease Gun in the Weapons section, it's 
actually somewhat tolerable since you're not on foot too much in this level.  
Do what you want with it.

Follow the tanks down the road.  This would be a good time to mention that the
M4 uses a much weaker cannon than the T-34 you used in the Russian missions,
so be prepared to retreat behind cover more often when fighting enemy tanks.
Speaking of which, there are a whole lot of them up ahead.  If you stop at the
sharp left turn, you can safely snipe them.  Head down into the clearing when
it's safe, and you'll receive word of another Panzer unit approaching, this 
one from the hill to the south.  Try to destroy the lead tank ASAP.  If done
fast enough, the rest will just sit there and allow you to kill them.  Head
them down the road when they retreat.

You'll deal with a lot of infantry here.  An infinite number, I believe, so
scoot through, destroying the Flak-88s as you go.  When you reach the town,
you'll find more Flak-88s and some tanks.  The only real trick of which I'm 
aware is that the "Tillet" sign will block enemy fire, thus allowing you to
fire from around the corner without exposing yourself too much. Not too useful,
I admit.  Just kill everything however you see fit and move on.

You'll have to circle around a bit to find and entryway into the gunner's
building.  Only minor opposition on the way, if any.  Once dismounted, head to
the west to enter.  Inside is some standard room-clearing stuff that you should
be good at by now.  There's a first aid kit in the southeast corner that you
have to jump to get to.  Head upstairs to start kacking the gunners.  Once
done, head back to your tank, minding the Germans that have re-infested the
first floor.  Head north.

Some more tanks and Flak-88s on your way out.  Even more tanks and Flak-88s
when you reach the next section of town.  There are a couple of ways through 
this area, neither better than the other.  Once cleared, you'll have to park
in order to kill the anti-tank crew entrenched in a building.  

Once dismounted, follow the path until you come to a sandbag wall.  Prone, then
crawl to the right until you can see a machine gunner across the street through
the gap between the wall and the building, whom you should kill.  You'll
probably take a little damage, but not much.  Head inside.  The anti-tank crew
occupies the left side of the hallway.  The farthest door on the right holds
three first aid kits.  After killing all three anti-tanks, you'll be told to
repel a tank attack.  Grab a Panzerschreck and start blowing things up.  I find
it easiest from the middle window.  Head back to the tank when instructed to do
so and continue north.

Another forest path with infantry and Flak-88s.  Ho-hum.  When you reach the
third section of town, you'll have to kill some more tanks.  Wouldn't be a 
problem, except they all gang up on you and there's no real cover to speak of.
Still, just keep moving and you'll survive.  After that, you have a more 
traditional (i.e. scattered) group of tanks.  Once done, you'll need to head to
the northern edge of town to defend against...more tanks.  It's easy since
there's so many places to hide.  After that, you're done with this level.  

/Road to Renagen
Plot Soldiers: Sgt. Church

Start by taking cover behind that building in front of you, grabbing the first
aid kit there, and engaging the dozen or so Germans heading your way.  Take the
opportunity to acclimate yourself to the BAR's small magazine.  Once you reach
the fork in the road, several more Germans will appear down the street to the
west.  On your way there, grab the first aid kit inside the short concrete
partition between the two roads.

Take the western road at the split, killing the soldiers that dismount from
whatever those little vehicles are at the end, then take the first aid kit from
the alcove to the southwest and double back to the eastern road, either by
going back to the fork or taking a shortcut through a small alley.  Heading 
south, you'll see the road branch off to the east.  There's a machine gun just
around the corner.  Grenades are iffy due to the architecture and sniping is
dangerous due to the MG's proximity.  So, I just have Sgt. Church run out into
the middle of the street and let him deal with it.  There's a first aid kit
behind the concrete railing across the street to the west.

Head east past the nest, but be prepared for some enemies to appear from the 
alley to the east (at the end of the street) and probably a few from behind.
Some of these guys will be carrying G43s, which I'd suggest picking up.  Head
through the alley at the end of the street and kill the machine gunner to your
right.  He'll be facing the other way, so no tricks needed.

Your objective is to the southeast, but don't use the staircase near you.  
Instead, head all the way east and use the balcony overlooking the staircase
and the plaza below for sniping.  I find that the machine gun doesn't tend to
notice you here (though it will if you don't headshot the gunner).  
Unfortunately, you can't stay here.  You'll need to head downstairs and to the
southwest to engage a large group of Germans, as well as anyone you couldn't 
hit from your sniping position.  All the way southwest is a machine gun nest
(also not pointed at you) containing two first aid kits: one by the MG and
another in an alcove directly behind the nest.  If you go up the street leading
northwest from here, you'll just end up back in the town area we've already
cleared, so head northeast back to the plaza and into the tunnel on your right.

There are alcoves on either side of the tunnel near the end, so rush over to
one and start clearing out Germans.  Don't leave the tunnel, as there's a 
machine gun (which *is* aimed at you) to the right and a sandbag bunker to the
left manned by a couple of grenade-throwing Germans.  Deal with the left threat
first, then either grenade the gunner or let Church deal with him.  There's a 
first aid kit at the end of the road to the southwest, past the MG nest.

Turn around and head down the road, watching for any more Germans.  Take note
of the short staircase on your right past the sandbag bunker.  Continue down 
the road until a few Germans pop out of an alcove just past another sandbag
bunker.  Kill them and take the first aid kit they were guarding.  If you head
all the way down the street, you'll find another first aid kit and a portable
Browning, but you'll also spawn some more Germans behind you.  Head back to the
short staircase once you're through item collecting.

Head up the stairs, and northeast around the cathedral.  This is the longer 
route, but it doesn't end with you staring down a MG42.  Shoot said gunner in
the back when you reach him and deal with anyone else wandering around however
you see fit.  Head through the door to the southwest when done.

More street fighting.  Watch for Germans to your immediate left and several 
more down the street to the south.  The latter can be dealt with by hopping
into the depression on the left side of the street and standing on the box at 
the end.  Head south, stopping to grab a first aid kit behind some shrubs on
your left.  Only a few Germans will appear.  Once you reach the end of the 
fence on your right, however, two tanks will appear to make your life 
miserable.  Head around the fence and sprint towards the building to the north.
Some enemies attack once you enter.  I find it best to duck into the room to 
your right upon entering, killing the German inside, then deal with anyone that
comes downstairs from the doorway.  The tanks won't bother you.

We need to head upstairs.  First, however, there are usually around three
enemies watching the staircase from the second floor.  Inch your way up, firing
at any helmets you see.  There is a first aid kit on either side of the 
staircase (first floor) if you take damage.  Another German or two will be in
the rooms on the second floor.  Head to the westernmost room to find some
Panzerschrecks.  Each tank will take three shots.  Some more Germans will 
attempt to advance on your position while you're busy with the tanks, but
Church will usually handle them.  Once they're gone, head outside to finish
the level.

/Last Bridge Standing
Objective Soldiers: Scoop (a M4 with a bulldozer scoop on the front)
Plot Soldiers: the other M4s

Last escort mission.  Also the easiest, since the Scoop's health regenerates.
Balancing this is the general lack of health items.  One other thing, sometimes
the tank column won't start moving until you get a fair distance ahead of them.

Grab the nearby Garand (you only start with the BAR) and watch for a few 
enemies to appear down the road ahead of you.  They'll focus on the M4, but you
may as well help out.  Continuing forward a bit, you'll be attacked again, this
group containing some Panzershcrecks.  On the north side of the street is an
alcove containing a machine gun.  One of the tanks usually deals with it, but
not always, so make sure it's clear before moving on.  

Around the corner to the south is a machine gun in a building, which the tanks
generally don't bother attacking.  Snipe him and anyone else you can see 
moving around over there.  By now you'll have been told to get rid of the mines
on the street.  You can do this either by throwing grenades at the red markers
(i.e. the mines) or by backtracking to grab a Panzerschreck and using that.
Either way, once the street's clear, the tanks will move forward and destroy 
barricade preventing your advance.  There's a first aid kit in the machine gun
nest you just cleared.

You may have noticed a second machine gun nest down the street.  Move up to
where the barricade was and the tanks will probably deal with it.  If not, just
toss a grenade around the corner.  Head south to get things rolling again.
There will be a few Germans around the next corner, as well as a couple in the
upper floors of the houses to the southwest.  There will be yet more infantry a
bit farther south.  Once things have quieted down, proceed south, bearing in
mind that a machine gun is emplaced to the left side of the open area up ahead.
The tanks will start moving once you reach the corner of the building on the
left.  Be prepared to throw a grenade if they ignore the MG.  There will also
be a few Panzerschrecks once the tanks get out in the open.  Proceed a little
bit further down the road and you'll have to set out on your own to do a little

Head north to the last machine gun nest you silenced and look around.  One of 
the enemies here should have dropped a first aid kit.  Once found (or not),
carefully proceed to the east.  There will be quite a few enemies around here,
both on the street, in the cemetery below, and on the upper levels around the 
cemetery.  Head south, past the cemetery, to continue.  

Proceed through the brick alley until you see a sandbag wall.  Stop, as there's
a machine gun just around the corner.  Just wait for the tanks to care of it.
Continue downstairs, and take cover behind the crates while the Shermans deal
with the Tiger tanks, though you can grab a Panzerschreck on the other side of
the crates and chip in, if you wish.  

Now you have to escort the Scoop through this base.  Infantry will be popping 
up pretty much everywhere, so keep an eye out.  In the initial attack, 
Panzerschrecks will appear down the road to the east and from behind a 
partition to the southwest.  Inside said partition, behind some crates, is a
first aid kit.

Moving on a bit, you'll be attacked by several Germans inside a loading dock.
If you can, toss a grenade near the gate they opened to take out several of 
them before they can even start firing.  There's more inside, though, so head
around the north side of the building, up the stairs, and around back to begin
clearing.  There are a couple of open windows, so presage your attack with a
grenade or two.  There's a first aid kit in the northeast corner of the
building (inside).

Moving on, you'll be told to lead the tanks through some warehouses.  
Specifically, the building southeast of the tank's current position.  One of
the M4s will blast open the gate, releasing several enemies.  Deal with them,
then poke your head inside just enough for the tanks to follow.  You'll have to
go inside to fully clear this section, but with the tanks inside you'll have 
some cover.  There're a few more Germans in the next section.  The third room
has some guys in the rafters overhead, most, if not all, of which can be killed
from the second room.  Beyond that is a short hallway with a couple more guys.
You'll also find a staircase leading up to those rafters, which contain ammo
and such.  Leave the warehouse.

Stay on the right side of one of the tanks to avoid taking fire while
progressing along the path, switching to traveling behind them once the road
turns east.  A few Germans will appear on a hill to your right.  Kill them and
move on, again staying behind the tanks.  The level will end shortly.

/Into the Heartland
If you don't mind a minor cheat, immediately restart the level.  You'll lose
any first aid kits you had left over from the previous mission, but you'll have
a BAR and full ammo, which is very useful in this level.

Anyway, run forward to the next dirt pile and start shooting.  Once the Germans
start retreating, follow, heading to the extreme left side of the bridge.  Once
done, get on the other side of the girders and duck to avoid the fire from your
tanks.  The enemies will be running all over by now, so creep forward, stopping
to shoot anyone you see.  Also be on the lookout for a G43, as it works great
during this entire section.  Proceed forward until you come to an overturned
truck.  To the right of it are two fallen girders, between which is some ammo
and a first aid kit.

Proceed forward to the last girder and you'll see a whole lot of Germans
running around in the distance.  Snipe them when they stop, attempting to clear
as many of them as possible before running back to the side of the bridge.  
Continue forward until you see another overturned truck.  Near it is a first
aid kit and some much-needed G43 ammo.

Another large group of Germans will appear in the distance.  Deal with them
however you can, then move forward to a third truck, this one with two first
aid kits.  You'll now be under fire from six (!) machine guns, two in pillboxes
on either side of the bridge and four in the center, all of which can sniped.
The ones in the center have lots of infantry guarding them, however, so they
won't stay clear for long.  This doesn't apply to the side nests.

Once done (and it can take a while), head forward, grabbing another first aid
kit.  There's another nest to take care of, but we can't hit it from here.  
Enter the northern tower.  There are two more first aid kits and some BAR ammo
up the staircase to your right when you enter, plus another first aid kit and a
lot more ammo in the pillbox to the north.  Head downstairs when you're set.

At the bottom, poke your head around the corner then back up.  Wait for a 
couple of guys to rush you, then start picking off the guys on the west side of
the room.  There are some on the ground that you should be able to hit as well.
Some friendlies will usually run in once the room is clear (thanks a lot
guys...).  There's a first aid kit behind the staircase you took to reach the
floor and two more in a cupboard at the south side of the room.  By the way,
you can always retrace your steps here should you need more health.  

Head up the other staircase in the room and face more Germans.  Proceed down
the hallway and into the next room.  Stick to the left wall to find a staircase
leading down.  Several Germans will attempt to run up, but are easy pickings
since it's so steep.  After they stop coming, focus on anyone else on the 
ground and the grenadiers on the south balcony.  If you move a bit to the west,
you'll be able to fire on the latter while remaining out their throwing range.
There's a first aid kit on the ground to the northwest.  Head up the other
staircase and follow the path up.

At the top is another curving staircase.  Stay near the bottom and kill anyone
that charges you.  There should be five or so.  Continue up to find another
spiral staircase.  Again, four or five guys will charge you.  Continue past the
office and up another spiral staircase.  No one comes down this one.  At the
top is a ladder leading up to the final machine gun nest (plus an AA gun), as
well as the four guys guarding it.  Just climbing up is a bad idea, as there's
no cover and you'll end up facing away from three of them.  Probably the safest
method is to climb almost all of the way up the ladder, then climb back down
and kill anyone that follows.  You'll probably only lure away one or two, but
it's enough.  Climb up and kill whomever's left, then man the AA gun and start
downing Stukas.  Once enough are destroyed, you'll complete the game.

/Cheat Codes 7.0\
All codes are unlocked by beating the game under the difficulties listed. Note
that you don't have to actually complete the game; just beating Into the 
Heartland is sufficient.

/Easy Difficulty\
/Big Heads
Gives all character models gigantic noggins.  Also makes head shots easier, 
thus making the game (somewhat) easier.

Makes any bullet you fire bounce two or three times.  Try shooting guys from 
around corners; it's pretty fun.  Doesn't seem to work with tanks or
Panzershcrecks, though.

/Head Shots
Makes all AI-controlled characters immune to damage from anything except head
shots.  Or perhaps I should say, "damage to the head," as grenades still work
fine.  As you are not AI-controlled (I presume), this code makes things a bit 
harder.  Doesn't affect tanks or planes.

/Ricochet (All)
Same as the other Ricochet code, but affects *everybody*, even enemies.  Turns
some American missions into deathtraps.

/Medium Difficulty\

/Shrink Shot
AI-controlled characters shrink as they take damage, reaching Lilliputian size
upon death.  Novel, but not much else.

/Dead Eye
One-hit kills for all infantry, allied or hostile.  Suddenly SMGs become 
useful and grenades turn into WMDs.  You take damage as normal, as do tanks and
airplanes.  It *does* however affect infantry plot soldiers (i.e. Sgt. Dehart
in Raiding the Fortress).  

/Hard Difficulty\

/Big 'N Small
All AI-controlled characters are either normal-sized or Lilliputians.  Tiny 
characters take and inflict damage as normal.  Doesn't affect tanks or 

________________________________ *End of File* ________________________________

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