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CAPCOM VS SNK Pro: Millenium Fight
for the Playstation console

FAQ by Christopher dela Concepcion

This FAQ can be found in:

A hi and a ho, young readers. Bahmat here once more to give those of you who have 
not heard yet of CVS. (probably because they've just crawled out from under a rock 
or they have come fro another planet). Anyways, finally this game which I have been 
wanting for a long time has finally come to the PSX after spending its time in the 
DC console, and I am pleased to say that I have been fully entertained by it. (But 
if you're looking for some long time entertainment, don't play this game. 3 hours 
tops before you get bored or until you unlock everything. Whichever comes first. 
After all, it's just another fighting game.)

 Before we get to the nitty gritty, I would just like to remind all of you to read 
this FAQ and enjoy. No sour faces when reading this please.

Funniest Intro Ever:

"Everybody rumored....
 Nobody beleived.....
 But you see,
 It's TRUE!
 Now it's time to prove real truth...
 Who is the STRONGEST?"

 AH HA HA HA HA HA!!! What a crappy intro movie!

01. Legal Stuff
02. Basic Controls and System
03. Capcom Characters
04. SNK Characters
05. EX Characters

01. Legal Stuff

 As always, copies of this FAQ can be made for private use only. Please don't even 
think of distributing this publicly. Respect all the time I put into this. I own 
this FAQ and I would really appreciate it if you would do the civilized thing and 
asked permission from me. It's easy to get my permission. Ask me and I will give 

I also want proper credit given to me when you take this FAQ. It's the lawful thing 
to do. Failure to do so results in a little something called Plagiarism. This 
document is protected by the Berne Copyright Convention of 1976. It is for private 
and personal use only--it cannot be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in 
any way or in any form (written or otherwise). It is a free document that cannot be 
used in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving it away 
as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by anybody (including 
webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without my express written permission.  
This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Chris dela Concepcion. All copyrights and 
trademarks are acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned 

02. Basic Controls

 Like I said, if you've been living under a rock for the past ten years, you 
wouldn't know what CVS is. You probably also wouldn't know about the basic 
controls. So here's the scoop on all of them for your pleasure. Note that these 
will be the terms I will be using here as well.

u  - up
d  - down
f  - forward
b  - back
ub - diagonal direction up-back
uf - diagonal direction up-forward
df - diagonal direction down-forward
db - diagonal direction down-back (not Dragon Ball)
dp - Dragon Punch motion (f,d,df)
rdp- Reverse Dragon Punch motion (b,d,db)
SM - Super Move. Fill the meter up and do the move.
nf - stick VERY near your opponent
360- rotate d-pad full circle
720- rotate D-pad twice
(a)- move can be done in air as well
P  - Punch
K  - Kick
KK - All Kicks 
PP - All Punches
WP - Weak Punch
SP - Weak Kick
LK - Low Kick
HK - Hard Kick
L3 - Level 3 on Capcom meter or Desperation for SNK.


 A very important aspect of the game performed by pressing LP and LK together. This 
may even be the difference between victory and defeat as this is one way to prevent 
yourself from getting trapped at a corner. 


 Since this game features perhaps the two most prominent figures in fighting game 
history, it only follows that there has to be two different types of Super Meters, 
Capcom and SNK.

a. Capcom Groove

Pros - You have three meters to fill up. Means more Supers to throw at your 
opponents. The strength of the P/K you throw will determine the number of bars you 
take out. WK/WP one bar, HK/HP two bars, PP/KK three bars. So use with caution. 
This groove is good for the hard core Capcom fans.

Cons - You can only do Normal SMs everytime. There will be no change at times. 
Also, it may take a long time to charge up that meter as you have to constantly 
bash away at opponents to get their attention and fill that up.

b. SNK Groove

Pros - When your life goes down to one bar, the Super moves your character has goes 
up in intensity. Say Kim's Super will hit for 10 hits normally. When the life bar 
flashes red, the Super COmbo could go for as high as 14-16 hits and the damage is 
increased a bit. I think they used to call this one "Desperation Moves". This 
groove is good for the all time SNK player. You can also charge up your bar. No 
need to fill it up with all those punch and kicks. Stand back and hold HP&HK 
together to charge it up. That's pretty okay. PLus if your life starts shining, you 
can perform normal SM anytime you want. But if you charge up and use a super with 
full meter, the hits and damage increase dramatically. Whoo!

Cons - You only get one bar and the bar decreases every second that you don't use 
it. Which means as soon as the bar is full, an opportunity better arise soon that 
you can use it, otherwise it dwindles into squat and you have to charge it up 
again. How's that for a kick in the ass? Also, charging up leaves Your Higness open 
to any and all forms of attacks. So you better retreat to a safe place and charge 

 Be warned though that defending is limited. Kind of like Guard Crush in SF Alpha 
3. You keep defending, sooner or later, your life bar flashes red. If you opt to 
keep defending, one more hit will knock that guard off and expose you for 1 second 
to any thing your opponent decides to give you in the way of a hurting. This is 
found on both schools of fighting.


 Each SNK and Capcom character are given a specific ratio and you get a ratio level 
of four. Which means that your team can have the following combinations:

a. 4 (1) ratio characters
b. 2 (2) ratio characters
c. 1 (1) ratio character and 1 (3) ratio character
d. 1 (2) ratio character and 2 (1) ratio character
e. 1 (4) ratio character and you better be that damn good.

Ratio (1)        Ratio (2)         Ratio (3)         Ratio (4)
=========        ==========        =========         ========= 
Sakura           Ryu               Balrog            Gouki
Cammy            Ken Masters       Sagat             Evil Ryu
Dhalsim          Chun Li           Vega              Riot Iori
Blanka           Willaim F. Guile  Yamazaki
Benimaru Nikaido Edmund Honda      Rugal Bernstein
Vice             Zangief           Geese Howard 
Yuri Sakazaki    M. Bison 
Dan Hibiki       Kyo Kusanagi           
Joe Higashi      Mai Shiranui
                 Terry Bogard
                 Ryo Sakazaki
                 Kim Kaphwan


 This game has eight modes altogether. We will discuss them one at a time.

01. Arcade Mode

 Basically, if you feel the urge to get it on with the computer. Select your groove 
then your team and get ready to rock.

02. VS Mode

 Feel the need to show your friends that you're The Big Kahuna? And you want to rub 
it in their faces that, unfortunately you know more about this game than they ever 
will? Then play this mode to show off your superiority. Just don't come to school 
unprotected or without a can of mace for a few days.

03. Pair Mode

 In this mode, you can choose whoever you want on your team, regardless of ratio 
setting. So you can have say Terry Bogard go with Gouki. But the down side is, you 
can only pick two guys, tag team style. Don't worry, the computer does the same. 

04. Price Mode

 You get two options here. Character Shop and Gallery. Gallery is free so you can 
take a peek at some stunning artwork and bonus art from Capcom and SNK artists. 
From my point of view, SNK artwork looks flat, like a photgraph while Capcom has 
more zaz. I dunno. What do you guys think?

 But the good thing is the shop. To buy stuff, you have to have VS points. Some 
will say you can get that by fighting. Easiest way to do that would be to go 
to "Training Mode" then test all and I do mean all the available characters for 15-
20 minutes each. That should give you roughly 999 VS points. If you need more, just 
repeat the process.

All EX characters - 50 VS points each
Gouki             - 300 VS points
Evil Ryu          - 300 VS points
Riot Iori Yagami  - 300 VS points
Nakoruru          - 300 VS points
Morrigan          - 300 VS points

Ryu, Iori, Morrigan, Nakoruru, Gouki, Dan and Joe Higashi have no EX mode.

 I've fought against Shin Gouki once but I can't seem to use him. Would someone 
please tell me how to use him? Also, in training mode, the CPU controlled Gouki 
throws TWO fireballs while the manually controlled one throws only one. The hell is 
up with that? 

05. Training Mode

 Use this mode if you need to familiarize yourself with the game mechs. (Like it 
was really that hard!) Also use this mode to earn valuable VS points.

06. Options MOde

 Self explanatory, but use this anyway to tweek the game to your standards. 
Personally I always put it on full Power Meter, for the Cheater in me!

07. Memory Card Mode

 After all that hard work of getting everyone, you will want to save it all up. Do 
so. I reccomend setting it on AutoSave so that you don't have to keep coming back 
to this mode. Unless of course you're a sucker for punsishment.

08. Colors Mode

 Don't like the way Gouki looks? Want to change the way Mai Shiranui's hair is? 
What's that? Do I hear you want Ryu's costume to be PINK? No problem, toggle with 
this mode and set all sorts of wackiness. Try fighting as a pink colored Blanka and 
beleive you me, you win hands down since your friends will be too busy laughing 
their asses off! AH HA HA HA!


RYU - Oh what a surprise. He's back again for the UMPTEENTH time. Seems to be   
stopping this guy's popularity rate from soaring.

Special Moves:
 Hadouken            - d,df,f + P
 Shakahadouken       - f,df,d,db,b + P
 Shouryuken          - dp + P
 Tatsumakishipukyaku - d,db,b + K (a)

Super Moves:
 Shinkuu Hadouken  - d,df,f 2x + P
 Shikuusenpuukyaku - d,db,b 2x + K
 Shin Shouryuuken  - f,d,df,f,d,df + K (L3 only)

Special Entrance - taps fists with Ken Masters if they fight.

KEN MASTERS - another one of the goo ol' boys from the good ol' first batch of the 
SF games. Still as quick and just as irritating as his last incarnations.

Special Moves:
 Hadouken             - d,df,f + P
 Shoryuken            - f,d,df + P
 Tasumakishipuukyaku  - d,db,b + K (a)
 Tenshin              - d,db,b + P
 Ryuusenkyaku         - rdp + P

Super Moves:
 Shoryuureppa         - d,df,f 2x + P
 Shinryuuken          - d,df,f 2x + K
 Shipuujinraikyaku    - d,db,b 2x + K (L3 only)

Special Entrance - Taps fists with Ryu.

CAMMY - MMM,MMMM,MM. A member of the 2nd generation of SF, she's still quick enough 
to kick ass. Problem is, you'll have to be pretty good to make use of that now.

Special Moves:
 Spiral Arrow   - d,df,f + K
 Cannon Spike   - dp + K
 Axle Fist      - f,df,d,db,b + P
 Hooligan Combo - d,df,f,uf + P
 Drop Toe Hold  - f + HK after H.Combo when near foe
 Low Blow       - Do nothing after H.Combo

Super Moves:
 Wild Bill      - d,df,f 2x + K
 Vertical Spear - d,db,b 2x + K

Special Entrance: Cammy is standing with her back turned while Vice says: "Anta no 
himei kikase temorau wa!" (or something to that effect. I don't know. My Japanese 
is a bit choppy.)

SAKURA - Hey, hey! She's come back again, the little Sailormoon retard, with a 
whole line of new moves. For those of you who have gotten used to the old Sakura's 
moves, good luck with this one. You'll need it.

Special Moves:
 Hadouken            - d,df,f + P
 Shouoken            - f,d,df + P
 Shipuukyaku         - d,db,b + K (a)
 Double Shipuukyaku  - d,db,b + K after Shipuukyaku
 Dive Kick           - u,d,db,b + K

Super Moves:
 Shinkuuhadouken     - d,df,f 2x + P
 Haru Ichiban        - d,db,b 2x + K

Special Entrance: Spouts something Japanese and bows to Yuri Yamazaki when they 

E.HONDA - Phat man in da house! E.Honda gets his very first VS appearance in the 
game. Will he make a big impression? Only time will tell. But at least his moves 
haven't changed that much.

Special Moves:
 Hyakuretsuharite - P rapidly
 Zutsuki          - b 2 sec., f + P
 Otosmi           - b 2 sec., u + K
 Goichounage      - 360 + P (nf)

Super Moves:
 Onimosou         - db 2 sec,.f,b,f + P
 Orachi Kudaki    - 720 + P (nf,L3 only)

What Made Me Laugh: When you first turn on the game and after it loads the Memory 
Card, you could come across a scene where Nakoruru's pointing at Ryo Sakazaki 
Mamaha Summon-style and E.Honda's doing the belly flop towards him! The look on 
Ryoo's face is priceless! I'd do the same thing too if I saw a HEEEEEUUUUUGE tub o' 
lard bearing down on me like that! Help meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

DHALSIEM - Once more he's back and sometimes you really have to ask yourself, "WHY?"

Special Moves:
 Yoga Fire  - d,df,f + P  
 Yoga Flame - f,df,d,db,b + P
 Yoga Blast - f,df,d,db,b + K
 Yoga Warp  - dp/rdp + KK/PP
 Yoga Crash - u,d + P
 Yoga Spear - u,d + K
Super Moves:
 Yoga Inferno - d,df,f 2x + P
 Yoga Vulcan  - d,df,f 2x + K

What Made Me Laugh: Look at his Capcom pic! And his SNK pic! Look at him! SOOOOOO 
thin as always. But nowhere is it emphasized more than in the Capcom artwork. 
Malnoursihment supreme. Somebody get the WHO on this guy's case!

BLANKA - The green retard is back and he's got a couple of new mves, lost a couple 
of the old ones, but still retains that pain in the ass quality of his.

Special Moves:
 Electric Storm - P rapidly
 Roll Attack    - b 2sec., f + P
 Vertical Roll  - b 2sec., u + K
 Backstep Roll  - b 2sec., f + K
 Surprise Front - KK
 Surprise Back  - b + KK

Super Moves:
 Shave Roller - b 2sec., f,b,f + P
 Shout Terra  - db 2sec., df,d,db,b,ub + P

What Made Me Laugh: Take a look at his gallery photo in SNK and Capcom. Now, 
personally, he kind of looks better SNK style. in Capcom artwork, his being 
retarded is emphasized even more! Lookit that jaw! And the chin!! AH HA HA HA HA!!

DAN HIBIKI - Sometimes, as I lie in bed at night, I stare up at the ceiling and 
think of the world's problems. World peace, starvation, and what reason could 
Capcom possibly have to retain Dan. His moves still retain that short range and 
dear God above! when he throws , he goes into an automatic taunt, like the brain 
damaged fool that he is.

Special Moves:
 Gadouken     - d,df,f + P
 Koryuken     - dp + P
 Dan Kuukyaku - d,db,b + K (a)
 Chouohuhatsu - d,df,f + SELECT
 Kouten       - d,db,b + SELECT

Super Moves:
 Shinkuu Gadouken   - d,df,f 2x + P
 Koryureppa         - d,df,f 2x + K
 Hishoboraiken      - d,db,b 2x + K
 Chouhatsu Densetsu - d,df,f 2x + SELECT

Special Intro: Shakes his fist at Sagat and screams, "OYAJI!!" (I think that means 
father. Someone correct me on this score if I'm wrong.)Sagat merely stands there 
and snickers. I'd do the same myself. Doesn't seem to work in all stages though.

CHUN LI - someone please explain to me why, oh why, regardless of whether SNK or 
Capcom drew her, she still is the stunning Chinese woman we all know and love (and 
have seen several hentai pix of. But that's another story.)

Special Moves:
 Hyakuretsukyaku    - K rapidly
 Kikouken           - b,db,d,df,f + P
 Spinning Bird Kick - d 2sec., f + K
 Tenshoukyaku       - d 2sec., u + K

Super Moves:
 Kikoushu           - d,df,f 2x + P
 Senkuukyaku        - b 2sec.,f,b,f + K
 Hazantenshuukyaku  - db 2sec., df,d,db,b,ub + K

Special Intro 1 - Stands there while another Chun Li stands before her, only to rip 
the costume off and reveal Mai, another sexy Jap chick. Mai then points at her and 
says, "Kakatte rasshai!". Chun Li smiles, a bead of sweat goes down her brow and 
then assumes the fighting stance.

Special Intro 2 - Hon Fu jumps out screaming her name (Just as many red blooded 
male gamers do when they see her)when she goes toe to toe with Yamazaki. Yamazaki 
bats the little prick away with a Hebi Tsukai Joudan. Won't work in all stages. Try 
using it in Sagat's stage.
ZANGEIF - Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to CAPCOM VS SNK!! 
Tonight's match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, making his way to the 
ring, from Siberia, Russia, weighing in at 256 lbs, The Crimson Tornado, 

Special Moves:
 Banishing Fist         - dp +P
 Lariat                 - KK/PP
 Screwdriver            - 360 + P (nf)
 Multiple German Suplex - 360 + K (nf)
 Diving Powerbomb       - 360 + K

Super Moves:
 Final Atomic           - 720 + P (nf)
 Flying Russin Slam     - d,df,f 2x + K
 Ultimate Atomic Buster - 720 + PP (nf, L3 only)

What Made Me Laugh: The Capcom rendition is HORRIBLE!! Looks like this here big 
Ruskie had an overdose on steroids! And look at his stomach! That's supposed to a 
six-packer in there! Looks more like three Jelly rolls!  
I want ABS, not FLABS!

Special Intro: Grapples with Raiden in the center of the scrren, breaks it up and 
Raiden tells him, "Yoh dead meet!" (You're dead meat) Don't look at me! that's how 
it sounds like!

GUILE - Oh yeah! The big bad American Air Force Lieutenant who also happens to be 
Ken's brother-in-law (although he kicked Ken's ass royally in the anime Street 
Fighter Victory.) has come back to open a can of whoop-ass! For those who are used 
to Guile's techniques, worry you not. he hasn't changed that much.

Special Moves:
Sonic Boom             - b 2sec., f + P 
Somersault Kick        - d 2sec., u + K
Pendulum Backbreaker   - HK in air (nf)
Sambo Suplex           - HP in air (nf)

Super Moves:
Opening Gambit    - b 2sec., f,b,f + P 
Somerault Justice - db 2sec.,f,df,d,db,b,ub + K 

What Made Me Laugh: Press SELECT to taunt and Guile says "Caman ruuky!" (C'mon 
rookie!) Sounds bleh! Like some Jap trying hard to speak American English! I prefer 
the MVC 2 taunt of "Too easy!" Easier to say with less screw ups.

Special Intro: Rugal stands with a Guile statue and says: "Kimi no shini basho wa 
koko da." Guiles cuts off the first half wih a Sonic Boom and Rugal finihes the job 
with a quick Reppu Ken.

M. BISON - Ho ho ho!Wanna bite like Mike!? Too bad that option isn't here. But 
underestimaate this guy at your own risk. he's a pretty bad ass fighter.

Special Moves:
 Dash Straight    - b 2sec., f + P 
 Dash Upper       - b 2sec., f + K
 Ground Straight  - b 2sec., df + P 
 Ground Upper     - b 2sec., df + K 
 Buffalo Crash    - d 2sec., u + P 
 Turnstile Punch  - Hold P for 3 sec. then release

Super Moves:
 Crazy Buffalo - b 2sec., f,b,f + P
 Gigaton Punch - b 2sec., f,b,f + K (L3)

What Made Me Laugh: Another victim of Capcom artwork. Plainly speaking? Bison looks 
like a fat bear! AH HA HA HA!

Special Intro: He assumes his fighting stance while Balrog simply shakes his head 
in disgust when they meet.

BALROG - Ever seen a Latino superfly? No. I'm not talking about Ricki Martin and 
the way he swings his fly. I'm talking about the aesthtic Spanish SF who can kill 
the ladies with good looks and killer moves. And one word? He's fast! DAMN he's 

Special Moves:
 Crystal Flash    - b 2sec., f + P  
 Scarlet Terror   - b 2sec., f + K 
 Sky Slash        - d 2sec., u + P 
 Barcelona Strike - d 2sec., u + K, then b/f + P 
 Izuna Drop       - d 2sec., u + K, then f/b, d + P (make sure you're behind foe) 
 Backdive         - PP/KK

Super Moves:
 Rolling Izuna     - db 2sec.,f,df,d,db,b,ub,u + K, then f/b + P
 Rolling Barcelona - db 2sec.,f,df,d,db,b,ub,u + K, then f,d + P (go behind)
 Hekibuki          - db 2sec.,f,df,d,db,b,ub,u + KK
 Scarlet Mirage    - b 2sec.,f,b,f + K
 Impact            - b 2sec.,f,b,f + P (L3)

Special Intro 1: he'll do a little spin and then bow when facing the ladies, 
colleague pretty boy Benimaru, and the boss Vega.

Special Intro 2: he'll turn his back and shake his head in disgust when facing 
Raiden, Blanka, Dhalsim, Zangief, and M. Bison.

SAGAT - Man oh man, the seven footer Kick boxer is back and back with a vengeance. 
althouh his moves haven'y changed that much, he's lost the Tiger Cannon, though. 
But no wories here. He can still dance with the best of them.

Special Moves:
 Tiger Shot     - d,df,f + P 
 Tiger Fire     - d,df,f + K
 Tiger Uppercut - dp + P
 Tiger Crash    - dp + K

Super Moves:
 Tiger Raid     - d,db,b 2x + K
 Tiger Genocide - d,df,f 2x + K

Special Intro 1: His scar glows and he clutches it and sneers when facing Ryu.

Special Intro 2: He snickers as Dan shakes his fist at him and cries out "OYAJI!!!"

VEGA The master of disaster is back and this time, he's no longer the joke he was 
in MVC2. He's actually dangerous! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Special Moves:
 Psycho Strike       - b 2sec.,f + P 
 Psycho Crash        - dp + P
 Double Scissor Kick - b 2sec.,f + K
 Head Stomp          - d 2sec.,u + K
 Skull Crash         - P after H. Stomp
 Devil's Reverse     - d 2sec.,u + P, then P again w/ joystick direction

Super Moves:
 Psycho Crusher      - b 2sec.,f,b,f + P
 Kneepress Nightmare - b 2sec.,f,b,f + K

Special Intro 1: When Vs Rugal Bernstein, Rugal says something like, "Sono chikara 
mo watashi ga torikonde kuru". Afterwhich his panther growls right at Vega. Stupid 

Special Intro 2: Geese does a Double Reppuken which blows Vega's cape off. Vega, as 
usual, just laughs it off.

Special Intro 3: When squaring off again Iori, Vega says something like, "Sono kubi 
ka kiru." Iori then faces Vega and pitches a Yamibarai while begging the 
question, "Doushita?" (What ever that means) Bison jumps over the Yamibarai while 
Iori slides to the otherside. Iori then says, "Sugu aku ni shite yaru. (Sure wish I 
knew Jap so I can understand what the hell they're talking about.)

GOUKI - As always, the demon fighter is back and for some reason, when playing as 
Gouki, he seems less godlike, but the CPU can use Shin Gouki! What's up with that!? 
He's still a force to be feared. But not as much as in SFA3 or SF3.

Special Moves:
 Gou Hadouken         - d,df,f + P
 Shakunetsu Hadouken  - f,df,d,db,b + P
 Gou Shoryuuken       - dp + P
 Tatsumakishipuukyaku - d,db,b + K
 Zankuukyaku          - Jump towards enemy, then df + K in midair
 Ashura Warp          - dp/rdp + PP/KK

Super Moves:
Messatsu Gou Hadou  - f,df,d,db,b 2x + P
Tenma Gou Zankuu    - u,d,df,f 2x + P
Messatsu Goushoryuu - d,df,f 2x + P 
Shun Goku Satsu     - WP,WP,f,WK+HP(L3)

Special Intro: Kim has his back to the screen, while Gouki is in fighting stance. 
Kim then turns and blurts out, "Aku wa yurusan!" Now I have no idea what he just 
said, but I certainly didn't like the way he said it Let's get it on!

EVIL RYU - Oh my. Ryu's gone bad and now he's got a stronger set of the same moves! 
Oh Agony! Whatever shall we do? Ahh, big deal. In this form, he simply fights 
almost like Gouki. Lame, lame, lame.

Special Moves:
 Gou Hadouken         - d,df,f + P
 Shakunetsu Hadouken  - f,df,d,db,b + P
 Gou Shoryuuken       - dp + P
 Tatsumakishipuukyaku - d,db,b + K (a)
 Ashura Warp          - dp/rdp + PP/KK

Super Moves:
 Messatsu Gou Hadou  - f,df,d,db,b 2x + P
 Messatsu Goushoryuu - d,df,f 2x + P 
 Shun Goku Satsu     - WP,WP,f,WK+HP(L3)

What Made Me Laugh: Use the Tatsumakishipuukyaku in the air. Ryu spins and FLIES 
(That's right) like a damn helicopter! AH HA HA! The power of flight! Fly, Ryu! 

MORRIGAN AENSLAND - Oh Morrigan. I've been such a baaaaaad boy! I prithee, lay thy 
heels on my chest and strike me with whatever ye calls a whip. (Now you know what 
side of the tree I swing from!)

Special moves
 Soul Fist     - d,df,f + P
 Shadow Blade  - dp + P
 Earth Vacuum  - f,df,d,db,b + P (nf)
 Shell Kick    - Jump towards opponent, then df + WK

Super moves
 Silohuette Blade  - d,df,f 2x + P
 Laser Shell Kick  - f,df,d,db,b + K, then K again to strike
 Darkness Illusion - WP,WP,f/df,WK,HP (L3)

What Made Me Laugh: The SNK rendition looks, well, flat. yech! Looks like my maid!


KING - Are you people sure this here little missy belongs in the Ratio 1 group? Her 
moves are devastating and she's very quick too. She should have gone to at least 
ratio 2. But, that's good. You get more players then if you plan to use her.

Special Moves:
 Venom Strike    - d,df,f + K
 Double Strike   - d,df,f 2x + K
 Surprise Rose   - dp + K
 Trap Shot       - rdp + K
 Tornado Kick    - f,df,d,db,b + K

Super Moves:
 Illusion Dance  - d,df,f,df,d,db,b + K
 Silent Flash    - d,db,b 2x + K

Special Inro: Just how bad is she? Well, she's one of the few fighters here to 
actually walk up to Sagat and say, ""Aite ni naru wa." I think that's supposed to 
say, "I will fight you." or something. How's that fer balls?

MAI SHIRANUI - MMMM MMM MM. The sexy Jap ninja who's VERY bouncy in the chest area 
is back. She gets big points in my book for being able to fight in that outfit 
while having the balls to actually want to fight in it. She looks even sexier in 
Capcom artwork.

Special Moves:
 Kachousen               - d,df,f + P
 Ryuenbu                 - d,db,b + P
 Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi  - b,db,d,df,f + K
 Musasabi no Mai(Chijou) - d 2.sec.,u + P
 Musasabi no Mai(Kuuchuu)- u,d,db,b + P

Super Moves:
 Chou Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi - d,db,b,db,d,df,f + K
 Beni Suzaku                 - u,d,db,b 2x + P

Special Intro: Holy double takes, Batman! Mai wears a Chun-Li outfit, for whatever 
insane reason pops into her zany head, while Chun-Li looks on. mai rips it off and 
spouts something. Chun-Li shrugs and the fight is on!

RAIDEN - Introducing the challenger, from Sydney, Australia, weighing in at 210 kg, 
the Big Bear himself, RRRAAAIIIIDEEENNN!!

Special Moves:
 Poison Breath       - f,df,d,db,b + P
 Giant Bomb          - b 2.sec.,f + P
 Super Drop Kick     - Hold K for 3 sec. then release
 Thunder Splash Bomb - 360 + K (nf)
 Raiden Combo        - rdp + P
 Headbutt            - rdp + P after R. Combo
 Front Suplex        - rdp + K after R. Combo

Super Moves:
 Destruction Drop - 720 + K (nf)
 Flame Breath     - f,df,d,db,b 2x + P

Special Intro: Goes into grapple mode with Zangief if ever the two should meet.

TERRY BOGARD - Hmmm. A fighter with perhaps a popularity rating that almost rivals 
Ryu's (what is it now? 19 games was it for him while 22 or so for Ryu?)

Special Moves:
 Power Wave       - d,df,f + P
 Burning Knuckles - d,db,b + P
 Crack Shot       - d,db,b + K
 Rising Tackle    - d 2.sec.,u + P

Super Moves:
 Power Geyser - d,db,b,db,f + P
 Cracker Wolf - d,df,f2x + K

Special Intro: Ken tosses Terry's cap towards him and yells, "Sora yo!" terry puts 
it on and the fight begins. Must be some kind of secret blonde connection between 
the two of them. Just hope it's know....

KIM KAPHWAN - as a practicioner of Taekwondo, I have to say with all honesty hat 
this guy is my FAVORITE character. I know, he throws no projectiles and all and his 
Supers don't sometimes quite connect, but he's an okay fighter. Kinda wants to 
fight for justice or some such thing.

Special Moves:
 Hangetsu Zan       -  d,db,b + K
 Haki Kyaku         -  d,d + K
 Hishou Kyaku       -  d,df,f + K
 Hien Zan           -  d 2.sec.,u + K
 Tenshou Zan        -  d + HK after H. Zan
 Position Switch    -  HK, then hold it.
 Reverse Neri Chagi -  After P. Switch, press HP

Super Moves:
 Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku -  u,d,df,f,df,d,db,b + K
 Hou'ou Kyaku       -  d,db,b,db,f + K

Special Intro 1: Against evil characters (Gouki, Riot Iori, Geese, Yamazaki, Evil 
Ryu, etc.) Kim turns his back and says,"Aku wa yurusan!"

Special Intro 2: Against himself, they start off at the edges of the screen, do an 
axe kick and yell out, "Ikazu!" Alright! Now we're talking!

RYO SAKAZAKI - Hmmmm. The famous Ryu clone so they say. But he still makes for an 
excellent fighter. His Zanretsuzan is especially devastating.

Special Moves:
 Kouken             - d,df,f + P(a)
 Hien Shippuu Kyaku - db 2.sec., f + K
 Koho               - dp + P
 Zanretsuzan        - f,b,f + P

Super Moves:
 Ryuuko Ranbu   - d,df,f,df,d,db,b + P
 Haou Shoukoken - f,b,db,d,df,f + P

Special Intro 1: Against his sister yuri, Yuri will do a little spin and say, "Oni-
chan, kakugo suruchi!" I think that's someting like, "Big brother, get ready!" or 
something like that. Anyway, Ryo, just like all big brothers plagued by annoying, 
backstabbing, little sisters and are horrified by their antics, will cover his face 
in shame. I'd do the same too.

Special Intro 2: Ryu and Ryo stand toe to toe in the center of the ring and then 
hope back, ala Art of Fighting.

YURI SAKAZAKI - This is the aforementioned symbol of the affliction that plagues 
all older brothers. Nasty, nasty, NASTY little sisters! Come on, Ryo fans! Show her 
who's boss! Show her...What's that, Tin? You want me to cook you something good and 
if I don't you'll tell Mom where I hide my Penthouse magazines? Coming right away, 
dear sister!

Special Moves:
 Ko'ou Ken              - d,df,f + P
 Raiou Ken              - d,df,f + K
 Chou Upper             - dp + P
 Double Yuri Chou Upper - dp + P again after C.Upper
 Hyakuretsu Binta       - f,df,d,db,b + K

Super Moves:
 Haou Shoukou Ken - f,b,db,d,df,f + P
 Hien Rekkou      - d,df,f 2x + K

What Made me Laugh - Look at the Bonus gallery between Dan and Joe Higashi. A 
picture there will show Yuri giving Sakura a face while hiding behind Mai Shiranui. 
Just like little kids.

JOE HIGASHI - Hmm. In the KOF and FF series, he's very dangerous. Here? I can only 
say, No threat. It's a pity though. Joe's a pretty good fighter too. Or was.

Special Moves:
 Hurricane Upper - b,db,d,df,f + P
 Tiger Kick      - dp + K
 Slash Kick      - b,db,d,df,f + K

Super Moves:
 Screw Upper - d,df,f 2x + P

KYO KUSANAGI - This guy is perhaps the Ryu of every KOF game and he just seems to 
get better and better with every incarnation.

Special Moves:
 Aragami       – d,df,f + P
 Konokizu      – After Aragami, d,df,f + P 3x
 Oniyaki       – dp + P
 Kototsuki Yuo – f,df,d,db,b + P
 R.E.D Kick    – rdp + K

Super Moves:
 Orochi Nage         – d,db,b,db,d,df,f + P
 Saishuu Kessen Ougi – d,df,f 2x + P

Special Intro: Against Ryu, he pitches a streak of flame right across his face and 
will say,""Kono teidoja doujininai kara. Honki de ikuze!" Izzat so!? Well I got 
your "kono teidoja so and so" right here, buddy!

IORI YAGAMI - I've seen the game, I've always been impressed by Iori's moves, but I 
still have to wonder what exactly is his beef with Kyo? Other than the fact they 
both use fire powers.

Special Moves:
 Yamibarai     - d,df,f + P
 Oniyaki       - dp + P
 Kototsuki In  - f,df,d,db,b + K
 Aoi Hana      - d,db,b + P 3x

Super Moves:
 Yaotome       - d,df,f,df,d,db,b + P
 Yasakazuki    - d,db,b,db,d,df,f + P

Special Intro: Kyo and Iori stand on opposite sides (duh). Kyo then flashes out 
some flame and says something Jappy. Iori proves he's no wussy and brings forth 
some fire of his own, then also says something. (Talk, talk, talk. Will you people 
just shut up and fight already! In my day, folks did a lot more sluggin' and alot 
less yakkin'!-xmen comic)They both then crush their flames out and then Kyo just 
HAS to have the last word. These two are pretty talkative fighters!

What Made Me Laugh: I think I remember the Yazakazuki being translated as the 
Maiden masher. And "Mash" it does indeed! Okay with Chun-Li, Mai and King (kind of 
twisted if it's with Sakura or Yuri), but what if the move's done with Vega, 
Zangief, Geese, or Guile, would it still be called the Maiden masher? Just what do 
you suppose Iori's "mashing" back there? Hmmmm?

GEESE HOWARD - Just how many times has this guy died and come back? It's 
incredible. Also, his character is so much more fearful than Vega's. I mean, an 
evil dictator? Big deal. Sounds like something from some Rambo flick. But Geese. A 
businessman who actually OWNS South Town. His character is also something that just 
commands respect. He's also, st of the time, non-playable. You see him sometimes in 
cameo appearances and sometimes fights, mostly as a secret character, but that's 
it. That merely adds to his appeal as one of the top bad guys.

Special Moves:
 Reppu Ken          – d,df,f + WP
 Double Reppu Ken   – d,df,f + HP
 Shipuuken          – u,d,db,b + P
 Joudan Atemi Nage  - f,df,d,db,b + WP
 Chuudan Atemi Nage - f,df,d,db,b + HP
 Gedan Atemi Nage   - f,df,d,db,b + WK
Super Moves:
 Demon Cage   – db,f,df,d,db,b,df + P
 Raging Combo – f,df,d,db,b + WK,WP,WP,WK,WK,HP,HP,HK,HK, d,db,b + HP (L3)

Special Intro: Terry shakes his fists at him and growls, "Giiiiiiissssss!" 
(Geeeeese!) Howard merely laughs at him.

RYUUJI YAMAZAKI - Some say this guy has Orochi blood (whatever that is) and thus 
make him dangerous. I wouldn't know about that. He's dangerous enough already as he 
is. He's a mental time bomb on perpetual explosions. A fun character to bring for 
the more advanced players.

Special Moves:
 Sabak No Akuchi     – dp + P
 Hebi Tsukai Joudan  – d,db,b + WP
 Hebi Tsukai Gedan   - d,db,b + HP
 Hebi Tsukai Chuudan - d,db,b + WK
 Sadomazo            – d,db,d,df,f + K
 Baikeshi            – d,df,f + P
 Dokute              – rdp + hold P for 3 sec. then let go
 Suna Kake           – dp + K

Super Moves:
 La Guillotine – f,b,db,d,df + P
 La Drill      – 360 + P rapidly for a stronger move.

Special Intro: Tosses a knife at Terry's feet and says something. Terry looks down 
in disgust and punches it to smithereens. You can tell by the tone of Ryuuji's 
voice afterwards that he didn't like that one bit. hey, knives ain't cheap 
nowadays, you know!

RUGAL BERNSTEIN - Hmmm. the gentleman boss from the KoF series. he's still 
dangerous? Yup yup yup. However, he kind of lost that ohhh I'm a big bad boss in 
more recent incarnations. But i do love, LOVE, the Cyber Rugal.

Special Moves:
 Reppu Ken       – d,df,f + P
 Kaiser Wave     – f,b,db,d,df,f + Hold P for 3 sec. then let go
 God Press       – f,df,d,db,b + P
 Dark Barrier    – b,db,d,df,f + K
 Genocide Cutter – dp + K

Super Moves:
 Gigantic Pressure – d,df,f,df,d,db,b + P
 Genocide Heaven   – d,df,f 2x + K

Special Intro 1: When Vs Rugal Bernstein, Rugal says something like, "Sono chikara 
mo watashi ga torikonde kuru". Afterwhich his panther growls right at Vega. Stupid 

Special Intro 2: Rugal stands with a Guile statue and says: "Kimi no shini basho wa 
koko da." Guiles cuts off the first half wih a Sonic Boom and Rugal finihes the job 
with a quick Reppu Ken.

VICE - one of Rugal's lackeys. Usually seen with Mature. Although at times, she may 
seem very slow in moving, be careful not to blink. It's her lightning fast moves 
that come out quickly that can spin you. Hmmm. One word there. A "Mature Vice." 
Wonder what that would be....

Special Moves:
 Nail Bomb   – b,db,d,df,f + P
 Gore Fest   – f,df,d,db,b,f + P
 Decider     – b,db,d,df,f + K
 Outrage     – d,db,b + K
 Tranquility – dp + K
 Ravenous    - u,d,db,b + K

Super Moves:
 Negative Gain     – f,df,d,db,b 2x + K
 Withering Surface - d,df,f 2x + P

Special Intro: hey, hey! Mature's here! But for only a little while. She stands 
back to back with Vice and then bows out. Vice then says, "Aisatsu wa nuki da yo! 
Yaro ka!" with no bow. If I were Rugal, I would definitely say this was time to lay 
the smacketh down!

BENIMARU NIKAIDO - Pretty boys just seem to abound in the fighting world universe. 
And this guy is probably one of the upper boys. A tight tank top and equally tight 
sleeves and pants? What is this? Gigolo night? But he's pretty fast, I'll give him 
that. And his Raijinken has a nasty habit of popping out of nowhere.

Special Moves:
 Raijinken          – d,df,f + P
 Iai Geri           – d,df,f + K
 Shinkuu Katategoma – f,df,d,db,b + K
 Cancel             - KK + PP

Super Moves:
 Raikouoken   – d,df,f 2x + P
 Denkou Spark – d,db,b 2x + P

Special Intro: Against any of the ladies, his hair is down. Then he suddenly raises 
it back up with some super quick drying, electrified hair gel and says "Ikazu, 
baby!" Oh yeah!? Well ikazu this, pig!

RIOT IORI - Oh wow. Lame to lame to lame. Some fighters just have to have evil 
counterparts. First Evil Ryu. Now Riot Iori. Hoo boy. Plays exactly like Iori only 
with smoke coming out of his mouth.

Special Moves:
Yamibarai    - d,df,f + P
Oniyaki      - dp + P
Kototsuki In - f,df,d,db,b + K
Aoi Hana     - d,db,b + K 3x
Kuzukaze     - f,df,dd,db,b + P (nf)

Super Moves:
 Yaotome      - d,df,f,df,d,db,b + P
 Ya Sakazuki  - d,df,f 2x + P

NAKORURU - Little missy from Samurai Shodown and I still have to wonder how in the 
name of all that is holy did she come to this modern timeline? Weird. But 
regardless of what we all might think, she's very, VERY, much capable of laying 
down a world of hurt! Very quick and with an eagle friend to boot, almost makes 
fighting using her seem unfair. ALMOST.

Special Moves:
 Lela Mutsube     - b,db,d + P
 Anna Mutsube     - d,df,f + P
 Amube Yatoro     - f,df,d,db,b + P
 Sichikaga Grope  - f,b,db,d,df,f + K
 Mamaha Summon    - d,db,b + K
 Mamaha Attack    - P/WK after M. Summon
 Mamaha Drop      - HK after M. Summon
 Sichikipuai      - d,df,f + P after M. Summon
 Kanui Mutsube    - d,db,b + P after M. Summon

Super Moves:
 Shikapakamuiirosika - f,df,d,db,b 2x + P
 Siri Korokamuin     - d,df,f 2x + K


I will merely list what the EX characters have and do not have. Other than that, 
their movelists are no different from the original. Pretty self explanatory, yes?

KEN MASTERS - Plays like his Super SF2 X: The New Challengers character.

CAMMY - Does not have the A. Fist or the H. Combo.
      - Has Cannon Strike - u,d,db,b + K

SAKURA - Doesn't have the Double Shuunpukyaku
       - has the Midare Zakura - d,db,b 2x + K

GUILE - Has no Opening Gambit

DHALSEIM - Has no Yoga Flame or Stream
         - Has the Yoga Storm - b,db,d,df,f 2x + P 

BLANKA - Has neither Backstep or Vertical Roll
       - His Ground Shaver has changed.

ZANGIEF - Has no Banishing Fist, Multiple German Suplex,the Diving Powerbomb, or 
the Russian Slam Super.

CHUN-LI - Does not have Kikuuken and Kikoushou.
        - Does have a more improved Hazan Tenshoukyaku.
        - Spinning Bird Kick can be controlled.

EDMUND HONDA - Does not have Goichounage or Orachi Kudaki.
M.BISON - Does not Have Ground Straight, Ground Upper or the Gigaton Punch.

BALROG - Has only Rolling Izuna Drop for a Super.

SAGAT - Has old Tiger Crush - d,df,f,uf + K
      - Does not have Tiger Destroyer
      - Has Tiger Cannon - d,df,f 2x + P/K

VEGA - Return of the ordinary Psycho Crusher.
     - Has only Kneepress Nightmare Super

TERRY BOGARD - Does not have Rising Tackle.
             - Has Power Dunk - dp + K

KING - Does not have Double Strike, Surprise Rose, Tornado Kick or Silent Flash.
     - has Moshuu Kyaku - d,db,b + K
     - has Double Strike Super - f,b,f,df,d + K

KYO KUSANAGAI - Has no Aragami, Konokizu, and Saishuu Kessen Ougi.
              - has Shikikotoyoki - b,db,d,df,f + K
              - has Shiki - d,df,f + K then K
              - has Dokugami - d,df,f + P

KIM KAPHWAN - has Kuusajin - Charge d, 2 sec. u + P
            - has Hou'ou Satsu Super - d,df,f 2x + K
            - Has no Hou'ou Tenbu Kyaku.
BENIMARU NIKAIDO - Has Benimaru Koreda - f,df,d,db,b,f + P
                 - has new Raikoken - d,df,f 2x + K
                 - has Elec-Trigger - f,df,d,db,b 2x + P
                 -  Has no Denguu Spark.

VICE - Has no Tranquility or Gore Fest.
     - has Mayhem - d,df,f + P
     - has Side Slayer - dp + K

MAI SHIRANUI - has no Hissatsu Shinobi Bachi or Beni Suzaku.
             - Has Kagero no Mai - Charge d, 2sec., u + K
             - Has Chouo no Mai - qcf 2x + P

RAIDEN - Does not have Flame Breath Super.

RYO SAKAZAKI - Has no Zanretsuzan.
             - has Kyokugen - f,df,d,db,b + P
             - has Mokoraijinko - dp + P
             - has Tenchi Haohken - d,df,f 2x + P (L3)

YURI SAKAZAKI - Has no Yuri Upper or Hien Rekkou.
              - has Phoenix Kick Super - f,b,f,df,d,db,b + K

RYUUJI YAMAZAKI - has no Dokute or Suna Kake.
                - Has Baigashi - f,df,d,db,b,f + P
                - Has Sand Splash - dp + K
                - has new La Drill - f,df,d,db,b 2x + P rapidly.

GEESE HOWARD - Has no Gedan Atemi Nage.
             - Has Jaeiken- f,df,d,db,b + K

RUGAL BERNSTIEN - Has no Kaiser Wave.


 We have safely reached our destination. Thank you for riding Bahmat FAQ services 
and remember, for questions, comments, corrections or suggestions. No flaming, 
please. Emails with messages like, "Your FAQ SUCKS and so do you!!" will get the 
attention it deserves. None.

Copyright bahmat, July 8, 2002.

Ryu, Ken, and all Capcom characters are registered trademarks of CAPCOM. All rights 

Kyo, Benimaru, and all other NEO-GEO characters are registered trademarks of SNK. 
All rights reserved.

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