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Finally after getting bored of all my games I got I have time to make the next 
boss guide.

Captain Bemoth. Well I say he's one of the hardest bosses in the game(Tiring 
too)so... be very cautious. 


Missiles: He throws a lot trickier missiles than the Sand Scorpion so watch 
out. They might be hard to dodge at first so don't say you suck because you 
don't. If you look closely at the ground you can see little targets where the 
missiles are going to hit. Practice avoiding these and you will be fine 

Wave Attack/Splash/Water: Whatever you want to call it, After you pull a horn 
out or try to pull one out he will get far away, unable for you to get to him 
he will throw two waves at you, one from either the left or right fin thing. 
Dodge these with ease then jump over the third one whick comes from both sides.
Warning: They get higher everytime so be careful not to jump right into one and 
let Sonic get swept away. Remember He can't swim so yeah... (They don't relly 
sweep you away just if your wondering)

Shockey Tackle Attack: Idk the names of these attack so stay with me on this. 
After you pull out two horns he will charge at you with electrical power. 
Simply jump over him and if you get a chance Home Attack him.

I will just put this fight into one phase to shorten it up. I already told you 
half of the stuff up there so now to the real deal.

ONLY Phase:

Now first run as fast as you can while gathering some rings and avoiding 
missiles. When you get as close as you can Jump and wait in the air until you 
get a lock-on symbol then Home Attack a horn. Now quickly shake the Wiimote 
(that's what I call it cause it's cooler :))as fast as you can until the horn 
comes out. Now avoid the waves and do this again and again until you get all 4 
horns out. Remember about the other attack he uses after two horns as well.

Tip Gallery:
- Use Speed Break on him when you get those pearls. It is a lot easier but more 
time consuming.
-If you have some Speed Up abilities and jumping abilities that helps out a 
-When he uses that tackle like attack you have a chance to get close to him

How to Gold Rank:
^Look in the Tip Gallery and extend those things and you'll get it...eventually^

Ok well thank you for reading this, good luck, and I will write the next one 
soon! Later!

P.S. No blue hedgehogs were hurt while figuring out this Guide... Lol I just 
wanted to throw something like that in there. :)

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