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                              WWE CRUSH HOUR
                 for the Playstation 2 video game console

                   ** Car Stats Guide by Paul Rudoff **
                           Ver. 1.1 (3/31/2003)


1. Introduction
2. Car Stats (with notes afterwards)
3. Revision History
4. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer


Let me tell you one thing right from the start.  I don't own this game,
I rented it.  So, once this guide has been submitted and I return the
game (if I haven't already by the time you read this), I can't really
add new information to it.  Of course, there really is no need to add new
information to it as the stats won't change.

Now that I've mentioned that, you can get on to reading the stats table,
as I don't think a full introduction is needed for this.



There seem to be a total of 18 boxes on the car stat meters.  To figure
out the stats in numbers, I subtracted the number of boxes left from 18.
The higher the number for each stat, the better the car is.

* NOTE: Since the boxes are small, and I was using a standard
[not high-definition] 20 inch TV, the numbers might be approximate.

      [HA = Handling / DE = Defense / ST = Strength / SP = Speed]

    SUPERSTAR         MUSIC   HA   DE   ST   SP           VEHICLE
------------------    -----   --   --   --   --   ------------------------
             Test     Real     5   17   17    8   Converted Pick-Up Truck
 Bubba-Ray Dudley     Real     7   14   16    8   Converted Pick-Up Truck
    Chuck Palumbo     Real     8   10   12    8   Concept Car
       Billy Gunn     Real     8   10   12   10   Concept Car
    William Regal     Real     5   10   12    5   British Roadster
     Chris Benoit     Real     7   10   12    7   Modified ATV
             Edge     Real    14    8   10   16   Sports Car
    Trish Stratus     Inst    14    8    6   16   Sporty Two-Door
             Kane     Real     8   15   17   11   Modified Muscle Car
   The Undertaker     Real     6   14   15   10   Three-Wheel Chopper
     Steve Austin     Real     4   15   15    6   Monster Truck
     Brock Lesnar     Real     8   17   15    8   Armored Truck
         The Rock     Real     9   12   15   10   Luxury Sports Car
         Triple H     Real     8   14   15    8   Armored ATV
       Kurt Angle     Real     8   11   11    9   SUV
    Chris Jericho     Real     9   11   11   13   Muscle Car
         Booker T     Fake     8   11   11   11   SUV/Pick-Up Truck Hybrid
      Rob Van Dam     Real    18    8   10   18   Four-Wheel ATV
          Rikishi     Real     5   15   15   10   Steam Roller
     The Big Show     Real     3   18   18    5   Big-Rig
    Stacy Keibler     Inst    18    6    6   17   Import Tuner
       Jeff Hardy     Fake    17   10    6   17   Wood-Paneled Station Wagon
       Matt Hardy     Fake    14    8    8   14   Wood-Paneled Station Wagon
       Kevin Nash*    Fake     5   17   18    3   Big-Rig
             Lita*    Real    14    9    7   16   Racing Car
       Hulk Hogan*    Fake     4   17   15    6   Sports Car
        Christian*    Real    14    8    8   17   Futuristic Sports Car
         Bradshaw*    Real     5   14   16    6   Armored Fire Truck
     D-Von Dudley*    Real     6   11   11    8   Converted Pick-Up Truck
        Ric Flair*    Inst     6   13   11    8   Sports Car
Stephanie McMahon*    Real    11   10   10   11   German Luxury Car
    Vince McMahon*    Real     8   11   11    9   Super Stretch Limosine

* This character is initially locked. (GameFaqs has information on how to
unlock these characters, so please don't ask me.)

Music Notes
* ALL: Some of the music is not the latest (2003) version - for example,
* TRISH STRATUS: Instrumental of "Time To Rock & Roll"
* STACY KEIBLER: Instrumental of "Legs"
* RIC FLAIR: Very poor instrumental of "Sprach Zarathustra aka 2001 Space
* STEPHANIE MCMAHON:  The background vocals seem to be missing (it sounds
awfully "flat" and low-tempo)



Ver. 1.0 (3/27/2003)
The very first version of this guide.

Ver. 1.0a (3/29/2003)
Fixed some formatting and spelling errors.

Ver. 1.1 (3/31/2003)
I got to hear Matt Hardy's V1 music last night on Wrestlemania 19.  Now
I know that the music for him in the game is FAKE!  I updated the stats
as such.



This document is copyright 2003 by Paul Rudoff.  WWE Crush Hour is
copyright 2003 by World Wrestling Entertainment and THQ.  This document is
not associated with or endorsed by World Wrestling Entertainment, THQ, or
anyone else involved in the making of the game.

This document may NOT be reproduced, redistributed, sold (in any way,
shape, or form), published in a magazine, or put anywhere on the Internet
EXCEPT at Gamefaqs (

I have decided not to allow websites other than Gamefaqs to host my
documents/files from now on.  Please don't ask, because I will not grant
permission.  In order to make sure that my work is always available in
it's most up-to-date form, it is necessary for me to limit it's
distribution to just one site.  I just don't have the time to give updates
to multiple sites.

So if anyone sees this document on any site other than Gamefaqs, please
let me know and I will take care of the situation.  Thanks.

Speaking of communication, I have a special E-MAIL DISCLAIMER that I'd
like for you to be aware of:

Please don't give out my E-Mail address -- especially on webpages. If you
wish to link to me, link to my website NOT to my E-Mail address.  Also,
don't send me any unsolicited E-Mail (SPAM), chain letters, petitions,
mass mailings, or virus warnings.  Those types of messages are
automatically deleted without being read.

This copyright notice and disclaimer may be updated by me from time to
time without notice to you.

Any rights expressly and not expressly granted herein are reserved.


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