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                           Published by Divit57


1. How To Catch Rayquaza
2. My Way To Raise Rayquaza 
3. Thanks


 You Will Need:

1. One Pokemon Saphire Verson Gamepack
2. One Pokemon Firered or Leafgreen Verson Gamepack
3. One Cable link
4. Two Gameboy Advance or SP


  I. How to catch Rayquaza

 First you will need the HM surf and fly. Ok. Fly or surf to Dewford town. From 
there go east a little bit. When you find a break in the northern wall of rocks go 
through it. Go north and find Sky Piller. Go into it and head up the tower. On the 
Second and third floors there are are cracks in the floor. You need to have the Mach
bike to get over them. On the top floor, a level 70 Rayquaza is coiled on the 
ground. Make sure you have PLENTY of ultra balls or you can use a master ball. SAVE 


   II. My Way To Raise Rayquaza

 Put your Pokemon Leafgreen/Firered verson gamepack in one of your Gameboys. Put 
the Pokemon Saphire verson in the other Gameboy. Connect the Gameboy Advance cable 
link to each Gameboy. Trade Rayquaza from your Saphire verson to your 
Leafgreen/Firered verson. With your LG/FR verson, go to seven island. From there 
head south for a while. Don't go through the cave. Go the other way. Pass the 
camper in the grass and the two PKMN rangers next to each other. Now, try to get 
all four people(the camper, both PKMN rangers, ant the crush girl)on your screen. 
Next use your V.S seeker. Battle these people with Rayquaza over and over untill he 
gets to level 100!!!


   III. Thanks

 Thank you for publishing my FAQ
 Thank YOU for reading this
 Thank you nintendo and gamefreek for making this game
 Questions? E-mail me at [email protected]
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