Catch Rayqauza - Guide for Pokemon Sapphire

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Catch Rayquaza~~~~~~

To catch this legendary Pokemon have at least 50 Ultra Balls.  You will need them.  
Rayquaza is a level 70 dragon and flying type found at the very top of Sky Pillar.  
As a dragon type it is weak to dragon and ice types.  I suggest bringing a Glalie or 
Walrein at least level 60.  If you have a Psychic Pokemon or Ghost Pokemon that 
knows Hypnosis be sure to put Rayquaza to sleep before attempting capture.  Also be 
careful of this Pokemons Outrage attack.  It has and 80 in strength although it 
makes Rayquaza confused after using so be careful that it does not hurt itself at 
low health.

Catch It

	First start out with your ice type.  Use strong moves like Blizzard and Ice 
beam to weaken it quickly.  If your Pokemon gets knocked out immediately put in your 
Psychic type and put it to sleep.  If you have any revives use them on the knocked 
out Pokemon.  Immediately start throwing Ultra Balls at it.  If it wakes up put it 
to sleep and begin throwing balls again.  Eventually Rayqauza will be captured.  

By t_o_a_d

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