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Ive got great challenges for some levels. Ive done all the challenges myself so if 
you cant do em... you suck. Just kidding these are hard. Some of the challenges are 
harder than others... some are just a pain...

The Pillar of Autumn

Challenge Difficulty; HARD: See how long you can hold off the invcible soldiers 
after you kill captain Keyes. My record is 32 minutes and 47 seconds. If you can 
beat that... then you must be some freaky pale loser sitting with an Xbox 
controller literally glued to your hands with all 33 so far issues of Xbox magazine 
sitting in your bathroom medicine cabinet. Or you're just really really good. 


Challenge Difficulty; EASY: Ok this is basically a warm up for the game. When you 
enter the level, run across the bridge to your left and hide in the trees. When the 
ship spots you, a banshee will appear with a covenant on it. Try to find your own 
strategy to force the rider off of the banshee WITHOUT KILLING HIM.

Challenge Difficulty; MEDIUM: When Cortana tells you to hide from the covenant drop 
ship... actually hide from it and sneak up on the covenants on the side of the 
hill. I reccoment using the pistol to sneak up.

The Truth and Reconciliation

Challenge Difficulty; TRICKY: In the beginning, your first assignment is to take 
out as many covenant as covertly as possible. Try taking out all of the covenant 
without being spotted. You may hear the little guys yelling stuff like "WHERE IS 
HE? I DONT SEE HIM!!! HE'LL KILL US ALL!!!" Funny stuff. 

Challenge Difficulty; HARD: In the final part of the level called "Shut up and get 
behind me... Sir" Take out as many covenant as you can. Ive not managed to get them 
all but i dont know if its even possible. My best time is 3 minutes and 24 seconds 
(Before one of those little idiots took out captain keyes with a needler.)

Aussalt on the Control Room

I know.. this level bites... the longest level in the stupid game... But its a 
great place for some extra fun. 

Challenge Difficulty; HOLY CRAP: Beat this level in 45 minutes... i dare you...

Challenge Difficulty; FUN: On the part called "If I had a Superweapon..." Get the 
banshee and have some fun. Take out those annoying hunters with well placed bombs 
and dive bomb the sheild guys. Then fly as high as you can and jump out. Whee!

Challenge Difficulty; HARD: Take out a covenant tank without wasting any bullets. 
Vehicles are allowed. NOTE: Take a close look at the directions and you will see 
the trick in here.

The Library

This may be a shorter level than the one above... but its waaaaaay harder.

Challenge Difficulty; PANT SOILING: Beat the level without dying. May the swartchz 
be with you Obi Have... 

The Maw

Holy Crap I LOVE this level.

Challenge Difficulty; FUN: Three words... Warthog Time Trials.. beat 1:12.

The Silent Cartographer

This level is only for fun. Its not hard at all. But its the best for experimenting.

Fun Level; IT MAKES THE GAME: Me and my friend do this alot. Go on co op and after 
the island is cleared of enemies fill yourselves up with grenades. Then face 
eachother and throw em as fast as possible. Holy crap its hilarious. Then watch the 
blood and bodies fly. we did this so much so often that we found several bodies of 
our former selves.

Challenge Difficulty; SECRET: Find the Hidden Banshee in the level and fly around 
the level shooting up covanents.

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