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 ___FAQ_VERSION_1.5__LAST_UPDATED:_02/12/2000____ /  /

1. Revision History
2. Game Info
3. Review
4. Controls
5. The Story
6. The Characters
     - Davy
     - Jack
     - Fred
     - Linda
7. The Enemies/Bosses
     - Enemies
          - Happy
          - Chocnin
          - Marble Kid
          - Snakkaly
          - Flying Cookie
          - Choco Kid
          - Cremitta
     - Bosses
          - Lizard King
          - Quintella the Queen Ant
          - Bomb Caterpillar
          - Armadillo
          - Giant Cake
          - Pile of Books
8. The Moves
     - Tongue Lash
     - Machine Gun Attack
     - Tongue Stand
     - Pole Vault
     - Tongue Twister
9. The Stages
     - Jungle Land
     - Ant Land
     - Bomb Land
     - Desert Land
     - Kids Land
     - Ghost Castle
     - Boss Land (secret)
10. The Items
     - Red Heart
     - Yellow Heart
     - Green Heart
     - Crown
11. The Game Modes
     - One-Player Game
     - Multiplayer
     - Training Mode
12. The Crown Locations
     - Stage 1: Jungle Land
     - Stage 2: Ant Land
     - Stage 3: Bomb Land
     - Stage 4: Desert Land
     - Stage 5: Kids Land
     - Stage 6: Ghost Castle
13. Secrets and Codes
14. FAQ
15. Credits
16. Legal Stuff
17. Ways to Contact Me

Version 1.5- Very minor changes, switching my email addresses.

Version 1.4- Added "REVIEW" section.  Crown locations added for everything.
             This may be the final version.

Version 1.3- NEW TITLE!

Version 1.2- GameShark Codes Added!  Game Info Added!

Version 1.1- First Update! LOTS OF STUFF! Crown locations for
             Ant and Bomb Land! WOO HOO!

Version 1.0- First version of the FAQ

Game:               Chameleon Twist
Platform:           Nintendo 64
Rating:             Kids To Adults
Players:            1-4 Players
Enhancements:       Rumble Pak
Sold By:            Sunsoft
Distributed By:     Electro Source, LLC
Developed By:       Japan System Supply
Well, if you are deciding on purchasing a new game or planning
or just wanting to see what the low-down on this game is, read
this review.

Overall - 45%

Gameplay - Where do I begin?  Well, this game has it's ups, but
unfortunatly, it has more downs.  The one-player mode can be exciting,
but as you get further in the game, it becomes more tedious and
time consuming.  An excellent aspect of this game is Training Mode
where you can see exactly how fast you are at doing the different moves.
The Multi-player mode is also a plus, but can become old when compared
to the new games (GoldenEye, Mario Party 2, Etc.)

Story - I'm not actually going to tell the storyline, but if you really
care about the plot look at THE STORY section in this FAQ.  The story
is the average plot though of a children's game.  It's easy to follow
and kind of interesting.  But the story doesn't change through the game
after completing levels or anything.  It's just an opening and an ending.
(Where exactly do all the stages come in, etc) Young children though will
most likely enjoy this easy to follow type of story.

Sound - The annoying music makes this game a lot more fun after you have
hit the mute button.  A HUGE downside (to me) is that the game doesn't
have barely any sound effects.

Graphics - For an early Nintendo 64 game, the graphics aren't too bad.
They give a very good feel of what each stage looks like.  The cutesy
animated graphics will also probably go good with younger children.
Chameleon Twist gives a show for what the older games could do without
an Expansion Pak and stuff like that.

Replayability - As long as you have friends, this section could stay up
there.  After playing the one-player game through, you probably won't want
to play it again unless you want to collect every crown (which is very
difficult at times).

Buy or Rent? - Here's what I think you should do with every game.  Rent it
first, then if you like it, buy it.  Always remember pay BEFORE you play.
If you are a gaming freak like me, you will want to try this one with it's
different kind of gaming play.

Comments in General - After this, you may be wondering why i'm writing this
FAQ if I don't like the game.  The answer to that is simply, I own this game
(I probably wouldn't have bought it if I had played it first.)and I know
that people out there may need help finding the Crowns.  Also, people may
want to find out more about this game and info like that.  No matter the game,
I will tell people what I think about it.

Start Button:   Pauses the game
Control Stick:  Move Character/Control Tongue
B Button:       Unroll tongue
A Button:       Jump/Talk to Rabbit
C-Buttons:      Control Camera
Z Button:       Tongue-Stand
L Button:       Switch Camera Mode
R Button:       Aim Sights


Davy the Chameleon likes nothing better than a nice walk
through the jungle, finished up with a rest on his favorite
stump.  One day as he is sitting enjoying the sun, a well
dressed white rabbit wearing a black silk hat and vest appears
in front of him, hurrying along the top of a log.

"Oh dear, oh dear, I should not be late!" mutters the rabbit
in a panicky voice.

"Late for what?" wonders Davy.

The rabbit hurries along and jumps into a strange looking pot.
The inside of the pot is covered with a rainbow-colored mist.

"Who on earth can that rabbit be? And why is he wearing such fancy
clothes?" Davy just can't work it out.  Maybe the rabbit is friends
with someone living here in the jungle? Or maybe...?

Boiiing! Davy leaps down from the stump and straight into the pot,
determined to catch up with the rabbit.

The mist gradually lifts and Davy finds himself in a jungle.  But
not the jungle he knows - everything looks different and his favorite
stump is missing.


Suddenly Davy finds he has more important things to worry about than
the scenery.


Looking down, he sees he no longer has a chameleon's body... He is
standing on two legs instead of four, wearing gloves and a backpack.
What on earth has happened to him?"

"I've got to find that rabbit," he thinks, "and ask him how to get back

Davy sets off to find the white rabbit.  The jungle isn't dense so he
has a good view all around.  He can hear the sound of a waterfall a
little way off.

Your adventure with Davy in the Land of Wonder is now about to begin.
All you have to rely on is your tongue, your intelligence, and your
courage.  Good luck and good licking!


Davy the Chameleon (before he changes shape) -

Davy is a scaly reptile of about 60 cm in length, with an extremely long
tongue the rolls and unrolls.  He shoots out his tongue and picks up
insects with the sticky end when he's hungry.

Davy the Chameleon (after he changes shape) -

This is how Davy changes after he finds himself in the Land of Wonder.
Height:          15 tongues
Tongue Length:   160 tongues (measured when unrolled)
Characteristics: Moves and attacks using his tongue.
                 Head swells up and moves more slowly when he licks
                 up lots of enemies.

Davy's Pals -

Linda:   You can spot Linda by her fashionable yellow ribbons.
Fred:    Fred's round, sleepy eyes are his best feature.
Jack:    Everybody likes Jack because he's so kind.



Happy:          Attacks from above.
Chocnin:        Spits out fire sprites.
Marble Kid:     Wears green boots on his big feet.
Snakkaly:       Pops up out of the desert sand.
Flying Cookie:  A cookie with cream flowing out of it.
Choco Kid:      Everybody loves a Choco Kid.
Cremitta:       An exploding time-bomb.


Boss Name                    Level             Difficulty (out of 5)

Lizard King                  Jungle Land                1/5
Quintella the Queen Ant      Ant Land                   3/5
Bomb Caterpillar             Bomb Land                  3/5
Armadillo                    Desert Land                2/5
Giant Cake                   Kids Land                  2/5
Pile of Books                Ghost Castle               4/5

     Lizard King - Eat the butterflies and knock the Lizard King
                   off the cliff by using the Machine Gun Attack

     Quintella the Queen Ant - Use the tongue twister on the pole
                               to trip her.  Then eat an ant and
                               shoot it at her with the Machine
                               Gun Attack

     Bomb Caterpillar - Eat a bomb and launch it at its "segments"
                        by using the Machine Gun Attack

     Armadillo - Eat the "sand fleas" and use the Machine Gun
                 Attack when it stops jumping around

     Giant Cake - When the cake opens up, eat the Choco Kids inside

     Pile of Books - First, eat the segments of its arms that spin around
                     Next, when it launches a stream of balls at you, eat
                     them and then Machine Gun Attack them right back when
                     he stops.


Tongue Lash - This is the regular "licking" move.  Press and hold the B
              button to activate it.  This allows you to eat enemies and
              grab onto poles.  Use the control stick while holding B to
              move your tongue around different directions.

Machine Gun Attack - After eating some enemies, press B again to shoot the
                     enemies out at other enemies.  Many bosses require you
                     to do this, so make sure you use it.

Tongue Stand - Hit the Z button to stand up on your tongue, this can help you
               to get to higher platforms.

Pole Vault - This move can be tricky to pull off.  While running, do a Tongue
             Stand and release the Z button while you are moving to launch
             yourself into mid-air.

Tongue Twister - This is probably the hardest move in the game.  Do a Tongue
                 Lash onto a pole.  When your tongue grabs onto the pole,
                 hold onto the A button and push the control stick a
                 direction to rotate around the pole.


Level Name               Difficulty             Amount of Crowns
Jungle Land                  1/5                       25
Ant Land                     2/5                       25
Bomb Land                    3/5                       21
Desert Castle                4/5                       24
Kids Land                    4/5                       23
Ghost Land                   5/5                       23
Secret Boss Land             3/5                        0

There are barely any power-ups/items in Chameleon Twist, but I will list them
Red Heart:    A red heart restores 1 of your life.  Red hearts are pretty common
              to be found lying around the game area.
Yellow Heart: A yellow heart restors 3 of your life. You can usually find Yellow
              Hearts near difficult crowns or hanging in mid-air
Green Heart:  A green heart maximizes your life.  These are rare to find, but very
Crowns:       THE CROWNS!  Collect 20 Crowns in each world for the secret world!
              Crowns range from easy to difficult to find.  You can NOT use your
              tongue to pick these up like the hearts.

One-Player Mode- 
The One-Player Mode in the game isn't quite as elaborate as Super Mario 64 or
Donkey Kong 64.  The game is pretty slow paced and can prove to be repetitive
and rather boring at times.  The only fun part of the game is to get record times
in the Training Mode or by trying to collect all the crowns (which isn't easy).
The one-player mode is pretty much, eat enemies, spit enemies, repeat, collect crown.
A pretty boring one-player mode with only a couple fun parts(like playing pool).

This game's multiplayer really does have some potential.  It's fast paced and easy
for all players.  You pretty much just eat up bad guys and spit them out at your
enemies trying to knock them off of the platform.  It can be a lot of fun when you
have 4 players.  The games go REAL quick which is probably the only downside.

Training Mode-
I don't know about you, but I really enjoyed going for records in the training mode.
The training mode consists of 5 rooms-
     - Machine Gun Attack
     - Target Practice
     - Tongue High Jump
     - Quick Movement
     - Quick Rotation
Though you dont get anything for beating the rooms, getting your own fast time can be
difficult because the default times can be very quick and tough to beat.


Stage 1: Jungle Land
Amount of Crowns: 25
Stage Difficulty: 1/5
Crown Difficulty: 1/5

Crowns 1 and 2:   At the beginning of the level, look to the left for the
                  first two crowns.
Crown 3:          When you get to the large group of porcupines, look to the
                  left on a shrub.
Crown 4:          When you get to the lilypads, look on the 3rd pad to the
Crown 5:          Take the little side path that goes up.  Walk on top of the
                  log carefully to get this crown.
Crown 6:          Walk through the log across the gap.
Crown 7:          A little while after the log, you will see the crown under a
                  wooden board (or bridge).
Crowns 8 and 9:   When you get to the waterfall, there are 2 crowns inside the
                  actual waterfall.
Crown 10:         Take the top path when you get to the divided path.  When
                  see a shadow, do a pole vault to reach the crown in the air.
Crown 11:         Take the top path again, and the crown will be right on the
Crown 12:         Take the bottom path this time and the crown is once again
                  right on the path.
Crown 13:         Look over the ledge on the left side after entering the
                  cave (mine shaft).
Crown 14:         In the next room, you will see a pole.  Do a Tongue
                  Twister and collect the crown.
Crowns 15 to 18:  After leaving the room with the last crown, eat a spider and
                  Machine Gun Attack it out at the eggs.
Crown 19:         After leaving the room with the eggs, make it to the exit of
                  the room, then pull yourself to the island and grab the  
Crown 20 and 21:  They are in plain site in the room after crown 19.
Crown 22:         Either use the pole vault or the Tongue Twister to get on
                  the box in the next room.
Crown 23:         Follow the path for this one in plain site.
Crown 24:         At the end of the room with crown 23, take the wooden side
                  path for the crown.
Crown 25:         This crown is in the final room before the boss (the room
                  with the spinning walls) right before the exit.  

Stage 2: Ant Land
Amount of Crowns: 25
Stage Difficulty: 2/5
Crown Difficulty: 2/5

Crown 1:          At the beginning of the level, turn around and you will see the
                  crown located near the white rabbit.
Crown 2:          This crown is right on the path in the next room between two ant
Crowns 3 to 10:   When you get to the giant army ants, take the open door straight
                  ahead from the entrance which is kind of like a crown vault.
Crowns 11 and 12: In the room after the one where you trip the Marble Kid enemy,
                  there are 2 crowns located right on the path.
Crowns 13 and 14: Use the Tongue Twister to get to the two islands in the far
                  corner in the room with the ant lines.
Crown 15:         In the room after crowns 13 and 14, use the Tongue Twister to get
                  to the island.
Crown 16:         In the next room, continue to walk down the line of ants to the
Crown 17 to 19:   When you get to the next army ant room, go through the door
                  straight ahead.  You will see the crowns on a high island.  Do
                  a Pole Vault and then immediately do a Tongue Lash to grab the
                  pole.  Spin around with a Tongue Twister to get on the island and
                  recieve these difficult crowns.
Crowns 20 and 21: Both of these crowns are on the next ant paths in the game.  They
                  are both located in the same room.
Crowns 22 and 23: These crowns are located on the path in the room after crowns 20
                  and 21.
Crown 24:         Jump to the island in the corner in the room with crowns 22 and
Crown 25:         The final crown is located on the path and is visible.  Simply do
                  a Tongue Stand to get it.

Stage 3: Bomb Land
Amount of Crowns: 21
Stage Difficulty: 3/5
Crown Difficulty: 3/5

Crown 1:          The first crown is located right at the beginning of the level.
                  Simply pole vault over the pole hanging from the ceiling.
Crowns 2 and 3:   In the next room, turn to the left (towards the camera) to see
                  these crowns on the path.
Crown 4:          This crown is right on the path in the same room as 2 and 3.
Crown 5:          Simply eat the bombs and use them to kill the other enemies and
                  this crown will appear in the middle of the room. (This is in 
                  the same room as crowns 2-4)
Crown 6:          In the next room, use the bombs to blow up the block which has
                  the crown and exit in it.
Crown 7:          In the next room, this crown is on an island to the left of the
Crown 8:          This crown is difficult to get.  In the room with crown 7, you
                  will see four "pillar" things.  The crown is located on the 
                  bottom of the 4th "pillar".
Crown 9:          Kill all the enemies in the next room.
Crowns 10 and 11: These crowns are located above the pole hanging from the ceiling.
                  Get them the same way you got crown 1.
Crowns 12 and 13: After the tic-tac-toe type game, you will come to a room with a
                  falling bridge path.  These crowns are on the path,
Crowns 14 and 15: These crowns are identical to get as 7 and 8.  The room is the
                  same in everyway, except the pillars are higher and the room is
Crown 16:         This crown is located in the room after crowns 14 and 15.  You
                  get it the same way as 9.
Crown 17:         Destroy the enemies that spell out "BOM" on the wall.
Crowns 18 and 19: These are on another collapsing bridge type run.
Crown 20:         While crossing the collapsing bridge, jump off onto the island
                  for another crown.
Crown 21:         This crown is in the final room in plain site on the path.

Stage 4: Desert Castle
Amount of Crowns: 24
Stage Difficulty: 4/5
Crown Difficulty: 4/5

Crowns 1 and 2:    After jumping the tall wall, these 2 crowns are right on the
Crown 3:           After a while, you will come to a platform "maze".  Jump on
                   the platform moving up to get to the crown.
Crown 4:           On the island you found the 3rd crown, you will see another
                   platform moving up that leads to the crown.
Crown 5:           After a while, you'll see a platform moving down, which leads
                   to another crown
Crown 6:           Go on the same platform as in Crown #5, but this time take it
                   up.  Do a tongue stand and jump on the platform.
Crown 7:           This crown is directly above Crown #6, simply do a tongue stand
                   and jump to get this one.
Crowns 8 and 9:    When you get to the quicksand hill path, the crowns are on the
                   path.  These are difficult to get because of the quicksand.
Crown 10:          When you get to the next platform "maze", do a Tongue Vault on
                   the first wooden pole, then make your way across the platforms.
Crown 11:          This crown is right on the path near the platforms.
Crown 12:          After the spike path, pole vault yourself up the platforms.
Crowns 13 and 14:  Use the poles on the next quicksand hill to get these crowns.
Crowns 15 and 16:  These are located on the next quicksand hill.
Crowns 17 and 18:  These are on the side of the spikes.  One on the right, the other
                   on the left.
Crown 19:          This one is on the path after the spikes and Crowns 17 and 18.
Crown 20:          This one is on a timed carpet in the Magic Carpet part of the
Crowns 21 to 23:   These are all near the sand traps in the final quicksand path
                   of the stage.
Crown 24:          When you see 2 hearts on top of each other, do a tongue stand.
                   The Crown is directly above them.

Stage 5: Kids Land
Amount of Crowns: 23
Stage Difficulty: 4/5
Crown Difficulty: 5/5

Crown 1:           This crown is in the first room on the staircase near the far
                   wall of the room.
Crowns 2 to 4:     These are all located behind the wafers with the targets on them.
                   Eat the Choco Kids and Machine Gun Attack the targets to get the
Crown 5:           This is in the room with the two openings. (A couple rooms after
                   the wafers with the targets.) Look up and use the poles to get up 
                   to the crown.
Crown 6:           The crown is in the room after Crown 5.  It is located in the
                   bottom of the pit. 
Crown 7:           This crown is near Crown 6 next to the Choco Kid pit.
Crown 8:           Kill ALL enemies in the room after Crowns 6 and 7.  The enemies
                   appear by swinging over the gap in different places.
Crown 9:           This crown is floating in the room after Crown 8.  To get to it,
                   take the right platform right before the exit.
Crown 10:          This one is directly in front of the exit in the room with Crown
Crowns 11 and 12:  These crowns are in the room after Crowns 9 and 10.  Look at the
                   moving platforms around the ceiling to get the two crowns.
Crown 13:          This crown is in the room with the moving poles and platforms, its
                   located in the far corner.
Crown 14:          This crown is on the top of the graham cracker pile in the room
                   after 13.
Crown 15:          This crown is in the room after Crown 14.  It's once again hidden
                   in the corner.
Crown 16:          Get this one the same way you got Crowns 11 and 12.
Crown 17:          This crown is in a room like Crown 13.  Once again, its in the
                   corner.  This time, there is no pole to pull yourself to it.
                   You've got to jump.
Crowns 18 to 20:   All these crowns are floating mid-air like Crown 9.
Crowns 21 to 23:   All of these crowns are on platforms near each other in the final

Stage 6: Ghost Castle
Amount of Crowns: 23
Stage Difficulty: 5/5
Crown Difficulty: 4/5

Crowns 1 and 2:    These are found in the corners of the first room.
Crown 3:           Play the Ghoul Pool game (see SECRETS section of this FAQ) and win.
Crown 4:           To get this crown, take the path to the left at the beginning of
                   the level.  In the first room, it's located behind the fire in the
Crown 5:           This one is in the second room of the left path on top of a rolling
Crown 6:           This one is found on the right path at the beginning of the level.
                   It's in the corner of the first room.
Crown 7:           Also found in the first room, this crown is located on the edge of
                   the floor.
Crowns 8 and 9:    Get to the top of the tilted room where these crowns are located.
Crowns 10 and 11:  These crowns are on the staircase where the paths come back together.
Crown 12:          Use the flames to destroy the candles in the firse room after the
Crown 13:          This one is right middle of the room with the spinning China and
Crown 14:          This one is at the end of the room with candles after the room with
                   Crown 13.
Crown 15:          This one is in the rotating circle room.
Crown 16:          Get this one the exact same way as Crown 14 in the room after the
                   spinning circle room.
Crown 17:          This one is in the middle of the room with the mirrors after the 
                   room with Crown 16.
Crown 18:          Also in the room with the mirrors after Crown 16, this one is
                   located on the windowsill.
Crown 19:          Destroy all the enemies in the room after Crowns 17 and 18.
Crowns 20 and 21:  This one is at the end of the room with Crown 19.
Crown 22:          This one is in the final room.  Use the pole to get to the island
                   with the crown.
Crown 23:          This one is also in the final room.  Inch your way over the boards
                   on the ceiling to get the final crown.

This is a section with the secrets in the game.  If you have more, 
please send them to .  THANKS!

Secret 7th Stage (Boss Mode)-
To fight all the bosses whenever you want, get at least 20 crowns on each level
to earn this stage.

Secret Pool Stage -
NOTE - you need 50 crowns to do this
At the beginning of the Ghost Castle stage, turn to your right and go in the door
next to the white rabbit.  This will lead to a game of pool were you use your
tongue instead of a pool cue.  If you win, you get a crown.

this mini-section is for everyone who likes to cheat!

Access All Levels:         8020850e 00ff
                           80208510 00ff
Extra Crowns:              80251767 0015
Infinite Health:           80174CF3 000A

14. FAQ
Q: How long will it take to beat Chameleon Twist?
A: The game by itself is easy for an intermediate player. But if your a novice
   than you might take a little longer on some of the difficult parts.  I would
   say it would take WITHOUT collecting the crowns 4 hours for a good player and
   maybe 8 hours for novices.

Q: How many crowns are there in the game?
A: If my count is correct, 141 crowns are in the game.

Q: Is this game worth buying?
A: I would have to say NO to this question.  You may like a different style of
   games then me, so I would say to rent it first.  ALWAYS play before you pay
   unless the game is an instant classic.

Q: Is Chameleon Twist the best multiplayer ever?
A: NO!

Q: Are there any secret characters?
A: None have been found for the 3 years this game has been out, so probably not.

Q: Any secret stages?
A: Yes.  Stage 7, which is a boss mode, can be unlocked after collecting 20 crowns
   in each level.  Also, the pool game can be considered a secret level.  You need
   50 crowns and the entrance is located in the Ghost Castle (see secrets section)

Q: Is there anything good about the game?
A: Yes.  There is a lot of fun stuff about the game.  I thought the concept was
   good, but the gameplay wasn't.  It's worth a rental.

Have any other questions?
Send in your questions to 

---------------------- - thanks for putting this up!

Chameleon Twist Instruction Book - for the story and stuff like that

Nintendo Power - for some of the crown locations that I couldn't find

EVERY ELSE! - without readers, there would be no FAQ!


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