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   =_=C h a n g e s  F A Q=_=

File Name - Changes FAQ - In-Depth FAQ
Game Name - Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red Versions
User Name - XDGamer (Uman Shahzad)
Version - 0.3
FAQ Started - Febuary - 19 - 2006
E-mail - [email protected] (Only For Questions, Comments, or mistakes I made)
This File is Copy Right 2006 (c)Uman Shahzad
    Table of Contents
A.1 - Introduction 
B.1 - Version History
C.1 - Canges from Red/Blue Versions
D.1 - Changes from Ruby/Sapphire Versions
E.1 - The Difference between LeafGreen & FireRed
F.1 - FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 
G.1 - Legal Information - Disclaimer
H.1 - Permission For Your Site
I.1 -   Credits

A.1     Introduction

There are so many people that play Pokemon and keep asking you or other people
questions about what is the difference between this game or other Pokemon Games.
Aren't you tiered of that. Well why don't you just tell the annoying person that you
should go check XDGamers FAQ for full information on the differences from this game
and the other games. For now on that person that is always asking a question like this
or any person, they should just check the FAQs on this website. 

Some people ask a question like "What is this game a copy of?" This game is a remake of 
the very old Games, Pokemon Red, Green Versions. It is not a remake of Pokemon Blue
and Yellow Versions because these games are the remake of Pokemon Red, Green. So that
means Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red Versions are a remake of only Pokemon Blue and
the Yellow Versions. 
Now the reason why I am making this FAQ is because even I am annoyed of people keep
asking me stupid questions such as this question. Believe me, I am ****** tiered of this 
noobish question from other people that really are not good at the game. If this FAQ is 
not on this site or any other site then there might be a crowd of people asing this question.
Now sit back and relax while you read my FAQ and understand the Changes to from this
Game and the other Pokemon Games.                                                                               
B.1    Version History

Version 0.1 - Febuary 19, 2006
---> Finished Pokemon big Sign for Showing off.
---> Erased it because it messed up my FAQ and took to much space.
---> Finished the "Table of Contents" Section.
---> Finished the "Introduction" Section.
---> Submited it and promised to Updated it.

Version 0.2 - Febuary 20, 2006
---> Started the Version History List of what I was doing every day.
---> Finished the Long "Changes from Red/Blue Versions" Section.
---> Erased Pokemon Emearld from the Table of Contents because it is released after this Game.
---> Submitted it to get it updated.
---> Added a little sentence to the Introduction.

Version 0.3 - Febuary 21, 2006
---> Finished the Short "Changes from Ruby/Sapphire Versions".
---> Finished the Short "The Difference between LeafGreen & FireRed".
---> Finished the "FAQ" Section.
---> Finshed the "Legal Information - Disclaimer" Section.
---> Finshed the "Permission For Your Site" Section.
---> Finshed the "Credits" Section.
---> Did some Changes to the Version History to make it understandable.
---> Finished the Entire FAQ and submitted.
C.1  Changes from Red/Blue Versions

Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red Versions are not really different from other games. I mean come
on! The only thing you do in Every Pokemon Game is just Walk around beating bad guys, getting 
every Badge in the Game that is possible to get, Beating the Elite 4 over and over to show other
people that you are the Master in Pokemon Games, and just collect all the Pokemon that are 
possible to catch to finish your Pokedex which not much people like to do anymore because it is
way to hard to even try to make it to 200 Pokemon.

But the only thing that is reeeealy cool about Pokemon Games is that they always have some
different features in them that Pokemon Trainers could go up against. The different things 
bewteen this Game and the Red and Blue Versions is the In-Game Trades that you would have.
I don't mean trading with your Friend but what I really mean is that you trade with a guy inside
the Game. In the old Versions you were able to trade a Nidorina for a Lickitung right? Well, in this
Game, forget about even trying. But you are still able to trade your trusty Spearow with Farfetch'd

Some of the Pokemon Locations were also changed just to make the game a little harder for the Old
Game Players that Played Red and Blue. The only cool thing that they didn't Change is the Battle 
styles. What I mean is like a new Double - Battle. Why can't they make something like 3 vs 1 or 
6 vs 6. I think it is because they just can't have all 6 Pokemon or 3 up on the screen. Son't you 

The thing that I think that they have done a great Change with is the Bad Graphics from the Old 
Games. Do you remember how bad those Graphics used to be those days. But now you are able to
have the best made Graphics from Nintendo yet made! When you used to play those old Games,
something did not feel right when you playing the Games because of the Graphics. It was like you
were in the  times when TV was first made and people were dumb not to make color in the Movies
not like they do now.

In the Old Games I don't know if there were any shinies. If you want to know what a Shiney is then
please e-mail me asking that because I will not explain that in the FAQ. But there is a shiney in this
game. Now all of you remember to check the Hints and Tips for this or another Pokemon Game to see
what is the Percentage of getting a shiney in the Wild. I think it was 1/8???% of getting one. Yes, yes
I know it is a high Percentage Total but that is what the Percentage the Shiney getting found by you.
It is somewhere in the 8000s but I don't know the rest of the numbers. I remember a hint about a 
Yellow Pokemon in the Wild and I e-mailed the guy and told him that the Yellow Pokemon was a 
Shiney. Not much People know about a Shiney that is why I am telling you this Information.

Another Cool thing that they updated in the Games is those hard islands! You remember what I said
in one of my Paragraphs up there I said that they also changed the locations for some of the Pokemon 
in the Game. Well the New area where some of the Pokemon have gone to is Islands. That area has
the most upgrades to it from the whole game. You can get the Jhoto Region Pokemon over there!
There is no other Place to find the Pokemon that are Jhoto Region Pokemon anywhere else in the Game.
On the Islands there also new songs played during Game Play. The cool Mystery you will find here is 
one of the Elite 4 Members Lives here and that person is Lorelie and she needs some help in the Caves
that are at the Island she is at. There is not just 1 single Island but there are 9 islands put into the Game
that make it much more longer to play. The first Time you get to the Islands is when you beat Blain at
Cinnabar Island. You will find Bill outside waiting for a Boat and you will have to talk to him. Check the
rest of the Story from there in the Walkthroughs.

Moltres's Location has changed from Victory Road to the Islands. In the Islands the New Pokemon that
have been added there that I know is only Sneasel for now but I am have forgotten the rest of the Names
for the Pokemon.

The Game has gotten a little more harder than it was before. In the Elite 4 in the Old Games it took me only
one try to beat with and my Pokemon were at the Low LV 50s and I still beat Gary in one Complete try!
But now in this Game it took me atleast 6 or 7 tries to beat the Elite 4 because my Pokemon were at the 
Low LV 50s.

When you were turing on your Game Boy with the Old Games it had a very ugly Main Menu, but now there
is a Venasaur in the Beginning and a Charizard for the Pokemon Fire Red. Since Charizard is Fire Type Pokemon
then of course the back Ground of the Screen has to be the Color Red and same goes for Venasuar as for the color

They have also inserted a new kind of Mystery into the Game that not much people know of at all. It is 
called Mystery Gift! It allows you to  catch Lugia, Ho-Ho, and Deoxys. 

Well you know all the Information about the Changes from this Game to Red and Blue. Well now it is time you
learn the differences between this Game and the Ruby/Sapphire Games that have many changes.

D.1  Changes from Ruby/Sapphire                      

The Ruby and Sapphire Games for Pokemon were a great Game to the Fans of Pokemon those
days. Even now, people are buying these great games with almost the same kind of Graphics as
Pokemon Leaf Green and the Pokemon Fire Red Versions. But the truth is, there is a slight 
different between the graphics but I can't explain it to you, I could just show you. 

The cool thing between these Games is that in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Versions, you 
will have a adventure in the Hoenn Region. In the Pokemon Leaf Green and Fire Red Versions,
you have your adventure in the First region of all Pokemon History which is the Kanto region.

Every character in each games have been completely changed. Also in that Game you will not be 
able to battle the Elite 4 two times like you did in these new games. 

The Pokemon League is really easy in Ruby Sapphire because there is not much to do in the Game
but just to go through the Game regulary and the trainers in each area have very weak Pokemon
that can be easily beat, but it is nothing like the Pokemon Emerald or the Pokemon Leaf Green/Fire Red.

If you are hoping to get some of the Pokemon that were in Pokemon LG and/or FR then don't
count on it because it is impossible to do so except if you trade with the Games to get those Pokemon.

The TMs and HMs are completely the same as they were in each Game except in Pokemon R/S you will
get all 8 HMs but in Pokemon LG & FR you will only get up to 7 HMs. The TMs in each game are the 
same except of there descriptions in each Game.

When you use Hailn in Pokemon R/S you will see "stricken by hail", but in Pokemon LG/FR it will say
"pelted by hail". I have no idea why they changed that but I think it was just to show people that they
have many different ideas for making Changes in Games.

E.1 Difference between Pokemon LeafGreen & FireRed

There are just two Differences between thse two Games.

One of them is about the Main Menu where it shows Charizard on the Screen in Pokemon Firered 
and in Pokemon LeafGreen it shows a Venasuar in the Screen. These two Pokemon are both Starter 
Pokemon but are at there highest evolvation Level.

The 2nd Difference is the Pokemon that can be caught. Look at the List below:

0LeafGreen Pokemon   |FireRed Pokemon
0Sandsrew             Ekans                               
0Sandslash            Arbok                               
0Vulpix               Oddish                              
0Ninetales            Gloom                               
0Bellsprout           Vileplume                           
0Weepinbell           Psyduck                            
0Victreebell          Golduck                             
0Slowpoke             Growlithe                           
0Slowbro              Arcanine                            
0Staryu               Shellder                             
0Starmie              Cloyster                             
0Magmar               Electabuzz                           
0Pinsir               Scyther                             
0Marill               Wooper                             
0Azumarill            Quagsire                             
0Slowking             Bellosom                            
0Magby                Elekid                               
0Misdreavous          Scizor                               
0Sneasel              Murkrow                           
0Remoraid             Qwilfish                            
0Octillery            Delibird                            
0Mantine              Skarmory                          

F.1  FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)                                   

Q - What and Where are the Tickets?
A - I told you that I will not explain that because it is not what my FAQ is about.

Q - Is it possible to catch the Pokemon in FR if I have LG.
A - It is impossible. You could only get them if you trade.

Q - Is there a Day or Night in the Game?
A - No, but in Pokemon Ruby,Sapphire, and Emerald there is a Day and Night.

Q - I want to battle Online, how do I do it.
A - I am making a short FAQ about a Battling Online Network, it will explain it all.

Q - Can I trade with any other Version then just the Hoenn Regions?
A - Yes, the only one you could trade with is the oppisite Version of the Game you have for Pokemon 
LG or FR. The reason why you can't trade with any other Versions then these is because the other one
are for a different system and the Link will not work for other different Systems.

Q - Can I catch a Mew or Celebie in the Game.
A - No. But it is possible to catch Mew in Emerald but you need the Tickets.

Q - When was this game released?
A - September 9th, 2004.

Q - When you write in the FAQ, Q and A, what do they stand for.
A - Q stands for Question and A stands for Answer.

G.1  Legal Information - Disclaimer

If this FAQ is found anywhere else except for , then it should be erased completely 
from that website if the Person who submitted it there. then I will inform the WebMaster to erase that
FAQ because it is mine and then I will ask him to not let the Person ever submit a FAQ in that site
ever again. 

Please do not copy this FAQ, all you have to do is just ask me. Please, everyone who is reading this, please
inform me if you have found this FAQ any where except for this site or for the sites that I will list that
can host this FAQ at there site.

Thank You! The List of websites that may have this FAQ on there Sites are listed below in the next

H.1    Permission For Your Site

The only sites that can Host this FAQ on there sites are:

-----> (This is the First site I posted this FAQ on)

Those are the only Sites that are allowed to have my FAQ on there Site.

I.1               Credits

I want to thank these people for helping me making this FAQ and giving me some information on the Changes:

Strawhat for having his FAQ on gamefaqs and havong his FAQ giving me some information.

Steven and the rest of the Staff at cheatcodes because they are the ones that let me submit this FAQ on there
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