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               Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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   |         |  hao       Guide
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Table of Contents:


 2:All About Chao

 3:The Gardens

 4:Your Chao

 5:Custom Chao

 6:More Chao




       Hello and welcome to my THIRD faq. It seems I'm an FAQ writer now. It takes 
lots of work. I bet I'll be up till midnight working on this faq. Well, this is 
about Chao. Do you know what they are? No, I'm not gonna tell you until the second 
part of this. Note the C in Chao in the begining. Pretty neat, huh? This pays off, 
y'know. How? People e-mailing me saying they love my faqs! It makes me feel good! 
This faq has been put in a lot of work! Try it if you think it's easy. 

                             All About Chao

      What is Chao? Chao are A-life that act a lot like humans. They have their own 
personallitys, like, no LOVE to play, and can be great friends. In this faq i'll 
teach you all about them. More than that Prof. Chao can. He's limited.


                            The Gardens

             There are 3 Chao gardens. But only one is avalible to you at first. 

       Hehe, sorry, but i got to quit now. I'll update this soon!

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