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   *~adventure 2 battle~*
hay im back and ive been gone for about 4 months ya know from emerald the guy 
with the bad faqs but im back and better than ever ok this is for all u chao 
lovers first here is the table of contents============ 
You and your Chao. (A)~beginner
Chaos chao. (B)~very advanced
Breeding basics. (C)~beginner
Chao drives/animals. (D)~first timers
Chao gardens. (E)~first timers
Dark and angel.(F)~EVERYBODY
Question and answer.(G)~does it matter....
chaos personality.(O)intermediate 
The ending stuff
(A)~You and your Chao.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Now these cute litte things are called chao. u can choose to take care of them 
and feed, rock, and pet these chao here are some beginning tips on chao~~~~~~~~
to hatch an egg quick go to it and pick it up but instead of just picking it up 
you press and hold (B) while you pick it need more emblems to get 
rare item at the black market.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
chaos chao. (B)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
give it all 21 animals ive 
heard these are the correct orders here they are~WAIT read below the animals.
1. Boar
2. Cheetah
3. Bunny
4. Otter
5. Seal
6. Penguin
7. Gorilla
8. Tiger
9. Bear
10. Condor
11. Parrot
12. Peacock
13. Sheep
14. Racoon
15. Skunk
16. Half Fish/Half mutated monster lizard
17. Skeleton dog
18. Bat
19. Unicorn
20. Dragon
21. Phoenix


 boar - radical highway(shadow)

 cheetah - wild Canyon(knuckles)

 bunny - city Escape(sonic)

 otter - dry Lagoon(rouge)

 seal - metal Harbor(sonic)

 penguin - metal Harbor(sonic)

 gorilla - egg quarters(rouge)

 tiger - Security Hall(rouge)

 bear - egg quarters(rouge)

 condor - wild Canyon(knuckles)

 parrot - egg quarters(rouge)

 peacock - metal Harbor(sonic)

 sheep - city Escape(sonic)

 racoon - city Escape(sonic)

 skunk - city Escape(sonic)

 half Fish - egg quarters(rouge)

 skeleton dog - Pumkin Hill(knuckles)

 bat - Pumpkin hill(knuckles)

 unicorn - City Escape(sonic)

 dragon - Wild Canyon(knuckles)

 phoenix - Metal harbor(sonic)
there ya have it but theres one more catch it has to transform 2 times and it 
can not have had any chao drives or other animals besides this ! and while its 
a baby when it becomes a adult u have yourself a chaos chao!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Breeding. (C)~beginner~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
heres the basics well say if one chao has a evil smile and the other one has a 
sad smile thin it will be the same as the evil smile but a frowny evil smile, 
to complicated? well to bad deal with it and heres HOW to breed---
first in breeding season(rarly comes) so instead of that just buy a heart fruit 
feed it to your chao and there will be flowers around it and then you bring a 
nother chao close to it put it down and if the L... well, like each other they 
will fake kiss and an egg will appear and to hatch it read in the (you and your 
Chao drives/animals. (D)~this may take awhile..~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
you find them in level and they power up your chao if you give them to your chao
HAHA GOTCHA!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chao gardens. (E)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
welp simple ill keep it sweet and short...DARK GARDEN YA GET WHEN YA GET A DARK
CHAO AND THE SAME FOR THE ANGEL CHAO!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Dark and angel.(F)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
NO YOU DO NOT FEED IT THATS TO SLOW you just pet it with a hero or dark 
Question and answer.(G)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Q why will my chao not turn into a angel or dark chao?
A u have to pet it with a dark person for it to be a dark chao same with angel

Q my chao will not eat anything why?
A hes full give him some time he'll come through.

Q why will my chao not win at karate or racing?
A give it animals or chao drives

Q why does my chao cry alot? 
A ether it does not like u because you hit, hurt, or abused it or it 
personality see in(personality)in the table of contents or just hungry(like i am

Q can chao die?
A yes but if it likes you it will reincarnate but if it hates u       X 
~that enough of that!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If say you give a chao enough animals or chao drives when it is 0 years old of 
a certain type kinda like running or fly or anything you need to get it to 
around 200-250 points.

chaos personality.(Z)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
go to the doctor and it will tell you your chao personality it can change from 
bad to good it you make it love you. also naive or crybaby is the bad ones and 
you want something like brave or stuff like that well thats about it!~~~~~~~~~~ 
THE END....copyright 2007 you may NOT use this on any other site you may not 
take credit for this, this is MY FAQ writtin by ME and if you DO copy it your 
head will be over my fireplace:)
oh and thanks to all who made the game and helped make the game thanks to sega, 
nintendo, and all of those who helped make it!
 you can contact me a    [email protected] if you have questions coments 
disliking or anything!          10 24 2:) i will also update this sometime!

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