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             C               H       H   A        A   O       O
             C               HHHHHHHHH   AAAAAAAAAA   O       O
             C               H       H   A        A   O       O
             C               H       H   A        A   O       O
             CCCCCCCCCCC     H       H   A        A   OOOOOOOOO

                           By: Phillip Norman and Mitchell Williams

    Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Colors of Chao
3. Training and Raising Chao
4. Hero, Neutral and Dark Chao
5. The Black Market
6. Chao Races
7. Getting Shadow(from Sonic Adventure 2) and Sonic Chao
8. Changes in Chao

     Chapter 1: Introduction

            My name is Phillip Norman. I love Chao. What are Chao, you might ask? 
Chao are tiny creatures that live in Chao Gardens and love to be cared for. 
In Sonic Adventure Dx or Sonic Adventure 2:Battle for GCN, you can get animals to 
train them(read chapter 3 for more info.) Also, in Sonic Adventure 2:Battle only, 
you can get drives to train them also. Yellow drives raise swim, purple drives raise 
fly, green drives raise run, and red drives raise power. Animals also raise 
different stuff to, but some animals reduce points, but Chao's levels can not be 
reduced, only their points. 
             In Sonic Adventure DX, you can find the Chao Garden after you beat 
stage one Emerald Coast. After you rescue Tails, go through the slide doors. You 
should see two elevators to your left. Go through the first elevator to get to Chao 
             In Sonic Adventure 2, its a little different. Go through the first 
level, City Escape and find a blue box. Break the box using B and then grab the key 
inside. At the end of the level, you will be transported to the Chao Lobby, were you 
can access the Chao Kindergarten or the Normal Chao Garden. In the normal Chao 
Garden, you will find two Eggs. Walk around with them and wait(to get a happy Chao) 
or throw them to get a sad chao. 

             In Sonic Adventure DX you can find two other gardens, there are three 
representing each Adventure Field(Station Square, Mystic Ruins, and Egg Carrier.) 
The one in Station Square is easy but the others are a little harder. 
             After you beat stage One, go through the other slide doors out into the 
city. Go into the building were it says SS Train Station. Get in the train and ride 
it to the Mystic Ruins. Then, defeat Knuckles at the lake and defeat Eggman in the 
big arena if you want. Then, go down beside the mountain where Tail's lab is, and go 
into a small cave. Jump into the trolley cart and it will take you to the Mystic 
Ruins garden where you will find two eggs(you should in Station Square two."

           To get to the Egg Carrier garden, get to level five(Twinkle Park) with 
Sonic. Then you should unlock Amy. Beat Amy's first level, Twinkle Park, then get to 
the Egg Carrier Adventure field. Go into the ship where the yellow buttons are at. 
The letters E-G-G-M-A-N should be scrambled up there. Type in Eggman in order then 
the door will open. Jump into the portal to get to the Egg Carrier garden. You can 
get there with any Character, but it is easiest to unlock it with Amy.

 Chapter 2: Colors of Chao

          You can get different Chao Colors in the game. Please note that in every 
adventure field you can find a rare egg. In Station Square, go into town past the 
train station into the other part of town. Search until you find a shop with a gold 
Egg in the glass. Go to the red building at the end of town and look for a vlack 
stone. It should be beside a tree. Pick up the black stone and go to the shop. Go in 
and put the stone down. Pick up the gold Egg and put it down. The gold Egg will make 
the door close. Put the black stone on the button and the door will open. Pick up 
the golden egg and take it to the Chao Garden.
           In Mystic Ruins, jump into the water fall and wait till the platform 
closes in on the right side. Push the platform and a silver Egg will fall out.
           In Egg Carrier, go into the room where E-102 frees Amy. Step on the 
switch in the cell beside Amy's and you'll get a black Egg.

             In the Black Market located in Station Square you can buy:

                   White Egg: 400 Rings
                   Red Egg: 500 Rings
                   Aqua Egg: 600 Rings
                   Brown Egg: 800 Rings
                   Gray Egg: 1000 Rings
                   Light Green Egg: 1500 Rings
                   Black Egg: 2000 Rings
                   Shiny White Egg: 4000 Rings
                   Shiny Red Egg: 5000 Rings 
                   Shiny Aqua Egg: 6000 Rings
                   Shiny Brown Egg: 8000 Rings
                   Shiny Gray Egg: 10000 Rings
                   Shiny Light Green Egg: 15000 Rings
                   Shiny Black Egg: 20000 Rings
       Note: The more Emblems you collect in the game, the more they get.
       Note: Shiny Chao will sparkle.

 When you start the game, the regular chao you get may occasionally change colors if 
you pet them a lot(Sonic Adventure 2: Battle only). 

          Chapter 3: Training and Raising Chao

       This is the most important Chapter. Pay attention. In each level in Sonic 
Adventure DX, you can find Animals by defeating enemies. Then when you go into a 
garden, the animals will be dumped out and you can give them to your Chao. The 
animals will raise their stats and give them a cool look. TOP SECRET: This is a 
cheat to give one animal to your chao infintite times. Wait till your chao is 
sitting down, then(don't give it to it) but stand a few inches away from it. Press B 
or X and the chao should take it and spin around. After it spins, pick up the animal 
and do it over and over. 
         Also if you shake trees and fruit fall you can feed your Chao. This will 
raise their Stamina.


       Rabbit: Raises Run. Decreases Fly.
       Green Kangaroo: Increases Run and Power. Decreases Fly.
       Lion: Increases Run, Swim, and Power. Decreases Fly.
       Gorilla: Increases Power. Decreases fly. Raises Run occasionally.
       Red-Faced Jay Bird: Increases Fly(a lot.), power and swim. Decreases Run.
       Sea Otter: Increases swim(quite a bit) and power. Decreases Fly.
       Seal: Increases swim(quite a bit), and run. Decreases power.
       Groundhog: Raises Everything(a little).
       Parakeet: Raises Fly and swim(occasionally). 
       Pink Elephant: Raises Power. Decreases Run and Swim.
       Penguin: Raises Swim and fly, and run(occasionally). Decreases Power.
       Koala Bear: Raises Everything.
       Skunk(maybe): Raises Everything.

          COOL TIP: If you put a lion on your Chao until it gets a Lion's Mane and 
then put a gorilla on them. It looks cool.

           Be nice to your Chao and give them their favorite fruits from the Black 
Market. Remember, Raising CHao is fun.

Chapter 4: Hero, Dark, and Neutral Chao

          If you give your Chao a lot of Hero fruits with any character(on Sonic 
Adventure DX only), it will evolve into a Hero Chao. It will also have a special 
ability after it evolves. Chao can be Hero-Swim, Hero-Fly, Hero-Run, Hero-Power, 
Hero-Normal(Stamina). Whatever you trained on your Chao last before it evolved is 
what it will be. When your Chao gets trained a lot, it will get into a blue bubble 
and it will disappear. In about 15 seconds, your Chao will reappear. If you gave it 
a bunch of Hero fruits, it havew a halo. Also, a special attribute that represents 
it's special ability.
        Swim: Large Spike(Neutral)Two spikes curving downward.(Hero) (Two spikes 
        vertical on head. Pale green body. 
        Fly: Two vertical spikes.(Dark)Pink. Two spikes.(Neutral)Two tiny feather
        -like spikes on head.(Hero)
        Run: Large Stick on head.(Hero) Spikes(Neutral or Dark)
        Power: Orange. Pink zigzags on limbs.(Neutral.) Limbs are red. Three Spikes 
on head.(Hero). Spike curls upward on head. Yellow Stripes.(Dark)

   If you give your Chao a lot of Dark fruits, it will evolve into a dark Chao. If 
you give your Chao neither Hero or Dark fruits and train it without feeding them to 
it, it will become a neutral.

       Chapter 5: The Black Market

          Here are the items you can find in the Black Market.

             Eggs are shown on Chapter 2. 

                     Round Fruit: 80 Rings
                     Cubicle Fruit: 80 Rings
                     Triangular Fruit: 80 Fruits
                     Hero Fruit: 120 Rings
                     Dark Fruit: 120 Rings
                     Heart Fruit: 300 Rings:Makes Chao have mating seasons.
                     Chao Fruit: 200 Rings
                        Head Items
                     Apple: 2000 Rings
                     Cardboard Box: 2000 Rings      
                     Empty Can: 4000 Can
                     Flower Pot: Not Sure
                     Watermelon: 6000 Rings
                     Wool Beanie(Red and Yellow): 8000
                     Wool Beanie(Blue and Light Blue): 10000
                     Wool Beanie(Black and Gray): 20000

           Chapter 6: Chao Races

            Chao can compete in Races. Go to Station Square garden and go into the 
Chao Stadium. At first you have Pearl Race, Amethyst Race, Ruby Race, and Sapphire 
Race. Beat Pearl Race but defeating the other Chao to push the ball to the end. 
            Beat Amethyst by having a good fly type. If it succeeds, beat Ruby by 
having a good swim chao. Then beat Sapphire by having a strong Chao than can swim 
well. Then, you will unlock Emerald Course. Beat Emerald course by having a strong 
chao all around. This will unlock Jewel Races. THe Jewel races are the same as 
beginner except harder and when you beat one race, you get an emblem. 
            Once you beat one course, you will unlock the silver Chao to race on 
that stage. If you beat the silver chao, you will unlock the gold chao on that 

        Chapter 7: Getting Shadow and Sonic Chao

         On Sonic Adventure 2: Battle ONLY: If you take a CHao and give it green 
drives with Sonic only, it will become a Sonic CHao. If you do this with Shadow, it 
will become a shadow Chao. 
       ON Sonic Adventure DX, it its harder. To get a Sonic chao, give it no dark 
fruits or no hero fruits, but let it become a neutral chao. (Make sure it is blue or 
a related color.) Then train it's run only. To get a Shadow Chao, do the same except 
on a black chao.

        Chapter 8: Changes in Chao

            After Chao evolve, they may experience changes when they are trained 
with certain stuff. They could possibly evolve again

      Until next time, I'm Phillip Norman, and I'm wearing a ballerina suit. Not! 


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