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Chao Hints And Tips

                  ________     __      __       ____          _____            
                 /        \   |  |    |  |     /    \        /  _  \            
                |   ___   |   |  |    |  |    /  /\  \      /  / \  \         
                |  |   |  |   |  |    |  |   /  /  \  \    /  /   \  \         
                |  |   |__|   |  |____|  |   |  |   |  |   |  |    |  |         
                |  |          |          |   |  |___|  |   |  |    |  |
                |  |    __    |   ____   |   |  |   |  |   |  |    |  |         
                |  |   |  |   |  |    |  |   |  |   |  |   |  |    |  |          
                |  |___|  |   |  |    |  |   |  |   |  |    \  \   /  /        
                |         |   |  |    |  |   |  |   |  |     \  \_/  /
                 \________/   |__|    |__|   |__|   |__|      \_____/          
                                    By BIBLE WHIZ
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

To quickly find an item, highlight the code and the brackets, press Ctrl+C, press 
Ctrl+F, press Ctrl+V, and finally click Find Next (you may need to click this 
button more than once).

    1. NEUTRAL CHAO [cgcywn]
    2. DARK CHAO [cgcywd]
    3. HERO CHAO [cgcywh]
    1. NEUTRAL [cctn]
       A. Swimming (yellow) [cctns]
       B. Flying (purple) [cctnf]
       C. Running (green) [cctnr]
       D. Power (red) [cctnp]
    2. DARK [cctd]
       A. Swimming (yellow) [cctds]
       B. Flying (purple) [cctdf]
       C. Running (green) [cctdr]
       D. Power (red) [cctdp]
    3. HERO [ccth]
       A. Swimming (yellow) [ccths]
       B. Flying (purple) [ccthf]
       C. Running (green) [ccthr]
       D. Power (red) [ccthp]
   1. GARDEN ITEMS [cfufgi]
   2. REUSABLE ITEMS [cfufri]
   3. ANIMALS VS. CHAOS DRIVES [cfufavcd]
   4. SKELETON DOG [cfufsd]
   5. PUMPKIN HILL CHAO BOXES [cfufphcb]
   6. PUMPKIN HILL DEATH? [cfufphd]
   7. AMAZON [cfufa]
   10. FEEDING WARNING [cfuffw]
   11. CHAO BAND [cfufcb]
   12. EASIER CHAO LEVEL-UPS [cfufeclu]
   13. GHOST SONIC (OR SHADOW) [cfufgsos]
   14. PET MULTIPLE CHAO [cfufpmc]
   15. KARATE MOVES [cfufkm]


   So...this is my guide.  Sometimes you will see a code in brackets.  These are 
just additional information links.  Use my instructions from above to use the 
codes.  In this guide, I have personally tried every hint.  By using this guide, 
you agree to my legal terms [clt].


   An easy way to hatch an egg is to first, when you pick it up, hold down the B 
button.  Next, move the joystick in any direction.  After about five or ten 
seconds, let go of B and set down your chao where you want it to hatch.  I could 
almost guarantee that it will hatch instantly.

   This is step-by-step process to getting a neutral, dark, or hero chao.

1. NEUTRAL CHAO [cgcywn]

   To get a neutral chao, pick two characters that can go into chao garden, one 
Hero and one Dark.  Hatch your egg with either one of these characters [che].  Give 
your chao one type of chaos drive with both of the characters (if you want it to be 
a certain type [cctn]).  Try to give your chao about the same amount from each 
character.  You can either keep giving the chao chaos drives or just leave the game 
on until it evolves.
   You know that you are getting a neutral chao if-
-In its early stage, it has a yellow ball over its head,
-It is not too dark and not too light,
-In its later stage, it is starting to look like the chao you want it to be [cctn].

2. DARK CHAO [cgcywd]

   To get a dark chao, choose one of the three dark characters that can go into the 
garden (Shadow, Eggman, or Rouge).  Hatch your egg with this character [che].  Give 
the chao one type of chaos drive (if you want it to be a specific type [cctd]).  
You can either keep giving your chao chaos drives or leave the game on until it 
   It is pretty easy to tell if your chao is turning dark or not.  If it are dark 
brown or have a dark ball on their head, it will become dark.  If it is not, pet 
the chao with your character.

3. HERO CHAO [cgcywh]

   To get a hero chao, choose Sonic, Knuckles, or Tails.  Hatch your egg with this 
character [che].  If you want your chao to turn into a specific type [ccth], choose 
one type of chaos drive to give it.  You can either leave the game on until it 
evolves or keep giving your chao chaos drives or leave the game on until it evolves.
   It is a little harder to tell if a chao will become hero compared to dark.  If 
it has a red or pink ball on its head or is light in color, it will become hero.  
If it is not, pet your chao with the character.


   This is what your chao will look like when it evolves (if you do not give it any 
animals).  The colors here are for normal chao (ones that came from normal eggs).  
I may be wrong on some of the Hero ones.

1. NEUTRAL [cctn]
   They have a ball over their heads.

A. Swimming (yellow) [cctny]-
   Its head looks like on oversized banana, with some of it green and some of it 
yellow.  It is green and yellow, mostly yellow.

B. Flying (purple) [cctnp]-
   This chao is cool!  It is purple all over and has huge wings.  It looks like a 
small dragon.

C. Running (green) [cctng]-
   This is my favorite neutral chao.  It is green all over, except its fingers and 
toes are yellow.  Its head resembles Sonic or Shadow, but the spikes are not as 

D. Power (red) [cctnr]-
   This chao has two big spikes shooting straight out the back of his head.  I do 
not know much more about this one.  I will find out more as soon as possible.

2. DARK [cctd]
   This is the cool family.  They have spiked balls over their heads and are mostly 

A. Swimming (yellow) [cctds]-
   This chao has a regular shaped head.  Its head is lack on top and green on the 
bottom.  It has a green stomach.  It has blue hands and feet.  Its wings are black 
and green.

B. Flying (purple) [cctdp]-
   This chao looks pretty awesome.  It is purple, darker on the top of its head.  
It has big black and blue wings.  It looks like it has two horns on its head.  It 
has pink hands and feet.

C. Running (green) [cctdg]-
   This, in my opinion, is the best looking chao there is.  It is pure black.  It 
has a big head, but it looks awesome.  Its head has neon green streaks through it.  
This chao is the best!

D. Power (red) [cctdr]-
   This chao has a normal sized head, but it has a big horn on the top.  It looks 
like it has rings, alternating between orange and black.  Its hands look like this 
too, and his feet are orange.

3. HERO [ccth]
   This is the cute family.  They have halos over their heads and are mostly white.
A. Swimming (yellow) [ccths]-
   Sorry, I do not know what this chao looks like yet.

B. Flying (purple) [ccthf]-
   This chao has big blue wings.  The bottom of its feet and its arms are blue.  It 
was what looks like two small blue bunny ears.

C. Running (green) [ccthr]-
   Sorry, I have not figured out what this chao looks like yet.

D. Power (red) [ccthp]-
   This chao has what looks like three pink or red ears (?).  It has a pink or red 
neck.  Its hands and feet are pink or red.


1. GARDEN ITEMS [cfufgi]
   You can use Knuckles or Rouge to dig for items in the gardens.  In Chao Garden 
and Hero Garden, you can find pumpkins, and in Dark Garden you can find skulls.

2. REUSABLE ITEMS [cfufri]
   You can reuse animals or chaos drives.  First, pet your chao to keep it from 
moving.  Next, pick up your chaos drive or animal.  Then, stand just a little ways 
away from it, far enough so it does not take it away from you.  After that, set 
down your item.  If you do it right, your chao will use it, but it can be used 

   It is easier to reuse animals than chaos drives, since chaos drives fly away 
from you after they are used.

4. SKELETON DOG [cfufsd]
   You can use a skeleton dog (or 20) to take away animal parts off of your chao.  
Skeleton dogs are found in Pumpkin Hill on the top of Church Mountain.  They are 
also in the second chao box (usually).

   To get the first chao box, start at the beginning.  Take the rocket to the 
right.  Then, when you get off the rocket, fly straight to the right. Do not go 
very far, though.  Go down and you should see the chao box.  The second one is on 
the back of one of the pumpkin mountains (the one that has balloons leading to 
it).  The third is halfway up Pumpkin Mountain.

6. PUMPKIN HILL DEATH? [cfufphd]
   In Pumpkin Hill, if you fall, you float back up.  It only does this once; the 
second time you die.

7. AMAZON [cfufa]
   In the third chao box in Pumpkin Hill, you receive what I call an “Amazon.”  It 
is some type of amphibian.  It raises swimming and when you give it to your chao, 
instead of a ball or halo on its head, there is a small blue fire.  The 
more “Amazons” you give your chao, the bigger the fire is.

   Neutral chao can enter both Hero and Dark races.

   If you put a chao against a wall, it is easier (for me anyway) to recycle 
items.  Also, enter Dark Garden, turn left and go to the second gravestone.  Put 
your chao on the left side (the side closest to the exit) of this stone.  Now it 
takes your chao a while to get away from it.  I think it is a lot easier to reuse 
animals or chaos drives when my chao is like this. 
10. FEEDING WARNING [cfuffw]
   If you feed your chao too much, he will get a stomach ache and start crying.

11. CHAO BAND [cfufcb]
   If one of your chao starts to sing, play an instrument, or dance, put your other 
chao next to it.  They will join your chao and make a band.  To teach your chao how 
to sing, play an instrument, or dance, put them in the Chao Kindergarten Classroom.

12. EASIER CHAO LEVEL-UPS [cfufeclu]
   Use the animal recycling method [cfufri] to keep giving your chao level-ups.  I 
made my chao a level 99 in everything (except stamina) in less than a week.  It 
probably would not be hard to do it in a day.  If you do not like to have animals 
on your chao, use skeleton dogs [cfufsd] to reverse the effect.

13. GHOST SONIC (OR SHADOW) [cfufgsos]
   Raise a neutral running chao [cgcywn] from a white or gray egg (your choice).  
You can buy these at the Black Market in Chao Kindergarten.  Give your chao a bat 
or two.  They are found in Pumpkin Hill in a cage halfway up Church Mountain, on 
Pumpkin Mountain (on the opposite side of the mountain of the third chao box), or 
in the second chao box [cfufphcb].
14. PET MULTIPLE CHAO [cfufpmc]
   Put some chao in a tight group.  If you pet one chao, more chao will be petted 
too.  Also if you hold down the B button, you will keep petting them.

15. KARATE MOVES [cfufkm]
   In Chao Karate, your chao can do two moves.  He can wind up a punch or do a spin 
kick.  The punch is more powerful but it is slower.  If you give your chao a bat, 
and it has no legs, your chao can only do the wind-up punch.

   I am not responsible for anything that you do on your game.  You may copy and 
paste this, but it is only for use on your computer as a reference.  Also, you 
cannot take any part of this guide and claim it as your own work.  You may not put 
any part of this guide onto the internet and claim it as your work.  Also, you may 
not give my email to any other websites.  You must confer with me first.  
Everything in this guide is subject to change.
   Please send me emails to help me improve my guide.  Your requests are greatly 
appreciated and I will try to reply.  My email is-

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