Chao Hints Guide #1 - Guide for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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Official Chao Guide # 1

1. Chao Information
A-Child to Adult
Part: A
Topic: Child to Adult
	Your chao will eventually grow to an adult. And they will die. But before 
then you can raise your chao to a healthy chao very easily. This is the life of a 
most likely healthy chao:                  
                                                    Cocoon- grey- DIES
EGG- Cocoon (blue) - Adult ------------------------------
                                              Cocoon- Pink- EGG
A badly treated chao will die permanently (will never come back) A healthy chao 
will come back in an egg most off my chao died in a gray cocoon but were treated 
like kings so don’t be surprised.
Part: B
Topic: Breeding
Breeding is a little difficult I have only done it once successfully first by a 
heart shaped fruit from kindergarten Black market and give it to your chao your 
chao will eat it and flowers will make a circle around it. But Both chao you want 
to  breed must be adults. So anyways set the chao you want to breed with next to it 
and you should get an egg but the chao in the egg could die when it is hatched!!!!

Part: C
Topic: Death
 	Yes sadly chao will die. Mine did and surley it will happen to yours. There 
in nothing to say about this topic. :(

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