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Welcome 2 my 3rd FAQ!
If you wanna know more email me at [email protected]

                             1. Eggs, faces & Races
                             2. Awesome chao looks
                             3. Weird crud (and possibly more)
                             4. Some of my chao


                           1. EGGS FACES & RACES

U probably know that chao come in the color there egg was.  And they always have a 
face there stuck with 4ever.  Is your chao's natural look just plain sucky? 
Don't worry!  I know how 2 make it your coolest chao.

1.  RACES.
    Got a race you can't pass?  Highlight it, look to the bottom of the screen and 
it will show u the "Key to winning".

    Take the "Key to winning" and give your chao chaos drives/animals that match it.


run:  green c.d.(chaos drive), cheetah or bunny a. (animal)
swim:  yellow c.d., seal or otter a.
fly:  purple c.d., peakock or condor a.
power:  red c.d., tiger or gorilla

3.  GO!!!
    Race that race!  Isn't your chao cool?


                            2. AWESOME CHAO LOOKS


1.  Yellow chao are cute with spiky heads.

2.  Pink chao are better off darkchao.

3.  Sometimes chao are cuter with just chaos drives.

4.  If your chao's too evil put a skull on its head.

5.  Pet it often to prevent crying.

6.  Purple chao are adorable heroes!

7.  Experiment w/ darkchao types.  You'll be happy you did!

8.  goldchao=sonic. silverchao=shadow.  Get the picture?

9.  Your chao must always be happy.  Pet it often and give it its favorite fruit.

10. Don't be afraid to test your ideas!


                             3. WEIRD CRUD (AND POSSIBLY MORE)

Garden tricks

- Throw a chao that can swim off the diving board in the Hero Garden.

- Put a skull in the cage in the Dark Garden.

- Be Sonic/Shadow and try to home-attack up the stone wall in the Chao Garden.

Funny Stuff

- If your chao has skunks it might fart.

- If your chao wins a toy it might play with it.

- If you win a ball (hero/dark race) throw it around and your chao might chase it.


- Dancing:
-shake dance
-step dance
-spin dance
-gogo dance


(I can't think of anything else)


                             4.SOME OF MY CHAO

I have 2 many, so I'll name some.

My best chao. Shadowchao.

Silver, legless darkchao.

Gold hero.

Spikehead yellow normal chao.

Normal swimchao. Real cute.

Dead ones (sniff)

White normal chao.

Normal chao. Always happy.

8.Chalulu (my sister's)
Beautiful hero.

9.Bubbles (my sister's)
Practically Dozeoff's twin.

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