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                    Chao Questions and Answers

	1. Introduction
              1.1 Author Info
              1.2 Guide Info
	2. Chao Q and A
              2.1 Q and A
            3. Legal Stuff
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Chapter 1   Introduction

1.1  Author Info

Hi it?s Mr.Mopsy answer questions this time. I will deliver Fresh Stumps 24 hours a day

1.2  Guide Info

Questions and Answers on List: 9

Last Updated: October 4, 2004

Copyright Mr. Mopsy 2004

Chapter 2   Questions and Answers

2.1  List of Questions and Answers

1.Q: What is Chao? 

1.A: Chao is a strange little living things which has a pudding-like body but it's
life force is very weak. Chao lives at the place called Chao Garden. You can bring up
your pretty Chaos at this Garden.

2.Q: What is Chao garden?

2.A: Chao Garden is a paradise for Chaos. There is a nice and clean pond so Chao
loves to stay here. But I have heard that Garden is not one kind. Try many things to
make your way to the other Garden.

3.Q: What's the best way to get along Chao? How do I get close to Chao?

3.A: You should give them their favorite food. Chaos are much like a human baby. So
if you pat or embrace them gently, they will be delighted.

4.Q: What's Chao kindergarten? How do I get there?

4.A: The Chao kindergarten is a very important place for raising your Chao. You can
name your Chao there and take them to the health center to get them checked out. Your
Chao can learn a variety of things from the lessons found there. You can also go
shopping! The Chao kindergarten is a very important place for raising your Chao. You
can name your Chao there and take them to the health center to get them checked out.
Your Chao can learn a variety of things from the lessons found there. You can also go
shopping! By the way You can get to the Chao kindergarten through the Chao lobby. The
entrance has a red roof. Just go through the entrance to get to the Chao
kindergarten. However, in the story mode, when you exit out of the Chao garden, the
story will begin. Once the story begins, you cannot take your Chao to the Chao
kindergarten. Please keep this in mind. If you want to go anywhere in the Chao world
without any restrictions, select the stage select screen to go to the Chao world.
This is useful. Don't forget!

5.Q: My Chao don't grow up even if I give them a lot of small animals, Chaos drives
and tree fruits. Their statistics went up, but why they don't grow up?  

5.A: Chao grow up depending on the length of time that you spend in the Chao garden.
You don't grow up right away even if you eat a lot, right? In order to raise your
Chao, you need to spend more time in the Chao garden with your Chao. Keep giving them
small animals and tree fruits and take good of them!

6.Q: Is it true that Chao become adults? 

6.A: Yes, that's true. Chao who were born from an egg will eventually become adults.
Their body size doesn't change much, though. Chao also have a life span and will die
when their time comes. Every creature dies eventually, and it's very sad to say
good-bye. If you become a very good friend of your Chao, Chao will remember you and
will be reborn from an egg after they die. This is called reincarnation. Chao is a
truly mysterious creature. You can see the chart of the Chao's life cycle below. This
may give you more information about a Chao's life when you raise them.

7.Q: What is the Tiny Chao garden? Can I go there without "Sonic Advance"?

7.A: The Tiny Chao garden refers to the little garden found in the Game Boy Advance.
In the Tiny Chao garden, there are 2 mini-games to earn rings and buy fruits to raise
your Chao. There are also special eggs that can only be bought in the Tiny Chao
garden something a Chao breeder would not want to miss!

8.Q: I only have 2 Chao in my garden, how do I get more?

8.A: When Chao grow up and are ready to mate a flower will bloom around them. Once
this Chao is ready, you must find another Chao ready to mate. They will perform a
short dance, after which an egg will be created. This is how Chao are born. In the
case you want to increase the chance of your Chao to mate, feed them "Heart" fruits.

9.Q: How do I plant the seeds? When I buy seeds for my Chao, he just throws them.

9.A: So you bought some seeds, huh?!
You need a special tool to plant the seeds. Well, it called a "Scoop." To get the
scoop, you have to win the third level of the Crab Pool in Beginner's Race of Chao Race.
Remember, if the Chao is still crawling and has the scoop, he will not be able to
plant the seed so be careful and raise him well!


Chapter 3   Legal Info

3.1  Credits	

I would like to thank:
-my family
-sonic team

3.2  E-mail Guidelines

Any questions E-mailed to me about Chao will be posted and answered on this guide.
Ask before copying this guide at all. Title the E-mail ChaoQA or I will delete it.
Don?t use inappropriate words. Comments are accepted.

My E-mail: [email protected]

3.3 My Legal Stuff

Ask before using this guide.

Copyright Mr.Mopsy 2004

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