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This is my second FAQ.  My first is 'The Ultimate Chaos Chao Guide'.  I reccomend you
look at that.  My e-mail is [email protected] and you can send me suggestions.

1. The Chao Races
2. The Prizes
3. Legal Mumbo Jumbo

1. The Chao Races are a fun and enjoyable thing for your Chao to do.  There are 5
different kinds of races and each race focuses on a certain attribute.  There are the
Beginner' Races which are (coincedentally) for Beginners.  Then there are the Hero
and Dark races, which can only be played by Chaos of that allegiance.  There are the
Jewel Races which are very long and hard.  The Challenge Races have you race against
different kinds of Chaos and small animals every time.  You even get to race against
Omochao!  The last kind of race is the Party Race which is the multiplayer version.

2. The Prizes for the Beginner's Races are as follows: 
Crab Pool-Small Red Shovel ~ 
Stump Valley-Watering Pot ~ 
Mushroom Forest-Rattle ~ 
Block Canyon-Red Toy Car.
The Prizes for the Hero and Dark Races are as follows: 
Hero Level 2-Beach Ball ~ 
Hero Level 4-Rocking Horse ~ 
Dark Level 2-Beach Ball ~ 
Dark Level 4-Stereo.  

The Prizes for the Jewel Races are as follows: 
Aquamarine Race-Plush Sonic Doll ~ 
Topaz Race-Broom ~ 
Peridot Race-Storybook ~ 
Garnet Race-Pogo Stick ~ 
Onyx Race-Coloring Book ~ 
Diamond Race-A Flashlight and a Bottle of Ink.  

The Prizes for the Challenge Races are as follows(once again):
Challenge Level 4-Another Beach Ball ~ 
Challenge Level 8-A Mystery Box ~ 
Challenge Level 12-A Miniature TV.  

3. Legal: You can use this if you may, but you have to state that Jag35 wrote it. 
                              ©2005 Propeties of Jag35 inc.

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