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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle 
This FAQ was authored by Buddhu23.  
It was last edited on 9/15/02
Version 1.3

Note:  I made the Table of Contents so you can CTRL + C any title you want (however 
far I am), and it’ll take you right to the section.  I think that it saves a lot of 
trouble of scrolling for a long time.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Version History
III.Chao Kindergarten
    1. Black Market
    2. Classroom
       - Lessons
    3. Principals’ Office
    4. Doctors’ Office
       - Chao Medical Chart
    5. Fortune-Telling House
IV. Chao Races
    1. Beginner Races
       a. Crab Pool + requirements
           1.  Level one, two, and three         
           2.  Prize
       b. Stump Valley + requirements
           1.  Level one, two, and three         
           2.  Prize
       c. Mushroom Forest + requirements
           1.  Level one, two, and three         
           2.  Prize
       d. Block Canyon +requirements
           1.  Level one, two, and three         
           2.  Prize
    2. Jewel Races
       a. Aquamarine  + requirements
           1.  Level one, two, three, four and five         
           2.  Prize
       b. Topaz + requirements
           1.  Level one, two, three, four and five         
           2.  Prize
       c. Peridot + requirements
           1.  Level one, two, three, four and five         
           2.  Prize
       d. Garnet + requirements
           1.  Level one, two, three, four and five         
           2.  Prize
       e. Onyx + requirements
           1.  How to unlock it
           2.  Level one, two, three, four and five         
           3.  Prize
       f. Diamond + requirements
           1.  How to unlock it
           2.  Level one, two, three, four and five         
           3.  Prize
    3. Challenge Races
       a. First Row Challenge Races
          1.  Challenge!  The Strong Gold and Silver Rivals!
          2.  He Returns
          3.  I’m Trying!  (Omochao)
          4.  Small Animal Challenge
          5.  Prize for the first row
       b. Second Row Challenge Races
          1.  Horrible!  Cockroach Chao Group.  (Onyx Chao)
          2.  Oh, my Egg!  (chao in eggshells)
          3.  Be Afraid!  Skeleton Group.
          4.  Be Afraid!  Pumpkin Group.
          5.  Prize for the second row
       c. Third Row Challenge Races
          1.  Be Afraid!  Ghost Group.
          2.  He Strikes Back.
          3.  Kid Troops Chao Ranger.
       d. Light Chaos Chao
          1.  Tips for the Light Chaos Chao  
          2.  Prize for the third row
    4. Hero Races
        a. Baby Devil
        b. Child Devil
        c. Death Troops
        d. Devil Chaos Chao
    5. Dark Races
        a. Baby Angel
        b. Child Angel
        c. Flying Angel
       d. Angel Chaos Chao
V. Copyright Info.
VI. FAQ/Thanks
VII. Karate Mini-Section


I. Introduction

   Chao are creatures that live in the chao gardens.  Chao do everything that people 
do. They eat, sleep, and play. And like people, they enjoy competition. Chao love to 
race. Also, just like people, chao go to school. If chao don’t go to school, then 
they won’t do well in the races, so before you send your chao to race, send your 
chao to school. But chao just can’t race as soon as they come out of their egg, you 
need to raise your chao before they will be fit to race.  Chao racing isn’t hard as 
long as you have a good chao that is raised equally in each of the stats, or pretty 
II.  Version History

      Version 1.0- 7/27/02- 
      Created everything up to Fortune-Tellers’ House. 
      Plan to add some Black Market items next update.
      Version 1.1- 8/07/02-
      Added some Black Market Items. 
      Finished Kindergarten part of guide.

      Version 1.2- 8/26/02-
      Finished Black Market Items.
      Revised Table of Contents.
      Started Racing Portion of Guide.

      Version 1.3- 9/15/02-
      Revised Table of Contents again.
      I am going to make the TOC more detailed, including 
      every single jewel race. Just need to find out all 
      the names. I changed how the titles look, they're pretty.      
     Version 1.4-2/5/03-
     Woah, I haven’t updated for a LONG time.  Oh well, 
     I finally finished the table of contents, I hope.  I haven’t 
     gotten much time to update, so there’s not much more. 
     Although, I finally finished Crab Pool.  Geez, if it takes me
     this long to do one race, then...think of the rest...oh no! 

III. Chao Kindergarten

   The Chao Kindergarten is the place you take your chao to learn, or name your chao,
you can also get some tips on raising your chao, check your chaos’ grades and stats, 
or buy things for your chao.  You can go to the Black Market, Classroom, Principals’
Office, Doctors’ Office, or the Fortune-Tellers’ House.


1.  Black Market

   The Black Market is the place where you go to buy things for your chao, or buy 
chao eggs. You can purchase a various number of items here. Here are the items that 
I know:

These are the eggs:
White Egg: 400 Rings                  
Yellow Egg: 500 Rings
Blue Egg: 500 Rings
Red Egg: 500 Rings
Orange Egg: 600 Rings
Sky Blue Egg: 600 Rings
Pink Egg: 600 Rings
Purple Egg: 600 Rings
Green Egg: 800 Rings
Brown Egg: 800 Rings
Gray Egg: 1000 Rings
Lime Green Egg: 1500 Rings
Black Egg: 2000 Rings
Shiny White Egg: 4000 Rings
Shiny Yellow Egg: 5000 Rings
Shiny Blue Egg: 5000 Rings
Shiny Red Egg: 5000 Rings
Shiny Orange Egg: 6000 Rings
Shiny Sky Blue Egg: 6000 Rings
Shiny Pink Egg: 6000 Rings
Shiny Purple Egg: 6000 Rings
Shiny Green Egg: 8000 Rings
Shiny Brown Egg: 8000 Rings
Shiny Gray Egg: 10000 Rings
Shiny Lime Green Egg: 15000 Rings
Shiny Black Egg: 20000 Rings

Here’s the food:
Round Fruit: 80 Rings           
Square Fruit: 80 Rings          
Triangle Fruit: 80 Rings           
Hero Fruit: 120 Rings      
Dark Fruit: 120 Rings
Chao Fruit: 200 Rings
Mushroom: 300 Rings
Heart Fruit: 300 Rings

These are the seeds:
Tasty Seed: 200 Rings    
Square Seed: 300 Rings   
Round Seed: 300 Rings    
Triangle Seed: 300 Rings 
Hero Seed: 400 Rings     
Dark Seed: 400 Rings     
Strong Seed: 500 Rings   

These are all hats your chao can wear on his/her head.  To get rid of the hats, 
simply jump on your chao. To get your chao to wear a hat, feed it a skeleton dog.
Huge Apple: 2000 Rings
Worn-Out Pan: 2000 Rings
Cardboard Box: 2000 Rings
Paper Bag: 4000 Rings
Empty Fruit Can: 4000 Rings
Tree Stump: 4000 Rings 
Worn-Out Bucket: 6000 Rings
Flower Pot: 6000 Rings
Watermelon: 6000 Rings
Red Wool Hat: 8000 Rings
Blue Wool Hat: 10000 Rings
Black Wool Hat: 20000 Rings

Finally, the different Menu themes:
Omochaos' Theme: 10000 Rings
Amys' Theme: 20000 Rings
I’ve also heard of Maria’s Theme, but I haven’t found out if it exists yet.  If it 
does, I’ll post it as soon as I can.


2.  Classroom

   The Classroom is where you teach your chao lessons, so it can become smart. In 
order to win some chao races, you need to have a smart chao. Drop your chao off here 
to learn some lessons, and get smart. 

1. Shake Dance
2. Spin Dance
3. Step Dance
4. Go go Dance
5. Exercise
6. Flute
7. Tambourine
8. Drum
9. Cymbals
10. Bell 
11. Trumpet
12. Maracas
13. Song 
14. Drawing
If I missed any lessons, please tell me.


3.  Principals’ Office
   Go to the Principal if you have any questions. If you’re new to the game,  this 
is a good place to get some advice.  The principal will tell you about some things, 
but won’t tell you a lot of things, or will say, “ That’s a secret.”, but, you can 
still get some good advice on how to raise your chao. 


4. Doctors’ Office
   The Chao doctor won’t give you tips on how to keep your chao healthy, but you can 
take your chao for a checkup, and if ill, the doctor will give the chao medicine.  A 
way to tell if your chao is sick is to look at it, and if it is crying for no 
reason, than it might be sick. If it is making a strange noise, it might be sick. If 
it looks like it is hiccuping, than it might be sick. These are all the symptoms 
that I know currently.


Medical Chart

   If you look at your chaos’ medical chart, than you can get some useful 
information on your chao. As soon as you open the chart, you see a picture of your 
chao, and some other things. You see it’s name, a picture of it, and you can see 
it’s grades and points. The grades are very important. If your chao has an “S” in 
something, than it is very good in that category. If your chao has an “E” in 
something, than it is not good at all in that particular category. Your chao can 
have; S, A, B, C, D, E.  S being the best, and E being the worst.  The better grades 
your chao has in a category, the more points. 
   On the next page, you see that it has five things on it. It should be yellow.  
First, at the top, you see  the chao personality. There are many personalities your 
chao can have, or it might not even have any personality.  Next, you see what kind 
of fruit it likes. It can like; Square, Triangle, or Round.  After it goes into a 
rebirth cocoon, it doesn’t like any fruit in particular. Under that, you see its 
age, and times transformed. The age is for the current life, and chao grow to be 
five years old.  The times transformed is how many times it went into a pink cocoon. 
Under that is the chaos’ medical condition. 
   On the final page, first of all it’s pink. You see three categories. They are; 
Chao races, Martial records, and martial status.  The chao races shows which medals 
your chao has won, the martial records shows how many wins, losses, and draws your 
chao has, and the martial status shows what status your chao is at. The best is 
Grand Master.    


5. Fortune Tellers' House

   Come here to get a name for your chao. The Fortune-teller Chao has some okay 
names, but you can think of better names yourself. Some names are good, like 
Chaorro, Zippy, and names like that. Some names aren't so good, like Cholly, YS, and 
such. But you can like any name. You can name your chao before it transforms, or 
after. I suggest doing it after, because than, sometimes she'll give names that kind 
of match the type.


IV. Chao Races

   So, you've raised a chao that you want to race? To get to the races, go to the 
Neutral Garden, and go into the Waterfall. There, choose between Racing and Karate. 
(Karate Mini-section will be up as soon as I find the time.) Upon entering the 
races, You'll see; Beginner Races, Party Races, and Quit. If you want to race your 
own chao, go to Beginner Races. There you will see four races with three levels 


1. Beginner Races

   If you have a chao that is raised equally in each stat, or is an okay chao, you 
should do fine. Some good skills to have: Make sure your chao can swim.(#'s have to 
be 100 or past.) Make sure your chao can Fly. (#'s have to be 100 or past.) Make 
Sure your chao can Walk.(#'s have to be 50 or past.) Also, some stamina will 
help. :) Before you can go to level 2 in the races, you have to complete level 

Note:  If you have trouble doing these races, you should go back and raise your chao 


a. Crab Pool + requirements
1.  Some stamina
2.  Being able to swim (not needed for first two, but recommended for all of them 
3.  Maybe being able to walk
4.  Some fly

   Crab Pool, the first of the four races. If your chao runs out of stamina 
during a race, then it will slow down dramatically. 
   The level starts out with the slightest bit of walking.  After that, your chao 
will fly/jump into the pool below.  I would recommend using a little bit of stamina 
right as your chao jumps off the ledge.  This might just give your chao the edge to 
win.  So, after you jump into the pool, your chao swims/or kind of cries and runs in 
the water to the end.  If you didn’t beat it, you might want to go back to the 
levels and get chaos drives or animals to raise your chao some more.   


1.  Level one, two, and three         

   So, since you beat the first race, go on to the second!  If your chao could not 
beat the first race, or if you just made it, you probably want to go back and raise 
your chao some more.  The second race is just like the first, only the chao go a 
little faster in the water, and some might be able to swim, but they might not.  
   Once you beat the second one, you should probably give your chao a rest.  Chao, 
like people, need to rest.  Again, like people, if they don’t, they aren’t at their 
best, so you want your chao to rest.  Okay, after your chao is done resting (after 
it goes to sleep then wakes up refreshed), you should go on to race three.  Race 
three is just like the first two, only now, every chao (except maybe a few), can 
swim.  I highly recommend your chao be able to swim before you try this race.  

2.  Prize

  If you beat all three levels of Crab Pool, great!!  Your chao will get a shovel.  
This shovel will come in use whenever you want to plant trees.  You will not be able 
to see the shovel because your chao keeps it with him or her all the time, unless, 
of course, you give it a seed to plant.

b. Stump Valley + requirements

1.  The ability to swim
2.  The ability to walk
3.  Some power
4.  Some stamina

   Now that you beat Crab Pool...go on to Stump Valley.  But before you do, make 
sure your chao gets to rest.  
Ok, now that your chao is all rested up, go back into the racing area.  When you get 
to the racing area, choose “Beginner Races”, then go to Stump Valley.  For this 
race, you should have all of the requiremants because they will be helpful and you 
won’t be able to beat the other harder races without them. 


V. Copyright Info.

This is my first FAQ, so there might be some typing errors, but probably not.  This 
document is copyrighted by me, Buddhu23. Please do not use this on any other site 
without giving me proper credit.  Thank you.  ^v^

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