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     1.Chao Types
     2.Chao Garden Tour
     4.Items and Emblems
     5.Races and more
     6.Xtra Useful Info


To make a type, give a child chao Chaos Drives (those shiny
things in robots) and animals (found hiding in levels) on
certain conditions after time.
Nuetral---Equally raised with hero characters and dark
Hero---Raised with hero characters.
Dark---Raises with dark characters.
You can make different types depending on the kind of 
items you give them (run type, fly type, etc)


The normal chao garden is found the first time you visit 
chao world and is opened right away.  There are 2 chao
eggs and a lovely waterfall, hiding the perfect place
to show off your skills (more info in chapter 5)...

The hero garden is an unlockable, which is opened by 
creating a hero chao. There is a huge pool, with a fountain
fit for a god behind it. There is one egg in here.

The dark garden is an unlockable, which is opened by
creating a dark chao.  The blood pool in here is perfect
for your little devil of a chao. You'll find one egg here.

Classroom: take your chao here to learn special skills.

Principal's Office: Learn info about raising chao.

Fortune Teller: Name your new baby chao.

Doctor: Learn info about your chao, like its age.

Black Market: Buy Items for your chao(more info coming up)


Buy these things at the black market:
 -Hero fruit: enhances your chaos goodness.
 -Dark fruit: enhances your chaos evil.
 -Heart fruit: substitute for mating season.
 -Egg: Comes in different colors.
 -Square/Round/Triangle fruit: If this is your chaos favorite
  food (check at the doctor) it will be happy.
 -Mushroom: Healthful food for chao..
 -Seed: Plant in chao garden by giving to chao
 -Headgear(various): Get a dead dog at pumpkin hill and 
  give it to a chao. It can now use Headgear. NOTE: the only 
  way to take it off is to hurt yor chao,so choose wisely!
The store will get new items if you get more emblems, which
are obtained by passing levels or beating races/karate(More
info coming up)

      RACES & MORE

Go under the waterfall in the chao garden to find this stuff!

Beginner Race: Basic, easy short races with small prizes.


Jewel race: Full-Lenth beginner race.

Challenge Race: Difficult races against unique chao--or 
other stuff!

Dark Race: Your dark chao competes against hero chao!

Hero Race: Your hero chao competes against dark chao!

Party Race: 2player race!

All you need here is pure muscle... and lots of cheering!

Beginner: Easy chao that dont know real moves yet.

Standard: Easy, if your tuff enough...

Expert: Pretty hard, but not impossible.

Super: You gotta beat the other three to get this far!


1. Never ever ever hurt your chao or they will die!!!

2. You need to win a shovel and watering can with one chao
and give it a seed to plant a tree.

3. Give chao one type of chaos drive/animal and wait. It
will go in a cocoon one day, and will look totally different!

4. Feed your chao alot to give it that extra stamina for races.

5. See my other chao FAQs for more details on this stuff.
  Hope u learned a thing or 2!    

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