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                     SONIC ADVENTURE DX

1.What are chaos
4.Adult Chaos
6.Chao Races

                              What Are Chaos

Chaos are kinda like pets to you. You start out with two in a choa garden. You 
raise them all the way untill they die. They kind be reborn if you take care of 
them and love them.


Chaos can have many colors. The first two you start out with are regular. But there 
are many more colors. Like gray, orange, blue, green, light green, red, black, 
gold, and silver. All of them are good colors. 


In each level there are many kinds of animals. When you go to a choa garden all of 
those animal come out. You can pick them up and give them to your chaos. You can 
only use that animal once. They take on the looks of the animals and the powers. 
Like speed, swim, fly, and strength. They can gain levels too.

                               Adult Chaos

Every chao you have will grow up into a older one. Regular chaos change colors and 
shape. Colored chaos change shape only. They go into a cocoon and they come out 
different unless you barely gave them any animals. If you gave them enough hero 
fruits they will become good and have a halo over ther head. If you gave them Dark 
fruit they will become evil and have a spike ball over there head.


That round thing over ther head tells if there happy or sad. If they have a spiral 
thing that means there mad. If they have a heart that means there happy if it's 
just round that means nothing is wrong. There eyes also express their feelings. 

                               Chao races

In the cho garden you can put your choas in a race. There's a swimming race, flying 
race, power race, speed race, and all of them put together. You don't have to do it 
but it's fun to watch. Only put full grown chaos in races because if there babies 
they'll lose for sure.


In the black market you can buy items for your chaos. Like fruit toys and even 
masks to put on. You can also buy eggs. The items change every 5 minutes. You don't 
have to buy items but it makes them happier!


If you have a game boy advance and a hook up, you can link your chaos to a secret 
chao garden on the GBA. On it, it has games, a free egg, and your chao can get 
stronger there. You can also get rings there.

This was made by Connor Norton. If you have questions you can contact me by 
[email protected] or by talking to me on my AIM name ConnorRod92.      

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