Chapters 3 and 4 - Guide for The Sims

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Chapter 3:After you finish chapter 2, you'll move in with Dudly. Dudly is lazy and 
mean. He won't help you with cleaning, cooking, or anything else, so it's good to 
hire a maid and brush up on your cooking skills. You need to try and make friends 
with Dudly (for future promotions). You need to get to your 6th promotion in this 
chapter. It's smart to buy an aroma machine to boost your mood while sleeping. It's 
best to get a job in the military, since you can easily get promotions if you have 
a mood in the green area. Once you get your 6th promotion, make sure your 
creativity is over 4. When it is, buy a guitar set. Make sure you play well. Go 
over to the phone and invite one of Dudly friends. Make sure they're the opposite 
gender (I'll tell you why in chapter 4). Talk to them and build up a relationship 
until your sim has a love interist in them. Throw a party the next day. Here is a 
list of things to have and do. You need a stereo, a bug light, and a hot tub. A 
grill is optional if you don't want to order pizza. Start by ordering pizza or 
cooking burgers with your character. If you cook burgers, have Dudly call on the 
phone and select the throw a party option. If you order pizza, just do it yourself. 
When everyone comes, they will go inside and start eating whatever you served. Once 
they're all done eating, get in the hot tub, turn on the stereo and start dancing, 
or play the guitar. Eventually a message will appear and say that you threw a 
raging party. Go up to that one sim you like and talk to them. There will be a move 
in option. Select that. You will have a 90% percent chance of them letting you move 

Chapter 4: It helps to have the midas and freeall cheats activated in this chapter. 
After you activate the cheats, buy that bed with the big heart on top. You also 
need to improve your house with extra items. Anyway, once you buy the heart bed, 
vibrate it and have the other sim select one option that I'm not gonna mention. 
Your sims may have a child that you need to make room for. once your kid grows up, 
ffocus on getting promotions and building up your house. Use the promotion steps 
and party and relationship steps. You'll complete chapter 4 in no time if you have 
the cheats on.

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