Character and Level Guide - Guide for Call of Duty 2: Big Red One

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1.Denley,Victor 'Vic' Denley

2.Bloomfield,Alvin 'Brooklyn' Bloomfield

3.Kelly,Stephen Kelly

4.Hawkins,Glenn 'Hawk' Hawkins

5.Smith,JohnJackson 'Schmity' Smith

6.Castillo,Manny Castillo

7.Delaney,Norman Delaney


Prolouge.We've Been Through Worse

1.Babtism By Fire


3.The Dessert Fox

4.Counter Attack


6.Operation Husky

7.Piano Lupo

8.Farewell To Friends

9.The Great Crusade

10.An Easy Detail

11.Crucifix Hill

12.The Last Train

13.The Dragons Teeth

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