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                     Character Bios/ FAQ

Hi everyone! Jamie1192 here with my first faq. As the name implies, this is 
the Kingdom Hearts Character Bios. I will also answer any questions and will credit 
you for any information. My email address is [email protected] (Send me 
useful info! Spelling errors, characters i missed, and anything i can put in last 
notes section as help for new players to kingdom hearts. 


(1) Character Bios
(3) Credits
(4) Version history

(1) Character bios
      Here's the main part, right here. Yup. You've reached the center of my first 
masterpiece. Okay, here we go...

                Main character. 14 year old boy with a nice attitude but without 
matching hair to go with it. He lives on Destiny Island with his two best friends 
Riku and Kairi. He attacks enemies with his keyblade, and upgrades his keyblade 
with  keychains, which attach on to the end of the mighty weapon. (He has funny 
shoes too :-)

               Kairi is 14 years old. Sora’s almost girlfriend. She doesn't fight 
all, but she has the heart of a lion. There is a theory that she will be the next 
Kingdom Hearts main character and will (supposedly) try and find Sora, who was lost 
in the darkness in KH.

              15 year old boy with ?!GRAY!? hair. To be honest with you I thought 
was Sora's grandpa at the beginning. He is wickedly hard to fight with. On the 
island, he uses a wooden sword and a springing move to attack. He gets WAY more 
harder towards the end.

                    A Disney character who accompanies Sora on his journey. He is a 
duck, and  it is sometimes very hard to understand what he is saying. Donald uses 
rods, staffs and wands to fight.

                   Not too many people are quite sure what Goofy is. Some think 
a dog, some think he's a person. But in my opinion he is just a goof. He's the last 
person in your party. (For fighting)   He uses shields to attack, which is strange 
because aren't shields usually used for blocking? Disney probably just didn't want 
bloodshed in the game, (like if they gave him a sword).

          (2) FAQ

 Q:        Can I use one of your bios for my web page, FAQ, or other public use?
A:          Hmmm... NO! I worked really hard to make these. BUT, if you give me 
credit for it, in your page or FAQ, yes, you may use my bios, just email me first. 
But don't just copy them, that’s plagiarism and I can sue you for that. (Don’t 
worry, I’m just bluffing, I won’t sue you, just making sure you don’t copy 

Q:       I have some info. Where do I send it? And can I?
A: Yes, yes, yes, by all means yes! I would love to get any info I missed! Just 
it to [email protected]!

Remember everyone; these are the characters I can think of. If there's any, any at 
all that I missed please send them to me.


 8-8-03:  I started. This is the first day of   my FAQ. Wish me luck!

8-9-03:  I added on a ton of bios and also put in the updates, FAQ, and Last notes 

8-10-03: I added on a few bosses that were hard and/or a new type of fight. 

8-19-03: Just a tiny update this time, for what I should see in an email.

1-19-03: Clean up time! Whew, messy FAQ. I’m correcting spelling errors and adding 
some cool stuff…This will be quite big. Changed the Last notes section to the FAQS 
and Strategies section, (its getting bigger…) and this column to the VERSION 
HISTORY. Yay! I’m on a roll! Also, I did some other little stuff. It looks like no 
more bios are coming in, so my FAQ has evolved into some freaky mutated FAQ/Bio.
(4) FAQS and Strategies

Clayton and Stealth Sneak: HP: 250, 750| EXP: 240, 30|
What I did was I just started beating on the first Clayton, he's really not 
too hard, then when the stealth sneak came in,
I had Donald and Tarzan attack the stealth sneak until we sort of bulldozed over it 
and Clayton fell off. Then you go after Clayton and have Donald and Tarzan go after 
him too, and when you get low health, back off and Tarzan will heal you as soon as 
he gets some MP. Meanwhile, you can help by casting some fire spells. (blizzard is 
too slow and doesn't reach that far.) If you have any items, great! But, I didn't 
use any.  

Trickmaster: HP: 600| EXP: 150
        When i fought the Trickmaster, I only fought him once. He was hard, indeed, 
but in this battle you get objects to put in his way... (chair, table) and also if 
he's shooting at you, you can just go around the corner of the fireplace and he 
hit you. What you have to do is have Donald and Goofy go after him, when he is 
standing still, jump on the chair or the table and cast fire. When he kneels over, 
go and attack and press triangle twice so Donald and Goofy attack too. Then he'll 
stand up and just repeat the process and he'll die.

Cerberus: HP: ???| EXP: ???
          You know that big black dog in the Coliseum? Well that's Cerberus. All 
do is you have Donald and Goofy attack. You run up in the stands and dodge the 
darkness pools while they hit him. When it bends over, jump on its back and when 
of his heads come up, attack. But if you don't want to do that, Donald and Goofy 
kill it while you use magic every once in a while. When Donald or Goofy dies, just 
let them die. They will come back soon and Cerberus can't hit you. If you want to, 
heal them, it doesn't matter. I recommend doing Tarzans place first, so you get the 
cure spell.

Magician’s House:
	This is that house that you go in after you cast fire at the panel that has a 
flame symbol on it. Anyway, you go in and go down the path towards the water. When 
you get there, jump across the stones. Be careful, because if they move, you end up 
in the water, and have to swim back to the beginning again. Then, once you do that, 
go around the back, and push the boxes you see around, to make a staircase up to 
the top of the house where you will get an item. Go back down, and you will see a 
door with a blanket shading it. Go into it, and you will find yourself in a bare 
house. Someone (I won’t say who) talks to you, and then Merlin comes in and turns 
the place into a cozy cranny.
-thanks to Keveed92 for asking the question in the first   place. 


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