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This is my first FAQ so I don't promise that it's perfect but all the 
information is accurate.

Elliot: (can marry)
B-Day: Summer 21
Favorite: Stir-Fried Veggies
Loves: Potatoes, Corn, Vegetable Juice
Likes: Bamboo Shoot, Turnip, Gelatin

Vaughn: (can marry)
B-Day: Spring 3
Favorite: Porridge
Loves: Milk, Mushroom Cluster, Truffle
Likes: Pet Food, Egg, Chocolate

Denny: (can marry)
B-Day: Fall 26
Favorite: Sashimi
Loves: Any fishy, Sushi
Likes: Sea Urchin, Turnip

Pierre: (can marry)
B-Day: Spring 13
Favorite: Finest Curry
Loves: Sea Urchin, most cooked items
Likes: Bamboo Shoot, Blueberry, Seaweed

Will: (can marry)
B-Day: Fall 13
Favorite: Firefly Flower
Loves: Any other flower
Likes: Any herb, Mushroom, Any fish

Mark: (can marry)
B-Day: Winter 27
He has no real likes or dislikes.

Shea: (can marry)
B-Day: Winter 2
Favorite: Fish(L)
Loves: Any herb, other fish, mushroom cluster
Likes: Bamboo Shoot, Blueberry, Turnip

Natalie: (can marry)
B-Day: Summer 28
Favorite: Fruit Sandwich
Loves: Blueberry, Strawberry
Likes: Toy Flower, Gelatin, Chocolate

Julia: (can marry)
B-Day: Spring 6
Favorite: Superb Yogurt
Loves: Egg, Milk, Wool
Likes: Pet Food, Gelatin, any flower

Sabrina: (can marry)
B-Day: Winter 12
Favorite: Pink Diamond
Loves: Emerald, Peridot, Amethyst, Tofu
Likes: Any flower, Gelatin, Sea Urchin

Lanna: (can marry)
B-Day: Fall 2
Favorite: Yam Pudding
Loves: Any fish, Gelatin, Chocolate
Likes: Blueberry, Sea Urchin, Moon Stone

Lily: (can marry)
B-Day: Summer 10
Favorite: Pirate Treasure
Loves: Pink Diamond, Fish Fossil
Likes: Gold, Diamon, Red Magic Flower

Chelsea: (can marry)
B-Day: Spring 20
No real likes or dislikes.

Witch Princess: (can marry)
B-Day: Winter 29
Favorite: Rainbow Curry
Loves: Red Herb, Twin Herb
Likes: Empty Can, any herb, Fish Bone

Alisa: (can marry)
B-Day: Winter 17
Favorite: Ice Cream
Loves: Blueberry Jam, Hot Chocolate
Likes: Blueberry, Gelatin, Yam

Your child
Favorite: Ice Cream(boy)/Pudding(girl)
Loves: Gelatin, Cookies
Likes: Blueberry, Apple

B-Day: Winter 3
Favorite: Elli Leaves
Loves: Lumber, Material Stone, Egg
Likes: Fish, Mushroom Cluster

B-Day: Fall 9
Favorite: Vegetable Gratin
Loves: Mushroom Cluster, Wool
Likes: Any flower, Chestnut, Egg

B-Day: Spring 11
Favorite: Superb Cheese
Loves: Cheese, gems
Likes: Pet Food, Lumber, Material Stone

B-Day: Spring 17
Favorite: Noodles
Loves: Edamame, Corn Soup
Likes: Gelatin, Pickled Turnip, Boiled Egg

B-Day: Summer 30
Favorite: Dry Curry
Loves: Curry, Curry Bun
Likes: Blueberry, Gelatin, gem

B-Day: Spring 27
Favorite: Tempura Bowl
Loves: Lumber, Material Stone
Likes: Stone, Branch, Gelatin

B-Day: Summer 12
Favorite: Donut
Loves: Anyh flower, Chocolate
Likes: Gelatin, gems

B-Day: Summer 17
Favorite: Pink Diamond
Loves: Orichalcum, Adamantite
Likes: ores, gems, gelatin

B-Day: Fall 4
Favorite: French Toast
Loves: Sea Urchins, Toast
Likes: Fish, Gelatin, Hot Milk

B-Day: Fall 20
Favorite: Grilled Fish
Loves: Any fish
Likes: Bamboo Shoot, chestnut,sea urchin

B-Day: Winter 8
Favorite: Red Flower Mix Natto
Loves: Boot, Poisonous Mushroom
Likes: Failed Dish, Natto

Harvest Goddess
B-Day: Spring 8
Favorite: Strawberry
Loves: Pinapple, Firefly Flower
Likes: egg, any Flower, Turnip

B-Day: Summer 6
Favorite: Finest Curry
Loves: Buckwheat, Miso Soup
Likes: Blueberry, Gelatin, Seaweed

Dr. Trent
B-Day: Fall 19
Favorite: Jersey Milk
Loves: Any herb, Sea Urchin, Fish(M)(L)
Likes: Fish(S), Bamboo Shoot, Egg, Turnip

B-Day: Fall 15
Favorite: Pizza
Loves: Cheese, Sahimi, Diamond
Likes: Any flower, Egg, Chestnut, Ruby

B-Day: Summer 3
Favorite: Omelet Rice
Loves: Egg, Chocolate, Sea Urchin
Likes: Gelatin, Milk, Amethyst

Favorite: Wine 
Loves: Any weed, any fish, Chocolate
Likes: Curry Powder, Ketchup

You just have to talk to him every day

Just talk to her

Favorite: Mixed Rice
Loves: Sushi, Sandwich
Likes: Ice Cream, curry

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