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                      Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2
                          The Character Guide
Welcome, read the vices & vertiues (Goods and bads) of the NUC2 Characters!
Plz don't plagerise! I worked hard & long 2 find this stuff so i will b really 

1.) Naruto Uzumaki
Rating:1-10 and he is a 5
Fighting style:Strenth mostly
Personal info: Naruto Uzumaki is only after 1 thing in life, to become hokage 1 
day, he had a horrible past in which he wasn't cared for and grew up being told 
he was a falirue and could never mak something of himself. He is always up for 
a fite unless he's at the ramon shop eating.=)
Authors comments: I can't stand playing as him thorughout all of story mode, 
when Naruto doesn't have a partner, it is a pain in the butt cause he can't do 
any long range attacks besides his shadiw clones, if he could do more he would 
b a better character and player!

Fighting style:Long Range Strenth
Personal info: Kankuro is Gaara's older brother and is a puppet handeler which 
is his main way of fighting.He is strong but does his best to avoid getting on 
Garaa's bad side, he knows Garaa will not refrane from killing him. This is his 
only downfall.
Authors Comments: Kankuro is okay, i can deal with him cause at least he is 
better with long range and he is easier to control, nothing else to say about 

3.)Kakashi Hatake
Fighting Style:Strenth mostly
Personal info: He was the only person to be able to use the Sharingan before 
Sasuke Uchiha came to the leaf village, he is not related to Sasuke for 
everyone who was wondering if he was, he got his Sharingan surgically put in. 
His nickname is "Copy Ninja" because he has copyed 1000 different jutsu.
Authors Comments: Kakashi isn't my favorite but not my least favorite. He is 
just okay. Nothing more to say.

4.)Sakura Haruno
Fighting Style:Chakra
Personal info: She is the only female in the game that is playable, she is good 
with chakara use but she is the very bad with here strenth.
Authors Comments: I think Sakura is a very good character, her rating is low 
because of the fact that she is a bad attacker, if she only had more chakara 
power behind it that could make her lack in attack better. She is still a very 
good character and i think she is at the least exceptional.

5.)Shikamaru Nara
Fighting Style: Long Range,Strenth,and Chakra
Personal info: Shikamaru is a lazy person who really doesn't want to work at 
all, he is a good ninja and has a I.Q. over 200, if only he really tried he 
would be one of the best ninjas in the hidden leaf village, he is one of the 
only few who actually passes in the chonin exams. With his Shadow Possesion 
jutsu, he can attack long range and can render enemy's helpless.
Authors Comments: Shikamaru is my favorite character so it is hard for me not 
to make him a 10/10 but i really have to tell the truth. I highly recomend him 
and in chapter 10, if you don't want to go through the fighting all the 
puppets, use him, trust me.

6.) Neji Hyuuga
Fighting Style: Chakra, strenth, and a little bit of speed
Personal info: Neji is a person who only believes in only destiny and is set 
out on a life long mission to surpass the main branch of the Hyuuga Clan.
Authors Comments: Neji is definently a favorite of mine but he is way to 
serious and can't think of anuthing else but surpassing the main branch which 
is why when he rants about it you can get a little annoyed!

7.)Choji Akimichi
Fighting Style:Chakra
Personal info: Choji is in love with food and really is only good because of 
his expansion jutsu's like expansion,porchol expansion, and human boulder jutsu 
are what makes him so incredibly good.
Authors Comments: Choji is okay, i like him only cause he is Shikamaru's best 

8.)Rock Lee
Fighting Style:Speed,strenth,and Taigutsu
Personal info: Lee is very fast and strong with good chakra use. Lee has had a 
tough time becoming a ninja for he has no use in ninjustu or genjutsu which 
means he cant do much but with the hard training and harsh punishments he sets 
for himself, he has become what he always dreamed of, a splendid ninja only 
using taijutsu.
Authors Comments: Nothing really to say for Lee, i don't really care for him 
but he definently is a splendid ninja!

9.)Sasuke Uchiha
Fighting Style: Mostly Strenth and a little bit of chakra
Personal info: Growing up under his older brother Itachi, he witnessed the 
death of his whole clan and his new goal in life is to kill his brother Itachi 
and make him pay for what he did.
Authors Comments: No comments, just good. I really dont like Sasuke at all so i 
don't have much to say.

10.)Maito Gai
Fighting Style:Speed,Strenth,and Taigutsu
Personal info: Gai is the long time rival of Kakashi and is like Lee in many 
ways. He is an excelent Taigutsu teacher which is why Lee and Gai were made for 
Authors Comments: Gai is okay, i feel the same way for him as i do Lee.

Fighting Style: Everythign all around
Personal info: Garaa had a childhood just like Naruto. His sand protects him in 
everyway and he is practicly impenitrabal!
Authors Comments: I really like Garaa, he is really the perfect character, his 
unlimited defence first off, makes it impossible for him to get it unless he is 
attacked while attacking, he can do long range with his sand wall and sand 
coffin which does a whole lot of damage as well, last with his sand drizzle he 
can attack enemys close range even while knocked on the ground, he is almost 
completly perfect!

Well i hope you enjoyed the reading and gots lots of info. to improve your 
gaming!!! Have a nice day,afternoon,evening, or night!

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