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                             CHARACTER TIPS, STATS, AND MORE
                                    by: JustinCase          
                               last updated July 31st 2003  
-shielded orks
This is a guide to help you. I will state some opinions that I hope will help, and 
give you some facts. I will tell you what's an opinion.
In my opinion he is the best before you earn Isildor. Aragorn is the best all-
character. It takes about two to four arrows to down orcs or urak-hai. It takes 
about two to three hits with his sword depending on what move you perform. You 
should use Aragorn when you have mostly close range but a medium number of long 
range. If you want he is good for every level.
Legolas is by far the BEST long-range character, especially when you have bought 
fire arrows. Legolas may be great at long-range but he is a little weaker than 
Aragorn. On the other hand he is fast so you can manuver easier. Legolas in my 
opinion is the 2nd best. Legolas is good for long range fights, but if you get 
experienced enough he is really good at close range with arrows. Just jump back and 
shoot. Legolas has 60 arrows unlike Aragorn who has 30.
Gimli is the third for my opinion. He isn't too fast which really hurts in some 
parts of this game. He is bad at long-range because, unlike Aragorn and Legolas, he 
uses throwing axes. He only carries 25 so he may run out quickly. It also takes him 
pretty long to get his axes at full power. But when your in close combat he's the 
best. He is capable of taking guards out in a single hit. I would highly recommend 
you use him in Amon Hen. 
Isildor is the secret character you get after beating the game, and his secret 
level. He is the best all-around. His arrows still aren't as good as Legolas's and 
have a big similarity to Aragorn's arrows. His strength is better than Aragorn and 
he's fast. He can't help you win the game, but he's fun to use.
Orks,goblins, whatever you want to call them, are the easiest guards found in the 
beginning of the game. They are easily defeated, and are harder when they come in 
groups. Any character can easily defeat them. The only real way to actually knock 
them over without killing them is to kick. Their are also the orks that hold two 
knives and spin at you to hit you. An easy way to defeat them in to parry until 
stop and then slice them.
shielded orks
Shielded orks can become a problem. They sometimes have pitchforks, sometimes they 
have swords. An easy way to beat them is to get behind them and attack, or try to 
break the shield. If you charge up (hold Y) you can kill them with one hit. 
Unfortunately you usually get a good or fair points if you charge, but it's a fast 
way if your just trying to beat it.
Urak-Hai are one of the toughest guards besides trolls. An easy way to kill them is 
to knock them over, and kill them. They come in numbers and carry good sized 
Some are the hardest. The ones thet carry longer swords and spin them at you. Parry 
until they stop and then kill them. It takes practice.
One of the hardest things you'll meet. They carry huge weapons, they use as a 
hammer. Some also throw tree pieces. One uses a chain. Darker trolls you can be 
killed with throwing axes or arrows. Lighter ones require close combat. There are 
two easy ways to kill them. One run up and slice once and run back repeatedly. The 
second, charge up and wait. 
You should try fighting Lurtz, (the boss of Amon Hen) without using the statues. 
Enable invinsibility and try it. It is hard but fun.
Thanks for reading my faq. If you need more help, or any questions e-mail me at 
[email protected] 
Thanks to...
............, the makers, and you.

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