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     So you have decided to play The Legend Of Dragoon huh?Well you are a very 
smart person but lets cut to the chase.This information will guide you on which 
characters to use and when.

   Section1 - Character info and personal opinion
   Section2 - Character Combinations
   Section3 - Additions Catogries

Dart- The hero of the story.Spiky blonde hair(go figure).He is loyal and 
Opinion - Well your stuck with him for the whole game and it doesent really matter 
if he is an amazing warrior or a wimp.But he is a fairly good character with mainly 
average stats.His speed could use some improvment but his strength is quite 
strong.Level him up to make him a great fighter.

Lavits/Albert - n\a (cant describe two people)
Opinion - Albert is my favourite character story wise and these two are strong 
fighters.Their speed is slow though so if you want fast characters dont choose 
them.They are strong though and useful in battle.Try increasing their speed.

Shana - The main girl of the story.She is kind and pretty and is Darts sweetheart.
opinion - Her only advantage is her speed.Other then that she has low hit points 
and attack.Her magic is very useful in boss fights though.But shes not always a 
dragoon is she.Not the best choice in battle.

Rose - The myserious warrior woman of the game.Knows to much to be human.....
opinion - She is fast and has a pretty good attack.Her downside is her health along 
with her magic.A good choice none-the-less though.Use her in a few boss fights.

Haschel - He has known Dart for a long time. Funny and only serious in battle.
opinion - USE HIM.Haschel is fast, strong and has okay magic.An amazing choice in a 
boss fight.He has no opposite element so he takes no extra damage.

Meru - She is a young girl and is the comedy relief of the game.About her only 
opinion - I never liked Meru.She is weak and her magic isnt to great either.All she 
has is good speed.If you are versing a fast opponant,then i guess you could try 
using Meru.But the rest of the time dont use her.

Kongol - He is a giganto and joins you later after trying to kill you twice.
opinion - SLOW.AWFUL MAGIC.But he has nice health and strenth.Never use him during 
a boss fight unless the boss is slow.But good for fighting monsters.

Strong Combinations
(Since you always have Dart ill just say 2 characters)
Albert Kongol
Albert Haschel
Kongol Haschel

Fast Combinations
Rose Meru
Shana Meru
Haschel Meru
Shana Haschel
Rose Haschel

Magic Combinations
Shana Albert
Haschel Albert 
Haschel Shana

Dart-Strong Addtions-Double slash  Volcano  Crush Dance  Moon Strike  Blazing Dynamo
    -SP Addtions-Burning Rush  Madness Hero

Lavitz/Albert-Strong Addtions-All of them
             -SP Additions-Rod Typhoon  Gust of wind dance  Blossom storm


Rose-Strong Additions-Hard Blade  Demons Dance
    -SP Additions-Ditto

Haschel-Strong Additions-Flurry Of Styx  Hex Hammer
       -SP Addtions-Summon Four Gods  5 Ring Shattering

Meru-Strong Addtions-Cool Boogie
    -SP Aditions-all of them

Kongol-Strong Additions-All of them
      -SP Additions-none

Well i hope you enjoted this guide.Hope it helped to.Goodluck with the game.

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