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Midnight Club (for PS 2) Cheap Tactics FAQ |
Author: Icy Guy ([email protected])        |          |
Version 0.2                                |
6.96 KB                                    |

Table of Contents |

1. Intro

2. Legal Miscellany

3. Revision History

4. New York

5. London

6. Outro/Contact Info

7. Credits

1.  Intro

     Welcome to this FAQ for Midnight Club on your PS 2!  In here you'll find tips 
on how to become the dirtiest driver out there, whether you're racing against the 
CPU or a human.  I might include a manufacturer-specific tip now and then.  So, 
without further ado, let's begin!

2.  Legal Miscellany

This document Copyright 2001 by Icy Guy.  You may not engage in an unauthorized 
of this FAQ or put it on your site and claim it as your own.  You may put it on your 
site as
long as the following conditions are satisfied:  you give me the URL so I can check 
the site
out, you credit me fully, you ask me, and this _must_ remain unchanged.  However, 
you CAN
print out a copy for your private, personal use.  

This FAQ can appear on the following sites without asking me:

Why those sites?  I send this directly to GameFAQs, and I like going to Cheat Code 
This list will probably expand over time.  I added Neoseeker and 
because they were nice enough to send me E-Mails asking me if they could use my FAQs 
on their sites.
It can also appear on my site at .

3.  Revision History

Version 0.2- Finished on 12/20/01.
            -Addded a bit more stuff, including a tip from my first E-mail 
contributor!  However, 
             that's precisely the time my mail server crashed, so I lost the E-
mail.  Since you
             know who you are, could you please re-send it?  Also, changed my E-
mail.  ZIPped it
             again.  (Man, I love that program.)  Got rid of some editorial comments.

Version 0.1- Finished on 9/20/01.
            -Added everything, ZIPped it.

4.  New York

-This area has some very sharp corners.  If you are neck-and-neck with an opponent 
and they turn, broadside them!

-Near the bottom of the map is an aircraft carrier.  If racing near there, shove 
your opponent into the ramp.  They will either: (A) Slam into the wall and possibly 
flip over or (B) go cavorting into the Atlantic.  As you probably well know, you car 
DNFs if it hits water.  

-On any of the roadways, there will be a concrete divider.  Force your opponent into 
it until they hit it, causing (A) a big crash, (B) a rollover, or (C) your 
opponent's speed to suddenly drop like a rock.

-On any of the intersections where the divider has a break, force your foe's car 
into it!  A head-on collision will usually result in a rollover and a subsequent 
traffic jam (if applicable).

-In tunnel where you begin this level's cop chase (I think it's the FDR Tunnel), 
force your foe into the divider again.  At certain areas, the support rests on 
these.  If their car makes contact with a support, there is a 98.27% chance that it 
will do a flip.

-Find the sand area at one end of the map and locate the window-breaking jump 
through the building.  If they try to jump through it during the race (I think the 
race against Kareem goes through here), push them to the side of the building.  They 
will be in very big trouble.  This is a great way to bring their Damage meter up.

-Follow the exact same strategy as detailed above, only rear-end your opponent.  
Why?  You're causing the rear of their vehicle to pivot upwards.  There is a lip 
above the exit, so they just might be able to hit it.  (If they don't, there's a 99% 
chance that they will have trouble recovering from this when they hit the ground.)

-Find Times Square (I think the it forks in the center).  If your opponent tries to 
take one path, shove them into the building separating the paths.  

-Near the NYSE, you will see the Merrill-Lynch Bull.  There is a sharp turn to the 
left.  A simple sideswipe will send your foe fishtailing into the wall.  (Buses seem 
to frequent this area; use it to your advantage!)

-At any intersection, slam your opponent into the traffic.  This will usually cause 
an intersection pileup.  (This was the E-mailed tip: please E-mail me again to get 
credit and confirm I have it down correctly.  You know who you are.  Just say how 
you want me to credit you.)

5.  London

-There aren't very many sharp turns, but the ones that are can be used to your 
advantage.  Most of the roads are forks, so follow the strategy mentioned in the 2nd-
to-last NY tip.

-On the Waypoint race 15 (makes you jump the Thames), rear-end your opponent.  This 
will give them momentum and help them cross the river- the catch: there are 
buildings on the other side.  That little bit of momentum will send them flying into 
the building.  But you'd better be careful, as this isn't foolproof.  You may very 
well follow them smack into the building.  If this happens, you'll take damage, but 
their car will have the damage of hitting the building + your car hitting theirs.

-Also on the jump of the River Thames, hit your opponent's back wheel while moving 
left or right. What you're doing is something called the "Pit Maneuver," which is 
used by the police to spin people out.  So if you're on his/her right, turn left and 
vice-versa.  With luck, they won't make the jump.  If by some far-flung chance they 
do, they will most likely hit a building on the opposite bank sideways or roll upon 

-Find the section of the London Underground that takes you to the area in the upper-
right of the map.  While in the tunnel, do the Pit Maneuver.  Very hard to pull off 
in a confined space, but worth it, especially if there are cars behind you.  

-The aforementioned route dumps you out on a bridge.  When coming out of the tunnel, 
do the Pit Maneuver or just budge their car in one direction.  If they fly too far, 
chances are they won't be able to recover in time to dodge any oncoming obstacles.  
If they fly to the left or right, they'll probably be dumped in the river.

-After exiting the above tunnel, there will be a big building in the path.  (Not on 
the road, but right in front of you.  Most races go through here.)  It's possible to 
shove your foe to either side of the entrance, thus leaving them with two options: 
either veer to the side, which is impossible, or collide with the entrance frame.

-When on the highway, force your foe into the divider.

6.  Outro/Contact Info

     Well, that's all for now.  If you have anything you want to add, ASCII maps, or 
whatever, drop me a line at [email protected] .  

7.  Credits

CJayC- For making GameFAQs.
The rest of the webmasters for making their sites.
Rockstar- For making what is quite possibly the finest street racing game.
Sony- For making the PS 2.

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