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****************Table Of Contents******************
Chapter 0:Introduction
Chapter 1:Recepies
Chapter 2:Crops
Chapter 3:Shops
Chapter 4:Random Stuff
Chapter 5:Heart Items

****************Chapter 0***************************
This is a cheat/help guide for Harvest Moon: Magical
Melody.If you Have any comments or questions, e-mail 
me at [email protected] OR [email protected] 
OR [email protected]

****************Chapter 1***************************

~Grass Juice~
Get Tai's blacksmith shop[ship all ores{See RANDOM STUFF}]. Get tai to
5 hearts or higher.[See HEART ITEMS for details.] Talk to him the next day.
He will give you the ingredients. TOOL:Mixer INGREDIENTS:?????????

~Truffle Saute~
Put 1 Pumpkin in the collection box the day before the Pumpkin Festival.
Go, and gourmet will give you the recepie.
TOOL:Frying Pan INGREDIENTS:Truffle, Butter[See RANDOM STUFF for what a truffle 

~Potato Gratin~
Ship good clay.Then Saibara should move in. Give him Clay and Eggplants.
Get up to 2 hearts. Go to his shop the next day go to his shop. He will tell u
to go to the Mayors house. He will then give you this recepie: TOOL:oven
INGREDIENTS:Egg Butter Milk Potato

~Stamina Drink~
Sometime in the game, Harvest Sprites will give you the recepie for a stamina
drink TOOL:Mixing Pot INGREDIENTS:Pontata Root, Honey, Red Herb

*****************Chapter 2**************************
*NOTE:Not All Unlockable Crops Are Available Yet
Ship 50 Cabbages OR buy a spring variety pouch. It will have a strawberry in it.
Strawberries WILL be able to grow more than once.

*****************Chapter 3**************************
Go see Maria at any festival.She will open The Library that summer.Books change
in fall

Ship 1 of every ore[See RANDOM STUFF].They will move in the next day.They
upgrade tools and make jewelry.

~Hearty <3 Lyla~
Donate a flower to the Flower Festival. Attend, and she will open her shop in
Summer. Buy jam and fragrances here.

~Paradise Orchard~
Plant 3 or more fruit trees and become Dan's and Ronald's Friend[see HEART
ITEMS]. Buy soda here.

~Cafe Callaway~
Go to a spring festival in the first year. he will move in l8er.Buy Refreshments

~Perch Inn~
Meet Doug at a spring festival.
People stay here. You can buy food here.

~Moonlight Cafe~
Meet Duke at a spring festival. He will move his shop in l8er. sells snacks and

****************Chapter 4 a.****************************
Truffles: till under mora trees in fall. worth 1000g each.

Ores: ALL ORES Junk Copper Silver and gold and Rare

Till ground for money. 1000 gets lucky note.

After rain Go to the island to find a squid prince, or to sunny lake for a 

At the bottom of moonlight cave Tim is there[If blacksmith is moved in{See
SHOPS}]. Till here. there will be good pay. also, tim will give you a power 

Jamsquid can be caught on level 100 at lake cave

If you till near the shore, you will find clams.

Win horse race to get a power berry.

you will get a power berry at the pumpkin festival

win summer festival [summer 3]for the first time to win a power berry.

Collect 30 notes. you will get a power berry.

Go to sunny lake if you reach copper on your fishing rod for *************** :D

Lv 10 on Lake Cave is a trap. Look for a pixel-ey spot on a square. Till here
and go to the next level.

Ship 10 limestones for fertilizer. 

Get someone to 3 hearts ar higher, and they will give you a cake if you talk to
them on thanksgiving

****************Chapter 4 b.****************************
SUPER CHEATS Do not read further if you like to witness the game with no cool

~Moonlight Cave Items~
LV1: Pontata Root [hoe]
LV2: Good Clay    [hoe]
LV10: Limestone   [Hammer]
LV50+: More Rare Ores and Amythyts [Hammer]
LV100: Power Berry from Tim

~Lake Cave Items~
LV1: Pontata Root [hoe]
LV2: Good Clay    [hoe]
LV10: NO way out [SEE CHAPTER 4 a.]
LV11+: Jewels, Diamonds, and some Ores [hammer]
LV50: Very Common Diamonds
Lv100:Catch Jamsquid here. [Fishing Rod]

****************Chapter 5*******************************
HEART ITEMS NOTE: bobs heart item is not available.

Lyla-Pinkat Flower,Pumpkin
Basil-Pontata Root,Herb Tea
Kurt-Log,Herb Tea
Ronald-Special Egg,Herb
Ray-Anything Yellowtail
Alex-Herb,Herb Tea,Pontata Root
Gourmet-Dairy Product
Doug-Prepared Meals
Martha-Wool[NOT YARN]
Henry-Bell Pepper,Herb
Eve-Ruby Ring,Soda
Duke-Prepared Meal
Blue-Special Egg
Ellen-Flowers,GOOD Dairy Products
Hank-Dairy Products


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