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Naruto Clash of Ninja 2
Cheats and Unlockables FAQ
By Ali1mg
Email Address: [email protected]

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Let's start out with the cheats.
Bonus Money

If you have Naruto Clash of Ninja on your memory card with Clash of Ninja 2 on 
there, the shop will give you 10,000.

Sakura with long hair

When selecting Sakura, press X to get her with long hair.

Haku with mask on

When selecting Haku, press X to get him with his mask on.
Very long Combo (I know it's a a very bad name)

While playing as Neji you can do a very long combo which you have to press 
Down, B twice, Forward, B
 twice, A, B 3 times, and then X.

Phoenix Flower Jutsu

While playing as Sasuke with Sharingan with Chakra Gauge full, jump and press X


Oboro Mode (Shadow Mode)

Get a rank of Jounin on both, Survival, and Time Attack.

Gallery Mode

Buy it after you unlock all characters.

Backround Music Player

Buy it after you unlock all characters.

Team Battles

Get it after you get 1st in Survival.

View Mode

Get it after you beat Single Player Mode with any character.

Character Unlockables

Iruka: 2000
Neji Hyuuga: 2000
Akamaru: 2500
Crow: 2500
Kankurou: 2500
Haku: 3000
Might Gai: 3500
Zambuza Momochi: 4000
Kyuubi Naruto: 5500
Kakashi with Sharingan: 7500
Mizuki: 15000
Orochimaru: 50000
Sasuke with Sharingan: 100000

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