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I'm marjo5858!  I hope you like this guide because it is my tenth one posted on  I only do things on this site for Gamecube games (although I do 
have other 
 1. Power-
 2. Small Animal 
 3. A Very SIMPLE Hard 
1. Dr. Eggman's Health 
 It is a very useful tool in Cosmic Wall.  Go to the part where you're falling, you 
should see a platform with four iron containers.  Go a few platforms below.  You 
should see a push-rocket.  Step on it.  It breaks some cages.  Go in that platform 
(where the cages were broken) you should see the power-
 Rouge's Treasure 
 If you get this, you may think that you see nothing.  But if you put it on, you 
may see a 5 coins capsule, a 10 coins capsule, a 20 coins capsule, or a life 
capsule.  You need Mystic Melody and Iron Boots.  First, go to the ruin.  Play 
Mystic Melody.  Platforms will appear.  If you jump on the platforms, it'll take 
you to a few iron containers.  Break them.  In there is the Treasure Scope.  Jump 
to take it 
 Sorry I only did 2 power-
 Comment: If there are power-ups that you can't find that I didn't list, just go to 
areas you've never been to.  There is 1 power-up per level (except routes 101 and 
2. Small Animal 
 I'll tell you the before-and-after of what animals look like on chao.  (Before and 
After the first evolution, 
 Ram: Before: yellow After: 
 Skunk: Before: black After: 
 Now, I'll tell you things that happen to chao with certain 
 Skunk: Your chao will spray stuff out of its skunk tail (just like a REAL 
 Dog: He can bring back chao feet that your chao doesn't have (taken away by the 
 Comment: I think that if you put too many different animals on your chao, it'll 
look like a bum.  So try not to do this. Chao look better plain, 
 3. A Very SIMPLE Hard 
 In Dr. Eggman's Cosmic Wall, I got to Mission 5!  It is Hard Mode!  The only thing 
is that it isn't very HARD!  All that's different is that the enemies are a little 
more devious than 
 Comment: I just beat this Hard Mode TODAY!  That's the only reason I'm writing 
 Now go away!  Go on! Shut the computer OFF!  Don't make me keep typing! 
GOOOOO!        Goodbye!                               

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