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Chris's story begins in the main foyer of the Mansion. The cinema takes you to the 
Dining Room where you now have control over him. Run to the end of the room and 
proceed to the Tea Room (M1#1). Kill the zombie and check Kenneth's body 3 times for 
2 more clips. Return to the Dinning Room, then to the Main Foyer and pick up Jill's 
Beretta. Go upstairs, turn left and into the 2nd Floor of the Dining Room. Kill the 
Zombie on the left then push the statue off the balcony. Continue around the end of 
the room and into the door leading to the stairs (M2#4). Kill the Zombies in your 
way and descend the stairs.   Run into the Mansion's West Save Room (M1#5) and meet 
Rebecca Chambers. Leave the Knife and the First Aid-Spray in the Item Box. Grab the 
two clips from the Item Box, tell Rebecca she can come with you then leave. Turn 
right and run through the hall, avoiding the Zombies by running on the right side of 
the pole then sticking to the left of the next Zombie.   Upon entering the "F" 
passage (M1#6), kill the zombie waiting there and the one down by M1#16. Return to 
the door, turning left and killing the Zombie guarding the door to M1#7. Enter the 
next door on the right and grab the Clip on the bed. Then go to the desk and check 
it out once. A Zombie crashes though the closet. Kill him and take the Shot Gun 
Shells from where he stood. Leave, turn right and into the Tea Room Hall.   Turn 
left and head for the Bar (M1#8). Run around the Piano and push the Bookcase to the 
right. Find the Music Notes and use them at the Piano. Rebecca comes in and trys to 
play. Let her practice then leave. Go to the Dinning Room.   Pick up the Blue Jem 
from the fallen Statue. Leave and go to the Tiger Room (M1#7). Use the Blue Jem on 
the right side of the statue. Grab the Wind Crest. Return to the Main Foyer and 
through the Blue doors (M1#2).   Pass by the stairs and enter the door using the 
Lockpic. Run though the "L" passage (M1#10) past the two Cerberus that crash though 
the windows. Entering the passage (M1#11), grab the Green Herb to the left. Use it 
if you need to, otherwise, hang onto it.   Continue though the passage, entering the 
door at the end (M1#12). Enter the first door on the right. Another Zombie waits to 
be killed, grab the Green Herb across from the East Mansion Save Room (M1#14) door 
then enter. Leave the Green Herbs you collected and the Wind Crest. Grab the 
Chemical Earth, be sure you have two empty inventory spaces. Head upstairs.   At the 
top of the stairs, kill the Zombie to the right then head that way, around the 
corner and though the door. There are some more Zombies to be taken care of in this 
hall. Run on through the hall to the Main Foyer.   Go downstairs and into the 
Dinning Room. Grab the Wood Emblem from the Fireplace and go back to the Bar. 
Rebecca should have practiced enough to open the hidden passage (M1#9). Go in and 
exchange the Emblems. Return to the Dinning Room and place the Gold Emblem above the 
Fireplace. Grab the Shield Key from the clock. Head to the "F" passage (M1#6),   Go 
down the hall to the Greenhouse (M1#16). Find the Pump on the left and use the 
Chemical Earth in it to kill the plant in the fountain. Run behind it and grab the 
Armor Key. Leave the Greenhouse and head for the Save Room (M1#5).   Leave the Sun 
Crest, the Beretta and Clips in the Item Box. Make sure you have both keys then 
leave for the Vacant Room (M1#17). Grab the Broken Shotgun then head toward the East 
Save Room via the upstairs. Once you've descended the stairs, enter the hall (M1#12) 
and turn left. Enter the twisted hall and enter the room directly infront of you. 
It's the room that leads to M1#18. You must replace the Shotgun with the Broken 
Shotgun. Having done this, go back upstairs, the way you came.   Head for the Armor 
Room (M2#22). Solve the puzzle by moving the statues over the grates in the floor 
then hit the switch in between them. The display case at the end of the room opens, 
giving you the Sun Crest. Leave the room and turn right for M2#25.   Bypass 
Richard's body and go through the door to the "T" passage. Up the stairs and use the 
Shield Key. Discard it and prepare for the toughest enemy yet. When you get half way 
into the room, the Snake makes it's appearance. Try to lure it around the post 
between you. When it goes, make a break for the Moon Crest, sitting where the Snake 
came in. Once you have it, make your way out. On your way out, grab the Shotgun 
Shells sitting on a barrel on the right. If you made it out without being bit, 
great. Head to the East Save Room (M1#14). If you were bitten, Rebecca comes in and 
offers to get the Serium for Chris. You take control of her and must make your way 
to the West Save Room (M1#5), get the Serium and take it back to Chris. Head for the 
East Save Room (M1#14).   Save the game. Be sure to have the 3 Crests and the 
Shotgun w/Shells. Leave the Save Room for M1#12 then the Art Gallery (M1#13).   Go 
to the 3rd Picture. It is the "Newborn Baby", hit the switch. Next is the 5th 
Picture "Infant". Then the 6th "Lively Boy", then the 4th "Young Man", then the 
2nd "Tired Middle-Aged Man", then the 7th "Bold- Looking Old Man". Finally, hit the 
switch on the last picture and receive the Star Crest. Leave the room to return to 
the hall and continue forward to the door that opens to the Covered Passage (M1#15). 
Kill the 2 Cerberus that awaits your arrival then run to the end and use all 4 
Crests (any order) to open the door to the Store Room.   Give the stairs 2 good 
pushes then get in front of them to push them to the wall with the shelves. Grab the 
Square Crank and exit through the other doors.   There are some Herbs behind you. 
Combine a Red one with a Green one then WALK through (C1#29) to the Gate. The 
Cerberus shouldn't attack unless you pass too close to them. Run to the left, find 
the pedestal and use the Square Crank. Run back around and across the passage. Run 
by the Asps that fall from the trees and ride the lift down.   At the bottom, there 
are 3 more Cerberus wandering around. Walk past them to the gate on the right. Run 
through the passage (C1#31) past the Cerberus to the Guardhouse.   Move the statue 
to your right into the hall and push it down to the "T" intersection. Move it over 
the hole in the floor.   Enter the Save Room. Grab the Explosive Rounds and drop off 
any Herbs, the Square Crank and the First Aid- Spray. Leave and enter the door 
across the hall.   Inside Dormitory Room #001 (GH1#33), terminate the Zombies here 
and grab the Red Book from the bed. Unlock the desk with the Small Key you find in 
the cup from the corner of the room, and get the Shotgun Shells. Before leaving, 
enter the bathroom, unplug the tub and get the Control Room Key.   Run up the hall, 
past the statue, and in the 1st door on the right (GH1#34). Head down the left to 
the table beyond the Bee's Nest. Grab the Dormatory Key #002 then run back to the 
hall. Turn right and unlock the Dormatory Room #002. Discard the key. If you need to 
replenish your health, move the statue on the left back.   If you're carring a Small 
Key, grab the Shotgun Shells from the desk and turn you attention to the cabinets. 
Move the one on the left straight back. Move the other one to the right and climb 
down the ladder.   Walk around the box and push it twice into the hall. Walk around 
it again and push it against the wall. Push it all the way down the hall, leaving 
yourself room to walk between it and the other boxes. Push the 3rd box into the 
small pool of water, then the 2nd box. Walk around to the 1st box to push it up 
against the wall where the 2nd box was, then into the small pool to complete 
the "bridge". Enter the water filled Shark Tank Room and head to the right around 
the Tank. When you come close to the end of the Tank, a cinema plays. When the 
cinema finishes, Chris will be infront of room GH:B1#38. You need to quickly move to 
the door to the left and unlock it.   Inside of room GH:B1#37, find the lever on the 
wall to the left then the switch on the wall near the door. Leave and go to room 
GH:B1#38. Find the Dormatory #003 Key, Shotgun Shells and the Clips. Return upstairs 
and go Dormatory #003 (GH1#41).   Enter the bathroom, kill the Zombie and collect 
the Flame Rounds. Go to the bookshelf, take the White Book and replace it with the 
Red Book. Check your health, equip the Bazooka and enter the Plant 42 Room 
(GH#42).   Doh! Chris is taken by Plant 42. Rebecca comes in and offers to help once 
again. Take her to the Chemical Storehouse (GH#78).   There is a puzzle to getting 
in. You must light up all the lights on the pannel. Once inside, 1) take a bottle 
and fill it with Water. 2) Fill a second bottle with UMB#2. 3) Combine them. 4) Fill 
a bottle with UMB#4 and combine it with the mixture you just made. 5) Fill a bottle 
with UMB#4 and another bottle with UMB#2 then combine them. 6) Combine this mixture 
with the first mixture. 7) Fill a bottle with Water and another with UMB#2 then 
combine these. 8) Combine the two mixtures to make V-Jolt.   Now you've got to take 
the V-Jolt down stairs to GH:B1#39 and use the V-Jolt on the roots of Plant 42.   As 
Chris, Stay close to the wall, moving along it every so often to avoid pieces of 
falling celing, and fire a few shots at the Plant. When you finially beat the Plant, 
grab the Helmet Key from the Fireplace and split.   On your way out Rebecca gives 
you the Radio. Take it and ignore it. It will beep on occasion. Make your way back 
into the Mansion.   Almost as soon as you enter, another cinema plays announcing the 
arrival of the Hunters. While it plays, hold your R1 or "Get Ready" button and kill 
the Hunter when it does finish. From here on out there will be a Hunter were a 
Zombie once was.   Go to the first door on the left (M1#43) and turn on the lamp 
that's on the desk infront of you. Turn left to find the Doom Book with the Eagle 
Medallion in it. Hit the "Star" button and "Check" the Doom Book. Rotate the book so 
the "pages" edge is facing you then hit the "action" button to reveal the Medallion. 
Leave and go through the next door on the left which leads to the East Mansion Save 
Room (M1#14) and another Hunter.   Enter the Save Room. Pickup the Shells, First Aid-
Spray, the Acid Rounds and store the Eagle Medallion in the Item Box. Save then head 
upstairs.   On the landing, before reaching the 2nd floor, kill the Hunter standing 
at the top waiting for you. At the top of the stairs turn left heading straight down 
the hall then turning left. Enter the room at the end of the hall then the next door 
(M1#45).   The Lesson Room is your finial confrontation with the Giant Snake. Go to 
the piano in the corner and check it out. The Snake soon appears. Kill the Snake, 
keep an eye on your health, and check out the hole it created in the floor.   Jump 
down into the hole and hit the switch on the Tombstone. Descend the ladder.   Two 
Zombies are waiting for you. Terminate them with extreme prejudice. Check the room 
to the right for some Shotgun Shells then continue to the door.   Around the corners 
and you find 2 Zombies chewing on one of their own. Duck into the Kitchen.   Head 
right and back to the Elevator. A wounded Zombie lays in your path. Ride the 
elevator to the 2nd Floor (M2#47), turn right to kill the Hunter then left for the 
other one.   Continue left to the Library (M2#49). Turn left and walk toward the 
door of room M2#50, killing the Zombie blocking the way. Find the statue and push it 
into the corner that is lit by hitting the switch. Turn around to find the 1st MO 
Disk. Return to the hall.   Go past the Elevator to room M2#48. Grab the Explosive 
Rounds and the Battery. Ride the Elevator back to the Kitchen. When you reach the 
end of the Kitchen, turn right and find a door leading back to the 1st Floor of the 
Mansion. Before you can pass, a Zombie attacks you. Climb the stairs.   Up the 
stairs and around the Elevator to unlock the door to the Tea Room Hall (M1#1), get 
ready to run. Run down the hall and into the 2nd door on your right. This is the 
door leading to the "F" passage (M1#6). Run through here also, killing any 
unavoidable Hunters, to make your way to the West Save Room (M1#5).   Making a pit 
stop at the Save Room (M1#14) and save. Make sure you have the Square Crank the 
Battery, some First-Aid Spray/Herbs, and a weapon. Leave, heading into the Covered 
Passage (M1#15).   From the Covered Passage (M1#15), take care of the Hunter, and 
into the Courtyard (C1#29) again. Through the Gate and across the path, mind the 
Asps, and down the Lift. Head directly opposite of the Falls and insert the Battery 
into the wall (C1#53) and ride the Lift. Return to the pedestal (C1#30) and use the 
crank to lower the flood gate. Return to the Lift (C1#53) and go to where the Falls 
used to be (C1#54). Decend the Ladder.   Turn right, through the door (C:B1#55). 
Pick up the Flamethrower and head left proceeding forward through the room to find 
(C:B1#56) Explosive Rounds and First Aid-Spray. Leave here, turning left, and 
running to Enricco's Chamber (C:B1#58). After exchanging words, an assassin kills 
Enricco. Turn to leave and find some Hunters that want to be fried! Find the Hex 
Crank on your way out. Returning to the hall (C:B1#57), head left. Mind any Hunters 
who wanna play (C:B1#55). Replace the Flamethrower to the wall to unlock the door.   
From the ladder you descended earlier, turn right and pass the Typewriter. On the 
left is a hole to use the Hex Crank in. At C:B1#59, grab the Flamethrower, turn 
right and head down to the end of the passage. When you reach the 1st Boulder, turn 
180?d RUN back up the passage, ducking into the nook where the door is (C:B1#59). 
Have the Flamethrower ready for the Hunter guarding the door. Enter the Spider Boss 
Room (C:B1#60).   Now's a good time to implement the "Hit & Run" tip. After killing 
the Spider Boss, turn the Bazooka on the Web Covered Door. Exit the Spider Boss Room 
and head left to the Underground Save Room (C:B1#61). Put the Eagle Medallion into 
your inventory and leave the Square Crank. Save the game.   Back in the passage, 
mind the falling Asps and head straight for the door at the end. You'll need to 
place the Flamethrower on the right wall to unlock the door. Turn right (C:B1#62) 
and find the hole for the Hex Crank. Use the Crank 3 times, so the hole is on the 
left. Use the same tactic with this Boulder as the last, ducking into the hole in 
the wall on the right. Return to the end of the passage, where the Boulder was, and 
grab the 2nd MO Disk. Go back to the hole leads you to the Blue Doom Book 
(C:B1#63).   Move the statue along the wall so that it lines up with the panel in 
the floor. Back up and find the hole for the Hex Crank and use it 2 times. Doing so 
should move the statue away from the wall. Move the statue to the floor panel and it 
opens a panel in the wall that holds the Blue Doom Book (Wolf Medallion). Return to 
C:B1#62 and go to C:B1#64.   Ride the Lift up to C1#64. There are Herbs for the 
taking and a Fountain to be reckoned with. Move to the closest hallow of the 
Foutain. Place the Eagle Medallion in the hallow, and the Wolf Medallion in the 
other. The Foutain drains and a stairway is uncovered. Descend the stairway.   Turn 
left and decend the ladder. Leave the Hex Crank in the Item Box and pick up the MO 
Disks. Run past the Zombies and turn left before going down the stairs to find a 
desk with the 3rd MO Disk. Turn around and decend the stairs.   Head left to 
Lab:B3#67. Enter, find the computer, turn it on. Logon the computer with the 
name "JOHN" and password "ADA". Then enter "MOLE" for the second password. Unlock 
the B2 Level Room and the B3 Level Room. Leave the Computer Room for Lab B3:#75.   
Step in killing the four Zombies there and finding the Pass Code Machine on the 
Desk. Use a MO Disk to recieve a Pass Code. Return to the Hall and head up the 
stairs to the Conference Room on Level B2.   Run left by the table and find a grate 
covering a button. Push it and find the Lab key. Go back down stairs and head to Lab 
B3:#68, the Elevator Entry.   Enter the door on your left (Lab:B3#70). Grab the 
Shotgun Shells on the table and solve the puzzle by pushing the boxes over the 
grates in the floor then push the steps over the switch in the middle. Climb the 
stairs and enter the Airway.   In the Morgue (Lab:B3#71) find the desk with the Pass 
Code Machine on it and use a MO Disk. Leave the room, turn left and enter the 
Elevator Entry again (Lab:B3#68).   Run forward, past a Zombie, and into the Lab 
Save Room (Lab:B3#69). Be sure to have the 3rd Mo Disk and load up on weapons, ammo, 
and health. Save then return to the passage.   Turn left for the Power Room. Upon 
entering, turn right then left for the Circuit Board (Lab:B3#72), watching for Hall 
Monitors. Hit the switch then return for the door. Past the door then South for 
Lab:B3#73. Use the MO Disk for the 3rd and finial Pass Code. Now head for the Power 
Room itself, Lab:B3#74.   Find the last switch for the elevator right at #74. Leave 
for the elevator (Lab:B3#77). Hit the switch and ride the elevator.   The Tyrant. 
Equip the biggest gun you got (preferably the Bazooka) and run, taking shots from a 
safe distance till he falls. Find the computer Wesker used to free the Tyrant and 
unlock the door. Leave and you'll find that Rebecca had on a bullet-proof vest! Ride 
up the elevator to Lab:B3#77 and from there, make your way to the hall between #66 & 
#75, watching out for Hall Monitors. At the end of the hall, check the locking unit 
on the wall three times to enter.   Enter the hall and go to the door of the Cell 
(Lab:B3#76). Get Jill and get the Hell out. Make your way back to B1 being careful 
of enemies in your path. When you reach B1, Jill and Rebecca are waiting for you. 
Enter the door on the left.   Run through the hall (there's one last radio 
transmission) till you find another elevator. Pick up the battery when you run 
across it and use it in the slot. Jill and Rebecca send you up the elevator. At the 
top turn right and get the flare from the crate and use it in the middle of the 
Helipad.   Thought he was dead, didn't you? The Tyrant is back, and he's pissed. 
Stay near a wall then when he makes a break for you, run in a perpendicular line (90?
way from him. Don't even bother using a weapon on him at this point, just stay away 
from him. When the timer runs down to about 1'30"00", Brad finally drops a Rocket 
Launcher. Give the Tyrant both barrels.   Congratulations. You made it and you 
brought your friends with you! Enjoy the credits and take a breath. Save when given 
the chance.

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