Click Fishing - Guide for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

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Click Fishing

During this you will see the abbreviations CBS, and CAS, CBS stands for clicks
before splash, and CAS stands for clicks after splash, the splash is when your
bobber splashes, and after is when you have clicked A.

When you are fishing when your starting to get a fish you will hear some clicks,
if you hear 5 clicks or less (counting like this 5 4 3 2 1 0) you are going to
get the least rare fish, like upriver you'd get Big Nymames, Nymames, and Hucheps.
If it splashes on three, you might get a Big Huchep, or if it clicks about six
times before it splashes you'll get a Big Huchep then too.If you get over ten 
CBS then you will probly get a Yamame, if you have over 20 CBS then you are 
getting a Big Yamame.Now its time for the CAS, you have to count fast to get how 
many CAS, if you get 10 clcks or less you will get the least rare fish.
(already named in the CBS part.)
11-14 clicks you are going to get a Big Huchep, and 15-25 you are going to get
a Yamame, and 25-40 your getting a Big Yamame.

For downriver just like upriver five CBS are the least rare fish(Colombos, 
Snelts.)If you get around six CBS you will get a Rainbob or a Big Rainbob.
If you get over 10 CBS then you will probly get a SharShark, if you get over 
twenty CBS then you wil get a Big SharShark.Now for the CAS 10 and under are 
least rare fish, 11-14 are Rainbobs and Big Rainbobs, and 15-25 are SharSharks,
and 25-40 CAS means your getting a Big SharShark.
I don't have the clicks for Arnas, because I don't fish in the Swamp, you 
can find those out yourself.If your looking for best selling fish, fish 
downstream for SharSharks, but if want to know the best selling fish in all,I'd
fish upstream.

*all Information may not be correct (clicks for the best fish like Sharsharks
and Yamames)

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