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sonic adventure 2 battle codes


1. costumes
2. cars
3. green hill
4. super/hyper
5. secret charectors
6. choa


sonic, shadow, knuckels, tails, dr eggman, and rouge have diffrent costumes.
Just get an A rank on all there missions. [not including cannons core]


every charector has a secret car. To get them, complete all there missions.
[No A rank and no cannons core]

green hill

collect 180 emblems to get the green hill stage from the original sonic.

to unlock super sonic and hyper shadow, beat every mission on cannons core.

secret charectors
when you collect 180 emblems, you get allot of secret charectors! here they are!

                   hero            1                 dark
            sonic                  1               shadow
            tails                  1               dr eggman
            knuckles               1               rouge
            amy                    1               metal sonic
            good choa              1               bad choa
            space sonic            1               space shadow
            space tails            1               space eggman
            space knuckles         1               space rouge
            mecha sonic            1               choas zero


hero chao

pick a choa and raise it with sonic.

angel choa

pick a hero choa and raise it with sonic.

sonic choa

pick a choa and only give it green choas drives with sonic.

dark choa

pick a choa and raise it with shadow.

devil choa

pick a dark choa and raise it with shadow.

shadow choa

pick a choa and give it only green choas drives with shadow.


I would advise you to go play that game and stop wasting your life in front of a 
computer! go go go!    

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