Color Hack - Guide for Wild Ones

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How to make your pet color hacked in Facebook’s Wild Ones! 

What you need:

• Cheat Engine 5. 6 or higher

• How to use the Cheat Engine (It will help you understand this)

Step 1)  Go on Wild Ones and go to your pet shop, buy any pet you want and stay in 
the editing pet section. (Your pet should be on default; Main Color: Grey; Detail 
Color: Grey)

Step 2) Open Cheat Engine and target your browser. 

Step 3) In Cheat Engine, check hex and type the code 6C6C6C and then click First 

Step 4) Go back to Wild Ones and change your pet's main color to black. 

Step 5) Go back again in Cheat Engine, type the code 000000 (6 zeros) and then click 
Next Scan. 

Step 6) You will see two addresses left in Wild Ones right? , double click both of them 
and the addresses will go down. 

Step 7) Right click both of the value in the two addresses '0x00000000' and change it 
to '0x20000000' (Black body and red outline). 

Step 8) Just go back to Wild Ones and buy your pet and viola! 

Step 9) Go and have fun with your pet! 

Note: There are a lot of color codes that you may use to color hack your pet, like 
0x200000FF (Blue body and pink outline), just ask a friendly hacker (like me) out 
there, and he'll give you codes.

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