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Section 1.1= Intro
Section 1.2= Legal Info

Section 2.1= Dogfighting
Section 2.2= Air Ambushes
Section 2.3= Weapons and When to Use them.

Section 3.1= Ground Attack
Section 3.2= Naval Attack
Section 3.3= Weapons and When to use them.

Section 4.1= Credit and Information Sources


Section 1.1

This guide will teach you the basics of battle for ALL of the Ace Combat 
games. I hope that you find this guide useful. Please contact me if any 
information is missing or incorrect.

Section 1.2

This Walkthrough is not to be Copied wihtout the given consent of it's Author. 
Take the time to ask, and you'll be fine.

Section 2.1

There are five basics in dogfighting

1. Keep it slow, always take Agility over Speed(Unless you target is escaping)
2. Always keep maneuvering, don't give your enemy a chance to lock you up.
3. Look after your wingmen.
4. Keep a check on you 6 o' clock.
5. Don't fire unless you are between you enemy's 5 and 7 o' clock

Following these basics will help you win the day.

The following Aircraft are well suited to Dogfights.

Su-27, Su-37
Su-47, S-32

Section 2.2

When in an Air Ambush, you will more than likely encounter bombers or attack 
planes. Here are the rules to Air Ambushes.

1. You want to be Fast and Agile
2. Equip your plane with long range missiles
3. Try to be fast in downing bombers and attack planes.

Following these will ensure that no bombs are dropped on your friends down 

Here are some Aircraft well suited to Air Ambushes.


Section 2.3

There are a wide variety of weapons in some of the Ace Combat games. this 
section will show you when to Use them.

QAAM: Quick Maneuver Air to Air Missile >~~~~~~~~~~~x>

Use this when your target is a High-Tech Fighter (i.e. Su-37). Short range, 
but very powerful.

SAAM: Semi-Active Air to Air Missile >)--------x>

Use this to thin out enemy fighters at a distance or Take down bombers. Long 
range, and very powerful. *Must keep missile in targeting reticle for missile 
to track.*

XMAA and XLAA: >===============x>x>x>x>

Medium and Long Range, Very powerful, but easy to avoid at max range. Also 
useful in taking down bombers.

Section 3.1

When attacking Ground Targets, you find yourself at low-altitude. This puts 
you in danger of Anti-Arcraft weapons and SAMs. There are five basics to Air 
to Ground combat.

1. Watch your altitude, you don't want to crash.
2. Keep an eye peeled for AA guns or SAMs.
3. Try to attack targets in a pattern. Keep it simple though.
4. Keep a check on you six, fighters might try to sneak up on you.
5. Find a comfortable speed and keep it. Go too slow and you'll get eat up 
with AA fire, go too fast and you'll miss you target(s).

If you do not follow these, you'll have a tough time busting tanks.

Section 3.2

When attacking a Naval Target, you find yourself flying at many altitudes, 
dealing with fighters, and Anti-Aircraft fire. Here are the basics of Naval 

1. Use long range Missiles t odeal with the ships.
2. Keep maneuvering to avoid missiles and gunfire.
3. deal with the fighters AFTER you destroy the ships.

Section 3.3

There are many weapons to choose from. Ranging from dumb bombs to Anti-Ship 

UGBs: Unguided bombs, these bombs can do moderate to heavy damage.

CLB: CLuster bombs, these bombs release smaller munitions as they fall. good 
for clearing a Wide area.

GPB: Guided Bombs, these bombs home in on thier target to deal max damage. 
Good against bunkers and ships.

BDSP: Bomblet Dispenser, this device scatters smaller bombs out over a 
straight line. Good against lined up targets.

FEAB: Fuel-Air Bomb, this bomb dispenses fuel out into the air to ceate a 
massive explosion. Good against targets that are high in number.

LASM: Anti-Ship/Surface Missile, this missile flies low and fast to kill it's 
target. Good against ships and Targets you don't want to get close to.

XAGM: Anti-Tank missile. this missile flies over it's target before swooping 
into a vertical dive. Excellent against Tanks, Pillboxes, and AA weapons.

Section 4.1

Weapon Information: Direct from Game
General Information:,

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