Combat Stragety Guide - Guide for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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Legend Of Zelda: 

Twillight Princess Fight Guide

This guide will help you stay alive in temples alot longer then normally, and

trust me, i know how annoying it is to be at the boss fianally and have no 

and lets say, only one bottle and one fairy?Well the only thing to do then is 
to find 

some health right? wrong!!! Most bosses have health and fairy's in their lairs 
most bosses don't directly attack you, so you have some time to try and find

those lovly spot's were the health is. If you have more then one bottle, i 

stocking up on fary's or blue potion from the death mountain village

befor ever attempting to beat a temple, boss or going into a new area.

Now, when you are fighting multipl enemy's, all you have to do is get locked 
on to one of them and atfer you kill that monster you will auto-target the 
nearest enemy. After u kill one, i usually jump attack to the nest enemy and 
then move the knumbchuck around for a spin attack to knock most of the enemy's 
back to give you some time to get oriented after you spin like madd =] ya'll 
know what i mean, just attack like madd! 

When Fighting Mini bosses run around for a while, (unless you already know its 
weakness) and try to figure out how it attacks, how to dodge it's attacks and 
how to actually hurt it. The best way to find an enemy's weakness is to try 
many different combo's on it. the more you try the more u might suceed. Try 
and attack all part's of the mini-bosss, or just z-target it, bc usually when 
you z-target a mini boss, the lock places is it's weak spot ( as well as in 
all the other zelda games )

well, happy gaming and stay alive!!


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