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X-Men Children of the Atom: Combo FAQ by BAD WOLF [[email protected]] v1.2

I played this game avidly in the arcades when it was hot (way back in 1994-
1995), and I had a lot of good combos and strategies for all the characters.  
Unfortunately, the X-Men COTA move system was not very understood back then and 
Marvel Superheroes pushed this game out of the spotlight before it was well 
I want to say 3 things before telling you guys everything I know:  

(1) If you are coming from the versus series games back to COTA for some old 
time fun, know that this game is probably the fairest of all - no infinites 
(although there are 100% damage combos but hard to set up), no dominating moves 
or characters, just a battle of pure skills - Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is 
ridiculously easy to learn and get good at because it's so easy to play.  Long-
winded, flashy combos are fiendishly difficult to do in COTA (but with some help 
from me you'll get it, haha).  Play this game just for a little bit, and you'll 
appreciate what a good combo can be (not like the easy 15 hitters in the newer 
games).  This game is slower paced than the rest of the series, and as a result 
you get more time to think.  "Newbie button mash" wins rarely occur if someone 
is thinking.

(2) This FAQ is for everyone, but don't rip it off.  Have some integrity.

(3) I have listed 100% damage combos for some characters, including a movelist 
and a step by step guide.
These combos are done on the arcade at the medium (default) damage 
setting, and definitely work on characters with size and weight similar to 
Cyclops.  They can probably be adjusted to work on the extremely large 
characters and the extremely small characters.

Anyways, here we go....


Most of you veterans can skip over this

Punch/kick notation:

I'll use the old school SF notation

Weak punch: Jab
Medium punch: Strong
Hard punch: Fierce
Weak kick: Short
Medium kick: Forward
Hard kick: Roundhouse

Movement notation

D: Dashing
C: Crouching
SJ: Super Jumping
J: Jumping
DJ: Double Jumping
XX: Cancel the move before this with the move after this
OTG: Attack your opponent while he is down

Differences between this game and the versus series games:

1. Normal moves can be interrupted with normal moves if they follow in the 
chain, can be interrupted anytime, can be interrupted regardless of whether they 
hit or not.  
Translation:  If your character has a Jab-Strong-Fierce combo chain, you can 
press them one after the other and they will chain whether you are hitting your 
opponent or thin air - you can interrupt a move even before its done with 
another normal move in the chain, etc.

2. Normal moves can be interrupted with super jumps.

3. There is no official "air combo" - to go up in the air with your opponent 
after launching him, you must press the lever Down-Up motion instead of just 
holding up after a launching attack.

4. Rolling and throw counters - Rolling is now done with lever direction + 3 
punches (in the direction you want to roll) when you are lying down on the 
ground.  Throw countering is done the same way as in other games (towards + 
Strong/Fierce as you are thrown).  More on this later.

5. Getting up from the ground - this can be interrupted by a special move or a 
super move.  
Translation: you can use a super or special move to "get up" ANYTIME you want.  
Example:  You sweep me (Wolverine).  I'm on the floor, and I do a Berserker 
Barrage - it will come out right away regardless of whether I've gotten up or 
not.  Same goes for special moves done in this way.  High priority moves are 
very powerful in this capacity.

6. Throws are very powerful in this game, as they are able to set up the most 
powerful combos.  They are not simply a means to punish a blocking opponent or 
"to be cheap".  Don't hesitate to throw, and watch out for throws yourself.  
More on this later, as throwing is a complete strategy of its own in this game 
(unlike the versus games).

7. Your super bar is not filled up by simply executing normal moves.  You must 
hit your opponent or do special moves to charge it.

8. When you do a super, you super bar is not drained immediately, it drains as 
the super plays out - if you are interrupted in your super, you won't lose the 
whole bar.

9. The combo system is not quite as refined as the later series.  Some moves, 
while not registering on the combometer as extra hits, are obviously unblockable 
from the previous hits.  On the other hand, the combometer may record some hits 
as a "combo" when there was actually a chance to block the hits.  I'm old school 
so I use the definition of "being unblockable in a series of moves" as a move 
that combos (as opposed to "raising the little hit counter").  Trust this FAQ.

Throwing and Escape Maneuvers:

** In this game, you take damage twice from a throw.
First is from the throw itself (which you avoid by throw countering)
Second is from hitting the ground (which you avoid by doing a safe fall)

Safety Roll:  When knocked down, press left/right + 3 punch to roll in that 

Safe Fall: When thrown, Down+3Punch
Throw Counter: Towards+Strong/Fierce when thrown

*Notes on throws and throw counters*

Throw counters and safe falls cost half a super bar to execute.

Some characters have offensive throw counters, where they will avoid being 
thrown, and at the same time, throw the enemy back - Iceman, Psylocke, Sentinel, 
and Colossus have these types of counters.  These counter throws count as 
throws, and can be countered like normal throws.

Characters without offensive throw counters are able to do safe falls (avoid 
taking bounce damage).  Their throw counters will merely allow them to escape 
being thrown. These are:  Cyclops, Wolverine, Spiral, Silver Samurai, and Storm.

No character has both an offensive throw counter and a safe fall.

Throwing is important in this game and can be included in a combo because no 
escape is possible without half a super meter!

General Strategies:

- If your opponent blocks your normal moves up close, cancel with a super jump    
to avoid retaliation on your whiffed combos

- Throwing is important to this game, so you better do it

- If you are near a fallen opponent, OTG or back off but do not wait for them to 
get up, since getting up can be canceled with a special/move and you will be in 
for a very nasty surprise if they get up with a super.

- If you get knocked down, roll immediately or cancel the get-up process with a 
high priority move.

- Execute safe falls or throw counters always, to prevent nasty follow-up 

The Combos:


*Special Moves*

Optic Blast: D, D/F, F, Punch
Punch strength varies the direction of the beam.

Gene Splice: (Ground Only) F, D, D/F, Punch
Punch Strength varies the forward travel of the move and the number of hits you 
can do, press punch repeatedly to score more hits.

Running Tackle: (Ground Only) F, F, Fierce+Roundhouse
This is a throwing move, it's unblockable.

Rapid Punches: (Ground Only) F, F, Jab+Short
Press punch repeatedly to score more hits.

*Super Moves*

Tracking Beam:  D, D/B, B, Punch - guide the beam with the lever (Full Bar)
Punch strength has no effect on this move

Mega Optic Blast: D, D/F, F, 3Punch (Full Bar) (Ground Only)

Ground Combo Chain: Weak, Medium, Hard
Jumping Combo Chain: 2 Hit Weak to Hard (any 2 attacks in ascending order of 
strength will chain)
Super Jump Chain: Weak, Medium, Hard

*Useful combos*

S. Fierce XX Gene Splice
S. Short, S. Forward, S. Roundhouse

*Flashy combos*

In corner, Strong Throw, S. Strong, SJ. Roundhouse,(double jump) DJ. Roundhouse, 
DJ. Down+Short, DJ. Down+Strong, DJ. Roundhouse
This combo has a very high chance of dizzying your opponent


Cyclops can double jump.  Throw whenever possible, and follow it up with a 
super, optic blast, gene splice, or a variation of the flashy combo described 
above.  His S. Roundhouse can be pressed twice for a 2-hit flash-kick.  All of 
Cyclops' air attacks except for Jab have an alternate version which you can get 
by holding Down while pressing the button.


*Special Moves*

Drill Claw: Direction + Punch+Kick(of same strength)
Strength of punch&kick used controls speed, range.

Tornado Claw: (Ground Only) F, D, D/F, Punch
Punch varies height, number of hits, horizontal range

*Super Moves*

Berserker Barrage:  D, D/F, F, 3Punch (Full Bar) (Ground Only)

Healing Factor: D, D/B, B, 3Kick (Ground Only)

Berserker Speed: D, D/B, B, 3Punch (Ground Only)

Ground Combo Chain:  Any kick to any punch
Jumping Combo Chain:  Any kick to any punch
Super Jumping Chain:  Short, Jab, Forward, Strong, Roundhouse, Fierce

*Basic combos*

S. Forward, S. Forward, S. Fierce, XX Drill Claw

C. Roundhouse, S. Fierce, XX Drill Claw (DIZZY COMBO)

C. Roundhouse, C. Fierce (2 hit), XX Berserker Barrage, Tornado Claw (can add 
tornado claw in corner only)

*Flashy combos*

In corner, S. Roundhouse, SJ. Jab, SJ. Strong, SJ. Roundhouse, SJ. Fierce

In corner, S. Roundhouse, SJ. Short, SJ. Jab, SJ. Strong, SJ. Strong, SJ. 
Roundhouse (2 hit), SJ. Fierce, XX Drill Claw (diag down)
Works best on opponents Cyclops-sized and larger.


Wolverine can bounce off walls.  Whenever you do a Strong Throw, (he claws, then 
flips the guy over his head), follow up with the dizzy combo listed above.  
Actually, abuse his dizzy combo.  His Air Down+Forward kick is a straight down 
head-stomp, which can be cancelled with a drill claw.  You can sometimes add 
this to his flashy combo #2 for an extra hit if you are close enough.  His 
Strong Throw is superior to his Fierce Throw, because it gives you a good OTG 

*100% Damage Combo*

Setup - Start with you in the corner, full super meter, and your opponent right 
in front of you

Strong throw (they will get thrown into the corner), OTG C. Roundhouse, C. 
Fierce(2hit) XX Fierce Tornado Claw, !opponent is now dizzy! you are now back in 
the corner.  Strong throw (they will get thrown into corner again), OTG C. 
Roundhouse, C. Fierce (2hit) XX Berserker Barrage, S. Roundhouse, SJ. Short, SJ. 
Jab, SJ. Strong, SJ. Strong, SJ. Roundhouse(2hit), SJ. Fierce XX Drill Claw 
(diag down)

Step-by-step: Strong throw is a must to start, and MASH THE BUTTONS!!  If you 
don't, you won't score enough damage to kill them at the end.  OTG with C. 
Roundhouse, add the Fierce, and make sure the Fierce hits twice!  Cancel the 
Fierce into a Fierce Tornado Claw - MASH THE BUTTONS.  If you did exactly as I 
said, they will be dizzy.  Fierce Tornado Claw is critical since you will cross 
them up so you will end up in the corner again.  Strong throw again and MASH!
C. Roundhouse, C. Fierce again and make sure the Fierce hits twice, then 
Berserker Barrage and MASH THE BUTTONS!  They will get thrown in the air at the 
end, and you will be able to catch them on their way down with a S. Roundhouse.  
Super Jump after them and perform the final chain and they are dead!

Omega Red:

*Special Moves*

Carbnadium Coil: D, D/F, F, Punch
Punch varies direction, tap punch after catching to drain life, tap kick to 
drain super meter, stick direction + punch to throw - can slam on ground twice 
by motioning D+punch twice.

Air Carbnadium Coil:  D, D/F, F, Any punch or kick
Button used varies direction, same control as above

** The Carbnadium Coil can be escaped as if it were a throw (using a throw 
counter motion)

Omega Strike:  (Ground Only) D, D/F, F, Kick
Kick strength varies direction, press B+kick to return to starting position, 
D+kick to end move.

*Super Moves*

Omega Destroyer: D, D/F, F, 3Punch (Full Bar)(Ground Only)
*Opinion* Probably the best super in the game, inescapable, high damage, high 
block damage, and can be used in OTG combos, doesn't drain your meter quickly 

Ground Combo Chain: Any punch to any kick
Jumping Combo Chain: Any punch to any kick
Super Jumping Chain: Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse

*Combos* (he doesn't have many useful ones)

In corner, Dash, C. Fierce, S. Roundhouse, Strong Coil, Energy Drain, Throw into 
corner, OTG

In Corner, S. Strong, SJ, Air Dash, SJ. Jab, SJ. Fierce, SJ Roundhouse, 
Carbnadium Coil, Drain, Throw
*WARNING* This combo is VERY difficult.  Strong knocks them up, you need to 
super jump and air dash just after you leave the ground, so you are only a tiny 
little bit off the floor as you start your dash, then you have to press the rest 
of the combo as FAST as possible and then watch the position of your opponent so 
you know what direction coil to throw.


Omega Red can air-dash.  Whenever the opponent is knocked down, always jump to 
catch them OTG with the coil, or OTG with Omega Destroyer.  Whenever you throw 
and are near the corner, either coil them or super them.  Always use the Fierce 
throw (the body slam).  The Omega Destroyer is an excellent OTG move.  If your 
opponent is running low on life, catch him with the coil, throw straight up, 
then position yourself underneath him and perform the Omega Destroyer such that 
it begins when your opponent is just above your head - he will take block damage 
from TWO sets of coils (and you know how much block damage from ONE set of coils 
Probably one of the more important coil strategies is to drain your opponent's 
super meter instead of his life bard when he's got a full super.  Sounds 
obvious, but its very effective and very annoying :)

*100% Damage Combo*

Setup:  You with a full super, your opponent in the corner.  This combo only 
does 100% if your opponent does not roll.

J. Fierce, C. Fierce (6 hits), S. Roundhouse XX Strong Carbnadium Coil, Drain, 
Coil throw X2, OTG S. Fierce !opponent is dizzy! Dash next to opponent, Omega 
Destroyer, Jump, Air Dash over opponent, OTG Roundhouse Carbnadium Coil, Drain, 
Throw, OTG S. Fierce

Step by step:  Dash in with a J. Fierce, when you land, do a C. Fierce and make 
sure it hits at least 6 times (watch the combometer for when it reads 7 or 8), 
cancel into a S. Roundhouse when your Fierce has hit enough times, then Strong 
Coil to catch them - drain them for as long as possible, then for the throw,
hold the stick directly down while pressing punch quickly to slam them into the 
ground twice.  OTG with S. Fierce and they should be dizzy.  If they aren't then 
you weren't hitting enough in the previous combo.  Run up and Omega Destroyer.  
Now if they roll, they can escape the next part of the combo.  If they can't, 
air dash over their body, do an OTG Coil straight down to catch them, drain for 
as long as possible, then throw them straight down.  OTG with S. Fierce when you 
land to finish them.


*Special Moves*

Psi Blast: D, D/F, F, Punch
Punch strength varies direction of blast

Psi Blade Spin: D, D/F, F, Kick
Kick strength varies direction of spin, can do 3 spins consecutively by 
interrupting a spin with the a kick of a different strength (D, D/F, F, Short, 
she spins, Forward, she spins, Roundhouse, she spins)

Taunt: Start

*Super Moves*

Psi-Thrust: D, D/F, F, 3Punch (Full Bar)
Press Direction+3Punch during the move to change directions

NinJutu: D, D/B, B, 3Punch (Ground Only)
Hold a punch or kick after you do the motion to determine which image is the 
real one.
Press Start to taunt during the Ninjutu - then press and hold one of the 6 
buttons for the duration of the taunt
to change the position of the real Psylocke - each button corresponds to a 
different image.

Ground Combo Chain: Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse
Jumping Combo Chain: Any punch to any kick
Super Jumping Chain: Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse

*Useful combos*

C. Short, C. Strong, C. Roundhouse, OTG Jab Psi Blast

Dash, S. Jab, S. Short, S. Strong, S. Fierce

*Flashy Combos*

In corner, Dash, S. Jab, S. Short, S. Strong, S. Forward, S. Fierce, S. 
Roundhouse XX Psi Blade Spin x3

Dash, C. Short, C. Fierce, SJ. Jab, SJ. Short, XX SJ. Psi Blade Spin x3


Psylocke can double jump.  OTG always with a Jab Psi-Blast - they do very high 
damage.  Psylocke has an offensive throw counter – she will grab her opponent 
and give them a small kick.  On the ground, F or B+Roundhouse will make her move 
forwards or backwards slightly before kicking.


*Special Moves*

Ice Beam: D, D/F, F, Punch
Punch strength varies beam direction

Ice Avalanche: Punch + Kick (of same strength)
Button strength varies location where ball will drop

*Super Moves*

Ice Fist:  D, D/B, B, 3Punch (Ground Only)

Arctic Attack: D, D/F, F, 3Punch (Full Bar)

Ground combo chain: Any punch to any kick
Jumping combo chain: Any punch to any kick
Super Jump chain: Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse

*Combos* (he doesn't have many besides basic chains)

In corner, Dash, S. Fierce, S. Roundhouse, XX Arctic Attack, J. Fierce (as he 
comes down) - after 
this combo, one more hit will dizzy him

Dash, C. Roundhouse, SJ. Jab, SJ. Strong, SJ. Forward, SJ. Fierce

Dash, S. Strong, S. Roundhouse XX Strong Ice Beam


Iceman takes no block damage and will not be pushed back by most energy attacks 
- including optic blasts, optic blast supers, Sentinel's Plasma Storm, and 
Psylocke's Psi-Blast.  His strong throw (Freeze) is one of the most potent 
in the game - unfortunately you cannot control the direction of the throw, it 
will always be in the direction you are facing.  Quickly follow a throw with a 
Fierce, Roundhouse, Ice Beam chain, or any combo listed above.  In the air, 
Down+Fierce will result in Iceman throwing a ball of ice downwards.  In the air, 
Down+Roundhouse will result in a downwards kick attack with good forward range
The above 2 attacks can be chained for a good jump-in combo.  Iceman has an 
offensive throw counter, similar to his Strong throw (Freeze) but the opponent 
is thrown onto the ground instead of being frozen in place.

*100% Damage Combo*

Setup: Your opponent in the corner, you right next to them with a full super 

Strong Throw, J. Fierce, J. Roundhouse, S. Roundhouse XX Arctic Attack, Dash S. 
Fierce XX Medium Ice Avalanche !opponent is dizzy! Strong Throw, Ice Fist 
activation, Dash C. Roundhouse, SJ. Jab, SJ. Strong, SJ. Fierce

Step by step: Strong throw to freeze and get some extra damage, then jump in, 
chain the J. Fierce and J. Roundhouse together, and press S. Roundhouse as soon 
as you hit the ground, AND CANCEL INTO ARCTIC ATTACK as FAST AS YOU CAN.  If you
are a little slow with this, they will be able to block your super and you won't 
be able to finish the combo.  As they fall from the Arctic Attack, dash in and 
hit them out of the air with S. Fierce, and cancel into the Strong+Forward Ice 
Avalanche.  The Avalanche is not supposed to hit them!  You need to do it so you 
have enough super meter to do an Ice Fist later.  Your opponent will be dizzy 
after the Dash S. Fierce, now Strong Throw them to freeze, then activate the Ice 
Fist, dash and launch them with S. Roundhouse, and do the last air chain to 
finish them off.

Silver Samurai:

*Special Moves*

Shuriken: D, D/F, F, Punch
Punchs strength varies projectile speed - can guide projectile with joystick

Rapid sword slash:  Punch repeatedly, or F, D, D/F, Punch (Ground Only)
Punch strength does not matter, can tap F, F during the move to dash

*Super moves*

Raimeiken:  D, D/F, F, 3Punch (Full Bar)

Multi-Images:  D, D/B, B, 3Kick (Ground Only)

Elemental Sword: D, D/B, B, Punch (Jab: Fire, Strong: Ice, Fierce: Lightning) 
(Ground Only)

Phase Out: D, D/F, F, Kick

Super Shuriken:  D, D/B, B, 3Punch (Full Bar) (Ground Only)
Can guide the shurikens with the lever

Ground combo chain: 2 hit, weak attack start to any other attack
Jumping combo chain: 2 hit, weak attack start to any other attack
Super jump chain: 2 hit, weak attack start to any other attack

*Useful Combos* (as you can see he really isn't a comboing kind of guy)

C. Short, C. Fierce XX Shuriken (or Super Shuriken or Raimeiken if in the 

*Flashy Combos*

A little bit away from the corner:  S. Roundhouse, XX Jab Shuriken, S. 
Roundhouse, XX Jab Shuriken, S. Fierce


Silver Samurai's Fierce throw is preferred - follow it up with any standard OTG, 
Super Shurikens, Raimeiken, or take advantage of the time to activate one of his 
power-up supers.  Many of his attacks have 2 steps:
His S. Strong has a downslice, then an upslice - His S. Fierce has a big hit 
upwards, and if you press Fierce again, it will tack on a low hit after (see 
100% combo below)
Silver Samurai's Standing Jabs chain into each other.
Silver Samurai's normal attacks do block damage (all of them).  Use this to your 
advantage.  End all whiffed combos with a Shuriken, as you have good recovery 
time and it does good block damage.  You should frequently attack with a barrage 
of Standing Jabs, as they will do good damage even if blocked :).

*100% Damage Combo*

Setup: You with a full super meter, your opponent in the corner.

Activate Multi-Images, activate Ice Sword, J. Fierce, S. Fierce (2hit) - 
opponent will be frozen.  Dash J. Short, J. Fierce,
(opponent is frozen) S. Fierce !opponent is dizzy! Dash J. Short, J. Fierce, 
Dash J. Short, J. Fierce ..... about 5 times.  When they have very little life 
left, tack on a S. Fierce to the end of the 2 hit chain to finish them off

Step by step: Make sure your Multi and your Ice is active, J. Fierce, S. Fierce, 
and press the S. Fierce to get another hit, which is like many extra hits with 
the multi images on, and your opponent will be frozen.  Now dash with J. Short, 
J. Fierce chained in the air to hit and refreeze your opponent, wait just a sec 
and then S. Fierce.  The reason you wait is so that the S. Fierce does not combo 
with the 2 jump-in hits, letting it do more damage (he's frozen anyways so 
you'll get the hit). Now the tricky part - you must do the J. Short, J. Fierce 
chain repeatedly, which incidentally refreezes them every time so you can do it 
again.  It only works because J. Short is a kick, NOT a sword attack.  The kick 
thaws the opponent out, the chained J. Fierce refreezes them.  Do as many as you 
can before the Ice Sword runs outt, you should have just enough time.  On the 
last chain when they are low on power, hit them with S. Fierce to finish them 


*Special Moves*

Dancing Sword:  F, D/F, D, D/B, B, 3Punch
Punch to throw one sword forward, D, D/F, F, Punch to throw all - punch strength 
varies direction

Quick Fall:  D, D/B, B, Fierce (Air Only)

*Super Moves*

Mega Morph: D, D/F, F, 3Punch, Punch when close to grab (Full Bar)
The grab is unblockable.

Power up dances:  D, D/B, B, Kick (Short: Strength, Forward: Speed, Roundhouse: 
Invisible) (Ground Only)

Position Switch: D, D/B, B, Jab

Teleport to Center: D, D/B, B, Strong

Special Knife Throw:  Activate Dancing Sword, D, D/B, B, Kick (Short: Spread 
Forward: Ring, Roundhouse: Seeker) - these moves require you to have half a bar 
to be able to execute, but they drain very little super energy by themselves

Ground combo chain: Any kick to any punch
Jumping combo chain: Any kick to any punch
Super jumping chain: Weak, Medium, Hard

*Useful combos*

S. Short, S. Fierce

S. Forward, SJ. Jab, SJ. Fierce


If you are able to land a ground or air Fierce throw, Spiral will jump up, lift 
the opponent over her head, then throw them down - you can move in close to 
their falling body and catch them with another throw, which can then be followed 
up by an air attack or an OTG.
Her normal jump is very slow but her super jump is very fast - try not to do 
normal jumps too excessively.
In the air, Down + Fierce is a downwards swipe (good for jump-in) while a 
neutral Fierce is a forward attack with 3 arms.
OTG always with S. Fierce
Spiral's Safe Fall is a teleport to center.

*100% Damage Combo*

Setup: You with full super meter, opponent in corner

S. Forward, SJ. Jab, SJ. Strong XX Mega Morph Activation, Mega Morph Grab, 
(land) S. Forward, SJ. Jab, SJ. Strong,
SJ. Roundhouse !opponent is dizzy! S. Forward, SJ. Jab, SJ. Forward, SJ. 
Roundhouse, SJ. Forward, SJ. Roundhouse

Step by step:  Pretty straight-forward, launch with S. Forward, do the 2 punch 
chain, cancel into Mega Morph Activation and make sure it hits (just try to be 
as close as possible), then grab them as they fall with the super grab (try to
get it as high as possible).  You land before they do, so S. Forward to relaunch 
them, do the 3 hit chain and they will be dizzy!  Now, launch them again, do SJ. 
Jab, SJ. Forward, SJ. Roundhouse - the Roundhouse stuns them long enough for
you to tack on a SJ. Forward, SJ. Roundhouse to the combo, which finishes them!

Important note about Spiral's air chains – After pressing S. Forward to launch 
them, Super Jump after them as fast as you can, and press Jab to start the combo 
AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  Spiral's S. Forward does not stun them much so you have a 
pretty small window to hit them in the air before they can block again.


*Special Moves*

Shoulder Charge:  D, D/F, F, Kick (Ground Only)
Kick strength controls the speed and angle

Spinning Throw:  D, D/F, F, Punch (Ground Only)
Spin the joystick during the windup to do more damage

Ground Lift:  Over fallen opponent, D+Punch

*Super Moves*

Super Armor: D, D/B, B, 3Punch (Ground Only)

Dive Bomb: D, D/F, F, 3Punch, Punch again to dive (Full Bar)

Ground combo chain: 2 hit, weak start to any attack
Jumping combo chain: 2 hit, weak start to any attack
Super jump combo chain: Any kick to any punch


C. Roundhouse, OTG Short Shoulder Charge

S. Short, S. Roundhouse, SJ. Roundhouse, SJ. Fierce (this combo does incredible 
damage for so few hits)

C. Roundhouse XX Dive Bomb, press punch immediately to dive and OTG


Throw like crazy, even more so than with the others.  Always use the Strong 
Throw (piledriver), dash up to their fallen body, pick it up again with the 
ground lift, then do a C. Roundhouse, OTG Short Charge.  Always either lift 
fallen opponents or OTG them with the Roundhouse + Charge combo
Colossus's normal attacks do block damage.  Abuse this :)
DO NOT (I repeat) DO NOT concentrate on doing combos with Colossus!  Concentrate 
on THROWING.  That's what your super armor is for

*100% Damage Combo*

Setup: You with a full super meter, opponent in the corner

J. Down+Fierce, S. Roundhouse, SJ. Roundhouse, SJ. Fierce !opponent is dizzy! S. 
Short, S. Roundhouse XX Power Bomb
(hit the opponent on way up), Dive (hit opponent on the way down), OTG C. 
Roundhouse XX Short Charge

Step by step:  J. Down+Fierce, S. Roundhouse to launch and do incredible damage.  
The hard part is scoring the 2 hit chain
in the air - make sure you press Roundhouse as soon as you leave the ground for 
the super jump, let it hit, then chain a
SJ. Fierce onto it.  Now they are dizzy, hit with S. Short, S. Roundhouse to 
launch, cancel into the Power Bomb.  Hit them
once on the way up, then dive down for another hit.  Press Punch to dive AS SOON 
AS POSSIBLE - you need to dive hit them
in midair not OTG or else they will be able to easily escape the last 2 hits! 
OTG them with C. Roundhouse canceled into a Charge to finish.


*Special Moves*

Typhoon: D, D/F, F, Punch

Flying Thunder Attack: Direction + Punch+Kick (Same strength)
Strength of buttons controls speed, can change direction once during move by 
performing the move 
again with different direction

*Super Moves*

Lightning Storm: D, D/F, F, 3Punch (Full Bar)

Hail Storm:  D, D/F, F, Start (Full Bar) (Ground Only)

Flying: D, D/B, B, 3Punch

Wind Control: D, D/F, F, 3Punch (Blow away)  D, D/F, B, 3Punch (Blow towards) 
(Ground Only)

Ground combo chain: Any punch to any kick
Jumping combo chain: Any punch to any kick
Super jump chain: Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse

*Combos* (Storm sucks for combos)

In corner, Dash S. Fierce, S. Forward, XX Typhoon, Dash S. Fierce
If you aren't in the corner, you won't be able to add the last hit

In corner, C. Short, C. Fierce, SJ. Short, SJ. Fierce XX Flying Thunder Attack 


Storm has an 8-way air dash (hold a direction and press 3 punches).  Storm is 
invincible during her ground dash.  She is NOT invincible just at the beginning 
and just at the end.  Storm can slow her falling from a jump by holding Up on 
the joystick.  In the air, Direction + Strong punch will have Storm throw out a 
lightning ball at the direction you choose.  Do not engage in extended close 
range fights with Storm, she is an incredibly good poker and keep-away player.


*Special Moves*

Rocket Punch: D, D/F, F, Punch  (best projectile in the game IMHO)
 Strength of punch varies direction

Sentinel Force: D, D/F, F, Kick (Short: 3 in a row, can guide with lever, 
Forward: Stacked 3 
 straight ahead, Roundhouse: Carpet Bomb)

*Super Moves*

Plasma Storm: D, D/F, F, 3Punch - Press Punch repeatedly to cycle through power 
levels - yellow, light purple, dark purple, blue.  When power level is set, 
press punch repeatedly to fire 2 additional blasts.
(Full Bar) (Ground Only)

Flying:  D, D/B, B, 3Punch

Ground combo chain: 2 hit, weak start to any attack
Jumping combo chain: Any kick to any punch
Super jump chain: Short, Jab, Forward, Strong, Roundhouse, Fierce


The only combo you will ever need to know with this guy

S. Forward XX Fierce Rocket Punch


CANCEL every normal move you do into a correctly directed ROCKET PUNCH.  That's 
the key to playing with Sentinel.  Follow up his air throws with an OTG 
Roundhouse or Rocket Punch.  On the ground, use his Strong throw, and follow it 
up with a C. Roundhouse XX Rocket Punch.  In the air, Down+Fierce will result in 
a rotating body press which may sometimes stun an opponent.  In the air, 
Down+Roundhouse will result in a windmilling foot-blade attack.  This move is 
essential to pressuring an opponent on the ground.
In the air, Down+Strong will result in him dropping downwards with his attack.
In the air, the direction of his J. Forward can be controlled with the joystick.
Sentinel's normal moves do block damage.  (if they didn't, I'd be disappointed)


Revision History

1.2: Corrected some formatting errors, added notes here and there, modified 

1.1: Corrected one of Cyclops' combos, added more notes to Spiral's 100% combo


If you have any questions about the stuff listed here, things to add, etc
E-mail, BAD WOLF [email protected]

 The most importanthing if you wanna past this FAQ to some site or anything DO NO DO 
IT that is except for my permission and do not attempt to make changes,as I have 
almost all the cheat sites and if I find out ‘’you will burn in hell’’,sorry for 
deing such a pain in the ass but it was necessary ,,,enjoy!!!!!

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