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The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess boss guide by Daveizcool

First off, I want 2 say that this game is one of the greatest adventures for 
the Wii. I also want 2 say that it's not ok to copy this FAQ. Please dont copy 
it! It is property of me, Daveizcool. In this FAQ, I will describe all of the 
bosses in TP and how to defeat them, as well as their difficulty (IMO). One 
star is easy, 2 is Ok, 3 is kinda hard, 4 is hard, and 5 is pretty darn hard. 
ok, here is the order of my FAQ:

1. Forest Temple bosses
2. Goron Mines bosses
3. Lakebed Temple bosses
4. Arbiters Grounds bosses
5. Snowpeak Ruins bosses
6. Temple of Time bosses
7. City in the Sky bosses
8. Twilight Palace bosses
9. Hyrule castle bosses

Temple 1: Forest temple bosses***** Location: Faron Woods
=================================== ========= ===========

Mid-boss: Ook the baboon Difficulty: *
------------------------ -----------
This baboon's name is Ook, and he has an item you need. It's called the gale 
boomerang, and u need it to defeat the boss of this temple. When you come into 
this room, Ook will launch the gale boomerang at the ceiling and a few baba 
serphants will fall. go kill them, then turn to face Ook, who is patting his 
butt on top of the pillar. he begins to hop around on the tikis, which are very 
unstable. when he stops to throw the boomerang at you, knock into the 
pillar. he'll fall of and thats your chanse 2 smack that bootey of his! he 
gives a cry, then hops back on the tiki. repeat this 1 or 2 more times, the he 
will slam into the tiki. a bug will fly off his head and explode, returning Ook 
back to normal. he's embarrassed, and hops away. but he 4got the gale 
boomerang! go grab it and use it to get out of Ook's room. do this by hitting 
the fan above the door 3 times.

Big boss: Twilit parasite Diababa Difficulty: **
--------------------------------- -----------
You walk into a huge room with gross purple water in the center. Bubbles start 
to form in this water, and out pops 2 giant deku baba heads! After some 
experience with using the gale boomerand through the whole dungeon, u should 
know that you can lock onto 2 targets at once (you can lock onto up to 4 at a 
time!). do this with first a bombling (those bug-things that blow up) and then 
one of the heads (if u lock onto the head first nothing will happen) if u do it 
right, the head will explode and go back in the water. do the same with the 
other head. Good job, u beat the temple! what i would love to say. after 
waiting a second, the water will bubble again and a bigger head will come out. 
it roars at you, and u see a tongue with an eyeball on it! this is the weak 
spot. however, all of the bomblings left... for now, just run away from 
diababa's few attacks. then, you hear a familiar monkey calling. its Ook, the 
monkey you defeated (yet helped at the same time...weird) a while ago! he's 
holding a bombling, so you should know what to do! lock onto Ook, then one of 
diababa's heads, but i reccomend the main, middle head. if timed right, the 
monster will swallow the bomb and fall to the ground. now is time to give that 
eye a few slashes! after some hurting, diababa will raise its head and start 
spraying some weird kind of slime at you. run away from it, or use the gale 
boomerang to stop him. then lock onto Ook again and use the same tecnique. 
eventually, diababa will give up and then die. his eye falls off of his tongue, 
revealing a heart container! dont forget to take this (if you do forget, just 
go back- it will still be there). diababa will explode, and u will get a piece 
of a fused shadow. good job! now you really beat the temple!

Temple 2: Goron Mines bosses**** Location: Death Mountain
================================ ========= ==============

Mid-boss: Dangoro the goron guard Difficulty: **
--------------------------------- -----------
when you walk into this guys room, he will imediately challenge you. if you 
beat him, he will give you the hero's bow (if your an actuall zelda fan, you 
would know that this is a bow and arrow set)there is only 1 way to beat this 
fat goron, and its easy. when he's about to attack he will raise his arms 
exposing his big belly. This is his weak spot! hit it repeatedly, then he will 
begin to roll. get ready to catch him (oh, and u should really have your iron 
boots on for this part) after you grab him, pull a Super Mario 64 and throw him 
and if your close enough, he will land in the lava. repeat this 2 more times 
and he will let you pass to a door. this leads you to... the hero's bow! try it 
out by shooting the rope that holds the door behind the treasure chest. another 
path is open.

Big boss: Twilit Igniter Fyrus Difficulty: ***
------------------------------ -----------
when you step in this room, you see a giant black...thing in chains. it is 
sleeping and if u go close (link is soooo smart, dont u think?) he will wake 
up, then he will pull on the chains until they finally break, then go on fire! 
hes got rage issues. Fyrus begins to chase you, but if your far enough u should 
launch an arrow at the crystal on his head. he will give a yell, then start 
running around aimlessly. put on your iron boots (the floor is magnetic) and 
pull on the chains. then fyrus will fall and now its time to slash his head. he 
stands up and goes on fire again. repeat this 2 or 3 more times, then he will 
give up. the crystal on his head will explode, revealing a heart container! the 
Twilight around this guy will also explode, and it will turn into another fused 
shadow piece. the mass you just fought will turn into a goron (with hair!!) so 
go and talk to him if you want. he cant remember a thing, not even the fight 
you just had with him 2 seconds ago! good job, u beat another temple!!

Temple 3: Lakebed Temple bosses*** Location: Bottom of Lake Hylia
================================== ========= ====================

Mid-boss: Deku Toad Difficulty: **
------------------- -----------
welcome to yet another huge, circular room, where a few things fall from the 
sky. they are called "Toados eggs", which will hatch into Toados in a second. 
fight the toados that fell and then talk to midna when her icon flashes. she 
has a bad felling and she thinks you should take a look around. look up to see 
where those Toados came from, and u see a huge toad-like thing. some eggs fall 
off of her back, then she notices you. she burps then falls to the floor. she 
shakes off a bunch of baby toados, so spin attack to kill them. she jumps up 
really high, then tries to fall on top of you. RUN!!! if she misses you, she 
will get exhausted and stick her tongue out. go slash it. she will then lift 
her head, then croak. if u have bomb arrows set, then fire a bomb in her mouth. 
she will fall, then stick out her tongue again! slash it. repeat this 1 more 
time, the she will croak (literally!) and burp up sludge. when it clears away, 
it will reveal a chest, containing the clawshot! i think this is one of the 
best weapons in the game.

Big boss: Twilit Aquatic Morpheel Difficulty: ***
--------------------------------- -----------
This boss is some-what related to Morpha, who u fight in Ocarina of Time in the 
dreaded water temple. You appear in a room full of water and Midna explains 
that there's only 1 way to go: Down. put on your iron boots and drop to the 
bottom of the room. as u fall, notice a tentacle lazily waving back and forth 
on the floor. what is that?? wait until you hit the floor. when you do, an 
eyeball will appear in the tentacle, then it will notice you. it goes back 
underground and lots of other tentacles will rise from the ground, along with a 
mouth with a mouth inside that!...gross. the battle begins and the eye comes 
out of the ground again and appears randomly inside one of the tentacles. when 
it does, lock onto it and clawshot it. then give it a good wack from your 
sword. it will hop inside the mouth and millions of bomb fish will come out of 
the mouth. try to avoid them while trying to clawshot the eye. if you clawshot 
a bombfish, quickly get rid of it! after hitting the eye 2 more times, the head 
will sink back into the ground. it looks like you won, but you didn't. sorry if 
i got your hopes up. Morpheel will come out of the ground again-this time with 
its whole body! take off the iron boots and try to keep up with morpheel's eye 
again, which is on his back near his head this time (you can lock onto it from 
pretty far away). if you succesfully clawshot it, you will pull yourself to 
him. start stabbing that eye! after 4 slashes morpheel will throw you off of 
his back. do the same thing but try to avoid the front of his mouth or else you 
will get eaten! after clawshotting onto his back with a total of 3 times, 
morpheel will go wild and smash into the wall--ow! this causes a crack to form 
in the wall, and all the water gets sucked you can guess, the 
eyeexplodes revealing a heart container and morpheel's body explodes revealing 
the last fused shadow piece! Great job, you beat another temple!

Temple 4: Arbiter's Grounds bosses***** Location: Gerudo Desert
======================================= ========= =============

Mid-boss: Death Sword Difficulty: ***
--------------------- -----------
by now, you obviously know that you can change from wolf to human whenever you 
want. this mid-boss tests if you've mastered that! You step into a very dark, 
very quiet, very circular room, with only a sword held down by several ropes. 
go over and swipe at one of the ropes. seemingly, the "sword will get mad" and 
burn all the other ropes holding it down. when the battle starts, it looks like 
theres no way to beat this foe...but there is! transform into a wolf and turn 
your sences on. u see some kind of skeleton/ghost thing holding the sword. the 
only way to hurt him is wait for him to strike at you. if you dodge it he will 
turn solid and now hold (Z) and press (A) to leap onto him. keep on pressing 
(A) until he throws you off of him. quickly transform into human and take out 
either your bow or clawshot. he will fly around and then you hit him with 
either weapon. Death Sword will begin to spin around the room, then appear next 
to you and swing the sword at you. now's your chance to swing your own sword at 
him! slash his head and he will fall, allowing you to hit him some more. he 
will begin to fly around again. use the same tecnique and then Death sword will 
scream and turn into bats or bugs or whatever those things are. they fly away, 
and a passage opens. step inside and open the chest, which has the Spinner in 
it! the Spinner is an item that lets u ride on grooved walls. it also lets u 
ride on sand without sinking! pretty impressive. Use it to leave this room.

Big boss: Twilit Fossil Stallord Difficulty: ****
-------------------------------- -----------
this guy is like a giant dead dragon stuck in the ground. like always, you walk 
into a huge, circular room. It has a skeleton lying in the middle. King Zant 
appears, and he tells you that he's supprised that your still alive...for now. 
he stabs a twilit sword into the beasts head and the skeleton comes back to 
life!!! bring out the Spinner (the sand surrounding him slows you down and ride 
over to Stallord's spine and press (B) when you get over there. his spine breaks
(literally) and he gets mad, like they all do. this time hitting his spine wont 
be so easy! he's called a bunch of staltroops to protect him, who dont hurt you 
but are very annoying. after smacking a few away with your spinner you are able 
to hit his spine again. repeat this 1 more time and Stallord will crumble to 
bits. all of the sand sinks and you step into the pit where it all was. go to 
the center and notice a circular groove here. put in your spinner and keep on 
spinning untill you see a cut scene. but stallord is back to life and now hes 
just a giant floating head! he knocks you off of the pillar and now you have to 
climb all the way back up on your spinner. during the middle of your climb up 
the wall, you will see stallord again, checking up on you. when he sees that 
your almost 2 the top, hes not happy! he begins to launch fireballs at you. 
timely, press (B) to jump off to the other wall. repeat this 3 more times and u 
will be right next to the skull! quickly press (B) and smack into him. DO NOT 
saying, the head falls and now its time to hit the sword. after Stallord's head 
rises again, go back on the wall and attempt to climb up again. this time won't 
be so easy- you have 2 avoid some spiked spinners while climbing this time! If 
one comes near you, press (B) to avoid it and then press it again to get back 
to the circular wall. repeat the steps 2-3 more times to defeating Stallord 
(for real!) and triumph. the sword explodes, revealing a heart container and a 
door opens. this leads to the mirror chamber!
*SPOILER!* This guy may be the defeated Volvagia, boss of the fire temple in 
Ocarina of Time! does anyone see a similarity? such as the song, horns, and 
hair-do? =D

Temple 5: Snowpeak Ruins bosses**** Location: Snowpeak
=================================== ========= ========

Mid-boss: Darkhammer Difficulty: ***
-------------------- -----------
He dosnt have a hammer, yet he's still called this... i dont know why. anyway, 
hes weilding a weapon you will need (and love :P) which is the ball-and-chain. 
He will swing it at you, and this battle might take a while because you really 
dont know when hes gonna throw it at you and sadly, neither do I. my best guess 
is when you are really close to him, but not close that you get hit by it while 
its swinging. when he does eventually throw it at u, circle around him and hit 
his tail. I dont know about you, but I think this is a Lizalfos wearing armor! 
after a few slashes he will get the ball-and-chain back and start swinging it 
again. repeat these steps 3-4 more times and darkhammer will die. grab the ball 
and chain, then move onto the next room. the ball and chain lets you smash 
through all kinds of stuff, including ice walls!

Big boss: Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta Difficulty: ***
---------------------------------- -----------
The nice yeti, Yeta, you used to know has transformed into this red-eyed, sharp-
toothed monster because of the Mirror of Twilight shard. she creates a huge 
case of ice around her, which LOOKS unbreakable. Not to the ball-and-chain! 
Start swinging the ball-and-chain as Blizzeta comes close to you, then let go 
of it. Part of her ice breaks off, and she starts spinning out of controll.Hit 
the ice again, about 7 more times. when you do, Blizzeta smacks into the wall, 
screaming (which sounds very unpleasant). She makes a new ice encasement around 
her, along with ice weapons following her. when they all fall down, try to 
destroy as many ice blocks as you can. then, they will form a circle around 
you. blizzeta is about to fall in the center of it! Hurry and get out of the 
circle! when Blizzeta falls, smash her with the ball-and-chain. repeat this 2 
more times, then Blizzeta will return to Yeta again. Yeto, Yeta's husband, 
charges into the room, then the 2 yetis start saying lovey-dovey blah blah 
blah. when they hug, millions of hearts surround them, until finally the heart 
container pops out! you also get the mirror of twilight shard for all your 

Temple 6: Temple of Time bosses***** Location: Sacred Forest Grove
==================================== ========= ===================

Mid-boss: Darknut Difficulty: ****
----------------- -----------
Sure, this guy has a weird name, but dont mess with him. hes a crazy fighter. 
an easy way to beat him is to use hidden skill #5 (Mortal Draw) Put your sword 
away and when he gets close press (A). then use a shield attack on him. if it 
works, you will be able to use the helm splitter. immediately use this and then 
4 simple slashes. Hes already about half-way done! keep on repeating this until 
all of darknut's armor falls off. he throws his huge sword at you and takes out 
a smaller, lighter one. Time for a change of plans. Instead of using mortal 
draw and helm slpitter, use the back slice. this will only stun him, but then 
give him 4 sword slashes. the battle will be wild, but eventually u will come 
out on top. A gate opens, revealing a chest (as always) open it to find the 
dominion rod! this handy tool will bring any statue to life. use this on the 
statue by the window. U will need him to get to the boss.

Big boss: Twilit Arachnid Armagohma Difficulty: ***
----------------------------------- -----------
What do ya know... Gohma is in this game too! but they changed her a lot- they 
made her an actual spider lol! heres the way to defeat her: have your dominion 
rod out and your heros bow set to (B). Armagohma will begin to walk around on 
the ceiling. get an arrow ready. when she stops she will open her eye. this is 
your chance to hit her! If you dont, she will shoot a laser at you... weird. 
but if you do, she will fall. quickly get the dominion rod out and use it on 
one fo the giant statues in the corners (whichever one she is next to, of 
course). press (B) to pound her stomach. Armagohma will begin to walk up the 
walls back on the ceiling where she lays some eggs (as always) get rid of all 
the baby gohmas. after you kill them all take out another arrow and shoot her 
eye again when shes ready to "Shoop Da Whoop!". You have to do this for a total 
of 3 times. after her body blows up, her eye is still alive! it crawls away 
from you, so shoot it with an arrow. she explodes for the final time, revealing 
a heart container and a Mirror of Twilight shard. only one more to go!

Temple 7: City in the Sky bosses**** Location: Lake Hylia (Use Cannon)
==================================== ========= =======================

Mid-boss: Aeralfoes Difficulty: ***
------------------- -----------
As always, you step into a circular room that is quiet...too quiet. Something 
zooms behind you, then approaches you from the front. he may look funny, but 
this is a foe to be aware of! This is the Aeralfos! Start with taking out your 
clawshot- his shield looks just like a clawshot medalion! when hes about to 
charge at you, he holds up his shield. this is your chance to fire the 
clawshot! the clawshot pulls him to you and you give him a few slashes. if you 
want, use a sield attack and then a helm splitter to get rid of his helmit! 
after some slashes he takes off for the skies again. follow the same tecnique 
as before. after you hit him this time, he will fly out of the room through one 
of the windows. Be careful at choosing which one he comes out of! its always 
random. when you hear wings beating rapidly, hurry up and clawshot his shield 
again. a few slashes later, Aeralfoes falls. a secret passage opens, and u 
clawshot up to it. inside is another clawshot-making your weapon a double 
clawshot!! double clawshot your way out of this room.

Big boss: Twilit Dragon Argarok Difficulty: ****
------------------------------- -----------
this is my favorite boss personally. at the top of the city, a dragon swoops 
down at you. he just missed you! this is Argarok, and hes ready to fight. 
clawshot onto one of the pillars, from one pillar to the next. Argarok gets 
curious, so he begins to follow you. when you get to the top of a pillar, 
clawshot onto his tail and quickly put on your iron boots to bring down the 
dragon. clawshot back to the tower and repeat this 1 or 2 more times. after 
that, half of his armor falls off and you see a crystal on his back. thats his 
weak spot! all of the armor flies off of him, and it starts to rain. this 
brings out the peahats, the flying plant things you clawshot onto. clawshot 
back up the pillar and then clawshot onto a Peahat. watch out- Argarok begins 
to shoot fire at you! clawshot from peahat to peahat, until argarok gets 
exhausted. clawshot onto the crystal on his back and give him a few stabs from 
your sword! he throws you off of him, and you have to climb the tower again. 
repeat this 2 more times. the final time u do this while swinging on the 
peahats, argarok's brain apparently gets bigger and he turns around and blasts 
fire right in your direction! quickly turn around and clawshot on the peahat 
thats behind you. then he will get exhausted again and clawshot onto his back 
for the final time and give him some last sword strikes. Argarok begins to roar 
and then he explodes, revealing the last Mirror shard piece and another heart 
container! now it's off to the mirror chamber in Gerudo Desert to get to the 
Palace of Twilight.

Temple 8 Palace of Twilight bosses**** Location: Gerudo Desert's Mirror Chamber
====================================== ========= ==============================

Mid-bosses: Phantom Zants Difficulty: ***
------------------------- -----------
I put "Mid-bosses" because you fight phantom Zant twice. good news:hes easy 
both times!
  ROUND 1: Phantom Zant appears and he sends a ball of Twilight into the 
sky, making millions of twilit keeses (the bat things) defeat them all, then 
phantom zant will start to make another ball. this is your chance to hit him! 
after a while, he will teleport somewhere else and make another ball. defeat 
the enemies that come out, then hit zant with one last row of hits (depending 
on if u used a jump attack) he will explode into millions of black fog pieces, 
so steer clear. hit the giant hand thats coming out of the ground and it'll let 
go of a glowing ball. this is called a sol. midna explains that its like the 
sun. carry the sol back to the place where you entered, while avoiding the hand 
that was holding it. he will try and take it away from you!
  ROUND 2: PZ(phantom zant)is back and hes got a new trick up his long sleave. 
first, he sends out a bunch of twilit baba serphants. defeat at least half of 
them, then the rest will dissapear. PZ will begin teleporting all over the 
place. My strategy is just stand in the middle and wait until he comes to you. 
chasing him around wont do any good. Sometimes, he will stop and begin to make 
a ball of energy, then teleport somewere else. just stick with my plan and dont 
go chasing him! after you beat him again, he will explode into another cloud of 
twilight. get the sol again and return to the place where u began, while 
avoiding the hand again, and you will get the Master Sword of Light! this will 
kill almost any twilight enemy in one shot! However, it only works in the 
Palace of Twilight...

Big boss: Usurper King Zant Difficulty: ****
--------------------------- ----------------
  Ok, this is a long explanation, but im almost done so i'll make this as fast 
as i can. This is one of the funnest (and funniest) boss battles in the game! 
first, you fight Zant in the place where you fought Diababa, the first boss. 
fire the gale boomerang at him, then give him 2 sets of slashing.
  Zant then takes you to where you fought Dangoro, the midboss for Goron Mines. 
He begins jumping and tilting the stage (he sounds a bit like Luigi a this 
point lol) , so run up to him so he dissapears. you might want to wear the iron 
boots for safety. keep on running to him until he starts shooting fire balls at 
you. when hes done, he needs to take a breather, so give him a slash or 4. 
repeat this 1 more time and hes done in this place!
  Put on your zora armor and iron boots, cuz now your in the lair of Morpheel. 
a giant zant head comes out of the ground, and it opens to reveal Zant inside. 
wait until he stops shooting fire balls at you, then clawshot him out of the 
head and start giving hi a few slashes as he tries to swim away! he appears in 
the zant head again, and the head sinks. now, 4 zant heads come out of the 
ground. only 1 random head has Zant in it. if you catch up with him, Clawshot 
him and continue slashing him.
  Take off the iron boots and zora armor. yo are now in Ook's room! use the 
same tecnique you used for beating the mad monkey: slam into the tiki poles 
twice when he starts shooting the fire balls at you. this makes Zant fall, so 
slash him now. repeat this 1-2 more times.
  You're probably getting dizzy now, but this is the 2nd-to-last place. You 
find yourself in Blizzeta's room! Zant made himself grow, and you have to dodge 
him when he falls. take out the ball-and-chain and smash his foot. If you hit 
him, he will yell "Owie! Owie!" over and over, then shrink to a size smaller 
than you! give him some hits from your sword (it could be hard to catch up to 
him, however, cuz hes hopping so fast), then use the same tecnique when he 
grows again. do this 1 or 2 more times.
  The final place Zant takes you is outside Hyrule castle town, where zant 
turns his hands into blades! get ready to block and do some counter attacks 
like crazy! keep on hitting Zant like crazy, too. when he starts spinning, give 
him a spin attack of your own! he will stop, then take some deep breaths. time 
to hit him! when zant finally falls, you appear back in the throne room, where 
Midna gets the fused shadows back and kills zant!! lol, i love that part. zant 
blows up, revealing the last heart container. if you got all the heart pieces, 
this should be your last heart. congratz!

Final temple: Hyrule castle Bosses***** Location: Hyrule Market North
======================================= ========= ===================

Boss 1: Ganon's Puppet Zelda Difficulty: ****
---------------------------- -----------
Ganondorf possesed zelda and now you have to beat her up. If youve played 
Ocarina of Time and beat Ganondorf, you know how to fight Puppet Zelda. Just 
hit back lightning balls she shoots at you with your sword (you must do it 3 
times to kill her). if she makes a Triforce on the ground, run away cuz it 
really hurts! Also watch out for her sword swipe move.

Boss 2: Dark Beast Ganon Difficulty: *****
------------------------ -----------
This is Ganondorf's beast form. to beat him, you have to shoot an arrow at the 
crystal on his head. then get out of his way because hes gonna slide across the 
ground and slam you! thats when you hit the hole thats on his stomach. do this 
about 1 or 2 more times. when the arrows stop working, transform into a wolf 
and when ganon charges at you, hold down the (A) button, then press either left 
or right on the control stick to make Midna throw him. turn back to human and 
hit him one last time!

Boss 3: Dark Rider Ganondorf Difficulty: ****
---------------------------- -----------
this is Ganondorf riding his evil horse. his only attack is calling upon 
Phantom Riders, which just ram into you. you are riding Epona, and Zelda has to 
fire arrows at Ganondorf. That just stuns him, then you have to hit him with a 
spin attack. Do this up to 3-4 times. if you fall off of Epona then quickly get 
back on!

**FINAL BOSS: Dark Lord Ganondorf** Difficulty: *****
----------------------------------- -----------
The grand finale is you fighting Ganondorf in combat! If you bought Magic Armor 
and you have lots of Ruppees, now is the best time to put it on. That way, you 
lose ruppees instead of hearts! If you are far enough, Ganondorf will charge at 
you while raising his sword. press (A) to lock swords, then keep on pressing 
(A) until he lets go, then give him some sword slashes! OR, you can use the 
*Easter Egg*: take out your fishing rod, and Ganondorf, being thick-headed, 
will GET DISTRACTED by it! hahahaha!! just take out your rod and wave it in his 
face, then slash him a few times. repeat either of these 2 more times, the 
Ganondorf will fall to the ground, allowing you to use the finisher on him. you 
must do it quickly, though, or he will get back up and you have to do it all 
over again. If you use the finisher in time, you just killed Ganondorf and beat 
the game. Congratulations!!! :D

Just a reminder, this is property of me, Daveizcool. DO NOT COPY THIS FAQ! ITS 
NOT RIGHT! I took my time to type this and I dont need people stealing my work 
and saying they did it.
EDIT: July 1st 2008: fixed a lot of misspelled words, and added in Ganondorf's 
Easter Egg. Also, please dont copy my FAQ. One person did already, and I dont 
like that. SO DONT COPY! >:(
EDIT: July 3rd 2008: Added in difficulties for bosses, just because I was 
bored. I fixed some other spelling mistakes, too. ;) I also made the Zant 
paragraph a little bit clearer to read, since it was so big.
EDIT- February 7th, 2009: made a few more spelling corrections and added a few 
more things to the paragraphs. I also added Temple Locations, and made the 
Phantom Zant article a bit easier to read by separating Round 1 and Round 2 
into 2 separate paragraphs.

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