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Intro-----Nobunaga´s evil scourge has now spread across time to affect the future. 
As Samanosuke prepare for battle, a new hero enters the fray: Jacques Blanc, French 
military officer. Together, this unlikely team must stop the king of the demons.


Samanosuke-----Nephew to Mitsuhide Akechi. After defeating Fortinbras, ruler of the 
demons with his newfound Ogre Power, Samanosuke learned that Nobunaga had become 
the new king of demons. The Ogre power that  runs through Samanosuke´s body has 
helped him maintain his youthful appearance. Though Samanosuke is a tacitum man of 
integrity, there isn´t a demon that doesn´t fear his cold, masterful skills with a 
blade. And now, working under his uncle, the great warlord Mitsuhide Akechi, he has 
come to Honnoji Temple on his fated day to lay Nobunaga to rest

Jacques----Member of the general directorate for external security’s 29 th SA. With 
his high intelligence and superior skills in both combat and athletics, Jacques is 
the cream of the crop, elite among the elite

Michelle----Romantically involved with Jacques, Michelle serves as a first 
Lieutenant in the French army. She leads her own squad and is highly respected 
among her friends and colleagues

Henri----- the only son of Jacques, Henry is a bit of a troublemaker who’s not 
afraid of anything.

Heihachiro Honda-----Secret servant of lord leyasu tokugawa. Highly loyal to 
leyaso, he displays tremendous intellect and skill in battle

Ako-----Ako is a member of the crow tengu clan that has supported the Ogre tribe 
since ancient times. In human form, though only 30cm high, she can assist in 
battle, and even travel through space and time to assist the heroes

Ranmaru Mori----- Close aside to the Oda household, Ranmaru earned Nobunaga’s 
affection as if he were family

Guildenstern----- top scientist of the entire demon world. He is transported to the 
future in a freak accident during his time distortion research

Nobunaga-----Nine years after being defeated by Jubei Yagyu, Nobunaga has 
resurrected as promised, and is now extending the reach of his power. He had his 
underling Guildenstern secretly research time distortions, but as time travel is 
not perfected and tends to go awry, numerous demons have been sent to paris, France 
in the year 2004 a.d.

Upgrading weapons-------------------------------------------------------------------

When you kill a monster, you’ll notice some souls will be floating in the air. 
Press circle to absorb them. The red soul is experience. The blue one is magic 
power recovery and the yellow one is health recovery

Transforming into Onimusha----------------------------------------------------------
To transform into the oni warrior, you must collect 5 purple souls. These are 
harder to get because they’re heavy. Once you collect 5, press the R3 button. If 
your health bar reaches zero and you have 5 souls, you’ll be automatically be 
transformed into Onimusha

Weapons Samanosuke------------------------------------------------------------------

Normal Sword----- Samanosuke’s favourite straight sword
Tenso----- Twin swords that emit light magic
Kuga----- long sword the emits air magic
Chigo----- axe that emits earth magic
Raizan-----sword that emits thunder magic
Enryuu-----sword that emits fire magic
Shippu-----nagigata that emits wind magic
Bishamon sword-----great sword sealed away by the genma


Normal arrow-individual hits do little damage
Flame arrow-arrows that cover target with flame
Ice arrows-arrows that leave targets frozen
Electric arrows-stun enemy target with electricity
Soul arrows-help extract souls while attacking

Weapons Jacques---------------------------------------------------------------------

Oni whip----- a holy whip passed down to the oni
Enja-----sword that emits fire magic
Raisen-----spear that emits thunder magic
Hyosai-----hammer that emits ice magic
Ultimate whip-----great whip sealed away by the genma


Herb-----scented herbs that give little hp recoveration
Salve-----kit with supplies that give small hp recovery
Medicine-----scented herbs that give medium hp recoveration
First aid kit-----kit with supplies that give medium hp recovery
Secret med-----concoction of herbs that give large hp recovery
Oni med lv 1 and 2----- and odd liquid that recovers magic power
Wood and statue charm---- charms that revives you

Old Onimusha Swords-----------------------------------------------------------------

To get these powerful swords, you must find the green dude that’ll take you to the 
dark realm in the underwater temple and saint Michel. Once you’re inside any of the 
realms, look in all the chests to find the seals and beat the game. Once you start 
a new one, the weapons will be in the floor when Samanosuke is sent to France near 
the savepoint.


///////////////////////////////////////////////palace grounds///////////////////////

Watch the first long and cool cutscene. Now help Mitsuhide’s army kill the genma 
and go up the stairs. Destroy the big monster using your weapons’ special attacks 
and enter the main door.

/////////////////////////////////////////////////nobunaga’s temple//////////////////

Before facing Nobunaga, you’ll have to face his servant Ranmaru. Use the deflect 
critical attack or just attack him normally until you kill him. You’ll now be sent 
to France.


At the same time you get to France, the police officer Jacques Blanc will be 
fighting Nobunaga’s army. Use the submachine gun to kill the genma. Watch the 
cutscene. With Samanosuke, go down the stairs and destroy the blocking box to go up 
the other staircase. Examine the flames to find a new weapon. Watch the cutscene 
and collect the key on the floor, Go up the stairs and use the key to open the 
door. In this room you’ll find the first clue chest. Here’s the solution


Now go up the stairs to fight the first boss. Attack his arms so he won’t cause 
much damage and then take care of the rest. Watch the cutscene

t hiei///////////////////////////////

Jacques has been sent to feudal Japan. Watch the cutscene and follow the trail 
until you hear Henri’s voice. You’ll now receive the oni whip and the oni gauntlet. 
Attack the big monster and watch another cutscene. Now you’ll be guided by Ako, a 
little tengu that can collect hidden items and she also can find hidden chests. 
Keep going straight until you find the other Samanosuke. Watch the cutscene. Move 
ahead and go all the way to the three pillars. Turn to the right and follow that 
trail. Destroy the boxes to release some flies and use them to get to the 
platforms. Collect the disk and go back to where the three pillars were. Insert the 
disk in the pillar, collect your new weapon and go back to the first trail to 
destroy the unusual plants and collect the key. Go all the way to the three pillars 
and take the trail on the left. Go all the way to the gate. There will be a clue 
chest there.

Use the key to open the gate and enter the palace. Watch the cutscene and go 
preparing yourself to face a boss. In the first part, just attack him constantly 
until he drops his shield. He’ll now use special attacks. To escape these, use the 
fly on the roof and just keep attacking him until he dies.


Back to France, use ako to collect the items in the hidden boxes and go down the 
stairs. Destroy everything in your way and collect the key near the corpse. Open 
the door next to it, enter control room 1 and talk to the soldier. Press the red 
switch and go to control room 2. Go up the ladder and collect the training scroll. 
Now go to the middle door and use this code: 314 to open it. Go down the ladder in 
this area and go up the other one to find the iron handle. Go back to the password 
door and before entering it again, there’s a clue chest to the left

5		1	
4	3	2	
Take the iron handle to the device up in the ladder in this room and use it. 
Activate the switch and go through the most left door. Activate the bridge device 
and go through the ladder. Cut the iron chain to drop the ball. Push it fast 
towards Michelle’s friends and kill the monsters to save him. Collect the key and 
open the small gate. Climb the ladder

////////////////////////////////////////Sakai Senshu village////////////////////////

Next to the save point is a box. Destroy it to release a fly and go up the ladder. 
There will be a clue chest in the beach.

	2	1/5
	3	4

Go back to the village and enter the shop near the save point. Talk to the owner 
and exit.  Talk to the boy looking at the vase. Go down the street to the left and 
talk to the guy standing right in the entrance of the street to get a watermelon. 
Take it to the boy to release a fly and use it to get to the shop. Watch the 
cutscene and collect the key in the floor. Go out the shop and destroy the 
monsters. Make your way to the harbour and destroy the vases blocking the door and 
enter it. There will be a clue chest in here.

3	4	
2	1/5	6

Run to the blacksmith’s place and get your new weapon. Run back to the harbour and 
unlock the sealed door. Collect the item on the chest and the document “time lab”. 
Once you get out, a monster will destroy the boxes that were blocking the way to 
the ship. Once you get to it, the warrior Heihachiro Honda will confront you. Just 
block all of his attacks until he gives up. Watch the cutscene. You’ll now be in 
the genma ship. Destroy the boxes to release a fly. Use it to go up and find a clue 
chest. Here’s the solution

2	3	4	

Go down again and enter the door. Destroy the big painting and open the chest. Kill 
the little thief and collect your item. Enter the door using the key and open the 
clue chest with this solution

1	2/6	3	
	5	4	

Exit the door and watch the cutscene

//////////////////////////////////////////////////Notre Dame Cathedral//////////////

Collect the scroll near the entrance which is closed. To open it, the Tengo must be 
evolved until level 2. If it isn’t, go down the sewers and practice a little bit. 
Once you’ve got enough souls, open the sealed door. Inside the cathedral, examine 
the right side of the altar and enter the new door. Avoid the blade and activate 
the device to stop it. Examine the corridor to find a clue chest. Here’s the 

	2	1	6
	3	4	5

Go through this corridor and destroy the green glass in the corner to find the Anti-
dark charm. Go back to the main hall and examine the statues. You’ll have to absorb 
the darkness in these statues. Here’s the order in which you should do it

Statue 1----------------------------------------------------------Statue 2

Statue 3-----------------------------------------------------------Statue 4

Now go examine the beast to collect the new weapon. Go back to the corridor where 
you got the anti-dark charm and examine the sealed door to open it. Try not to get 
hit by the blade. Open the chest and collect the robe ladder. Now find the clue 
chest in this room.

	5		1
	4	3	2

Go back to the corridor and use the robe ladder in the hole in the end of it. 
Collect the gold skull and place into the locked door passed the sealed one. Watch 
the cutscene and destroy those two monsters. Follow Guildenstern

///////////////////////////////////////////////////Underwater temple////////////////

Enter the first door and save. Collect the disk and send it to Jacques using the 
warp device


Go to the main room and use the disk on the yellow door. Use the fly to get to the 
next room. Collect the book in the chest and use the elevator. Use the book in the 
mini library. You’ll have to fix a easy puzzle. However, here’s the solution:


Open the chest and release the fly. Use it to collect the horn on the chest. Now 
examine the entrance to the left in this room to find a bizarre creature that’ll 
invite you into the dark realm. Your mission is to go through all levels and 
collect all the items. Back to the real world, go down one floor and use the horn 
on the bull’s head. Warp ako


Go through the yellow door and collect the blue disk. Watch the cutscene. You’ll 
have to fight Ranmaru again. Once you’ve defeated him, go to the bizarre green 
creature and go to the realm. Back to the real world, send the disk to Jacques


Use the disk to open the blue door. Go through it until you reach a room where 
there’s a elevator, a sealed door and some stairs. Go up the stairs and use the fly 
to get to the other part. There will be a clue chest here 
	5	4	
1	2	3	

Wake up those other flies and collect your new weapon. Go back to the sealed door 
and examine the fly in the floor. Warp Ako


Go to the sealed door. In your way, the glass will break. Run away towards the door 
and open it before the water reaches you. Now go through the door and collect the 
wings. Exit this room and go up the stairs. Destroy those boxes and collect the 
horn. Use it on the bull’s head to drain all the water and send the wings to Jacques


Go back to the ship and use the flies to get to the room with the sealed door. Use 
the wings on the fly and collect the power source. Send it to Samanosuke


Absorb the darkness in the door and go through it. Use the power source in the same 
place it was founded and run away. Go down the elevator and collect the new weapon. 
Go to where the green creature was and use the Axe to open the door and collect the 
disk. Send it to Jacques


Use the disk in the door and go through it. Go through the big gate to face the 
guard dog. To escape the electrical attacks, use the flies in the top of the 
screen. Once you’ve defeated him go up the stairs and find the genma train


Go through the red door and find the clue chest. Here’s the solution

6	5	4	
	2	3	

Go through the gate and watch the cutscene

//////////////////////////////////////////Note Dame Cathedral///////////////////////

You’ll now be able to control Michelle. Open the chest and get the soul bracelet. 
Kill everything and go to the room where the time machine is and kill those 
monsters using grenades

//////////////////////////////////Buronyo zoo///////////////////////////////////

Go to the left until you find a room with a ladder that goes down and some levers. 
Keep pushing them until you find the boat key and a new gun. Go all the way to the 
beginning of the level and turn right. Go down the stairs and start the boat. Kill 
the monsters and start the boat again. Once you get to the big building, enter it 
and destroy the big plant to open a passage. Pull the lever to rescue Samanosuke 
and Henri. Controlling Samanosuke, go back to the first part of the zoo and evolve 
the Kuga to level 2. Enter the first door and examine the sealed one to open it. 
Collect the key. Go back to the big building and open the locked door. You’ll now 
be in some kind of lab. Kill everyone and open the clue chest with the next 

	4	3	2
	5		1

Go through the door to face Guildenstern. Kill his monsters and when he comes down, 
attack him. Watch the cutscene

////////////////////////////////////Saint Michel////////////////////////////////////


Destroy all the monsters and check the locked door


Defeat Heihachi and the flying monsters to release a fly. Use it to go up to the 
gardens. Light up all the torches using the enja and go through the opened area. 
Open the chest and light up the other torch. Exit the trap and send the item to 


Use the key to open the gate. Destroy the big plant to find a chest and collect the 
medallion. Go back to the save point and use it on the gate to the left. You’ll 
find a clue chest in this part.

	3	2	
	4	1	

Go ahead and collect the dragon’s eye on the chest and send it to Jacques


Go through the door to the right of the save point and use the jewel on the 
dragon’s eye. You’ll now have to fix a puzzle. Here’s the solution


Now go down the stairs and enter the first door to the left to find the green 
creature again. Go to the dark realm. Back to the real world, go down the stairs 
and destroy the boxes to release some flies. Use them to get to the alleyway and 
destroy the big plant. Now open the door and run to the last door in this part. 
Destroy the box in this area to release a fly. Use it to get armour on the roof.


Go meet with the green creature and go to the realm. Back to real life, enter the 
door to the left to get into the lab. Step in the time distortion and enter it. Go 
to the top and collect the key. Send it to Jacques.


Use the key to open the red door on the alleyway. Destroy the monsters and the 
central wheel. Now exit the lab and collect the key that Heihachi will give you. 
Save the slaves and go to the first locked door in the beginning of Saint Michel. 
Watch the cutscene and collect the genma plant. Now plant it in the second space 
from the right to the left outside. Warp Ako


Go down the plant and enter the door. Destroy the boxes and collect the iron gear 
and sent it to Jacques


Use the iron gear in the main gate and pull the lever. Enter the church and enter 
the door to the left. Go down the stairs


Get the soul bracelet from the chest and go to the top of Saint Michel to meet 


Go to where Jacques was imprisoned and watch the cutscene


Follow Henri’s instructions to open the door. It may be difficult, so I’ve made it 



Go back to the beginning and exit Saint Michel. Watch the cutscene. You’ll have to 
face the guard dog again. This part is harder. Just attack him constantly with the 
weapons’ special attacks


Destroy the monster holding the fly to make your way out.
////////////////////////////////////////////Azuchi castle//////////////////////////

Destroy all the boxes you find and kill all the monsters to release some flys and 
use them to escape the icebergs. Once you get to the castle, enter the main door. 
You’ll notice there will be some flies hanging in the walls. This is the order in 
which you should push them. (Each square represents one room)

4	6	7
1		5

Description: Activate fly # 1 and then fly # 2. Next, activate fly # 3 and # 4 to 
open the way to fly # 5. Open the chest in this area to release fly # 6. Use it to 
jump over the hole and activate fly # 7, fly # 2 and run to the exit. Destroy the 
scroll near the save point and jump down the hole. Collect the oni army orb. Watch 
the cutscene where Samanosuke uses the gauntlet to release an entire army of oni 
warriors. Go all the way to the roof and, once you get there, will be a clue chest

	1	2	
Destroy the monster to open the window which will take you to the boss of Azuchi 
castle. The best strategy is to use your weapons’ special attacks.

////////////////////////////////////////////Eiffel tower////////////////////////////

In the left corner there will be a clue chest.

		1	2
		4	3
	6	5	

Press the red button on the elevator and enter it. Press the red button again and 
once it stops, again. Go up allllllll the way to the top of the tower to face 
Ranmaru. The same strategy as always to kill him.

//////////////////////////////////////////////Honnoji temple////////////////////////


Go up the stairs and find again the green creature near the save point to go to the 
realm. Enter it and look for the 8 orbs and unlock the chest to get the ultimate 
whip, which is the best weapon in the game for Jacques. Now go face Nobunaga. This 
part is easy. If you got the ultimate whip, just keep pressing triangle to kill him 
fast. Watch the cutscene


Enter the realm and open the chest to find the Bishamon Sword, which is the best 
weapon for Samanosuke, but you can’t use it. Go face Nobunaga. In the first part, 
kill him fast and block all his attacks. In the second part, watch out for his 
magical attacks and block his physical ones. Once he drops his sword, absorb it to 
steal it. Just keep attacking him until he falls down. Enjoy the peaceful sensation 
of beating the game.

SECRET levels-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Easy----- die twice in normal mode
Hard-----beat the game in normal mode
Issen mode----- beat the game in hard mode
Oni-----beat the game in issen mode
Ultimate-----beat the game in oni mode

SECRET mini games-------------------------------------------------------------------

Bullseye-----finish the game in normal mode
Puzzle----- find and open all the clue chests in the game
Special training-----complete all training modes in the game
Heihachi adventures-----complete the game in any difficult level



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