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Time to put away your rattler and to play Sonic Advance!

1. Start
2. Green Hill Zone
3. Secret Base Zone
4. Casino Paradise Zone
5. Ice Mountain Zone
6. Angel Island Zone
7. Egg Rocket Zone
7-1. Cosmic Angel Zone
8. X-Zone
9. Moon Zone
10. Special Stages


1. Start

Uh-oh... can't complete a zone?  Not to worry!  I have tons o' tips!  Let's start 
with the characters.

Sonic is a good character for beginners, and is probably the third best character 
overall, right behind Tails and Knuckles.  The only reason he isn't as good as 
either of those characters is because of his substandard special abilities.  What he 
lacks in special abilities however, he makes up for in pure speed and ease of 
control.  This is why we recommend Sonic for beginners, or for players who just want 
to complete the levels with none of that `fancy stuff` that Tails and Knuckles have 
a lot of.

Spin Dash: Down + A
This move is used to get a supercharged launch from a standstill.

Jump Dash: In the air, right, right or left, left
We found this move to be awkward, although it does get a bit of extra length out of 
your jump.

Somersault/Slide: B, B, B
This special is most useful when you need to attack horizontally.

Ball Mode: Down
Being able to morph into a ballis one of Sonic's fastest and easiest moves.

Insta-Shield: In the air, A
Sonic's most useful special ability, this works as a shield to absorb hits while 
you're in the air.

Tails is the best character overall, mostly because his flying ability lets him get 
out of even the most difficult of situations.  Instead of having to hit some tricky 
spring loop combo and then launch off a ramp, Tails can simply fly up to the ledge 
with the push of a button.  After playing Tails for a few levels, you'll see why the 
ability to fly is borderline cheating.  Tails' ability to swim only adds to his 
already perfect mobility.  His lack in running speed is more than made up with the 
ability to `doggie paddle` through the water, thereby reducing the number of times 
you need to scramble around like a crazed banana looking for air.

Spin Dash: Down + A
Just like with Sonic, this move is used to get a super speed boost in Ball Mode.

Swimming: In water, A repeatedly
The ability to swim underwater is unbelievably useful.  You'll never drown with this.

Ball Mode: Down
This move also works just like Sonic's.  Crouch into a ball and move!

Tail Attack: B
An excellent attack, this one is used to take out enemies or to crack open boxes.

Propeller Flying: In air, A repeatedly
After a regular jump, Tails can fly in the air with this move.  Tails gets only 
eight seconds of continuous flying before he gets tired.

Simply said, Knuckles would be the best character in the game if it weren't for 
Tails' ability to fly.  His Dash Glide, Punch Combo, and Climbing  ability make him 
so well rounded that he excels in almost every single zone.  He is semi-advanced on 
the control end, due to the fact that his Dash Glide and Climbing ability take some 
getting used to.  Knuckles' Punch Combo is great for clearing enemies both 
vertically and horizontically.  His Dash Glide can also be used as an attack, but 
you have to make sure you time it correctly so as not to LAND on the enemy, but 
rather RAM into the enemy.

Spin Dash: Down + A
Just like the two characters before him, Knuckles can charge up his rolls.

Dash Glide: In the air, A
More like a super-extended double jump, this special move is VERY useful.

Swimming: In water, A
Although not nearly as proficient as Tails', Knuckles can swim a little bit.

Climing: Control Pad
If you grab onto a flat wall or ledge, you can climb all the way up and over it.

Punch Combo: B, B, B
Execute one punch ata time, or hit the combo.  These are great moves to take out 
enemies both vertically and horizontally.

Amy is the most different and `advanced` of the four characters.  Since she is the 
only one of the four characters that doesn't use Spin Dash or Ball Mode, you may be 
at a loss for what to do in certain situations.  Just remember that she relies on 
her Piko Piko Hammer, and you'll do fine.  Amy's Giant Step is the most useful 
movement ability she posseses.  Instead of charging up a Spin Dash, Amy relies on 
this move to get her going.

Hammer Attack: B
Amy's basic attack is very slow, although useful in certain situations.

Hammer Jump: Down + B
This super jump allows Amy to reach high ledges, cliffs, and platforms with ease.

Giant Step: Down + A
Since Amy can't go into a Spin Dash, this is her only way to build up speed.

Sliding Attack: Down + A, B
This attack is swift, but hard to pull off on demand.

Hammer Whirl: In air, Down + B
Amy's BEST overall move, you'll use this on every boss, and every enemy that gives 
you trouble.

Sonic 2 Mode
This little trick is a throwback to the early days of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 (on the 
Sega Genesis), where Tails followed Sonic's every move.  To enter this mode, do the 
following:  On the character select screen, highlight Sonic and press Up once.  Next 
highlight Tails and press Down once.  Go to Knuckles and press the L Button once.  
Highlight Amy and press the R Button once.  Now when you go back to Sonic and select 
him with the A Button, you'll hear the ring noise, meaning you've activated the 
code.  Enjoy!  Tails is extra helpful while attacking those annoying enemies.

2. Green Hill Zone

Act One
Neo Green Hill Zone has an abundance of rings (over 250), so you don't have to worry 
about dying.  The only real secrets are the Extra Life toward the middle of the 
stage, and the Special Spring toward the very end. (NOTE: See my Special Spings 
section for more info on Special Springs).

Access the Extra Life by hitting the three jump pads one right after another.

With Sonic, just tuck into a ball and collect as many of the `easy rings` as you 
can.  Remember that your foreward momentum will keep you out of trouble when you're 
tucked into a ball.  When you get out of the first loop sequence, you'll have a 
Barrier and about 70 rings.

Tails is our favorite character overall because of his special abilities, and his 
prowess on this level is no exception.  Getting 200-225 rings per run is very easy 
with Tails, mainly because you can get the Magnetic Barrier by flying up to it, and 
also because you can get the bonus 30-50 rings on the sky platform in the very 
center of the stage.  If you're looking to bank some massive rings for raising your 
tiny Chao, look no further than Tails and Neo Green Hill Zone Act One.

Knuckles plays this level almost the same way as Sonic, except he doesn't have to 
worry so much about enemies.  If you see one of those tricky Frog creatures, simply 
execute your triple Punch Combo, and your invincible to any of it's attacks.  (NOTE: 
Only projectiles can hurt you during your 3-hit combo.)

Amy is the only character who doesn't have the ability to roll, so we don't 
recommend using her unless you're pretty confident about enemy placement.  If you're 
used to just blazing through with Sonic or Tails, you'll be in for some trouble with 
Amy because certain jumps aren't timed for her non-aerial attacks.  You'll need to 
actually concentrate on your jumps and time your attacks with her Piko Piko Hammer 
instead of just mindlessly running as fast as you can.

Act Two
Act 2 isn't quite as easy as Act 1, but that's mainly because of the boss battle.  
If you can get up to Dr. Eggman with at least 50 rings, you're set.  Also, be aware 
that there are an astounding three Extra Lives placed on this stage.  (NOTE: There 
is no Special Spring on this stage.)

Boss Health: 8 Hits
Your first boss fight isn't a tough one, as long as you remember the Golden Rule: 
always have at least ONE ring at all times.  If you're hit, quickly scramble to grab 
a ring before retaliating.  Try to time your attacks so that you can get  in two or 
three per pass.  If you do it correctly with any character, you can take out Dr. 
Eggman's Smasher Basher in only three passes.

Sonic should use his traditional running and jumping skills to get through this 
stage, making sure to collect all three extra lives if possible.  Try and save a 
Barrier for your battle against Dr. Eggman.

Tails has an incredibly easy time with this level (as he does with most levels).  If 
you pass up the route to getting an extra life or bonus item, just stop what you're 
doing and backtrack.   Once you find the item you need, just FLY on up there!

For the most art, play Knuckles just like you would Sonic or Tails.  There are a few 
spots where Knuckles can use his Climbing ability to make it back up from a spot he 
didn't mean to fall into.

Amy plays this level completely different from the other characters, and she isn't 
recommended until you fight Dr. Eggman at least once or twice with everyone else.  
The main reason for this is because Amy does NOT have any variety for this battle.  
She mainly relies on her Hammer Whirl, which unfortunately only attacks from the 
top.  Just try and time the Hammer Whirl so that you can get a decent rebound and 
not be forced back into Dr. Eggman's hammer.  If you can do that, you should be able 
to complete this battle without taking a single hit.


3. Secret Base

Act One
Although it looks perilous at first glance, there are really no more hazards in this 
first act than you've seen in the past.  Just remember that many of the spikes are 
telesoping, and many of the enemies shoot projectiles.  Make sure to grab the Extra 
Life before completing the stage.  (NOTE: There is no Special Spring on this stage.)

To get the Extra Life you need the Speed Boots from about 25 feet earlier.  With 
them equipped, you'll need to get a full-powered launch from the ramp below.  If 
done correctly, you'll have enough boost to launch up onto the ledge to grab the 
Extra Life.

This level plays pretty straightforward, with no `pits` or `voids` to worry about.  
Your only real trouble is dealing with all the little pop-up enemies that try and 
block your path when you're speeding along.  Just remember to stay in Ball Mode, and 
they're toast.

Tails plays this section the same way Sonic does, using Ball Mode to collect rings 
while staying out of trouble.  There are a few spots where his Flying ability comes 
in handy, namely: 1)the section with the extra life and 2)if you ever need to 
backtrack for a Barrier.  Again, Tails' Flying ability is borderline cheating, and 
lets you pretty much do whatever you want.


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