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                  Harvest Moon 64
                    The Complete Guide 2

Author:Michael Interdonato
Email:[email protected] (in case you have any questions or want to add to 
Editor:Uncle Tim
Publisher and Friend:Mathhew (i capitalized it fo you!)

        Table of Contents:
        6.Photo Album
        7.Power Nuts

Your Gramps dies and you have to take over his farm.
Its that simple! All the old man leaves you is 300g(gold)
and a picture. Your ugly dad comes and asks you if you want to run a farm.


There are five girls in the town you can actually marry.
There is Ann, a farm girl who lives in the green ranch.
She loves Sheeps wool, and animals.Her dream(if you are nice to her)
will be about birds. If you are nice to girls and have them at a yellow heart,
on your birthday they will give you an item. her birthday item is hand knit mittens.
Next is Poupori, she loves flowers and lives and works at the flower shop.
Her dream is that she is trying to pick a flower and she falls (almost) off a 
go to moon mountain and she will be there.
Next is karen, the mean discusting one. she lives at the vineyard,and works at the 
bar atnight. Her dream is she is ssstuck in the little hut in the vineyard.
She likes wild grapes allot. her birthday gift is a lucky bracelet, but it isnt 
lucky. Next is Elli, the bakery worker. she lives at the bakery. she likes if you 
give her eggs and milk. her dream is she twists her ankle in the winter at moon 
mountain.her gift if a embrodered hankerchief.
the last girl is maria, the nerdy one. she wors at the library, and lives at the 
mayors house. she is the mayors daughter. Her gift is a painting. her dream is 
a storybook. go to the library. she will ask you if you gave her a book. say yes if 
you want to marry a nerd.

All tools go from regular to silver to gold, depening on how you use them.

Hoe: Use it for digging in the farm and in the mine.
Sickle: Use it for cutting weeds, plants, and animals(whatever youre into).
Axe: Used for cutting tree stumps.
Hammer: Use it for destroying rocks.
Watering Can: Use it for watering plants.
Milker: Milks Cows
Clippers: sheers sheep
Brush: Makes animals happy
Bell: Makes animals come to you


Sheep: Give wool
Cows: Give milk
Dog: be nice to it and race it
Horse: be nice to it and race it
Chickens:Give you eggs


     Before i tell you about the suparnatural, i will tell you how to save the 
vineyard.there are little elves that live in the cave in moon extremely 
nice to them and they will learn the human language. go to the bar and for a week 
really nice to the bartender. drink allot and he will give you old wine(door to 
heaven). talk to karen and she will notice it. then go to the harvest sprites
elves). when they talk about the harvest goddess and the kiefu faries go throw a 
vegetable in the the spring. when the goddess comes ask for the spirit of the 
grapes. you saved the vineyard!
now the supernatural......

Imp of the pond: throw in a fish to the pond by the fishermans tents.
Harvest Goddess: Throw a veggie into the spring.
Keifu Fairies: save the vineyard.
Spirit of the grapes: save the vineyared.

                 6.Photo Album
Gramps pic( you start with it)
win the horse race and youll get a pic
win the dog race and youll get a pic
be king for the year
win cow festival and leave it in the pasture the day after the cow festival
build the hot springs
win the swimming festival
get married
have a baby
complete your house
make five friends
plant a blue mist flower
save the vineyard and later karen will give you a cool keifu fairy pic!
be nice to elli
be nice to maria
be nice to ann

          7.Power Nuts
a power nut brings y0ur power up by 10%. You start with 100%. THERE ARE 
10 power nuts. When you get all of them you have 200% stamina.

be nice to popouris dad basil and he will bring you back a power nut
during winter walk across the pond and hit the big rock with a golden hammer
fish off the dock in spring and youll get one
in spring dont do any work and throw a veggie to the goddess, wish for strengh
win the egg festival
buy it at the flower festival
plant lots of flowers and stu will give you marbles and give the marbles to the elfs
dig in the mine allot
throw a big fish in the pond to the imp
throw a small fish to the imp
dig in your farm


treasure map: look behind the tree by the pond.
Music box: read the treasure map. Be nice to rick and hell fix it.
Potpourri: birthday gift from popouri
Painting: birthday gift from maria
Embroidered handkerchief: birthday gift from elli.
Moon flower:give rick moonlight stones and on the firefly festival he will give you 
Weather vane: find it in the mine
Medal bag: bet on horses at the race.
Door to heaven: teach the elves English. Be nice to the bartender and hell give you 


Give Karen's dad a Wild Grape and he will give you the "Steamed Clam with Wine" 

Give Kai a Veryberry to get the "Veryberry Wine" recipe

Give Karen'ts mom a Tomato to get the "Tomato Rice" recipe

Give Karen a Strawberry to get the "Strawberry Champagne" recipe

Give Ann's dad Corn to get the "Corn Fritter" recipe

Give Gray an Egg to get the "Stuffed Omelet" recipe

Give Ann a Potato to get the "Mashed Potatoes" recipe

Give Elli an Egg to get the "Bread Pudding" recipe

Give Elli's Grandmother a Tropical Fruit to get the "Walnut Cake" recipe

Give Elli's Grandmother a Walnut to receive the "Walnut Bread" recipe

Give Jeff(owner of Bakery) Milk to get the "Cinnamon Milk Tea" recipe

Give Maria a Cabbage to get the "Cabbage Rolls" recipe

Give Maria's Mother a Turnip to get the "Cream of Turnip Stew" recipe

Give Maria's Dad(the Mayor) a Potato to receive the "Fried Potatos and Bacon" recipe

Give Popuri's Mother an Eggplant to get the "Vegetable Tomato Stew" recipe

Give Popuri's Mother a Tomato to get the "Twice cooked Tomatoes and Greens" recipe

Give Popuri's Father Corn to get the "Corn Pasta" recipe

Give Popuri a Strawberry to get the "Strawberry Jam" recipe

Give Harris the Postman a Potato to get the "Garlic Potato Beef" recipe

Give Pastor Brown a Tomato to get the "Simple Tomato Soup" recipe

Give Duke the Bartender Wild Grapes to get the "Hot and Spicy Wine" recipe

Give Stu(little boy with black hair) a Strawberry to get the "Strawberry Dog" recipe

Give the Craft Store Owner a Medicinal Plant to receive the "Sesame Dandelion 
Greens" recipe

Give the Midwife an Eggplant to get the "Eggplant with Miso Paste" recipe

Give the Harvest Sprite in the cave a Mushroom(brown) to get the "Mushroom Salsa" 

Give the Potion Shop Owner an Edible Herb to get the "Miso Soup with Sprouts" recipe

Give the Head Carpenter or Restauraunt Owner a turnip to get the "Turnip and 
Preserves" recipe

Give the Head Carpenter a Mushroom(brown) to get the "Mushroom Rice" recipe

Give Rick Milk to get the "Homemade Butter" recipe

Give Greg the Fisherman a Large Fish to get the "Fried Char" recipe

Give the Shipper(found at bar at night) a Tomato to get the "Easy Tomato Soup" 

Give Kent(little boy with brownish blondish hair) an Egg to get the "Spa Poached 
Eggs" recipe

Give the Carpenter you find standing where the 3 tree stumps are up on the mountain 
at night a Large Fish to get the "Grilled Trout with Cheese" recipe

Give one of the Carpenters a Mushroom(brown) to get the "Mushroom Stuffed Char" 

Give the Shipper's Daughter(little girl with braids) a Potato to get the "Potato 
Pancake" recipe



you can only marry one girl, so choose.
if youre nice to cliff he will marry ann.
if you are nice to grey he will marry popouri
if you re nice to the bakery owner he will marry elli
if you are nice to kai he will marry caren
if you are nice to the mail man he will marry maria

walk threw the fence at the flower shoop
when karem is on the dock you can fish threw her

on the third year if you did good you win!
You have to lots of animals, recipes, grass, and your house completed.



gourmet chicken looking judge man
Karens mom
Karens dad
Popouris dad (basil!)
Lillia(popouris mom)
Anns dad
Grey(anns brother)
Cliff(guy with hawk)
Weird insect man
Three pretty ladies
Mayors wife
Midwife may
Kent(thinks hes your brother)
Saiberra(souvenier shop owner)
Potion shop man
Craftsmen(two strong guys and 1 old guy who laughs allot)
Rip off guy in black suit

thanks to
thanks to matthew and Robert
a special thanks to fat chicken man
and a really special thanks to BASIL!
thanks to uncle tim

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