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Complete Walkthrough to NHL Hitz 2002

Title: NHL Hitz 2002
Platform- Nintendo Gamecube 
Made by Midway and Black Box Games
Rated E for Everyone

1.	Introduction
2.	Contact Information
3.	Controls
4.	Game Modes
5.	Hockey Shop
6.	Other Stuff

1.	Introductoion

NHL Hitz 2002 is made by Midway and Black Box Games, and coming inn winter of 2002 
is NFL Blitz 2002, so they have their hands full. NHL Hitz is the combination of a 
regular hockey game and the “over the top action.” NHL Hitz is known for their big 
and heavy hits. 3 on 3 style.

2.	Contact Information

If you need to contact me for any reason please e-mail me at [email protected] or 
[email protected] Please, only e-mail me if you have a question or concern that 
has not already been answered in this walkthrough. If you do ask a question that has 
been answered in this walkthrough already I will only tell you to re-read this 

3.	Controls

The controls for NHL Hitz are as follows:

A-	Passes and selects players
B-	Shoots and stick checks
X- Guards puck and body checks
Z- Boo
L + R- Turbo
Joystick- Moves player
D-Pad- Moves Player
Start- Pauses the game

Advanced Controls

Fake Shot- Hold Shoot then press Guard Puck
Fake Shot, Pass- Hold down Shoot then press pass
One timer- Hold down Shoot then pass then shoot

4.	Game Modes

The following is a list of the playable game modes in NHL Hitz 2002:

·	Exhibition- This mode is to play a quick game and win credits, you pick home 
and away, teams, and the players to take the ice. 
·	Championship- You pick an NHL team, or team you purchased in the hockey 
shop, you play 30 games, against all of the NHL teams, defeat all 30 and you win the 
Stanley Cup. (When you win the Stanley Cup 4000 credits are deposited into your bank)
·	Franchise Mode- Play through the NHL and Fantasy teams to win the Midway Cup.
·	Skills- NHL Hitz 2002 is the first NHL game to have skills competitions. You 
can choose from the following skills:

Pick Pocket- Poke check  the puck and score three goals
Keep Away- Bust through targets and avoid opponents with your dekes
Targets- Aim your quick shots to destroy targets
Hitz- Work over three opponents with some body checks
One-Timer- Time your passes and shots to score one timer goals
Quick Draw- Learn how to beat opponents in the Face-Off circle
Power Shot- Wind up your shots to smash all four crates

(If the skills are too easy for you try beating them and playing on higher levels)

5.	Hockey Shop

The following is a list of what is available in the hockey shop and how many credits 
they cost.

Jerseys cost 100 credits each
The following jerseys are available in the hockey shop:

Anaheim 1997
Atlanta 1972, 1973
Boston 1970, 1986
Buffalo 1970, 1971
Calgary 1980, 1994
Chicago 1935, 1943
Colorado 1976
Quebec 1980
Cleveland 1976, 1977
Dallas 1993
Detroit 1942, 1955
Edmonton 1979, 1980
Los Angeles 1968, 1988
Minnesota 1967, 1990
Montreal 1923, 1945
New Jersey 1974, 1982
New York Islanders 1996, 1997
New York Rangers 1928, 1977
Ottawa 1918, 1993
Pilidelphia 1967, 1985
Winnepeg 1980, 1993
Pittsburgh 1967, 1980
California 1974
San Jose 1991
St. Louis 1987, 1994
Tampa Bay 1995
Toronto 1928, 1977
Vancouver 1970, 1982, 1994
Washington 1974, 1997

Stadiums- Stadiums cost 300 credits each

Moon Base
Play Room
Pirate Ship
Shark Tank
The Base
Wild West

Heads- Heads cost 300 credits each


Teams- Team costs vary on the team you purchase

All Stars 1- 500 credits
All Stars 2- 500 credits
Big Babies- 1,000 credits
Bangers- 500 credits
Bullies- 500 credits
Brawlers- 500 credits
Bruisers- 500 credits
Clowns- 1,000 credits
Gladiators- 1,000 credits
Greys- 1,000 credits
Herd- 1,000 credits
Pharoahs- 1,000 credits
Seadogs- 1,000 credits
Scourge- 1,000 credits
Snowmen- 1,000 credits
Team Pony- 1,000 credits
Templars- 1,000 credits
The soldiers- 1,000 credits
Undead- 1,000 credits
Wooden Men- 1,000 credits

6.	Other Stuff

Soon I am going to post a team roster for each team in the game. (including the 
fantasy teams) you should watch for that. If you have any questions about this FAQ 
please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank You!


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