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I Roxz                                                                           
Version 1.0                                                      10/02/06
                                Complete Gummy List 1.0

2.What are Gummys?
3.Gummy List

 1.Hi, I’m Squirtle1496.This is my COMPLETE guide on gummys.More guides for Rescue 
Team Red coming.In this guide I will tell you what a gummy is (if you don’t know) 
and list every gummy and the type that likes them best.
 2.Gummies are food items that raise your I.Q. when you eat it.There are many kinds 
and each Pokemon type has it’s favorite.They can be obtained in dungeons or 
rewarded for completing missions.They can’t be bought, though they can be suold for 
a measly 50 poke.IT’S NOT WORTH IT!!!
 3.Gummy List
1.Black gummy-Dark type
2.Blue gummy-Water type
3.Brown gummy-Ground type
4.Clear gummy-Ice type
5.Gold gummy-Psychic-type
6.Grass gummy-Grass-type
7.Gray Gummy-Rock type
8.Green gummy-Bug type 
9.Orange gummy-Fighting type
10.Pink gummy-Poison type
11.Purple gummy-Ghost type
12.Red Gummy-Fire type
13.Royal gummy-Dragon type
14.Silver gummy-Steel type
15.Sky gummy-Fly type
16.White gummy-Normal type
17.Yellow gummy-Electric type
4.Thank you for reading my guide!I hope you liked it!More Rescue Team Red guides 
coming, but for now good bye!
5.This guide is property of K.V.D and can not be copied!

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