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Camon Valdez

Hi, I have noticed that a whole lot of people are having trouble with the Prison 
Break mission so i'm posting this FAQ on it. There are no sections for each mission 
because I am typing this in a hurry. If there is something that isn't very clear to 
you in this document, then please Email me and i will see what i can do for ya. My 
address is at the bottom of this page.

Prison Break Mission: Extract Mr. Pickle.

There are several different ways to beat this mission, this is the one I decided to 
type because it seems to be the easiest one to follow. Enjoy!

       Alrighty, you need to give everybody on your fire team the silent M4A1, the 
Mark 23 (unsilent) for secondary, double ammo, frag, and flashbangs for equipment. 
I'm just gonna get right to the mission. The first thing you need to do when you 
start the mission is run around the corner and smack both of the guards with the 
butt of your rifle. If you are playing on "Ensign" rank, then they will be too 
stupid to turn around and shoot at you quickly enough. Tell Bravo to hold their 
position and you and boomer go to the right and hug the wall until you come to a 
canyon. Once in a while there is a guard on the walkway on your side but there is 
almost always a guard on the other side. There is also always a guard pacing across 
the bridge. Stealthily make your way across the canyon and go up the walkway on the 
other side. There will more than likely be a guard up there wondering around so 
watch out. Ok, this isn't really gonna suprise you much... kill Boomer before you 
sneak past the guard towers. He is the only thing that will get you spotted besides 
bravo. So, go prone and take out the guards in the towers along the prison's East 
wall and make your way to the North Eastern Wall. When you get there, be expecting a 
small and pointless ambush by two guards who are oblivious to the fact that they are 
charging into your bullets. After you take them down, waltz on over to charlie and 
plant the satchel at the whole in the wall. As soon as it is placed, order bravo to 
regroup and start running back to the little hill you jump on to climb over the 
wall. Wait for Bravo to get there. If no unsilent shots have been fired, the blast 
will alert all the gaurds in the prison and they will all go running to the North 
wall to check it out. 
       Alrighty, so you are at the entrance to the prison now with complete 
stealth.Wait a few seconds and jump the wall, run over to the generator to your 
immediate left and press X to screw it up, or throw a frag at it... which will let 
everybody know you are there. Now wait for bravo to jump the wall and tell them to 
cover the corner of the wall that is right under a guard tower on the left of the 
generator. About 3 or 4 guys, some with MGL's will come running eventually and Bravo 
should take them down. Meanwhile, you should be hoofing it over to the Southern area 
of the prison looking for confused guards to waste. After you feel like the prison 
is a little safer to navigate, tell bravo to regroup as you make your way to the 
building where the map is. It is much easier to get the map before Mr. Pickle is 
with you than to run across the prison with him trailing behind you completely 
vulnerable. After you have the intel/map, go restrain Mr. Pickle. there are two 
guards in the cell area so don't charge in blindly. Mr. Pickle is in a different 
cell every time you play this mission, so just search them until you find him.     
       If you have done everything right so far, the hind should be coming to where 
you are. Not to worry though, you have a gun that sounds like a pea shooter. In 
other words, try to find an Ak47 in one of the buildings before the hind gets there. 
Get everyone inside a building and make sure they hold their position. Tell them to 
fire at will, you never know what could happen. 
       Ok, battling the hind is not as hard as it sounds. Well maybe it is, but not 
that hard. A good sign that the chopper is there would be the sound of propellers 
slicing through the air. you gotta know where it is, so poke yourself out the door 
and see where the chopper is. Jump out and spray a whole magazine at it before you 
run back in the building. Make sure your gun is on full auto. Never stop moving. 
Eventually the hind will start smoking. That is a good thing.If you run out of ammo, 
you can still finish the job with your pistol. A few more shots will take it down. 
Now take Mr. Pickle and Bravo out the front gate of the Prison and Around the East 
wall (again) and get to the Extraction point with all 3 of them and there ya go. The 
switch to open the front gate is in the little booth across from the stairway. If 
you haven't gotten them already, there is a guard in the booth and one at the top of 
the stairs. There shouldn't be any guards on the way to the extraction point, but be 
on the lookout anyway.

Well, i hope that's good enough for you people. If it isn't, or if you don't like 
me, my Email address is [email protected] or Dr [email protected] Be sure to put the 
subject as something related to Socom so i don't delete it as junk mail. I will 
probably upgrade this document sometime in the near future so be on the look out. staff/people... i don't care what you do with this document as long 
as i am given full credit for it.


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