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             =====Fall of Man=====

---Complete Strategy Guide/Faq/Walkthrough - Version 0.80 - By: David Baxley

        -                                                                -
        -                                                                -
        -             ---------------------------------------            -
        -            (           Table of Contents           )           -
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        -                                                                -
        -            I.  The Faq                                         -
        -                a)  Introduction                                -
        -                b)  Version History                             -
        -                c)  Legal Issues                                -
        -                d)  Contact Information                         -
        -                                                                -
        -           II.  Game Basics                                     -
        -                a)  Difficulties                                -
        -                b)  Weapons                                     -
        -                c)  Enemies                                     -
        -                d)  Tips                                        -
        -                                                                -
        -          III.  Walkthrough                                     -
        -                a)  Introduction/Format                         -
        -                b)  Level 1: Guantlet                           -
        -                c)  Level 2: A Lone Survivor                    -
        -                d)  Level 3: Spires                             -
        -                e)  Level 4: Fates Worse Than Death             -
        -                f)  Level 5: Conversion                         -
        -                g)  Level 6: Hunted Down                        -
        -                h)  Level 7: Path of Least Resistance           -
        -                i)  Level 8: The Cathedral                      -
        -                j)  Level 9: Outgunned                          -
        -                k)  Level 10: Into the fire                     -
        -                l)  Level 11: Conduits                          -
        -                m)  Level 12: Viper's Nest                      -
        -                n)  Level 13: No Way Out                        -
        -                o)  Level 14: Secrets                           -
        -                p)  Level 15: Angel                             -
        -                q)  Level 16: Search and Rescue                 -
        -                r)  Level 17: Common Ground                     -
        -                s)  Level 18: A Disturbing Discovery            -
        -                t)  Level 19: Devil At the Door                 -
        -                u)  Level 20: Evacuation                        -
        -                v)  Level 21: Parting Ways                      -
        -                w)  Level 22: Into the Depths                   -
        -                x)  Level 23: In a Darker Place                 -
        -                y)  Level 24: A Desperate Gamble                -
        -                z)  Level 25: Ice and Iron                      -
        -               a1)  Level 26: Burning Bridges                   -
        -               b1)  Level 27: On the Ice                        -
	-               c1)  Level 28: Giant Slayer                      -
        -               d1)  Level 29: Angel's Lair                      -
        -               e1)  Level 30: Last Hope                         -
        -                                                                -
        -           IV.  Miscellaneous                                   -
        -                a) Frequently Asked Questions                   -
        -                b) Secrets and Unlockables                      -
        -                                                                -
        -            V.  Closing                                         -
        -                a) Credits                                      -
        -                b) End                                          -
        -                                                                -


                     (  Section One: The Faq                       )

[-= 1.a Introduction =-]

Thanks for stopping in to check out my first ever faq.  Being as this is my
first attempt at composing a strat guide its probably going to be a little
rough.  Hopefully, you will find what you are looking for contained 
somewhere in here.  I hope you enjoy reading this guide as much as I enjoyed
writing it.
                                              - David Baxley 

[-= 1.b Version History =-]

Version 0.80
A few additions have been made to the basics and several other sections of the
guide.  Some cosmetic changes and corrections have been also made to a couple
of the areas.  The main walkthrough is now complete up to level 24.  Finally,
the secrets section has been completed and given a new layout, complete with
tips on how to complete the skill points.

[-= 1.c Legal =-]

(C) Copyright 2006 David Baxley
This guide or a portion of this guide may not be displayed without the author's

[-= 1.d Contact Info =-]

You can contact me at [email protected]
Feel free to get a hold of me if you would like to use my guide on 
your site, submit something to my guide (You will be given full credit.),
or have any questions concerning Resistance.


                     (  Section Two: Game Basics  )

[-= 2.a Difficulties =-]

Easy- Don't let the name of this difficulty fool you.  It wasn't that hard 
but it wasn't "Easy" either.  This difficulty feels like "Normal" on most
other games i've played.  I recommend starting on this difficulty, this will
let you get a feel for the game without getting frustrated.

Normal- Pretty much the same game as easy, only this time around some new
weapons have been added and the game throws more enemies at you. While in
easy mode you could pretty much just plow your way through.  Normal mode
forces you to pace your self, take it slower, and look for more strategic
solutions to problems.

Hard- This difficulty was a complete blast to play.  After playing the other
difficulties and co-op mode hard was a refreshing change of pace.  Not only
were there more enemies and i mean alot more they changed the enemy spawn points
and changed up the types of enemies encountered in certain parts.  Also enemy
health has been upgraded for hard mode.

Superhuman- This level was almost identical to hard mode.  The enemy numbers,
types and spawns were all the same as hard mode.  The only differences were
AI responds much better this time around, the enemies are much more accurate,
and they inflict more damage and have more health.  After you beat this mode
it unlocks the Black Ops skin for multiplayer.

[-= 2.b Weapons =-]


Clip: 50 rounds
Ammo Capacity: 150 rounds
Fire rate: Medium
Range: Long
Damage: Medium
Alt. Fire:  An underslung grenade launcher which holds three grenades
Thoughts/Tactices:  This is the games basic weapon.  Get used to this gun
because you'll be relying on it heavily until later in the game.  Because
of its great accuracy at longer range this gun serves as a ghetto sniper
rifle.  Don't use this gun at close range because the Chimeran guns have higher
firing rates and more damage.


Clip: 70 rounds
Ammo Capacity: 210 rounds
Fire rate: High
Range: Close
Damage: High
Alt. Fire:  Launches a tagger dart, which once is in place all your main fire
shots will home in on the tag's location.
Thoughts/Tactics:  You will also be using this gun heavily throughout the 
entire game.  Its fire rate and damage make this the superior close range
weapon choice.  Save your tags for those tougher enemies such as Steelheads, 
titans, and advanced hybrids.


Clip: 8 shells
Ammo Capacity: 16 shells
Fire Rate: Slow
Range: Close
Damage: High
Alt. Fire: Discharges both barrels at once.
Thoughts/Tactics:  This guns abysmal fire rate make this gun inferior to other
close range weapons.  The only practical application for this gun is to use
it against leapers and rollers.  While engaging a swarm of the little guys
aim the shotgun slightly above them and fire.  The result of this aiming is
that by shooting slightly above will give you maximum spray and will wipe
several of them out at once.


Clip: 50 rounds
Ammo Capacity: 500 rounds
Fire Rate: High
Range: Close
Damage: Low
Alt. Fire: Dual target lock.
Thoughts/Tactics:  These guns are fun to play around with but lack any good
uses.  You are better off to go with another gun choice.


Clip: 100 mines
Ammo Capacity: NA
Fire Rate: Slow
Damage: High
Range: Close
Alt. Fire: Manual mine detonation.
Thoughts/Tactics:  Another gun with little to no use.  The only thing this 
weapon is good for is setting up a mine field and luring Gray Jacks into it.

[Arc Charger]

Clip: 100 energy cells
Ammo Capacity: NA
Damage: High
Range: Close
Alt. Fire: Branch the electricity to multiple targets.
Thoughts/Tactics: A useless weapon that is only good for fun.


Clip: 6 rounds
Ammo Capacity: 6 rounds
Fire Rate: Slow
Damage: High (if a headshot)
Range: Long
Alt. Fire: Activates focus which will slow time down for a limited period.
Thoughts/Tactics:  A good weapon.  The game is sparing with its fareye ammo
so take carefull aim to conserve ammo.  Save it for tougher enemies.

[LAARK Rocket Launcher]

Clip: 2 rockets
Ammo Capacity: 2 rockets
Fire Rate: Slow
Damage: High
Range: Long
Alt. Fire: The ability to adjust the path of the rocket in mid-flight.
Thoughts/Tactics:  Just your standard rocket launcher save it for Stalkers,
Widowmakers, and Angels.


Clip: 20 rounds
Ammo Capacity: 100 rounds
Fire Rate: Medium
Damage: High
Range: Medium
Alt. Fire: Deploys a round stopping force barrier.  Auger rounds can pass 
through the barrier.
Thoughts/Tactics:  A good close range weapon.  The force barrier is very handy
and saved me in several tight situations.  If you are facing enemy turrets,
move to medium range and fire at them.  The Auger will pierce the shield that
the turrets have.

[L112 Dragon]

Clip: 80 units of fuel
Ammo Capacity: NA
Fire Rate: Continuous
Damage: High
Range: Medium
Alt. Fire: Launches some flame at range that acts like napalm.
Thoughts/Tactics: A very handy weapon that is brutal in close range.  It will
insta-kill most chimera and will even destroy leaper pods before the can 


Clip: 50 rounds
Ammo Capacity: 250 rounds
Fire Rate: High
Damage: High
Range: Medium
Alt. Fire: Deploys a clip of ammo that turns into a mini-turret and auto
targets nearby enemies.
Thoughts/Tactics: The gun burns through its ammo way to fast and its accuracy
leaves alot to be desired.  You'll spend more time reloading with this gun
than actually shooting it.  Its only decent use is the Alternate fire which 
is superb.  Jettison the clip turret and seek cover while it does the dirty
work for you.


Clip: 35 rounds
Ammo Capacity: NA
Fire Rate: Medium
Damage: High
Range: Medium
Alt. Fire: Breaks up the blast in mid shot.  Repeated use splits the shot up
further and widens the coverage of the weapon.
Thoughts/Tactics: While fun to mess around with, this weapon isn't very good
and you'll wind up getting yourself killed while trying to use it.

[Frag Grenade]

Clip: NA
Ammo Capacity: 5
Range: Long
Damage: High
Fire Rate: Slow
Thoughts/Tactics: Simple and easy to use.  Great for when multiple baddies
decide to crash your party.

[Hedgehog Grenade]

Clip: NA
Ammo Capacity: 5
Range: Long
Damage: High
Fire Rate: Medium
Thoughts/Tactics:  Much like the standard grenade.  Save it for indoors and
enclosed areas to max out its effectiveness.

[Air-fuel Grenade]

Clip: NA
Ammo Capacity: 5
Range: Long
Damage: High
Fire Rate: Slow
Thoughts/Tactics:  The long time it takes for this weapon to go off severely
takes away from its effectiveness.  By the time it goes off most Chimera have
fled from the blast radius.  Save it for tough enemies or a group that is 
entrenched and won't move.

[Backlash Grenade]

Clip: NA
Ammo Capacity: 5
Range: Long
Damage: NA
Fire Rate: Medium
Thoughts/Tactics:  This is a very handy nade even though it doesn't do any
damage of its own.  It makes up for this by deploying an energy bubble which
repels Chimeran weapon fire back at them.  A usefull strat is to deploy these
guys in front of a large group.  Switch to the m5 and lay waste to them 
because your bullets will pass through while theirs gets sent back at them.

[-= 2.c Enemies =-]

Be prepared to face some of the best AI i've come across in a game.  While
it doesn't qualify as Skynet it definatly isn't a slouch either.  Enemies
will seek cover, run from nades, fall back, and use suppression and flanking.


Appearence:  Humanoid with multiple eyes, nasty claws and teeth and cooling
untits jutting from its back.
Health: Low
Weapon: Bullseye
Tactic:  Use the m5 zoom to pick them off from a distance or get close and use
their own bullseye against them.  While fighting them fire in bursts and move
to the side to avoid the barrage of shots they will send at you.


Appearance:  A large dog like Chimera.
Health: Medium
Weapon: Claw swipes
Tactic:  Their tough hides will repel most fire you send at them.  Use the 
shotgun or Auger on them.  While engaged with them, move in a side-stepping
circlular arc to avoid their attacks.

[Leapers and Rollers]

Appearance: Small fourlegged Chimera that appear like a lizard/scorpion mix.
Health: Low
Weapon: Leaping bite/acid spit (roller only)
Tactic: Move backwards and spray over them with the shotgun.


Appearance: They look similar to hybrids only they are larger and covered in
black body armor.
Health: Medium
Weapon: Auger
Tactic: Because of the Auger rifle that they wield these guys make for tough
customers.  Don't worry about cover with these guys as their guns can pierce it.
Also avoid close range with them at all cost.  Try to pick them off at a 
distance or use the Flashback grenade tactic.


Appearance:  They look like short, bulkier hybrids with heavy armor.
Health: Low
Weapon: Arc Charger
Tactic: These guys are a joke. Make sure that you don't let them get close
enough to use the arc.  A quick burst to the chest should take them down.


Appearance:  They look like most of the other humanoid chimera only more 
Health: Low
Weapon: Reapers
Tactic: These guys pose little threat except to take up time dealing with them.
Most any weapon will get the job done.  Just make sure to keep moving so they
can't get a bead on you.


Appearance: Humanoid chimera with out any torso armor.
Health: Low
Weapon: Grabble and bite
Tactic: Use your melee attack to finish them.


Appearance: Large hulking chimera (look alot like LoTR Cave Trolls) with
a Stalker gun for weapon.
Health: High
Weapon: BFG
Tactic: Move side to side while engaging them to avoid their fire.  Tag them
in the head with the bullseye and pummel them while moving.

[Advanced Hybrids]

Appearance: Look similar to standard hybrid only slightly smaller and they have
more armor.
Health: Medium
Weapon: Bullseye Mark II
Tactic: Avoid close encounters with these guys at all costs.  There advanced 
gun will rip you to shreds in seconds.  Use the Fareye, explosives, or another
ranged weapon to deal with them before they can close on you.


Appearance:  A large fleshy spider creature.
Health: High
Weapon: Claw stab, Globule spit
Tactic: Stay as far away as possible and punish them with the rocket launcher.


Appearance:  Large flying four tentacled creatures.
Health: High
Weapon: Poison Cloud, Spike Throw, Debris Throw
Tactic: Stay mobile and at a distance.  Take them out using rockets and high
explosives.  They appear worse than they actually are.

[Gray Jacks]

Appearance: Large hybrid like beasts.
Health: Medium
Weapon: Three hit melee combo
Tactic: Keep your distance and use the sapper or dragon to take them out.


Appearance: Large Chimeran tank.  It as a podlike upper portion and four crab
like legs.
Health: High
Weapon: Laser turret, missile launcher
Tactic: Keep to cover as much as possible and try to get in behind it to hit
the glowing ball that is its weak spot.  However, in certain fights later on
you won't be able to get in behind it.  In this situation simply hit it with 
rockets and auger fire until it goes down.

[-= 2.c Gameplay Tips =-]

Remember to stay mobile, a still soldier is a dead soldier.

Know when to employ controlled aggression and when to employ caution.

Grenades are your friend, remember to use them.

Take out as many enemies as you can from as far away as possible.

Conserve your big guns for the big enemies.

Use your head, shoot enemies in theirs.

The most obvious route is not always the best route.

Cut down on ammo costs, look for explosive material near enemies.

Be wary, when its seems like their should be enemies there probably is and
lots of them.

Smile and relax with the thought of how much better your ps3 is than the 360.


                     (  Section Three:  Walkthrough     )

[-= 3.a Introduction/Format =-]

The walkthrough contained in this guide is based off of the normal difficulty
setting.  The differences between the other modes isn't drastically different
so you should be able to get through the game with this walkthrough.  I chose
normal because it is the standard difficulty setting and will probably be the
most played setting.  In this guide I will not cover the location of health
and weapon placements.  The reason for this is that the game is pretty 
generous with these and they are usually just lying about on the floors.  
I will however, tell you where to find the new weapons that you will find 
while playing such as the reapers, shotgun, etc.

                  (        The Walkthrough        )                  

[-= 3.b Level 1: The Guantlet =-]

After the opening scene run to the top of the crater.  By this time your allies
should be engaging several Hybrids.  Switch to zoom mode and finish them off 
with several bursts.  They won't attack you as they will be to busy dealing 
with your friends.  Move forward and stick to the right.  After you pass the 
first ruined bus a Hybrid will rush you from around the corner of the building 
on the right. There will be plenty of space between him and you.  Simply switch
to zoom and dispatch him.
Move to the corner of the building where the hybrid emerged.  
As you approach this path another hybrid will step out bullseye a blazin.
Send him packin with a burst to the chest.  Follow the linear path past the
downed chopper.  As you proceed you will see a white and red car on your right.
Once you reach this a hybrid will charge out from the left.  Move around the 
corner and past another bus.  Here you should see more troops dropping in to
help you out.  Follow your comrades down the road as they get pwned by mortar
fire.  Continue on the road until it ends in a big courtyard with a large 
building on the other end.  There will be a hybrid on the balchony, zoom 
and deal with him before moving forward.  Get closer to the building, once you
are about halfway there three more hybrids will rush out of the building and 
take cover on your left hand side.  Use the M5a2 zoom snipe method to deal with
them and proceed into the building.  As you enter the building a hybrid will 
rush out from your left and begin to run up the stairs.  Move into the building,
where upon entering you will pick up the reapers and use them to blast the
creature in the back.  The first floor is uneventful, save for some scattered
ammo boxes.  Once you have refilled move up the stairs to the next floor.  At
the top you will meet two soldiers.  Follow them into the door on the left.  
They will get hosed by two hybrids taking cover behind some crates.  Step 
quickly into the door way and place a nade in between them.  Go through their
room and out the doorway on the left wall.  Move forward, you will now find
yourself on the balchony you saw before entering the building.  There is a 
doorway leading into the building.  Once you go through it a hybrid will attack
you from the doorway in the far wall.  Another hybrid will attack you from 
another doorway on your right.  Charge the hybrid ahead of you, fire a few 
rounds into him and finish him off with melee.  Now go back out into the room
and deal with the other hybrid.  Go through either doorway and proceed until
you come out behind the building.  Hop off the broken stairwell onto the street
below.  After landing move to your left.  Pick up the bullseye off the dead
hybrid and continue on.  As you get close to an overturned truck you will
meet two more hapless soldiers.  Follow them up the street until some hybrids
spring out.  Use the zoom m5a2 tech on them and continue.  Weave through the
barricades and move past the burning truck.  You should now be entering a
grassy clearing with an archway opening ahead of you.  Move cautiously for 
once you get close enough a wave of hybrids will rush you.  End their plight
with a well placed shot from your grenade launcher and continue through the
archway.  After heading down the stairs three hybrids will charge you from the
left.  Drop a nade in their midst and continue down the path from where they
came.  Once you encounter an opening in the wall on your right hop down, follow
some soldiers and end the level.

[-= 3.c Level 2:  A Lone Survivor =-]

After you gain control of yourself follow your soldier buddy up the ravine.
Take a right after the drainage tunnels on your left and continue up the
linear ravine.  Up ahead you will see a bridge that runs overhead.  At this
point a small group of leapers will charge toward you.  Deal with them using
accurate bursts and continue on.  The ditch ends with some stairs on your left
and barred drain tunnels ahead of you.  When you reach this area a large wave
of leapers will charge you from straight ahead.  Back peddle and continue to
fire until they are all dealt with.  Climb the stairway on the left side.  
After a short distance another small group of leapers will attack, deal with 
them and cross the bridge to the other side of the ditch.  Follow the soldier 
until you come to a semi-open area on your right with some boulders.  Quickly 
move to a boulder and climb atop it.  Another swarm of leapers will arrive, 
kill them off from the safety of your boulder and move forward over the slope
on the right side of the drainage tunnels.  Drop down into the next ditch and
proceed until you see another set of drains ahead of you with three hybrids
at the top.  Zoom m5 at them until they are dead or have retreated.  Go 
forward and wind your way up the three flights of stairs, through the open
doorway and into the building.  Head up the stairs and into a room with 
several crates.  Move through this room and up another flight of stairs. 
Stop at the top of the stairs.  You will notice that most of the ceiling is
gone and there is a lone hybrid above you.  Take him out and deal with the
next three hybrids that will charge into the room from the right.  Head to 
where they came from.  Stop at the entrance and take out the lone hybrid across
the way.  Use your bullseye and charge into the room and deal with the two
hybrid who are in the room.  There will be a section of the wall in this room
that has been blown away, this is your exit.  After exiting follow the path
until you come to a makeshift bridge leading into another smashed up building.
Most of the floor will be gone.  Drop a nade down onto the two hybrid in the 
room and zoom tech two more hybrid as they charge into the room below you.  
Move forward over yet another makeshift bridge and drop down another floor.
Head out onto the exposed fire escape and drop down onto the street below.
Now the fun begins.  On the road is a tank just waiting for you.  Hop in
and plow through the gate ahead of you.  Just follow the road till the end.
Along the way just keep spam firing the cannon at anything that moves.  
The only thing that poses a threat to you now are the morters scattered here
and there.  Keep your distance from them and take them out at range and you'll
be fine.  Blast your way while following the road and you will come to a 
large archway.  Drive your tank through this to end the level.

[-= 3.d Level 3: Spires =-]

After the initial cutscene quickly head to your left and blast the hybrid that
is coming up the stairwell.  Then head back the way you came and take out 2 
more  hybrid and proceed to the right side stairwell.  Pause at the top and use
the m5 zoom to snipe the hybrid below.  Once they are dealt with move down the 
stairs and stick to the right side wall.  Move along the wall until you have a
side shot on the hybrd that is manning the turret and waste him.  After that if
you are running low on ammo head into the bus depot to resupply then head 
toward the gas pumps on that right side.  Move forward slowly towards the 
gas station building and snipe a couple of hybrid that are moving around in 
this area.  After they are dealt with head into the gas station building. 
Man the turret straight ahead of you as you enter and shred the few remaining
hybrid.  Now switch to the turrets and aim towards the watertank.  Take out as
many as you can before they find cover.  After they have all dug in exit the 
building and make your way towards them.  They should all be clustered up 
making it a great time for you to deliver a nade suprise.  Finish clearing out
any that survived your nade barrage and quickly head back to the gas station
building.  However, instead of going in switch to your bullseye, find some 
cover and face the big gate that is next to the gas building.  They will start
pouring over the wall on either side of the gate.  Get as many as you can with
the bullseye.  Once they start to overwhelm fall back find cover and snipe the
remainder of them.  Once they are all dead the level will end.

[-= 3.e Level 4: Fates Worse than Death =-]

You now find yourself in a body dumping room in a chimeran conversion center.
After you come to, charge into room ahead of you and melee bash the two menials
in here.  Now head through the doorway on your left and into the next room. 
Bash two more menials in this room and head into the next room.  On the right
hand wall of this room is a locked silver door.  Next to the door on the left
is a switch flip it and the door will open.  This will trigger a cutscene.
After the scene head through the doorway straight ahead of you.  Don't run
headlong into this room though.  After you enter you will see a menial ahead 
of you.  What you don't see is the menial in a side room on your right that
will latch onto you if you move passed it.  Lure him out and bash them.  Move
to the end of the room and take a left.  You will come to a doorway that has
several planks of wood across it.  Bash your way through and then bash the 
menial ahead of you. Take a right and head up a small set of stairs.  Head
to the right and through the next room.  Pause at this doorway for a moment.
Doing so will cause some menials at the other end of the room to begin moving
toward you.  After a few seconds two hybrids will move into the room.  Once 
they do, shoot the silver ball thingies on the left wall causing them to 
explode and taking out the hybrid.  Finish the menials up and head through the
doorway the hybrids came out of.  As you head to the doorway blast another set
of explosive balls to take out two more hybrid.  Now move through the doorway
on your right.  Follow this hallway till you come to a lift.  Enter it and
flip the switch.  After the door opens ignore the menials on the other side of 
the window and head to your left.  You will now be in a large room with several
silos.  On a catwalk towards the back of the room is a hybrid, zoom snipe him.
Now move into the room and follow the right wall till you come to a closed gate.
Take a left at the gate and the it leads you to a section of floor that is now
gone.  Drop down to the level below you and bash the two menials.  Leave 
through the open doorway and stop.  Turn right, you should now be looking out
into a grassy open area.  As you proceed through this area lazer mines will
spring from the ground.  They float up and begin charging their shot.  Shoot
them before they can do the same to you.  Make your way to the stairs on
the opposite side of the doorway.  Before you go up them, move around to the 
left side of them and pick up the shotgun.  Now head up the stairs.  Once you
reach the top take a right and smash your way through the two crates.  Move
into the next room and make your way towards the stairs.  Watch out for the
two lazer mines at the base of the stairs.  Go up the stairs move forward and
head up a second set of stairs on your left.  This takes you to another section
of floor that is gone.  Drop down and take out two mines that spring up after 
you land.  You are now on the other side of the closed gate that you encountered
after exiting the elevator.  Proceed throught the opening and you will now be
in an alleyway.  On the left there is a storage container that has health and
ammo if needed.  After you move towards the container you will see another open
area with several menials milling about.  They are not your initial concern.
On the left is a ledge, atop this ledge are two hybrids.  Move forward and place
a nade on the ledge and move back toward the container.  Bash the menials as
they close on you. And finish off the hybrid with bullseye fire if they 
survived.  Move through the alley to the next doorway.  Lying in the doorway
are some hedgehog nades.  Becareful as you enter this doorway.  Once you get
close enough a mine springs up.  After the mine is gone move foreward and into 
the large open area ahead of you.  There will be several menials coming toward
you.  Bash them and seek cover.  On the opposite side of this large area there
are several hybrid.  Stay behind cover on the ground level and zoom snipe them.
Now head up the stairs and take a left to the center of the balchony the hybrid
were on.  There should be a locked door with a small control box with a yellow
circle on the right side of the door.  Toggle the control box and head through
the now open door.  You are now outside on the waterfront.  Follow the path 
with caution.  As you near a small set of stairs two mines will activate on
your left.  Deal with them and head up the stairs and to the left.  There will
be several crates ahead of you and three mine launchers on the ground.  
Dispatch the mines and proceed.  Bash the crates and drop down onto the 
storage container and hop to the ground.  After landing the level will end.

[-= 3.f Level 5: Conversion =-]

Once you have control move down the hall to the opening ahead of you. Stay in
the doorway.  To your left underneath the crane are three hybrid.  Send them
a nade from the safety of your doorway then rush any survivors with the 
bullseye.  Move underneath the crane and up the wooden ramp ahead of you.  
Carefully make your way across the two wooden planks and look to your right.
You will be looking down to an area with several crates.  There are three
hybrid in this area snipe them from the safety of your perch and hop down.  
To the right there is a doorway in the distance.  Take note of the explosive
balls on the left side of the doorway.  Move forward, doing this will cause 
several hybrid to come out of the doorway.  Drop back and blast the explosives
as they near them.  After they are dead head into the doorway.  A cutscene will
play.  After the scene you will be in a large room with big blue containers.
Head through the doorway at the opposite end of the room.  Make your way around
the green ammo crates infront of you.  You will now be looking up a flight of
stairs.  Switch to the shotgun and blast the leapers that charge you after you
approach the stairs.  Make your way up the stairs and you will be charged by
a second group of leapers from your right.  Again simply backpeddle and shotgun
them into oblivion.  Flip the switch to the locked door infront of you and head
inside.  You will be in a large room with cacoons hanging from the ceiling.
Stick to the left wall and you will come to a stairway leading down to a large
hanger type room.  From the safety of your vantage snipe the hybrid that are
walking around on the ground level.  There are many of those explosive balls
in this area.  Use them to take out the hybrid whenever you see an opportunity
to do so.  Once they have been dealt with drop down to the floor and make your
way to the far end of the room.  You should see a gap leading into the next
hangar room.  Move into the opening and some hybrid will spawn. Use the 
explosive ball trick on these guys.  Turn right and there will be two more 
hybrid.  Again, use the exploding balls and back up.  After they are dead 
move into the area.  In front of you there will be a clyindrical closed door
with a toggle station to the left.  Toggle the lock and enter the tube. 
Head down the tube and it will lead you to a large caverous room.  On the 
platform below you to the right is a hybrid with his back to you.  Use the 
bullseye and give him a suprise.  Ahead of you three more hybrid will attack.
Deploy a hedgehog grenade and move past the garbage.  Follow the platform
along the wall and bash the menial around the corner. Continue along the 
platform until you see two hybrid rush from the right.  Give them a hedgehog
and proceed.  There will be a small bridge in front of you as you near it
a mine will launch.  Head over the bridge and another mine will launch.  On the
other side of the bride is an elevator.  Take out the two mines that will
deploy when you near it and use the chimeran elevator.  Once it stops step out
of the life and the level will end.

[-= 3.g Level 6: Hunted Down =-]

Follow the hallway as it winds through the chimeran conversion plant until you
come to the opening on the far end.  Head through and drop down on the pathway
outside.  Follow the trail up and to the left.  You will come to an elevator.
Hop in and take a ride down.  Step out onto a narrow street with buildings
located close on either side.  Head straight and take a right at the end of
the road.  Move forward until you come to another path to the right and an
open door on your left.  Take a left, as you head left three lazer mines will
spring up.  Waste them and continue on.  As you move through this area ignore
going into the buildings as they contain only mines and miniscule amounts of
ammo.  Keep going forward until you come to the docks.  Take a right and head
toward the stack of three exploding balls.  As you approach them a group of
hybrid will attack.  Ignite the balls and head through the doorway on your 
right.  In this room there is a ledge on the far wall and the room contains
several chimeran storage crates.  On the back ledge there are two hybrid, there
are also several chimera hiding amongst the crates.  Move slowly into the room
and drop a hedgehog into the middle and take them out.  Next move to the left
wall and head up the small set of stairs.  At the top throw a second hedgehog
as you are now being assaulted by four hybrid.  Move down the ledge and you
will come to a second set of stairs leading down.  Stick to the top of the 
stairs and snipe the hybrid moving about in this section.  After they are dead
hop down.  Ignore the stairs leading up, unless you need some health or ammo.
Head out of the doorway on the ground level.  Once on the ground take a right.
You should see a set of stairs leading up and another group of exploding balls
on the right.  Move up the stairs and into the building on your left.  Once
you enter a group of leapers will swarm towards you.  Fall back to the bottom
of the stairs and wait for the swarm to get close to the explosives.  Detonate
them, mop up the remaining leapers with your shotgun and head back into the 
building.  Another wave of leapers will come at you.  Use your shotgun and 
fallback method to take care of them.  Once they are dead, head down the 
stairwell, drop to the ground, and use the elevator.  The lift will take you
to a large open factory room.  There is an opening in the left corner wall.
Move to this opening and zoom snipe the group of hybrid that you can see in
the container storage yard.  Next move around the left side of the large red
container ahead of you and repeat the zoom method on another pocket of hybrids.
Now move back to the opening and head around to the right of the right container
and deal with another group of hybrids.  This group is much larger and a nade
or two will come in handy for thining their ranks.  Just past the large group
there is a flatbed trailer with two hybrid on it.  Drop a nade in between them
and move to the wall of the building on the right hand side.  You will see a
wooden ramp leading to the top of a storage crate.  Jump on the flatbed trailer
and head up this ramp.  You should now be looking down on two hybrid that are
manning turrets.  Bullseye them and drop down.  Move around the to the left.
Two more hybrids will rush you.  Bullseye them and head up the set of stairs
located against the building now in front of you.  Take a right and balance
your way across two wooden planks into the next building.  After entering
make your way to a small opening and drop onto the street below.  After landing
the level will end.

[-= 3.h Level 7: Path of Least Resistance =-]

After the level opens charge across the street to the ruined buildings whith
your team mates.  Move to the far left and seek cover next to a standing wall.
Use your zoom snipe to take out the enemies as they funnel up the hill to the 
center.  After they are dealt with cross the street and enter the ruins of
the building on the left of the opening the hybrids were coming from.
Move down the slope and this will put you on the side of some more hybrids.
Dispatch them and continue on.  Continue down the slope and ahead of you there
will be some metal sheets that you can use as cover.  Stay here and zoom snipe
another wave of hybrids.  To your left and across the way is a big section
of wall still standing.  In two of the windows are some hybrids.  Kill them and
move down through the next sloped opening.  As soon as you start to descend
a hybrid will leap out from the left.  After he is gone move through the right.
Barely step through the doorway and then backpeddle.  This will cause a hybrid
to show himself.  He is on the second floor of a gutted building in front of 
you.  Another hybrid will show up in a doorway in the same building and a 
group of leapers will swarm out.  Move back to the slope and deal with them
before moving to the doorway to snipe the two hybrids.  Head through the rubble
towards the building where the hybrid just were.  As you step into the open
there will be two hybrid with their backs to you and another one across the
street in an window opening.  After they are dead move out onto the road.
Once you do this another leaper swarm will charge out.  Backpeddle to the
safety of the ruined building you came out of and deal with them.  Next move
out onto the roadway and snipe any remaining hybrid.  Move down another slope
in between the buildings much like the others you have come through and take
a left into the building.  Move through this building and exit through the
blasted section on the right.  This gives you a safe distance and an excellent
vantage point to deal with the large wave of hybrids that are coming towards
you and your buddies.  Now is a great time to use your nades or grenade 
launcher to quickly thin their ranks.  Mop up the stragglers and head down
the street while sticking to the left side.  Switch to your bullseye and make
your way to the bus.  Move around the right side of the bus and blast the
hybrid that is waiting around the corner.  Two more hybrid will begin firing
on you.  Snipe them and move further down the street.  After a few steps
two more hybrid will engage you.  Close range em with the bullseye and switch
to your shotgun.  The road turns to the right and slopes downward.  As you
move down this road a large swarm of leapers will beginn coming down the
building in front of you.  Shotgun them down and continue along the road.  
The road cuts to the left and begins ramping uphill.  Head up the road and 
weave your way through the ruined cars.  When you reach the metal barricades
there will be an opening to your right.  Stand in this opening and a group
of hybrid will show themselves.  Drop a nade in their midst and zoom snipe any
survivors.  Continue on the road until you come to a ruined car with a 
dead soldier draped across the hood.  Stand here and snipe a group of hybrid
that are behind a sandbag barricade further up the road.  Now move out from
behind the car and proceed to the large mound of earth.  Use this as cover as
you engage another group of entrenched hybrids.  Move forward until you
come to a bridge with tons of barricades and vehicles on it.  Before you begin
crossing the bridge move to your left to find some stairs leading down under 
the bridge.  Under here you will find a grenade for your launcher, this will
come in handy very soon.  Head back up and begin crossing the bridge.  Move
as fast as you can towards the other end of the bridge.  Get ready to use
the grenade launcher.  As soon as you near the other side a group of hybrid
will begin moving towards a barricade with a turret that is located in the
middle of the road.  Drop them with a shot from your grenade launcher before
they can reach the turret.  If they do it makes them much more of a pain to
deal with.  After they are dead quickly look to your left and take out another
hybrid located in the grassy opening.  Once you have dispatched them head 
towards the gate to the large cathedral ahead of you.  As you near the gate
a howler will jump over the wall and attack you.
(Boss Fight)
This fight is a joke.  Switch to your shotgun and begin sidestepping.  While
you are moving to the side move in a circular arc.  Doing this will prevent
the howler from hitting you.  In the meantime, blast it with your shotgun until
it hits the deck.  Move towards the cathedral and the level will end.

[-= 3.i Level 8: The Cathedral =-]

Once the level starts leapers will begin streaming down from the ceiling.
There are alot of these things and i mean "alot".  Have your shotgun at the
ready and immediately fall back.  There is a small room directly behind you.
Moving in here will cause the leapers to have to funnel in after you.  
Blast away at them using the leaper shotgun tactic and you should decimate 
them with little problem.  Once they are all dead quickly run towards the 
boarded opening on the other side of the large starting room.  Move to the 
left side of the opening.  Very soon two steelheads will blast the boards 
away.  As soon as the barrier is down before the smoke clears and they charge
in after you begin lobbing nades into the smoke filled opening.  Tag and 
blast them if they manage to survive.  Now pick up their auger rifle and move
into the other side of the cathedral.  As you are exiting the archeway a
hybrid will spring out blast him down with the auger and begin moving back
the way you came.  The reason for this sudden reversal is the howler that is
now bearing down on you.  Use the same side stepping motion and blast away at
him with the auger.  He should go down pretty quickly.  Head through the 
archway again and look across the room to your right.  A group of four hybrid
will be charging you.  Take them out with a nade or your launcher and move
towards the direction they came from.  There will be a large section of the
cathedral wall blasted away.  Move to the rightside and slowly ease to the
left.  Do this until you can see a hybrid on the balcony of the building
across the way.  Snipe him and continue easing left sniping more hybrids as
your angle presents them.  After they are dead move across the way into the 
building.  As you enter the building move through the first doorway on your 
left.  As you enter this room you should have picked up some incredibly 
usefull backlash grenades.  Save them for later and move back out into the
main room.  Exit through the doorway infront of you.  As you leave the building
you will meet up with two soldiers.  Head the way they just came from.  Move
down the stairs and come to the corner.  Around this corner are several hybrid.
Move out behind the corner and tag and blast em.  Alternate between firing and 
moving back behind the corner until they are dead.  After a few seconds fall
back and switch to your shotgun.  There are a group of leapers on their way.
After they are dead return to the corner and finish off any remaining chimera.
As you move down the road two hybrid will spring out.  Seek shelter behind a 
sandbag barricade and deal with them.  Switch to your auger rifle and move to 
the next corner.  Get ready, because once you step out you will be rushed by
several hybrid and a steel head.  Move to the center of the street and deploy
a backlash grenade.  Stand in the center of the nades bubble and take out the
steel head first.  Get as many hybrid as you can before the bubble dissipates.
After your temporary shelter is gone move to the right side of the street.
This will keep the hybrid in the shops on your right from getting an angle on
you.  Move slowly up the street.  Once you find where the hybrids on the right.
Shot out the windows they are hiding behind and lob a hedgehog into the room
they are in.  As you near the end of the road another hybrid will come out onto
a balcony ahead of you.  Take him out and find cover as the road turns left.
You should now be looking ahead a see a set of stairs leading up.  At the top
of the stairs is a hybrid snipe him and head up.  At the top will be an arched
opening to your right.  Look through the opening and locate some explosive 
balls.  Blast them to kill a hybrid located above them and move through the 
opening.  Switch to your shotgun and take a left.  Ahead of you will be a
large clearing and a tree in the middle.  As you approach the tree you will
be attacked by two howlers.  Don't panick, simply use the same method you have
been and you will be fine.  If you run out of shotgun shells switch to the
auger to finish the job.  Make your way through the opening in the wall.
As soon as you move through the opening quickly drop down to the next level
to avoid some hedgehog mines.  Stick to the barbed fence on your right side.
As you move along the fence a group of seismic mines will deploy.  Once they
stop moving jump to avoid their blast.  Continue along the fence until you
come to a wooden bridge.  Cross it and make your way up the hill to your right.
Up ahead you should see some sandbags.  Move to them as fast as you can once
you reach them duck to avoid some more headghog mines.  Continue up, at the top
there will be a hybrid blast him with the bullseye and move to the wall on
your left.  Around this wall are three more hybrid.  Give them a hedgehog nade
and continue towards the group of trees past the playground.  As you near the 
trees you will see two mine deployers on the ground.  Line yourself up behind 
the tree on your left so the tree is between the mines and you.  As you get
closer to the tree the mines will go off and you will be saft.  Head past the
mines and drop down through the opening.  Move through the gateway.  After you
enter there are six mine deployers which deploy seismic mines.  They will 
launch in two groups of three.  For both groups simply crouch to avoid them.
After thats dealt with continue on.  There will be a car up ahead and past the
car is an alley leading downward.  Move to the car and this will cause several
hybrids to attack.  Hedgehog them clean up stragglers and move down the alley.
Stop at the corner.  Step out and quickly step back to trigger and avoid some
hedgehog mines.  Now move to the next area and drop a flashback nade.  This
shields you from several chimera while you play cleanup with your m5.  On your
left is a building.  There is a doorway and a window.  Move to the window and
snipe a hybrid on the floor above you.  Now head into the room with your
bullseye ready.  After you head in a hybrid will spring out from under the 
stairs.  Kill him and head up the stairs.  In the next room there is a large
section of floor missing.  Move to this opening and kill the hybrid below and
drop down.  Head out of the doorway and into an alley.  Stick to the right wall
and pop out from around the corner and move back to avoid several hedgehog
mines.  Switch to your shotgun and deal with a leaper swarm that is coming.
After they are dead zoom snipe the hybrid at the end of the alley.  Now
head through the alley on your left and proceed until several seismic mines
deploy.  Duck under them and continue on.  Two hybrid will attack from the
archway ahead.  Bullseye them and continue through the arch they came from.
Look down the alley on your left and take out a hybrid at the end of it.  Ease
down the set of stairs in front of you until you can see some explosive balls.
Ignite them to kill a hybrid manning a turret that you can't see from this
angel.  Then back track to the alley you passed after the archway.  Move
along this path and take the first right you come across.  Smirk to yourself
as you make your way past the empty turret and dead hybrid and head up a set
of stairs. Once you reach the top the level will end.

[-= 3.j Level 9: Outgunned =-]

Once the level starts move to the wall on your right.  Creep out and snipe
as many of the hybrids on your left as you can.  Take carefull aim because
if you aren't frugal with your ammo you will run out.  There are alot of 
hybrids in the traffic circle.  Anyway once the ones on the left are dead move
to your right and slowly move foreward.  Keep moving up until until the onces
past the center are in range.  Snipe them and move back to towards the 
beginning.  Look towards your left and zoom snipe the last pocket up hybrid
resistance.  After they are all dead quickly refill your health and lost ammo.
Now beat feet back towards the beginning of the level.  Facing the beginning
there will be a large mound of earth pushed up against a wall.  Climp this 
makeshift hill and wait for a chimeran dropship to drop a container full
of chimera.  From your angel you should be looking at one of the openings.
After the hatch opens fire your grenade launcher and throw a grenade into the
opening.  Fall back to cover and take care of any survivors.  Now turn and
run towards the opposite side from the beginning point.  On the right is a 
large truck.  Move behind the truck and familiarize yourself with this area.
Past the cab of the truck are several ruined buildings with doorways. This
will be the area which you will deal with upcoming boss fight.
(Boss Fight: Stalker)
This fight isn't as scary as it looks.  The stalker will move in from the 
opening opposite of where you came in from.  It will move into the traffic
circle and begin firing on your comrades.  Stay behind the truck and let it 
move past you.  Step out once its back is to you.  Located in its back is a
small silver ball similar to the explosive balls you've been exploiting thus
far.  Anyway, open up on the ball with your m5.  This will cause the stalker
to spark and stun it.  After your clip runs out retreat behind the truck and 
begin moving sideways and to the right.  Move through the buildings as needed.
The reason for this, is because after the stalker regains itself it will
fire a barrage of missles at you.  Repeat this hit and dodge tactice two more
times and the stalker will go down.  After its defeated the level will end.

[-= 3.k Level 10: Into the Fire =-]

Once you exit the tunnel your objective is to fight your way to the top of the
hill you now find yourself facing.  Move close enough so the hybrids operating
the turrets are in auger range.  Blast them with the auger, as it will pierce
the front shields on the turrets.  After the three turrets are down move to
the base of the hill and snipe the chimera moving about in range.  Next move
up the hill until you come to a razorwire fence.  In the middle of this fence
there is a break leading into a trench.  Before heading down into the trench
clean out a couple of hybrid while you have the advantage of the high ground.
Move into the trench and take a left.  The next right you come to will have
a group of hybrid around the corner.  Drop a nade around the corner and clean
up the leftovers.  Now quickly move back to the high ground because a large
group of chimera are making their way to the center of the trench.  Let them
bunch up and then shoot the explosive barrel.  Another wave will trickle in 
after the first group is dead.  Snipe them and then head the way they came 
from.  The trench will turn to the left, equip a close range weapon and blast
the two hybrid around the corner.  The trench will take another left turn and
then end in a slope leading up.  Move slowly up and deal with the hybrid at 
the top.  There will be a turret outpost at the top.  Move around the outside
of this and to the left.  Stay behind it because there is another turret 
outpost further up the hill and this one has an angle on you.  Swith to the
auger and kill him through the wall you are hiding behind.  Now move up the
hill and zig zag through the concrete barricades.  After you reach the
turret that you just killed move to the left to find a gap in the Chimeran 
fence and head through it.  Pass through the turret outpost and continue up
the hill past the fallen tree in your path.  There will be some red brick
rubble up ahead.   Move slowly through the gap in the rubble and look to the
right and down.  There will be another hybrid manned turret down in the trench.
Auger him through the safety of the wall and continue past him.  The trench
will begin to slant upward and to the left.  Follow it up until it leads to
a house.  Don't move infront of the door.  The bottom floor of the house is 
full of hybrid.  What you want to do is throw a few nades through the windows
or doorway to thin them out.  Next strafe past the doorway and set off any 
remaining explosive barrels left after your nade barrage.  Once they are all
dead head into the house.  To the left of this room is a staircase at the top
is a floor full of more hybrid.  Move onto the staircase but don't expose 
yourself the hybrid up there.  Move about halfway up and aim up at the ceiling.
Throw some nades but bounce them off the ceiling so they richochet back down
onto second floor.  This will kill the chimera off without exposing you to
any danger.  After they are dead move up to the morters and the level will

[-= 3.l Level 11: Conduits =-]

Move up the tunnel following the rail tracks.  After coming to a platform on
your left hop up on it and move to the gate.  This will cause a titan to show
up and blast open the gate.  Hit the big fellow with any grenade launcher shots
you have and switch to the bullseye.  Tag him in the head and open up on him
while sidestepping is fireball shots.  Repeat this until he explodes.  Proceed
into the room the titan came from and at the other end is another gate.  A
fellow soldier will unlock it for you.  Move into the room and go left.  This 
takes you into a building with the backside of hit blown away.  In this room
pick up the fareye, yay a real sniper rifle at last.  Equip the fareye and
look to your right.  On top of some storage containers are three hybrid.  In 
the middle of this group is a rung of explosive balls.  Shoot the explosives 
and leave the building through the hole leading down on your left.  Don't 
bother sniping the other hybrid that are streaming down.  Save your sniper 
ammo for tougher enemies.  Follow the path on the left leading down.  At the
bottom a group of your soldiers is facing off against a group of hybrid.
Drop a nade in the middle of the hybrids and take out any remainders.  Continue
along the way they came from.  Now the trail will turn right and begin leading
upward.  Move to the top and join in the fierce firefight going on at the top.
Tons of enemies will be pouring across the bridge on your right.  Avoid the 
the right side.  Instead hang to the left a little ways back and m5 zoom and 
nade them until the enemies finally stop coming.  If you have any flashback
nades now is the perfect time to use one.  Remember to retreat back down the 
hill to refill your health as necessary.  After its finally over move across 
the bridge.  Wait for your buddies to cross and go right.  After they have 
gone ahead follow after them.  This will cause the enemies up ahead to focus
on them instead of you.  Rush towards them and pull out your fareye.  The
drive will turn left and slope downward.  You should be looking into a garage
at the bottom.  Inside are a large group of hybrid standing next to an explosive
ball rack.  Shoot the explosives and quickly retreat out of the line of fire.
A group of leapers will rush you deal with them and m5 any remaining hybrids.
Head into the garage and stick to the right.  Move across the narrow ledge on
the right and head into the next room.  Take another right and head up a ramp.
At the top the level will end.

[-= 3.m Level 12: Viper's Nest =-]

Move down the hill and to the spike fence on your left.  This will shield you 
from the shots from the titan that you will be soon taking.  Pop out and tag
it and bullseye the titan till it drops.  About halfway through this fight
the tower door behind the titan will open and several hybrid will spill out.
Back up so you move down a little.  This puts you out of the titan's and the
hybrid's line of sight.  Now move around the mound to the left and and m5 zoom
the hybrids.  After they are gone go back to work with the titan.  After the
fight restock your ammo from the fallen soldiers and if you are wounded there
are some health capsules behind the tower.  When you are restocked move into
the tower and allow the fan to blow you up to the next level.  Once you land
move cautiously around the corner and blast the two hybrid waiting on you.
Up and across the way is another tower with some hybrids using turrets.  
Switch to the fareye and hose the turret hybrids.  Now cross the small plank
to a pylon and cross another plank to reach the next tower.  Right before you
step onto the second tower look to your right.  In the distance is a tower with
some more hybrid on it.  Use your fareye and eliminate them.  The same procedure
as before: move around the tower and deal with two more hybrid at close range.
Continue around until you come to a bridge leading to the next tower with a 
turret on the right.  Have your fareye ready because when you get about halfway
to the next tower a steelhead will charge out from the rightside of the tower.
You know what to do here.  After you do it bash some menials around the corner
and fareye some hybrid on a tower across the way and slightly below you.  
Continue around this tower till it dead ends.  When the path stops there will
be a toggle box.  Flip it and head back across the bridge.  Now take the first
right and get ready to head down this bridge.  Keep your fareye handy and take
out some hybrid as they charge you across this bridge.  Move across the bridge
and circle around the tower until an opening on the left comes into view. 
Hop inside and float down to the bottom.  Move out of the tower and prepare to
fight another titan.  Use the tower as cover and take it down with the 
bullseye tech.  After the big fellow has fallen go the way he came from and
the level will end.

[-= 3.n Level 13: No Way Out =-]

After the cutscene you'll be in a circular room with one exit.  Smoke will be
obscuring your view.  Quickly switch to your auger and get a force barrier up.
A large group of Chimera will be attacking you through the smoke.  Throw a few
nades into the smoke, blast any hybrids that charge through and move through
the smoke.  Stick to the wall on either side and take cover behind some pipes.
Take out the last remaining hybrid by augering them through the pipes.  Take
the tunnel on your right and make your way into the mess hall.  Once you reach
the first group of tables a leaper swarm will show up.  Retreat back into the 
tunnel and finish them off with the shotgun.  Make your way through the mess 
hall and exit via the door on the far left.  Take a left when the tunnel 
branches and continue on. Take a right at the next branch and keep moving.
Now take a left at the next branch.  At the end you should see a doorway.
Moving towards the door will spawn a group of hybrids infront of you and a
group behind you.  After they spawn quickly turn around and head back the way
you came.  Kill the group behind you, turn around, and finish the other group.
Proceed through the doorway and take a left, now take another left and then a 
right.  At the end of this tunnel will be a much needed health and ammo refill.
Also have your fareye ready because coming down here will spawn a steelhead and
hybrid.  Kill them and head left and then back out into the main tunnel.  
Continue along up a set of stairs into a room filled will computer processors.
After you enter the room a hybrid will show up directly ahead at the other end.
Fareye him and continue to where he showed up from.  Through this doorway will
take you into a large room filled with train cars and crates.  Ahead and to the
left will be a hybrid m5 him and move around the car infront of you by going
around to the right.  Switch to the fareye and hop up on the platform.  
To your left mixed in amongst the crates are several hybrids.  In the middle of
them is an explosive barrel.  Shot it and mop up the survivors.  Move through
the crates and wind around to the left.  Hop the tracks then continue straight
into another tunnel.  At the steps infront of you a hybrid will spawn from the
right.  Blast him and go down the tunnel on your left.  After a few steps there
will be a doorway on your right.  Move to the edge of it and pop out.  A large
group of enemies is in the shower area in the rightside of the locker room.
Toss some nades behind their cover and move out of the doorway.  Charge in and
clean up the stragglers before heading out of a hole in the wall located in the
shower.  Follow this new tunnel until it opens up to a room with some explosive
barrels stacked up against the wall in front of you.  Take the opening on the
left and then take another left.  Continue down this long tunnel until a you
find the doorway on your right.  Have your fareye ready to blast the slipskulls
in the next room.  Once they are dead move through the next room as it heads
downward.  At the bottom it ends in an open gate.  A tunneler will pass through
when you approach the gate.  Pick up the arc charger while heading through the
gate (a craptacular gun to be filed away and not used unless you are running
low on ammo).  Hop into the tunnel on the left that has recently been made.  
After a bit it opens up into a large room with some metal walkways and stairs.
Use your fareye on the two chimera in the room and drop down onto the floor.
Now climp the stairways to the top and flip the switch.  Next head back down to
the mid-level and fareye some hybrid through the now open doorway before 
heading through.  After heading into the new tunnel take a right into the large
open room and proceed down the stairs to the ground level.  There will be an
opening at the other side of this room.  As you get close to the opening you
will be attacked by two howlers.  Shotgun/sidestep them and head through the
archway.  Stick to the left and at the end of this tunnel take a right.  About
halway down this tunnel there will be an open area on the right.  Walk towards
the switches located on the wall to end the level.

[-= 3.o Level 14: Secrets =-]

When the level starts two hybrid will step out from the left.  Blast them and
head back to large open room that you passed through on your way here.  As you
get close to large room there will be several hybrid and a steelhead blocking
your path.  Fareye the chimera and head into the large room.  On the catwalk
above you at the top of the stairs is another hybrid.  Fareye him and climb the
stairs.  As you approach the opening to leave another hybrid will rush out.
M5 him and continue from where he came.  Keep going straight into another large
room.  As you head for some stairs leading down a hybrid will show up at the 
far end of the room and flip a switch.  This lets in some hybrid on the upper
walkway.  Fareye this new bunch of arrives and hop down to the ground level.
Once you reach the ground level another group of hybrid charge out from your 
left.  Use your zoom m5 on them and go through the doorway they came out of.
This takes you into a boiler room.  Move down the stairs, stop once you are 
facing the boiler.  Underneath it and to your left is an open service 
crawspace.  Move into this and a group of leapers will decide to show up.
Shotgun them and take a left.  As soon as you turn left another leaper swarm
will show up.  After they are gone go the way they came from and exit the 
crawlspace into another boiler room.  Take the stairs on your right and exit on
the other side of the gate in the large room.  Flip the switch on the left
and head through the hatch.  Take the open doorway on your left and quickly
move down the hallway.  Do your best to dodge the fire coming at you from a 
group of steelheads as you move down the hallway.  Once you are within decent
range deploy a flashback grenade and end them.  Once they are gone take the
first right and move through a doorway.  This tunnel will lead to a deadend
with a large tunneler created passage on your right.  Move down this new 
tunnel.  After a little ways in a leaper swarm attacks.  Deal with them and 
continue on.  Further down this tunnel you will encounter a large number of
leaper pods just waiting to hatch.  Instead of waisting nades or explosives on
these pests, walk out into the midst of them.  Do this until they start to shake
(this means they are about to hatch)  quickly turn around and beat feet the way
you came.  After you are clear of the pods do a 180 and blast away at the 
swarm that is hot on your heels.  After the intensity is over continue your
journey through the tunnel.  After the tunnel ends jump up and to your right
into a hallway.  Take the first door on your left into the map room.  Once
you enter this room the level will end.

[-= 3.p Level 15: Angel =-]

Exit the intel room through the only open doorway and take a right that leads
to a tunnel.  When you reach the tunnel take a left.  You will arrive at a door
on your right that will auto open when you near it.  It opens to a large 
medical room with some explosive barrels in the center.  The room is also full
of menials.  Allow them to group near the barrels and then get as many as you
can in the ensuing fireball.  Bash any remainders and move to the glass windows
on the righthand side of this room.  Smash through the glass window and enter
the next room.  There will be a set of stairs on your right leading up.  
Before you head up look up and you will see two rooms at the top.  Each has 
several glass windows.  Shot out a window leading to each room and toss an 
air-fuel nade through the openings.  This will take out the majority of the
hybrids camping up there.  Climp the stairs and m5 any remaining hybrid.
Move into the first room through an open window.  Grab your fareye and snipe 
the steelhead at the end of the rooms.  Look through the doorway to locate him.
Move through the doorway by the steelhead and take a left.  There will be a 
set of stairs leading down with some hybrid at the bottom.  Shoot an explosive
ball next to them and head down.  Moving down will cause a swarm of leapers to
attack.  Fall back up the stairs and shoot the explosive barrels as the swarm 
gets close.  Blast the remainder and head back down.  Keep going until you
come to some windows on your right that you can't see through.  The room on 
the other side houses several hybrid.  Shoot out a window and deliver them an
air-fuel nade before moving on.  Keep moving down the hall and as you approach
an open gate some hybrid will show themselves.  Fareye them and keep going.
There will be more hybrid behind the next set of windows on your right.
Blast open a window and deploy and air-fuel before continuing on.  Once you 
reach the end the blast door will auto open.  The next room is a sample
storage room.  Headshot the gray jack in the middle of the room and move to
one of the walls.  Containment tubes will slowly rise from the floor releasing
gray jacks.  Snipe and auger them and the door on the other side will open.
Move through the new doorway and up some stairs.  This will take you to the
final room.  Its a big room with several containment units.  Charge into the
room and deploy a flashback and wipe out the hybrid infesting this room.
When they are dead head to the right side of this room, where there is a large
empty area next to a big brick wall.  A tunneler will smash through the wall and
deploy a large number of troops.  However, you will be waiting for it when it
shows up.  After it punches through the wall deploy a flashback and fire your
greneade launcher into the cluster of tightly packed troops and m5 the rest.
After they are all dead the level will end.

[-= 3.q Level 16: Search and Rescue =-]

When you are ready to go follow the cobblestone path to an opening in a brick
wall.  When you near it a group of chimera will run by.  Ignore them and pick 
up the Hailstorm.  Yay! A new toy.  Don't use this gun yet, save it for the
end of this level when you are really going to need it.  Anyway, move out onto
the street and another group of Chimera will exit the building infront of you
and move into some alleys further into the level.  Follow after them until a
group of Hybrids and a howler step out from the corner of a building on your
left.  Switch to your auger as you fall back and take out the howler first
before m5 sniping the hybrid.   After the exchange continue up the street 
toward the burning bus.  Ahead of you will be a pair of hybrid on a ledge. 
After m5ing them another group of hybrid and a steelhead will engage you from
your right.  Now is the perfect time to share with them the gift of handheld
explosives.  After sharing cross the street and climp up the ledge the two 
hybrid were on.  Climb the small set of stairs on your right and switch to
your bullseye.  Tag and bag the three hybrid up here and then move to the metal
railing directly ahead of you.  You should be looking down onto a chimeran
turret position.  Now here is where you get to try out the Hailstorm.  Take it 
out and aim above the hybrid manning the turrets.  Now use the hailstorm's 
alternate fire to deploy a clip as a mini turret.  Repeat this once or twice
more to clean the streets below before moving along the walkway on your left.
M5 any remaining hybrid and switch to your fareye.  After you make it to the
street below four slipskulls will show up.  Dispatch them with focused sniping
and then go back to your m5.  After they are gone a group of hybrid will come
out of a building across the street from the stairs you used to reach the 
street level.  Drop a nade on them and take out the rest.  Once they are dead
the level will end after a few seconds.

[-= 3.r Level 17: Common Ground =-]

This level places you behind the controls of a jeep.  Cruise down the road
and smash your way through the first fence.  Follow the road until a field
opens up on your left.  Cut through this field and make your way past the 
line of trees ahead of you.  You are now in a large open area with two metallic
structures in the background.  Drive towards the first chimeran base on your
right.  Okay I am not one to brag or blow my own horn but when I came up with
the strategy for dealing with the large number of chimera in the bases I had
to stop and smirk.  Okay enough shameless backpatting and back to the guide.
Okay here is the strat,  gun the engine and make your way towards the first
base on the right.  After you smash through the first fence mash triange to
exit the vehicle.  Before you jump out try to aim the vehicle so it stops
in front of the base and a little ways back.  The reason for this is as follows,
your buddy in the gunner position will not exit the jeep,  he will fire at 
enemies and can kill them quickly and accurately when stationary, and last but
not least he is invulnrable.  Now you get it, deploy your jeep like a turret
that is indestructible and with infinite ammo.  Just sit back out of range until
your pal has sufficiently cleared out the enemies.  Move forward into the base
and there will be two ramps.  One ramp on either wall move about halfway up one
of these and look up at the ceiling.  Next throw a nade so it bounces off the 
roof and lands onto the next floor.  This should take care of the baddies up
there.  Now head on up to the second floor and toggle the gate switch.
Get back in your jeep and repeat the jeep launch strat at the next base just to
the left of this one.  After both gate switches have been activated get back
into your jeep and drive through the now open gate located in between the two
bases.  After passing through the gate make your way towards the large grey
stone in front of you.  Ramp off of it and into the canyon below.  As you
drive through this area a large swarm of leapers shows up.  Ignore them and
continue on.  After exiting the canyon you will be in another large open area
with two more bases.  Stick to the left of the open area to make find your way
up to these new bases.  Repeat the jeep strat on the bases, remember to toggle
the switch in each base.  Once they have both been switched pass through a 
second gate located to just past the base on the right.  After passing through
the gate a Chimeran drop ship arrives and deploys a box of troops.  Quickly 
drive past them and continue up Cheddar Gorge.  After a bit the road dead ends
and there will be a ramp on the left leading up.  Take this left path and follow
it as it winds up the gorge.  You will come to a fence and behind the fence is
an open area with three turret stations in it.  Smash through the fence and
drive past the stations, ignoring the hybrid inside.  Again follow a ramping
path on your left, drive past another turret station, and smash through another
fence.  Past the fence are the final two chimeran gate control bases.  
Utilize the jeep strat again for both of them being sure to flip the switches
in the bases to unlock the last gate.  While waiting for your buddy to do some
thining out at the first base be sure to watch your back.  Sometimes the Hybrid
you ignored along the way will catch up to you.  After the switches have been
toggled drive through the gate that is located just past the second base.
Now the path will be leading downward.  Follow it down until it deadends.
There should be another chimeran fence on your right.  Drive through this last
fence to end the level.

[-= 3.s Level 18: A Disturbing Discovery =-]

After you and your comrade split up you start next to a locked fence.  Toggle
the switch to the right of the gate and head through.  In the distance are
two hybrid.  Fareye them and move toward the large chimeran structure.  Once
you get close enough the gate will open and some Menials will come out.  Beat
them down and fareye two more hybrid located on an upper ledge in the back
of the structure.  Once they are down proceed inside.  Bash all the Menials 
in here and find the locked door located opposite the main entrance.  Toggle
the lock to the left of the door and head through.  As you move through you
will pick up the sapper.  File it away under "S" for sucks and continue.
After dealing with the Menials out here follow the path on the left that leads
between some fences on either side.  It will cut to the right and end before
another Chimeran structure.  When you get close the door will open and a hybrid
and steelhead will charge you.  Fareye the steelhead and bullseye the hybrid
before venturing inside.  This structure is devoid of enemies other
than a three menials but full of Lancer Mines. Stick to the left wall and make
your way to the back lefthand corner to find the locked door.  Unlock it and
head outside.  Equip the sapper for only the first of two times in the entire
game that its useful and deploy a mine trap.  Now move cautiously forward along
the path until a gray jack leaps out from behind a container on your left.
Backpeddle and lure him into your mines.  Make another trap and repeat this for
another Gray Jack that will attack you as you head further in.  After they are
gone switch to the fareye and bash the menials as you move along.  The path
ends at a large wooden bridge.  Stay on your side and snipe the group of hybrid
as they attempt to cross the bridge.  Once they are down cross the bridge and
take cover behind the chimeran barricade.  You will meet up with your pal here.
From the safety of your cover snipe the steelhead and hybrid on the hill ahead
of you.  Just below the hill is a Chimeran fence.  On the other side are 
several hybrid.  Take out your auger and punish them safely from the other side
of the fence.  After they are dead head up the hill to cue a cutscene.  Once 
the scene wraps up make your way back down the hill and back towards the bridge
you crossed.  However, instead of taking the bridge there is a downward sloping
path to the left of the bridge.  Take this path and follow it down.  You will
come to an open area filled with Chimeran Storage containers.  There are some
hybrid and several menials amongst the containers.  Stay back and move around
until you have angles on the hybrids.  M5 snipe them and bash the Menials before
heading through the area.  Past the containers is an opening in the fence head
through it and take a left.  Switch to your shotgun and blast the leaper swarm
that will soon be showing up.  In the middle of the swarm two Gray jacks will
charge you.  Let them get close and then let them have it with the shotgun.
Proceed onward until the path winds around the fence on your right.  The path
ahead of you is littered with barriers and storage containers.  Move slowly
forward until you can see two mine deployers on your right.  Move quickly 
toward them and duck behind the barrier just infront of them.  This allows you
to avoid the hedgehog mines that spring up.  Keep going until you can see some
more mines.  At this point several hybrid will attack.  M5 them and then set
off the mines and seek cover.  The path ends with a small ramp leading into
another structure.  Head inside and have your Bullseye ready.  After entering
quickly head to the far end and kill a hybrid.  Now tag and bag several 
slipskulls.  Now move to the big wall behind where you killed the Hybrid.
On the left you should see a toggle switch.  Flip it and head outside.  After
the door is opened several hybrid and a steelskull will charge down toward you.
If you have any nades left use one and then m5 the remainder.  Once they
are all down head up the way they came.  Make your way towards your jeep and
the level will end.

[-= 3.t Level 19: Devil at the Door =-]

You'll start this level in the middle of a battle as your allies are trying to
evacuate Southern Command.  Run towards the fray and ignore the Stalkers.  They
can't be killed and won't target you.  Instead use your m5 and maybe a nade to
take out the hybrid.  After they are dead move towards the sheet metal barriers.
Quickly move behind the first one to avoid Hedgehog Mines.  Move to the next 
one and this time duck behind it to dodge more mines.  Again, move to another
barrier and take cover behind it to escape the last set of mines.  As you move
a little past the last barrier a Howler will run out from the left and go
across your screen.  Ignore that one and instead target the one running straight
at you from the right.  Wall back so it will target your allies while you blast
away at it with your shotgun.  After he is dead repeat this tactic with the 
second howler.  Continue out into the open area and stick to the right.  As you
move out behind some rocks there will be a group of Hybrid in the middle of a
road.  They won't focus on you till you get close, as they are too busy firing
on a group of soldiers.  Drop a nade in the middle of them and m5 any leftovers.
Move into the building your friends were in to collect health and ammo.
Now head up the road towards the large gate.  When you get close enough a Titan
shows up and blasts through the gate.  Unload any nades and grenades from your
launcher into it then fall back.  Get behind the rocks on your left and bounce
from out behind them and use the bullseye tag and fire to finish the brute off.
Now head through the gate.  There will be two paths, one on the left leading
into a building and the one on the right that ends with a path going uphill.
Take the path on the left first.  Move slowly as the ground here is covered
with Seismic mine deployers.  There are two groups of them and here is the 
pattern for each.  Group 1: Jump, duck, jump.  Group 2: Duck, jump, jump, jump,
duck.  Now move into the building to grab health and ammo.  In a small side
room on your left you will find the Dragon.  Now move to the doorway and
torch the group of Menials that are making their way toward you.  Now its
time to take the other path and this one is full of Hedgehog mines...yay.
As you move out into the field their will be two metal barriers on your right.
Run toward them and get behind the rightmost one.  After the mines are gone
there will be a second group of barriers on your right.  There are three of 
them.  Move quickly and get behind the rightmost one to avoid the mines.
Now head up the hill.  As you near the base of the hill there will be two 
seismic mines, jump them and then duck underneath the second wave, continue up.
Switch to your bullseye and tag n bag the two hybrid at the top of the hill. Up
ahead there will be several more hybrid m5 snipe them and switch to your Fareye.
You will see a slope leading down.  This is the path you will take in a minute
but for now take the smaller slope to the left of this that leads upward.
At the top you will be looking down onto another battlefield.  Use your Fareye
to take out the Steelhead and Hybrid below.  Next head down the ramp and follow
the path around the ruined buildings and onto the road that leads to the base.
In the distance you will see your jeep and your old friend from Chedder Gorge.
Run past him and into the base courtyard to end the level.

[-= 3.u Level 20: Evacutaion =-] 

Bust out your Reapers and step through the doorway into the stairwell.  Use
them to take out the three Slipskulls jumping out.  Carefull not to go to far
down the stairs yet.  Now slowly move down and keep an eye out below you.  
There will be a large number of Hybrid and some Steelskulls coming up from
below.  Rush them and set them ablaze with your Dragon.  Continue to the bottom
of the stairs and through the doorway.  Turn left to find a Steelskull with his
back turned toward you.  Light him up and continue through the doorway.  In this
room there are several tables turned on their side and a doorway on the other
end.  As you move into the room three hybrid will come in and take cover behind
the tables.  M5 your way through them and head into the next hallway.  You
will now find yourself in a large kitchen area.  Before you head into the 
area M5 the two hybrid below.  When you get about halfway into the room a
Hardskull will charge bullseye him down before he gets close enough to use his
Arc Charger.  Now head up the stairs opposite the ones you came down and take
a left into the next hall.  At the end of the short winding hall is a room.
Opposite of the way you entered is a locked door.  Flip the switch to the left
of the door and ride the lift down to the hanger area.  The hanger is chaotic
and directly ahead of you is a Titan.  Quickly exit the lift and move to the
right to find cover behind a large stack of sandbags.  From your cover bullseye
tag the big guy into a oblivion.  Also any grenades or explosives you might
have come in handy here.  After the Titan falls use your fareye to take out
the Hybrid which were supporting the Titan.  Now move through the gate and stick
to the right.  Ahead of you will be a stairwell leading up and a large hanger
in the distance.  When you get closer to the stairs a group of Hybrid will 
come out.  Plant a nade amongst them and fareye survivors.  Now look left
across the big room and fareye some more Hybrid.  There will be just one more
group and they are against the farwall.  They have an elevated position with
two turrets.  Approach the position from either side.  Start by blowing up
the big stack of explosive barrels at the top.  Now throw an Air-Fuel nade at
the base of the enplacemet and another one towards the top.  After they are
dead a loading platform will lower.  The platform is just to the right of the
turret enplacement.  Move onto it and throw the switch to ride it to the top.
At the top take the doorway at the top and follow the hall till it leads to
another doorway.  You should be looking out into a large briefing room area.
This room is full of hybrid.  From the safety of your doorway use your Fareye
to eliminate as many of the Hybrid as you can.  When you have run out of ammo
switch to the m5 to finish them up.  Collect any ammo and health needed as you
pass through the area.  Move through the doorway on the other end of the room.
Switch to your shutgun and head up the sloped passage.  Blast the Leaper swarm
which attacks you and continue to the next room.  Take the lift that will be
located on your left in this area.  The lift deposits you in a small room.
Move slowly to the doorway.  Around the corner are two Hybrid.  Because they
are pretty close to your position a direct assault will result in a huge chunk
of life loss.  Toss an Air-fuel or standard grenade off the wall ahead of you
at an angle to get it to bounce and land next to them.  After it goes off
step around the corner prepared to blast them if they lived.  Head through
the doorway on your right and into the next room.  As you get halfway in
two hybrid will enter from your left.  Toss a nade and move on.  Break out your
Hailstorm and head into the large room at the end of a short hallway.  
Aim it up and deploy an auto turret.  Switch back to the m5 and blast away at
the two Steelskulls that enter the room.  Bring out the Hailstorm again and
head up the stairwell.  Another large enemy wave will begin heading down the 
stairs toward you.  Deploy an auto turret and rip them to shreds with your
Bullseye.  Follow the hall at the top of the stairs past the row of windows
and around the corner.  As you step around the corner lay waste to a Hybrid
with the Bullseye then move back so you are not in the doorway.  The room
ahead is now full of Hybrid.  Move into the doorway and toss nades into the 
room to clean it out.  Making sure to duck back around the corner after you
have tossed it to avoid enemy return fire.  Switch to your Dragon and head 
through the doorway at the other end of the room.  At the end of the next
hallway a Steelhead will attack.  He can be pretty dangerous at this close range
so dodge like crazy as you close the distance and light him up with the Dragon.
Continue along the hallway to end the level.

[-= 3.v Level 21: Parting Ways =-]

You will begin this level behind the controls of a Stalker.  Move slightly
forward so you are just outside of the overhang.  This way when you fire
the stalkers missiles they have a clear flight path.  Take care not to move
to far out as this will expose you to a mortar battery on either side of you.
From this position you should have clear shots at the Titans ahead and a low
wall on either side of you should be shielding you from the mortars.  Fire at 
the group of Titans till they are now more and move forward and finish off
the mortars.  When they are gone the level will end.  That was easy and fast.

[-= 3.w Level 22: Into the Depths =-]

The level starts you off in the Chimeran Tunnels.  Move foreward into the open
area and bash the two Menials.  Several more Menials will be making their way
toward you from the next room.  Bash them and use your Dragon on the Gray Jack
that is following up behind the Menials.  In the next open cavern there will
be several groups of Leaper Pods.  Use your Dragon on them to take them out
before they hatch and then head up the metal ramp along the back wall.
Roast somemore pods and move through the next hallway.  In the next cavern
several Menials will begin coming toward you.  There are also three Gray jacks
in the room as well.  Move into the room and then fall back as you lure the
Jacks into the hallway.  Use your Dragon on them and the Menials.  After they
are dead two Hybrid and a Steelhead will enter and begin firing on you from
across the room.  Distance m5 them and head toward where they were firing at
you from.  Enter the next hallway and switch to your Bullseye.  As the hall
begins to shift into the next cavern room you will see a health back at the
bottom.  When you near the health three Hybrid will charge out from the right.
Bullseye them down and continue on. In the next cavern there will be several
Menials hanging out near an explosive ball.  Shoot it and ruin their day then
proceed on.  At the end of the room on the right is a winding ramp leading 
upward.  Take the ramp and continue on until it opens into a large platform
room.  Once you hop down off the ledge you are on enemies will begin to 
show up on lifts from either side of the mining platform.  Equip your dragon
and stay mobile and burn them down.  Here is a break down of the order the
lifts show up in and what enemies they contain.
Lift 1:  Upper left from your initial drop in. Contains: 2 Hybrid.
Lift 2:  Middle Right. Contains: 2 Hybrid.
Lift 3:  Bottom Right. Contains: 1 Gray Jack.
Lift 4:  Bottom Left.  Contains: 4 Menials.
Lift 5:  Upper Right.   Contains: 1 Gray Jack.
Lift 6:  Middle Left.  Contains: 1 Gray Jack.
Lift 7:  Middle Left.  Contains: 2 Menials and 1 Hybrid.
Lift 8:  Middle Right.  Contains: 2 Hybrid.
After all the enemies are dealt with the door opposite of the way you came in
will open.  Head through the doorway into the next cavern and wind around
to the right.  There will be a large hole in the floor.  As you draw close
to the hole a swarm of Rollers will attack.  Backpeddle as you burn them down
with your dragon.  After they are gone drop down into the hole and you will
end up in another tunnel that is sloping upward.  A short distance from the 
bottom there will be several Leaper Pods.  Torch the pods with the Dragon and
continue up through the tunnel.  The tunnel will lead you to another drop.
Drop down and make your way up another tunnel leading up.  This tunnel leads
to a very large cavernous champer with massive electrical conduits running 
through the room.  Make your way out onto the conduit directly below you.
Continue along the conduit until you are out from underneath the one that is
above you.  At this point switch to your Fareye and look to your left.  You
will see three Slipskulls jumping around on the wall to your left.  Use the
Fareye and its time slowing focus to bring them down.   After they are gone
move to the end of the conduit and onto the platform on the left.  Make your
way to the other end of the platform and step onto the next conduit.  Instead
of moving along this one look out and locate two exhaust fans.  Jump toward
this one to be blown upward by the stream of air.  Steer yourself to the 
next stream of air and finally to land on the next conduit.  After landing
look ahead and next to the wall for the next fan.  Jump onto that one to be
blown up to the next conduit located above you.  Move along this conduit until
it ends.  When it runs out step onto the platform on the left, climp a ramp,
and onto another platform.  Follow the ledge as it works its way upward.  
It will end with a small conduit and a fan on the right.  Ride the fan's 
exhaust to the next conduit.  Proceed up this one till you arrive at two
more fans on the right.  Before you use the fans to reach the platform across
from you switch to your Faryeye.  Look out onto the next platform.  There
will be several Menials, some Hybrid, and alot of explosive balls.  Snipe
the balls causing them to clear out the enemies on the platform.  Now use
the two fans to reach the now empty platform.  After moving out onto the 
platform a Hardfang will attack, drop him with your Fareye and move toward
the way he came.  Follow it around until it ends at a conduit.  Move upward
along this new conduit until it ends with another platform on the right.
Jump out onto the platform and move along it till you find a tunnel leading
up.  Equip a Backlash Grenade and crest the hill.  Deploy the nade at the
top to shield you from the Hybrid and Steelskull while you bash the Menials.
Move to the other end of this area to find another tunnel leading upward.
At the top you will be at a conduit junction.  Switch to your Dragon and move
into the narrow path on your left.  Tucked behind the conduits along this 
route are several Hybrid and a Hardfang.  Move slowly through here making
sure to check corners as you progress.  Burn the enemies down and follow
the path till it ends with an opening into the center conduit.  Stepping
into the center will end the level.

[-= 3.x Level 23: In a Darker Place =-]

This level will start with you riding a lift up into a large room.  This room
is swarming with Menials.  Bash your way through them and make your way to
the safety of a wall.  Switch to your Dragon and light them up as they get
within range.  Also pick up the rocket launcher directly ahead of your 
initial start position.  It is next to the dead soldier on your right.
Stay tucked into one of the alcoves along the wall because once the Menials
are dead several Hybrid will invade the area.  Switch to the Fareye and take
them out as they move into sight.  After they are dead one of the wall 
alcoves will contain a lift.  Ride it up to the next level.  Equip the 
Hailstorm and slowly move along the path on your left.  As you get near the
Leaper Pods two Steelskull will attack.  Deploy an auto turret and take cover.
After they are dead switch to the Dragon and nuke the pods.  Repeat this
strat twice more as you move through this area.  This section will end with
a doorway on the left.  Move through it and into the next cavern.  Move up
through this area until you reach some Leaper Pods.  Torch them and toss a nade
next to the two Hybrid at the end of the room.  There will be an opening to
a large circular room at the end of the room you are in.  Use your Fareye
to take out the Hybrid below you and to the left.  Blast another Hybrid on
your right and drop onto the floor below you.  Move to your right and bash
several Menials and use your Fareye on the two Gray Jacks.  Continue along
this path till you come to a very large door with a lock toggle on either side
of it.  Have your Backlash nades ready and unlock the door.  On the other side
is the boss.
(Boss Strategy)
Stalker:  After the door opens throw a Backlash nade so it encapsulates the
stalker.  This will make it take constant damage and repel its shots back at it.
While it is encased switch to your rocket launcher and finish it off.  After
the big guy goes down the level will end.

[-= 3.y Level 24: A Desperate Gamble =-]

Section under construction.

[-= 3.z Level 25: Ice and Iron =-]

Section under construction.

[-= 3.a1 Level 26: Burning Bridges =-]

Section under construction.

[-= 3.b1 Level 27: On the Ice =-]

Section under construction.

[-= 3.c1 Level 28: Giant Slayer =-]

Section under construction.

[-= 3.d1 Level 29: Angel's Lair =-]

Section under construction.

[-= 3.e1 Level 30: Last Hope =-]

Section under construction.


                          (  Section Four:  Miscellanious   )

[-= 4.a Frequently Asked Questions =-]

Q: Health? Where can I find health?
A: Health packs can be found in the form of little yellow cylinders.  You
will also regen after a few seconds of no damage.  This isn't complete regen.
It will only refil the current health bar you are on.  Health can be found
throughout the game except for the first level where there are no health packs
and you can't regen. (Because Hale is still completely human) 

Q: How do i unlock the new weapons?
A: To get the new weapons complete the game on any difficulty and they will be
available to you during your next playthrough of the game.

Q: So now that I have unlocked the guns...Where are they?
A: There are six new weapons which are unlocked after you complete the game
once. Here is a list of them and their locations.

Name: Reapers
Level: "The Guantlet"
Locaton: In the first building you enter.  They are on the floor just before
you head up the stairs. 

Name: Backlash Grenade
Level: "The Cathedral"
Location: In the first building you enter after exiting the cathedral.  They
are on the floor after you go threw the first doorway on the left.  
Note that they are located throughout the game but the above location is the
first place you encounter them.

Name: Arc Charger
Level: "No Way Out"
Location:  Just past a metal gate in the area where the tunneler busts through
the walls and creates the tunnel you have to go through.

Name: Sapper
Location: At the exit door of the first Chimeran structure you enter.

Name: Dragon
Level: "Devil at the Door"
Location: After you go through the Titan gate you will find the open area
that is full of mines.  The Dragon can be found on the left path (the path
with the Seismic Mines) in the building at the end of the mine path.

Name: Splitter
Level: "A Desperate Gamble"
Location: On the second floor walkway in front of the large windows looking
out onto the snowy backyard area.

[-= 4.b Secrets and Unlockables =-]

The game has several rewards which are unlocked by aquiring points. These
points are earned by completing skill tasks scattered throughout the campaign
mode of the game.  Some can only completed in a specific level while others
can be finished anywhere.


Name: Reading is fun
Requirement: Collect 10 intel reports.
Point Value: 2
Tip for completion: NA

Name: Chicks Dig Eyestrain
Requirement: Collect 20 intel reports.
Point Value: 3
Tip for completion: NA
Name: Too many secrets
Requirement: Collect all intel reports.
Point Value: 7
Tip for Completion: NA

Name: In for a penny
Requirement: Kill 3 Hybrids at once with a Fragmentation Grenade.
Point Value: 1
Tip for Completion: Find a group of Hybrid and nade them, simple as that.

Name: Fetch
Requirement: Kill a Howler using only a fragmentation grenade.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion: Wait till after the Howler has just finished an attack
animation and it will pause temporarily.  This is the time for you to use 
your nade.  Use this timing to keep it from running out of the blast radius
or killing you before it goes off.
Name: Accupunture is cheaper 
Requirement: Kill 3 enemies at once with the Hedgehog Grenade.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion: Refer to tip for "In for a Penny".
Name: Why are these candles screaming
Requirement: Kill 8 Hybrids in 30 seconds with fire.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: Find a large group of Hybrid and introduce them to your 
Dragon or an Air-Fuel Grenade.
Name: Lovely parting gifts
Requirement: Squat over 15 Hybrid corpses.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion:  Ah, nothing like a task that requires you to corpse hump
your enemies.  Thanks, Halo online.  Anyway, just remeber to mash L2 while
standing over the body of a dead Hybrid.  This task is pretty simple as most
levels contain way more than 15 Hybrid.

Name: Tag, you're  it
Requirements: Kill 5 enemies using the Bullseye in 30 seconds.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion:  Use a level that contains lots of Menials such as the
"Into the Depths" level group them up and shred them with your Bullseye.

Name: Gasping for air
Requirement: Kill 2 Hybrid only after severing all 4 of their coolant hoses.
Point Value: 3 
Tip for Completion:  Stay at a distance and use the Fareye to snipe the hoses
before finishing them off.  This will keep them from charging you and making
hose cutting a huge pain in the rear.
Name: Nowhere to hide
Requirement: Kill 5 enemies in a level by shooting them through a wall with the
Point Value: 3 
Tip for Completion: Just blast enemies through their cover.
Name: Twirly whirly
Requirement: Kill 5 Menials with a Bullseye trap.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: Use the "Into the Depths" level for this one because the
beginning of the level is full of Menials.  This one was a tricky one because
it took me a bit to figure out what they meant by "Bullseye Trap".  To pull off
this move fire your tag dart but after you fire it keep the L1 button held down.
Next fire the weapon until the rounds stop collecting around the tag.  At this
point there shout be a swirling ring of bullets floating above your tag.  You 
can release L1 at this point.  The trap will go off after a few seconds, so 
make sure to stay near it to keep the Menials from leaving its blast range.
Name: Turrets
Requirement: Use the sentry gun to kill 6 enemies in a level.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion:  Use the level "Spires" because it contains easy to reach
turrets and lots of enemies for you to shoot with them.

Name: Mechanical thumbs 
Requirement: Beat the game on Hard difficulty.
Point Value: 5
Tip for Completion: NA  

Name: Supersonic meat cubes
Requirement: Kill 3 Leapers at once with a Fragmentation Grenade.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: In the second level use a grenade on the second set of
Leapers after they crawl down from the wall. 

Name: Homing beacons
Requirement: Tag 4 Hybrids with the Bullseye in a level.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: NA
Name: Chimera Pate
Requirement: Run over 10 Hybrid with the tank.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: NA  

Name: Don't worry insurance has it covered
Requirement: Break at least 5 Chimeran boxes in the Conversion Center.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: This can be completed within the first portion of the first
level in the Grimsby string.  The boxes you need to break are small and black.
They look like little computer towers.  Shoot them until they split in two.

Name: 20th sentry
Requirement: Don't get shot by a Lancer Mine in the Conversion Center.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion:  Try to blast the mines before they have a chance to fire.
In some cases several spring up at once.  If you can't get them all before they
are ready to fire find cover.  Bounce back and forth from behind cover to 
get them without getting shot.
Name: Personal space bubble
Requirement: Don't let a Menial grab you in the Conversion Center.
Point Value: 4
Tip for Completion: Usually bashing a Menial is the best option.  However, when
going for this skill point it is probably safter just to shoot them before they
can close to grab range.

Name: Lightfoot
Requirement: Take no damage from mines in Manchester.
Point Value: 4
Tip for Completion: You will find the mines for this one in the second half of
the level.  They begin in the area after you fought the two Howlers.  Avoid
setting off any mines that you don't have to.  You don't have to activate and
dodge all the mines for this one to count.  You just need to avoid taking any
mine damage.
Name: This is my rifle, this is my gun
Requirement: Defeat the Stalker in "Outgunned" using only the M5A2 Rifle.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion: This one is fairly easy just be sure not to use any nades 
on it.  For further help see my strat in the "Outgunned" level of the guide.

Name: In one ear, out the other
Requirement: Get 5 head shots with the Fareye in Nottingham.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion: Just get five head shots in the second level of the 
Nottingham string.  For some reason I couldn't get it to register in the level
where you first aquire the Fareye.

Name: Passive Aggressive
Requirement: Kill 4 Hybrids or Menials without weapon damage.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: In "Angel" after the level starts head to the first room.
It will be a med lab with some explosive barrels and plenty of Menials.
Move to the barrels and draw in the Menials then quickly move back and blast
the barrel to finish this task off.

Name: We've lost the security deposit anyway
Requirement: Break 10 medical lamps in Northern Command.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion: In "Angel" there are a couple of the lamps in the Menial 
room you first encounter.  The rest can be found in the rooms in the long 
hallway near the end of the level.  They are the rooms with glass windows you
can't see through.  The lamps are the big lamps that have their own stands and
are located next to the medical tables.  Shoot them until the top part falls

Name: Mirror,mirror
Requirement: Destroy all glass in the windows of Northern Command.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: This one is also completed in "Angel" the windows you need
to break start in the same room that is best used for misplaced aggression.
There are 19 windows to break in the first area, 6 in the next upstairs area,
and 46 in the hallway area.  Some of the tricky ones include the small windows
along the floor of the first room and the glass windows of the doors in the
last area.

Name: Next speed trap, 50 miles
Requirement: Use the jeep to make it through Cheddar Gorge in 8 min. or less.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion:  Move from area to area as quickly as possible.  Ignore as
many of the enemies as you can.  Backlash nades will come in handy.  They allow
you to storm into the gate switch bases without taking massive damage.  Another
tip is to get a stopwatch so you can keep track of the time. 

Name: I can see my house from here
Requirement: Jump at least 50m in the LU-P in Cheddar Gorge.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion: This one is done in "Common Ground".  Near the end of the
level across from the last two gate switch bases is a large stone ramp.  Get up
to speed in your jeep and ramp off of the stone to the broken bridge area below
to pass this skill point off.
Name: Misplaced aggression
Requirement: Blow up all cars in the town of Cheddar Gorge.
Point Value: 2 
Tip for Completion: This one can be tricky.  This one is passed of in the
"Search and Rescue" level.  Shoot the cars in the streets until they blow up.
Just the cars though the jeeps toward the end and the truck in this level will
not explode.  There are 12 cars that need to be destroyed to pass this off.
They are all easy to find except for one.  To find this tricky hidden car
move throught the opening in the brick wall at the beginning of the level.
Proceed straight and slightly left and follow the road till it ends with a 
metal barrier with some razor wire above the barrier.  If you look through
the wire in the distance next to a building is a car.  You can't reach this
vehicle but you can shoot it till it explodes. 

Name: They came from behind
Requirement: Run over 3 Hybrids while driving in reverse.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: Just back over them in the level "Common Ground".

Name: I believe this is yours
Requirement: Use only Chimeran weapons during the final approach to the Tower.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion:  For this one use only the following guns: Bullseye, Auger,
Reapers, or Hedgehog Grenades. This one is done in the "A disturbing discovery".

Name: One eye dog 
Requirement: Kill a Howler with the L23 Fareye.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: Do this on "Devil at the Door"  Fall back so the Howler
attacks your teammates and focus Fareye the thing down.

Name: A new kind of sourdough
Requirement: Kill all the enemies in the cafeteria with the Sapper.
Point Value: 4
Tip for Completion: This one is pretty self explanatory.  This skill is done
in the "Evacuation" level.

Name: Pint in one hand, darts in the other
Requirement: In Southern Command, bullseye the four dartboards with the Fareye.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion:  The dart boards are in the same kitchen used for the
sourdough skill point.  They are hangin up on the walls, split into two groups.
There are two of them located next to each staircase.

Name: Karma's a bitch
Requirement: Kill all enemies in the tunnels with only their native weapons.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: Completed in the "Into the Depths Level".  Kill Hybrid with
Bullseyes, Steelhead with Augers, Slikskulls with Reapers, and Hardfangs with
Arc Chargers.  The only tricky part was figuring out how to kill all the 
unarmed Chimera.  These can be killed using whatever you wish.  For the Stalker
at the end of the level encapsulate it with Backlash grenades.

Name: This is my house
Requirement: Prevent chimera from staying on the mine platform for more than
10 sec.
Point Value: 4
Tip for Completion: Done in the "Into the Depths" level.  Just kill the enemies
quickly as they exit the lifts around the mining platform.

Name: Leapin Lizards
Requirement: Take no damage from Rollers in London outskirts.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: NA

Name: Fast like the tortoise
Requirement: Take no damage from Slipskulls in the London outskirts.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion: NA

Name: Le Parkour
Requirement: Finish the first level of Thames within 5 minutes.
Poit Value: 4
Tip for Completion: After doing the first part of the level where you have to
kill two stalkers and a Widowmaker, run quickly through the rest of the map
ignoring as many enemies as you can while you race for the exit.

Name: Breakin the law 
Requirement: Destroy the Reactor without using the L209 LAARK.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: NA

Name: Vanilla only please
Requirement: Reach the Reactor without using weapon secondary fire or nades.
Point Value: 4
Tip for Completion: Play through "Angel's Lair" and reach the reactor in 
"Last Hope" while meeting the above criteria.  I think that the rocket launcher
and some of the other weapons might prevent completion.  So what I did was 
stick to the M5 and Bullseye only.

Name: What would hale do
Requirement: Kill an Angel using only the Rossmore 236 combat shotgun.
Point Value: 2
Tip for Completion: This one is easily done in "Angel's Lair".  Kill the first
Angel you come across.  Wait till it is hovering near the bridge before 
shooting to max out the weapon's effectiveness.

Name: Return to sender
Requirement: Shoot 5 objects thrown at you by the angels before they reach you.
Point Value: 3
Tip for Completion: This one is also best done in "Angel's Lair" at the first
Angel you come across.  After the Angel throws a few rounds of its spikes it
will pull out some explosive cannisters from the wall.  Use the Fareye to snipe
them in mid-air before they reach you.


Concept Art Pack 1            // aquire 10 skill points to unlock
Concept Art Pack 2            // aquire 20 skill points to unlock
Resistance: Behind the Scenes // aquire 40 skill points to unlock
Flip levels                   // aquire 70 skill points to unlock
Clank Backpacks               // aquire 100 skill points to unlock
Unlock Skeleton Skin          // aquire 126 skill points to unlock


                  (  Section Five:  Closing             )

[-= 5.a Credits =-]

Here is the part where I come out on stage and thank everyone who helped me
in the production of this faq.  Though I am excited about my guide I promise
I won't go over the top Cuba at the Oscars style.

First and foremost I would like to thank my brother, who without his help
I never would have got my Ps3.

I would like to extend my love to my wife who was very patient with me as I 
poured long hours into the making of my faq.  "I love you."

A very big special thanks goes out to Gamefaqs and their affiliate Gamespot
for posting my faq and allowing me to share my love of gaming and expertise
with everyone.  You guys rock!

I would also like to thank Bellamy, Aznfuzion, and Alex Harmon.  Who without
there help and sheer awesomness the cheat section would have taken a long
time to complete.

A big shout out goes to Gary Kelly, Walter Hickey for their words of praise
and encouragement.

I would like to thank my dear friend Adam Plunket for reading over my guide
and giving feedback.  Your school boy enthusiasm and warm words really helped
to motivate me and reassured me of the good job I was doing.

I also would like to thank my wingman Anthony Thomas for playing through some
levels while I typed like a madman.

Thanks also go to my friends Brennen Griffin, James Owens, Shayne Smith for
reading over my guide and giving feedback.

I would also like to thank,,,,,, and for finding my guide
worthy to post on their site.

And in conclusion I would like to thank anyone I forgot to mention.  Without
all of you this guide would never have been possible.

[-= End =-]

Section under construction.

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