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Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets (XBOX)
Complete Walkthough Version 1.0
By Kathryn Mintram ([email protected]) 
March 3rd  2003


Chapter 1		Introduction
Chapter 2		Controls 
Chapter 3		Walkthrough
Chapter 4 		Information
			4.1 Items
			4.2 Spells
			4.3 Wizards & Witches Cards
			4.4 Fred & George’s Shop 
Chapter 5		Side Quests
			5.1 Lost And Found
			5.2 Games
			A.	Gnome Dunking
			B.	Gnome Tossing
			C.	Broom Racing
Chapter 6 		Credits & Thanks
Chapter 7 		Copyright


Chapter 1		Introduction


I rented this game and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite a ribbing from everyone 
for playing a child’s game, and the more I played it the more I found out how 
in depth it was. So I went out and bought it and now, everyone in my house 
plays it.
One day I had real trouble finding one of the lost and found items on the 
notice board so I went onto the Internet to try and find a walkthrough for 
this game on the XBOX. I could not find one! Not one, not anywhere. I searched 
everywhere and I found plenty for the Playstation and even the Gamecube, but 
not one for the XBOX. So I decided to sit down and write one.
While doing this I had found myself a new challenge for the game and it 
brought a whole new level of discovery to other games I own. This is my first 
walkthrough so it will probably need amending plenty of times as I hope some 
of you will contact me with suggestions for some of the things I am slightly 
vague about, i.e. sneaking around at night past prefects and Quidditch. 
I am also a little concerned that I have not discovered everything the game 
has to offer. For example, in the Playstation version you can find students 
outside in the grounds who have lost items but not written it on the notice 
board. In the XBOX version the only student outside in the grounds is Neville. 
I hope if I have missed something then someone will soon tell me and I can 
update this accordingly.
Anyway, I hope this is of help to you and you enjoy using my walkthrough. As 
this is my first any feedback will be gratefully received so feel free to 
email me if you would like. Many thanks


Chapter 2		Controls 


Left analogue stick		Move Harry around
Right analogue stick		Look around
B, X, & Y			Assign pellets, balloons and spells, then 
				press to use or cast
Select button			Enter the Rememberall
Start button			Pause/options menu

Options Menu	
Flying controls			Normal/Reverse
Camera controls			Normal/Reverse
Vibration			On/Off
Subtitles			On/Off
Music Volume			1-100
Sound Effects Volume		1-100

Chapter 3		Walkthrough


The Burrow 


Watch the sequence when Mrs Weasley tells everyone off (except you of course 
Harry) then practice Flipendoing things in the yard. If you hit the circus 
looking machine in the corner, or magical measurer, the twins will explain 
that when you improve your magic, you will be able to ring the bell at the 
top, so don’t worry about that for now.

Feel free to explore the yard although there isn’t really anything you need to 
do so when you are ready, Flipendo the glass jar by the gate and after a short 
sequence you are able to move on to the barn.

To de-gnome the barn all you need to do is target the gnomes by holding down 
the left shoulder button, then Flipendo them down from the rafters. If you hit 
the sacks of grain, a Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean will fall out. Collect 
these where you can, as they are the only form of currency accepted at 
Hogwarts for buying things and playing the games in the side quests. Don’t 
worry however if you don’t get many or lose them when you are hurt while 
fighting later, because you have plenty of opportunity to get many more later 
on at Hogwarts, but do try to collect them when you can.

When you have knocked both gnomes of the rafters, the boys will ask you to 
follow them into the garden. Before you leave, there is a chest in the corner 
containing a Famous Witches And Wizards Card #3, and another in the opposite 
corner with card #1. Collect these and go through the door.

Here you will meet the Weasley’s charming washing machine. All you have to do 
to beat this is target the machine while you wait for it to open its door to 
throw something at you. When it does quickly Flipendo it then run out of the 
way to avoid the bubbles it threw at you. Try to keep a safe distance to allow 
yourself enough time to do both things and watch out, as it will charge at you 
from time to time. 

Hint: Don’t bother to use the dodge function as I have found this pretty slow 
and useless, just run from side to side to avoid it’s attacks. Three hits and 
it’s the most charming washing machine you’ve ever met. 

Once you have followed the boys into the garden you can start de-gnoming. I 
feel no need to explain how to de-gnome because Fred does such a good job of 
it. However, I will say that four spins are all you need to hit the target on 
the haystack, but don’t worry if you go one too far as five spins will also 
hit it. So, when you have heard four whoosh noise and the arrow is pointing in 
the right direction, let go. Voila you now have card #8. 

Hint: You can spin up to six times before letting go of the gnome for the 
longest throw, but spin seven times and Harry will get dizzy and fall over, 
consequently dropping the gnome. 

After you have tossed about six gnomes, Mrs Weasley will come out and tell you 
it’s time for bed. You are free to explore the garden before you leave so make 
sure you do, as there is another chest in here containing card #59. You can 
also practice some more gnome tossing if you wish, but when you are ready to 
leave, just go to your rememberall and "end the day".


Borgin & Burkes 


Search all the cupboards for beans and pumpkin pasties and save your game 
here. Be careful to sneak past the freaky looking hand by pushing the analogue 
stick forward ever so gently, otherwise it will hurt you and cause you to lose 
beans, but don’t worry about the screaming skull, it doesn’t do anything other 
than scream.

When you are happy that you have searched enough, go over to the big black 
cupboard to the right of the save point and open it. After yet another 
sequence you can get out again and move around freely. Sneak past the freaky 
looking hand, or run the long way around the shelves, to pick up the spell 
book. You now have your second spell, Lumos.

Equip it to a button of your choice and go to the cupboard you had hidden in, 
it has now become a secret passage. Run all the way to the end of the passage 
and stand right against the wall facing it, then light Lumos. You will now be 
able to see a secret door, push it to go through. In this room you will find a 
chest containing a pumpkin pasty, use it and continue down the stairs. 

You are now faced with an imp, parading up and down a row of cupboards. Target 
him then Flipendo it just like you did for the gnomes in the rafters. While 
avoiding the vases that are rolling towards you, break the vases on top of the 
cupboards with Flipendo to make it easier to hit the imp. When he is down just 
run at the row of cupboards and the computer will automatically hoist Harry up 
onto the top.

Once on top, Flipendo the imp again and jump down. While he is dazed pick him 
up and put him in the empty cage. You can then use the empty cage as a hop-up 
to get to the upper level.

Turn right and walk round the corner to open the chest. Inside you will find 
an owl treat for Hedwig. Go all the way back and take the left hand turning, 
you should see a stand for Hedwig.  When you are facing the stand you will be 
given the option to call him, do this and feed him the treat. He will then 
push down a ladder for you to use.

Climb up it, then walk right to go behind the ladder and find a chest with 
card #98. Walk back to the hatch but don’t walk past it as patches of the 
attic floor collapse beneath you. Instead light Lumos and the weak points in 
the floor will be highlighted leaving you free to run around without a 
problem. Run to the other end of the attic, avoiding the weak spots, and go 
through the crawl space. There are two doors in this next room. The left hand 
one is locked so use the right hand one.

You now find yourself at the back of the shop in an alley. Walk down the 
stairs and to the right of all the boxes in front of you there is a small gap 
just big enough for you to wall sneak through. Do this then go down some more 
stairs until you come to another door. Beside the door is a square crate, walk 
up to it and you will have the option to grab it. Grab hold and pull it 
towards you to reveal a switch behind it. Then simply let go of the crate and 
run around it to press the switch.

This switch opens a door at the other end of the alley, so go back up the 
stairs, wall sneak through the gap and go through the doorway to the right of 
the stairs. This room contains a chest with card #5 and another switch, which 
when pressed opens the doorway on to Diagon Alley. However, you have to go 
back through the gap and down the stairs, back to the door at the other end 
and leave. Phew! What a lot of back and forth!


Diagon Alley


When you are out of the alley there is another save point, so save your game 
and then go up the stairs and through the archway to Diagon Alley. Mrs Weasley 
tells you to go to Flourish & Blotts, so go right, then right again and 
continue up and round the bend until you find Mrs Weasley and Ginny. They are 
stood right outside the shop you need so go in to buy your new spell book. 
When you have done this you will now be able to charge your spells, (see 
Spells in the Information). There is nothing more to do in here so go back 

If you go left you will see two small barrels by some stairs. Flipendo them 
and collect the sickles. Go down the stairs and enter the shop at the bottom, 
(Gambol & Japes Wizarding Joke Shop). First things first, walk left and use 
Lumos to reveal the bookcases in front of you, you will be given the option to 
push the one on the right and reveal a secret room. In here there are more 
sickle yielding barrels and a chest containing card #32. Now go back into the 
main part of the shop and down the stairs where you can buy some stink pellets 
from the shopkeeper if you choose to. When you are ready go through the door 
to the left of the shopkeeper where you can now practice charging your spells. 

Stand in front of the magical measurer (circus looking machine) and aim a 
charged Flipendo right at the target. Get it right and you should ring the 
bell to reveal a crawl space to the left. Through here you need to break the 
barrels to get more sickles and then pick up Ginny’s Quill.  Before you leave 
search the chest to get a chocolate frog and restore all your health. Now 
leave through the main shop entrance.

Onto the next shop and it’s up the right hand staircase and turn right. Keep 
going until you reach the last shop on your left, The Magical Menagerie. Once 
inside the shopkeeper will tell you to leave, he is closed, ignore the grumpy 
old fart and Flipendo the barrels on the right. Don’t forget the chest by the 
door for a Pumpkin Pasty if you need it. 

Now, when you are in the next room the shopkeeper will ask you to leave again, 
this gets tricky, but don’t worry if he spots you he only throws you out and 
it just means you have to start the whole sneaking process over again. 

Run forward and wall sneak along the shelves in front of you. Poke your head 
around the corner and watch the shopkeeper walk off round the next one. Then, 
wall sneak against the end of the shelves so you can pop your head around 
again to see when he turns the next corner. When he has, run down the middle 
of the shelves and look round to make sure the coast is clear. At the end of 
these shelves you need to make sure he has turned the final corner and then 
push the switch. Now Flipendo the other end of the shop to distract the 
shopkeeper and run for the door at the other end of the shelves you are near. 

Be Warned! If the shopkeeper spots you and you do have to start again, he will 
sometimes change his path, so always check where he is before you make a move. 
Also don’t worry if he spots you after you have pushed the switch and you have 
to start again. You only have to push it once so when you enter the room a 
second time you only have to make your way to the door.

The next room has a chest with card #28 and Ginny’s Brass Scales. So pick them 
up and prepare yourself, you need to get back past the shopkeeper again to 
leave the shop. So, when you enter the room again, run forward and pop your 
head round the corner to watch him, (make sure you are on the side of the 
shelves, not the end, and don’t go too far along the shelves or the animals 
will make a whole lot of noise and attract the shopkeepers attention. 

If when you pop your head round you can’t see him, go to the end of the 
shelves and watch for him to disappear stage left. When he is gone, run 
forward so you are on the other side of the second set of shelves and well 
and truly out of sight. You can now run for the door but make sure you check 
at the end for the shopkeeper or you will have to start all over again. You 
are now half way to completing your shopping list.

When you leave the shop and go back up the stairs, you will notice a big white
building to your right and another shop directly opposite. If you are low on 
sickles, or just feeling greedy, you will find several barrels to the right of 
the big white building. If not then you need to enter the shop in front of 
you, Mr Mullpepper’s Apothecary.

Break the glass jar on the shelves to the left for a chocolate frog if needed, 
and then buy the potion vial for 8 sickles from the shopkeeper. Fill your vial 
with from the big Wiggenweld Cauldron in the middle of the room and leave. Now 
run all the way to the other end of Diagon Alley for a save point and The 
Leaky Cauldron.

When you are inside The Leaky Cauldron, you can talk to anyone you like (and 
yes your old pal Hagrid is in here for those of you that know the storyline) 
however I have found none of it to be relevant. So turn right after you enter 
and you will see Ginny’s Spellotape. Break the barrels and collect the sickles 
and then walk forward to try and pick it up.  Unfortunately there is a trap 
door right in front of it and you fall through. Press the button in the corner 
to open the door and lock the trap door, and then continue on into the next 

The next room is really fun, not! All you need to do when dealing with these 
spiky creatures, or Fire Crabs as they are known, is Flipendo them onto their 
back. There is no actual way to kill them, (not until later in the game when 
you get your final spell), so be careful as after a short time they will flip 
back onto their feet and breath fire at you so just Flipendo them back over 
again until you have done all that you need to do. If you’re anything like me 
you will come to hate these things by the time you get near the end.

So, Flipendo both of them and run forward until you can see two pipes, one 
covered with a spider’s web, the other is clear. Crawl through the one without 
the web to find a chest with card #27. When you crawl back through, be careful 
as the fire-breathing spawn of Satan is waiting for you.

Run over to the far left of the room towards the falling barrels. This is 
easier than it looks, just wait for a gap, then zigzag a path till you are 
clear and go through the door at the end.

After the floor has collapsed, wall sneak over to the remaining piece of 
floor. Push the crate over the edge and then jump down. Now push it over to 
the other side of the room and use it to hop up. At the top of the stairs, use 
Lumos to reveal a hidden doorway and go through. Now you can go back over and 
pick up Ginny’s Spellotape and you are free to go. Mission Accomplished!

Now all you have to do is go back to Mrs Weasley and Ginny to return her stuff 
and then follow them into Flourish and Blotts. Watch the sequence and then 
meet Ron outside The Leaky Cauldron, save your game and speak to Ron. You are 
now on your way to Hogwarts at last.


Whomping Willow


Before you can enter the school you have to rescue Ron from the tree. So run 
down the path that spirals around the it. and try to avoid the thrashing vines 
in the gaps you need to jump over on the way down. I have found it better to 
just run past them as quick as you can rather than trying to Flipendo them. 

When you are at the bottom go left. It can be useful to Flipendo the small 
vines that pop up through the ground and Flipendo the little toadstools that 
are stood on their own as these will give you beans and pumpkin pasties. If 
you need it there is a chest to the left of the first pop-up vine hiding in 
some ferns, holding a pumpkin pasty. Keep going left jumping over the roots in 
your way until you can go no further. Against the back wall you will notice a 
slope for you to use. 

Walk along until you find two large thrashing vines. Here you need to try and 
dodge these as you can’t Flipendo them. The first one is fairly easy; just 
time your run for when it has lifted itself up. Before you can pass the second 
one you need to Flipendo the Pufferpod and avoid the gases it releases when it 
explodes. Now wall sneak across and time your passing of the second vine very 
carefully. Keep going along and jump the gap, Flipendo the Pufferpod and stay 
on this course until you reach the end. Jump off and follow the wall around to 
the left. You will see a patch of Pufferpods over in the corner. Flipendo them 
to clear the way and go through the crawlspace that was behind them. 

Through here it is time for some more de-gnoming. Only this time, you only 
need to Flipendo them and don’t have to pick them up or throw them. So, clean 
them up and then Flipendo the statue thing on top of the makeshift barrier. 

Follow the path down and a tree trunk will roll down behind you. Before going 
any further, save your game and open the chest for a Cauldron Cake. Go over to 
the tree trunk and walk across it to your right. When you have pulled yourself 
up you will see another tree trunk to use as a bridge. Cross it to find a 
chest with card #4. 

Now go back to the fallen tree trunk and climb up the left hand side. On your 
left are two Pufferpods, dispose of those and wall sneak across the gap to 
find a chest with card #6. Now double back on yourself again (does anyone else 
feel like they’re on a bungee cord yet?) and call Hedwig. He will tell you how 
to beat the Gytrashes, (I have not found any other purpose for calling Hedwig, 
but if anyone else knows something I don’t, please contact me.)

When you are ready, go down the slope in front of you to confront the 
Gytrashes. This is very simple, just charge Lumos as much as you can and shine 
the light on them to see them smoulder with a green haze, and then vanish.  
Collect any beans and pasties you may want then go through the crawl space at 
the back of the pit.

The next area has a little bit of frantic de-gnoming. When all the gnomes 
around you are gone and no more come out of their little holes, look up and 
clean up the gnomes there. Finally walk over to the gap and wait for a gnome 
to stand on the edge of the platform in front of you and Flipendo him outta 
there. You will know when you have cleaned up all the gnomes, as the bar in 
the bottom right hand corner will disappear.

Fill your vial with Wiggenweld if you need to and then jump the gap to find... 
yes another chest with card #7. Behind the cauldron is a Pufferpod concealing 
a crawl space to go through to finally reach Ron.

To defeat the Whomping Willow, you need to first dodge the hand branches that 
punch the floor and release a purple haze, which you need to avoid. After a 
couple of punches, when the hand pulls back, it will shine with a bright 
light. To get the tree to wave Ron around and reveal it's weak spot, target 
and Flipendo the light. While it is waving him about like a fly swatter, 
charge Flipendo and aim it at the "eye" that was behind him. After the first 
hit the tree will throw a mental but if you stay as far away as possible you 
should be safe. When it has put the car down, it starts to punch the ground 
again and you so you can then repeat the process. After the next hit and 
another tantrum, the right hand will start to throw boulders at you so run 
from side to side to avoid those. After that one more direct hit and it should 
truly be a "Weeping Willow".




Before this day is out you need to do just one more thing. Follow Ron and go 
into the entrance hall, here you can save your game if you choose. At the save 
point, turn right and go through the door at the end of the corridor, this 
leads you to the main staircase.

You may notice later that the staircase does move and change, but don’t worry 
it’s only the first three flights and they don’t take you anywhere different. 
The first flight will swing around to the right but only if you are on that 
landing, (which can be reached by the first door on your right in the first 
floor lobby). Flights two and three, as far as I can tell, just move up to 
become flights five and six, but if anyone knows any different then please let 
me know. Anyway back to the game.

Between flights three and four you will meet Nearly Headless Nick and after a 
brief chat you can move on to the Gryffindor Common Room. Go all the way up to
floor seven for Gryffindor Tower. Go through the archway and turn right, first 
right again and the large portrait in front of you is the entrance into you 
common room and dormitory. 

HINT: Mind out for ghosts and flying books when moving around at night, they 
can hurt you and will cause you to lose some of the beans you may have 

When you are in the common room, Ron will tell you about Fred and George’s 
Shop (see side quests for full price list), this is where you will need your 
beans. So go through the door but be very careful in here, if Percy the 
Prefect spots you, it’s the same scenario as the shop in Diagon Alley, he will 
kick you out and you have to start again, but don’t worry it is very easy when 
you know how. Luckily Percy will not take any house points from you if he does 
spot you, he just doesn’t like to be disturbed while he is studying. 

To get past him all you need to do is walk forward so you are almost standing 
between the gap in the first two bookcases and wait for Percy to start walking 
away. When he is at a safe distance walk forward but don’t get too close or he 
will spot you. As he corners the end bookshelf walk forward again so you are 
both on opposite sides. Eventually he will walk back around the bookcase and 
you can hop in through the portrait. When you need to get beck past him to get 
to the common room all you need to do is run round the back of all the 
bookshelves as Percy is so slow you have plenty of time and he always takes 
the same path no matter which direction you come from. When you have done all 
you want to do in the shop, select end the day and it’s off to bed.


Day One 


Flying Practice

From the dormitory go down the stairs into the common room and Ron will tell 
you that your first lesson is Flying Practice. After he has left you can walk 
freely around the school so if you want to familiarise yourself with your 
surroundings or carry out side quests, during the day is the time to do it. In 
the common room, to the left of the entrance, is a notice board. You need to 
read this for the lost and found; you will not be able to find the items 
without reading this first.

When you are ready to go to your first lesson you need to go outside, so go 
all the way down the stairs, into the entrance hall and leave through the main 
entrance. Note: When you are outside you will see Neville Longbottom. You need 
to talk to him to play the games in the side quests and to get cards. I 
suggest you play gnome dunking every day as you can only play this once a day, 
unlike the others that you can play any time you want. If you want to collect 
all the Witches and Wizards Cards you need to play gnome dunking daily.

Outside the main entrance you need the path that runs off to your right to get 
to flying practice. This is a nice easy lesson to break you in with and is 
necessary because the computer will set the flying controls based on your 
style, although these can be changed in the options menu if you are finding 
them too uncomfortable. 

I could write an in depth description on flying technique, but I won’t because 
it is very easy. Just follow Madam Hooch’s instructions and you should be 
fine. At the end of the lesson the Professor will give you an examination. If
you want to get the best grade possible and keep your report card at its 
optimum grade you need to get a distinction. If you don’t get it first time 
just keep trying until you do. When you are done Ron tells you it is time for 
bed, (Whoa short day!), so take a look around and perhaps try some of the side 
quests before you end the day. It is also a good idea to get as many beans as 
you can hold because when you end the day, Fred and George’s shop will then be 
open for business.


Night One


When you end the day you will find yourself back in the dormitory, go down to 
the common room to find Hermione for your next task. Before you run your 
"errands" for Hermione, it might be an idea to first visit the shop and spend 
your beans as you are very likely to lose some while moving about at night and 
that wastes your time collecting them in the first place. When you’re done, 
head down to the second floor for the Library. 

To reach the Library you need to go through the Library Annex and this is 
quite tricky as there are many Prefects in here just dying to take house 
points from you. Hint: Don’t worry if you are repeatedly caught by Prefects as 
after the third time they will not take any more house points from you, they 
will only tell you to go back to your dormitory. 

Although it is entirely possible to sneak through here without being caught, 
it is very difficult and often takes several attempts, costing you valuable 
points. I have found it easier and less time consuming to simply run straight 
through the middle and out the door before they have time to turn around and 
catch you. 

When you are in the Library you will see two flights of stairs in front of you 
and between them is a little alcove. In here you will find Professor 
Lockheart’s book. Read it carefully so you know exactly what to do when you 
come across them in the greenhouse. Now you have to get back through the 
Annex. The 100-metre dash works both ways (and the gold medal goes to...Harry 

To get to the Herbology Greenhouse area, go outside and take the path directly 
in front of you. Go through the green doors and you are there. 
When you are inside turn right and then left until you see the Horklumps in 
front of a door. Dispose of these as the book tells you to and then enter. The 
path to the right of you has more Horklumps to deal with and the one to the 
right has Pufferpods, just zap one and the others will explode in a chain 

When you reach the other end, pick up the spell book and equip it to one of 
your buttons. You will need this here to find a card that was, for me, the 
hardest to find in the whole game. To do this you must first get rid of the 
Horklumps or Pufferpods again and walk towards the vines that have now popped 
up. Use Diffindo to sever the vines surrounding one of the Venus fly trap 
looking plants. When it is clear Flipendo the plant to close it, then pick it 
up and throw it away. Do this with the other one and when you throw it away 
card #72 will popup through the ground. All other cards from here on in are 
either in chests, can be bought or are won by playing the games in the side 

When you have done all you need to do in here, return to your common room to 
rescue Neville. Use Diffindo on the tapestry and he is free. You can now 
explore the room that was hidden behind it to find a chest with card and then 
end the day.


Day Two 


Defence Against The Dark Arts

First thing on the agenda for today is Defence Against The Dark Arts Class in 
classroom 3C and your first challenge for a spell book. Go to floor 3 and 
through the door on the right. The door right in front of you is the one you 
need, (Hermione is stood outside it). 

When Professor Lockheart has given you the challenge, you will find yourself 
in a room with a very shiny floor, (What’s the deal with that?). Walk forward 
and turn around. On either side of you, you will see to buttons with a 
Flipendo sign on them, so do the obvious. When they are open three balls will 
shoot out of each one. To get rid of these you must approach them until they 
start to glow purple. When they do that’s your warning that they are about to 
fly over to try and hit you. When one does run out the way and then try to 
Flipendo it before it gets back. Do this twice with each ball and that should 
see to them. When they are gone you can now use the drawers they flew out of 
as ledges to get up to the next level.

The one on the right seems to lead you nowhere and I have no idea why it’s 
there or if it has a purpose at all but if anyone knows then as usual let me 
know. The one on the left will lead you to a tapestry, Diffindo it and go 
through the door.

Run to the other side of the room where you will find a ramp. Go up it and 
follow it round until you find a barrier blocking your way. Turn to your right 
and use Diffindo on the chain suspending the ball. When you have done this, 
the barrier will move back and an imp will come out. Flipendo him and sort him 
out then move on to the next barrier. When this one moves back, two imps will 
come out instead of one, as will all barriers from there on ‘till the top. The 
last barrier before the door conceals a chest that has a Pumpkin Pasty in it 
for you to use if you need it. When you are ready go through the door and move 

This next room looks quite daunting but it’s not as bad as it looks. Either 
side of the door on your right there are two more chains to sever and, yes, 
more imps will come out. Don’t relax too much when you have disposed of them 
because after a time another one will pop out to take it’s place. Severing the 
two chains causes the rotating balls on the other side to slow down allowing 
you to pass but make sure they have slowed down completely before you try to 
cross or you will be knocked off the edge.

If you thought that was fun, you’re going to love this next room. Flipendo the 
Fire Crab first, then run past him and round the corner. Do the same with the 
next Fire Crab and hop up onto the wall behind him but don’t walk along it 
just yet, the hog-cannon will breath a stream of flames at you. What you need 
to do to pass him is time a Flipendo to flip him upwards so his flames will go 
up and then stop allowing you to pass. This is a little tricky to start with 
but once you have the hang of it, it’s no problem at all. 

The next cannon is dealt with in the same manner but watch him first. You will 
notice a pattern emerging in his flames. First he will breath a long stream 
followed by a short one. Time your Flipendo to coincide with the short one and 
then make your move. Do the same with all of the other gargoyles but watch 
their pattern as each one is different, some will blow two longs one and two 
short ones etc. Collect the Pumpkin Pasties from the chests and move on.

One last room then it’s on to the spell book. All you have to do in here is 
use Diffindo on the chain to release the ball. It will then drop down through 
the floor and lower the platform below, allowing you to use the door behind 
it. When the ball drops you will fall down with it so just go through the 
door, drop down and pick up the spell book. 

Your new spell, Expeliarmus, is a duelling spell and you will have the perfect 
opportunity to use it now so equip it straight away. Don’t worry he’s not as 
daunting as he looks. 

To defeat this monster, wait for him to throw a spell at you and then press 
and hold your Expeliarmus button. When you have caught his spell release the 
button and it will throw it right back at him giving you a direct hit. When he 
throws his next spell and you have sent it back, he will block this time to 
send it back to you. Just do exactly what you have done before and this time 
it will hit him. From here on in he will block it once but you will always hit 
him the second time.

Once you have defeated him a platform will slide out for you to climb back up 
and go through the door, back into the room you started in. Walk forward and a 
sequence will take over and take you back to the classroom. Don’t breath a 
sigh of relief just yet, now you have to duel with Draco Malfoy. 

I have found duelling with pupils to be harder than the monsters because they 
always block the spells and are less predictable. The method I usually use is 
to send two spells over, one after the other. If he blocks the first, the 
second will usually get him. It doesn’t always work and sometimes he blocks 
both, so be ready. When you are done here you can leave the classroom but it 
is now unlocked for you to come back to any time you want. Next up, Qudditch 
Practice. On the way don’t forget to gnome dunk if you haven’t already done 
this today.


Quidditch Practice


Quidditch practice is pretty self-explanatory, just follow everything that 
Wood says and you should be fine. Use your boosts when you feel it is need but 
do try to save them until you are close to the snitch because, although you 
can catch up to it, you cannot actually get close to it without a boost. Once 
you’ve got the hang of it, its quite ease, (if only the actual matches were 
this easy). As in flying practice, if you want to keep your report card up to 
scratch, keep trying until you get a distinction if you don’t get it first 

When you have finished you can end the day, but don’t forget the side quests 
and collect beans along the way for the shop.


Night Two


As usual Hermione’s great idea is your dirty work. Off to the Library again 
and past the prefects in the Library Annex. This time however, go past the 
Library door to the right and you will find a grey door. This leads you to the 
restricted section. This next room is a lot more difficult and needs a lot of 

First of all pop your head around the side of the bookcase in front of you. 
When you see the prefect disappear around the corner, run forward and move 
along to the left end of the next bookcase that is parallel to the one you 
were behind. Pop your head round again and wait for the next prefect to 
disappear, then run over to where you saw him turn the corner.

Follow this prefect carefully and make your way to the right of the room until 
you find a very short bookcase jutting out of the wall. Quickly duck behind 
that while his back is turned and wait until he moves on. When he does go as 
far up the screen as you can and turn right. You should now be able to see the 

The next room is easy in theory. Climb the ladder ahead of you and wall sneak 
across to the next platform. Be sure to avoid any books that will try to put 
themselves away on the first two shelves. Climb the next ladder and keep 
moving up until you find the door.

Follow the corridor down and go through the door into a large room with more 
bookshelves on either side. If you are sick of the sight of bookcases by now, 
don’t worry you will get a chance for revenge shortly.
Walk over to the right side of the room until you find a chest with an owl 
treat. Take it to the other side of the room and find the stand for Hedwig. 

Feed him the treat and he will release a ladder for you to use back on the 
other side of the room. Climb the ladder and wall sneak across to the other 
bookcase for two chests with Pumpkin Pasties. If you don’t need them just jump 
across the gap to the ledge, then jump again and wall sneak to the next one 
with two more chests. Diffindo the tapestry on the other side of this gap, and 
then jump over. Sever another tapestry, jump, and then jump again, a wall 
sneak and a jump and Hogwarts: A History is yours. When you are down go 
through the door opposite the one you came in through. 

Walk through the archway on your left and you are faced with a demon bookcase. 
Easy enough to beat, keep hitting him with Flipednos and dodge his book 
missiles until you have pushed him back far enough for him to fall over.

When it has gone, walk over to where he fell to find a crate. Go round and 
grab it so you can push it across the black and white tiles. Keep moving it 
around until you have it up against the bookcases and you can use it to pull 
yourself up onto the top.

Flipendo the book floating in front of you and wait for it to drop. Make sure 
the ghost is not about to float in front of your path and jump across to the 
next one. Keep doing this until you are all the way across. This can be a 
little awkward because the camera angle is not ideal but persevere and it will
pay off as you get a new spell, Skurge.

Now you can jump down and clear the ectoplasm covering the other archway. Go 
back the way you came until you are back in the large room again. As you come 
in you will see some more ectoplasm off to your left, clear this and go into 
the next room. Run straight through this room to find yourself in a round room 
with plenty of ectoplasm. 

Clear up the first entrance to your left and watch out for the ghost that 
shoots out. Go in and press the switch in the corner. Clear the next entrance, 
dodge the ghost and Diffindo the tapestries to find the next switch. The next 
room has ectoplasm to shift and more ghosts to dodge and the final room only 
has books to avoid. When you have pressed all the switches and the door is 
unlocked a Slytherin will come through and pick a fight, you have to duel him.

When you have made short work of him go through the unlocked door and straight 
through the following room. Walk down the stairs to the crate and push it 
around until it is lined up with the gap in the balcony above you. Pull 
yourself up and Skurge the ectoplasm, then Flipendo the switch on the wall. 

Do the same on the other side and you are free to go. Use the crawl space on 
the other side of the door to find yourself back in the Library Annex. One 
quick dash and your home free. Now just take the book back to Hermione and you 
can go to bed. Sigh!


Day Three 



Your first lesson today is Transfiguration on the first floor, classroom 1B. 
When you reach the classroom Professor McGonagall will give you the challenge 
and Harry will go through the crawl space to begin. Start by dropping down 
from where you are and run round to the right until you come across a door 
that needs Skurging. Mind the ghost and then Skurge then next bit too. Enter 
the room and press the button on the far-side wall. Now do this for the left 
hand side of the room as well.

Now you can use the tunnel that has been opened, so follow it round until you 
reach a door, go through for the next bit. In here you need to run around the 
right hand side of the wall that is in front of you. You should find an 
opening that needs to be Skurged. Do this and dodge the three ghosts that fly 
out, run into the room and on your left is a chest containing card #85. 

Light Lumos and walk over to the right hand wall. A secret door will highlight 
for you to push and in doing so will move a block back for you to use as a 
ledge to climb up. When you are on the top, turn around and you will see 
ledges leading all around the room, but the one directly in front of you is 
sticking out towards you. 

Get a run up and jump across but make sure your camera angle is just right or 
you will fall down. This room is pretty awkward because if you don’t jump just 
right, you will fall and have to start again, and it hurts.

When you are across, jump to the next one close to the wall but make sure you 
aren’t actually facing it or Harry will not catch the ledge properly. To jump 
the next gap stick to the metal barrier on the outer edge and you should make 
it across no problem. Wall sneak across the next gap and the next two are easy 
to clear, just mind the ghosts because if they catch you mid-jump, they will 
knock you to the floor.

This next jump is the worst of them all, try to stick to the middle of the 
ledge and aim towards the middle of the one you are trying to reach and 
hopefully you should make it. Do the same for the next one and then wall 
sneak again. One last difficult jump and you are there. Skurge the doorway and 
go through to the next room.

Drop down then run around to pick up the spell book for your new spell, 
Avifors. Go back across the walkway and turn right. Use Avifors on the rock 
in front of you and a bit further round to your right a ledge will drop down 
for you to use. When you have gotten up there, use Avifors to move the rock 
and the ledge on the other side of the room will drop. When you climb up this 
one, use Avifors one last time and then go through the crawl space behind. Go 
up the stairs and follow the corridor until you are back in the room you 
started in. 

When you come out you are stood behind a statue. Walk left then jump across 
the gap. Use Avifors on the rock and wall sneak across to the next platform. 
Flipendo the hand on the wall and then make your way back to behind the 
statue. Now jump across to the right hand side and Avifors the rock there, but 
before you wall sneak you need to aim your Avifors across to the rock that is 
blocking you on the other side. Then you can wall sneak across and Flipendo 
the hand on the wall.

Jump down onto the metal walkway that is now in front of the statue. You now 
have to duel with him but this time there’s the added fun of avoiding the 
ghosts too.  The first and second time you send a spell back he will only 
block it once but the third and forth spells he will block twice so be ready. 
After four hits he’s dead so use Avifors on the rock he leaves behind and you 
are free to go. Then it’s time for your next lesson, your first Quidditch 


Quidditch Match


Your first match is against Hufflepuff and is relatively easy. Just remember 
what you learnt during practice and you should be fine. Don’t pay any 
attention to the goals being scored or who is in the lead, (as Lee Jordan, 
the commentator will keep you well informed), as long as you catch the snitch, 
you will win, and you need to, to play in the Quidditch Final.


Night Three


This is probably the worst nighttime challenge of them all as you find 
yourself trying to get out of Slytherin’s domain past many prefects. But 
first of all you need to go to the girl’s bathroom, so it’s off to the second 
floor, first door on your left.

When you have changed into Goyle, head downstairs to the dungeon. When you are 
in the entrance hall, go through the archway in the middle on the right hand 

As Goyle you are free to roam the Slytherin quarters without worry. I 
recommend you do this as it will not only help you to find your way out again, 
(which you have to do as Harry), but there are two chests in here with cards 
in. When you are done head to the far right hand corner and enter the next 
room where you will find Malfoy.

Note: I have tried to make Slytherin lose house points by wandering around 
restricted sections as Goyle, and although the prefects say "20 points from 
Slytherin", at the end of the day none are deducted.

When you have gained all the information you can from Malfoy you need to get 
back to your dormitory. This is much easier said than done as you have now 
changed back to your normal self. I can’t write a strategic walkthrough here 
as I usually sneak around until someone spots me, then run for it before they 
can cast their spell. However, if someone would like to submit one here then, 
for full credit, by all means please contact me.

When you are out head back to the girl’s bathroom and report back to Hermione. 
After you have told her everything you know, there is nothing left to do but 
end the day.

Note: At any time after you have ended the day you can return to the girl’s 
bathroom as the room is now unlocked. Make sure you do return at some point 
before the end of the game as there are two chests in here with cards in. The 
chests will not appear until after you have ended the day.


Day Four


Incendio Challenge

Time to get your last spell. Join Ron on the second floor and enter the second 
room on the right. Professor Fitzwick will send you on your way for the final 
time, the Incendio Challenge.

The first thing you have to do is duel with another statue. He will only block 
the return spells once but be quick on the button as there isn’t a great deal 
of space between you and him so they come back really quick. When you have 
disposed of him walk through the door he was stood in front of.

Keep going until you find yourself stood on a little platform. Off to your 
left, below you, you will see another statue. You must jump down and duel with 
him too. Just like the other he will only block once but they do come back 
quick. When he is gone use Avifors on the rock he leaves behind. The metal 
gate behind you has now opened, so walk through it and Flipendo the Fire Crab. 

Use the ramp in there to get back to the top, Flipendo the next Fire Crab and 
then walk forward until you see the next statue. Jump down to him and start 
the whole process over again. When you are done the door at the top will be 
open. Go through to get your last spell.

Walk around and pick up the Incendio spell book, timing a Flipendo on the 
hog-cannon. Now walk over to the archway on your left. To get through the 
metal gate you need to Incendio the four statues around the room. With each 
statue you Incendio, the gate will stay open a little bit longer. It is 
possible to get through by just getting two of the statues but to save 
yourself the trouble, get all four because if the gate comes down on your 
head, it hurts.

When you are  through follow the path around until you find yourself in the 
same room you started in. Go down the stairs and sat beside them you will find 
a block with the Incendio sign on them. So, Incendio it and the column beside 
you will fall down. Walk through the door it has now revealed and at the other 
end, Incendio the Fire Crab and watch him burn, ha ha ha. Press the switch on 
the right and leave the room.

Stand on the cracked floor where the column fell and face one of the large 
hog-cannons on either side of you. First Incendio it and when it is flaming, 
use Flipendo on it to make it shoot it’s flames upwards. By doing this, the 
platforms above it are now higher. Do this with the other one beside you and 
then quickly run up the stairs and along to the end of the ledge without any 
flames. Jump from ledge to ledge until you are across and able to press the 
switch there. Next, drop down and go back into the room with the two switches 
and press the one on the left. 

Now repeat the process on the other side, from getting the column to drop 
until you have pressed the second switch on the ledge. When you have done that 
you are able to use the door you came in through and return to the classroom.

Collect the cards from the three chests in the Incendio classroom and then 
it’s time for your next Quidditch Match with Ravenclaw. 


Quidditch Match


Your second match is slightly more challenging than the last one, but 
definitely easier than your final match. If you can win this you will be able 
to play against Slytherin in the final for the Quidditch Cup.


Night Four


After watching the sequence, it’s time for another mid-night excursion. Go 
outside and go to Hagrid’s Hut. You will then see another sequence where 
Hagrid will drop a key for you to use, finally allowing you access to the 
Forbidden Forest, (not a great place if you’re an Arachnophobe).

When you first enter you will find spiders running around everywhere. You have 
two ways in which you can kills these, you can either Flipendo them twice and 
watch them explode instantly, or you can Flipendo them and then use Incendio 
and watch them burn. I generally prefer the first method as they are gone 
straight away.

Follow the path down clearing the way of spiders as you go until you reach the 
spider’s web blocking your path. Use Incendio to clear away the web and 
destroy the spiders behind it. Then, walk in and open the chest on your right 
to find card #66. Clear the next web and carry on. Watch out for little 
jumping spiders here as they can be a little touch to spot and they jump out 
of the ground suddenly.  Keep going until you find a web covering a hole in 
the floor. Get rid of it and jump down. You are now faced with Agragog. 
Getting in is easy but getting out will be much harder. 

When you get control back you need to clear the place of all the spiders 
around you. It can be a bit manic to start with but once you get used to it, 
it’s a doddle. Run down the path in front of you and go past the orange 
toadstool. You will then be in an almost room like area. De-spider it and run 
over to the far left corner in front of the sloping ledge. Tucked away you 
will find a chest with card #62.

When you move on ignore the path that runs upwards and burn away the web on 
the right. Clear this room out and walk down the path to the right so you are 
faced with Aragog again. Burn away the part of his web that is blocking your 
path but be careful as when you do this one of his little minions will jump 
down to you. Clear the next bit of his web and carry on to kill some more 

When you come to the fork in the road, ignore the right hand path and take the 
left one. Carry on and take the path that slopes downwards. When you see a 
spider on a ledge to your left, kill him and jump over to it. Run on and jump 
the next gap you come to. When you are across you will find a ledge inset into 
the wall to pull yourself up onto. Keep going up and kill the two spiders at 
the top then run over and open the chest with card #63. When you are done hop 
back down and jump down to the ledge on your right. 

In the next room, run under the log bridge and past the orange toadstool on 
your left. Keep following the path along using the orange toadstools as a 
guide until you reach some more of Agragog’s web. Clear it away and run to the 
wall around the corner, then wall sneak across to the ledge on the other side. 
Clear this room and press on.

Burn away the next part of his web and clear the spiders to get to the last 
chest in here with card #64. Finally burn away the bit of web in the corner 
and Agragog will fall, unfortunately taking you with him.


Defeating Agragog


You will now find yourself  in a pit with Agragog. To defeat him you have to 
dodge his attacks, which are floor stomping sending out a vibration to hurt 
you and trying to charge at you, (also watch out for the little spiders that 
will come at you from time to time). Wait until Agragog rears up revealing his 
underside and a bright light will show you his weak spot. When he does this 
use Incendio to hit him. You can charge it a little but don’t wait too long 
and make sure you are in close enough or you won’t hit him. You also need to 
make sure you are targeting him right because Harry has a habit  of targeting 
the hanging spider sacks instead of the giant flesh-eating spider in front of 
him. It may also be worth  knowing that if you Incendio those sacks either a 
Bertie Botts Bean will fall out or a Pumpkin Pasty.

Anyway, keep hitting him in the stomach until he is dead, four hits should do 
it. When you have defeated him he will keel over, dropping a potion vial for 
you to pick up. Run over and get it then watch the little sequence. This shows 
you that Agragog is not dead and he gets back up for more, but don’t panic Ron 
will fly in and save you just in time. All you have to do is now is end the 


Day Five


When you wake the next morning Harry realises he has overslept and he is late 
for the Qudditch Final against Slytherin. Go to the Qudditch Stadium and make 
sure you defeat the Slytherin Slime. There isn’t really anything more I can say 
about this match other than it is much more difficult than the others. Malfoy 
is unfortunately very fast and has a whole stash of sarcastic comments ready 
for when he overtakes you. Win the match and wipe the smile off his face. You 
will then be rewarded with a little sequence where Professor Dumbledore will 
give you the Quidditch Cup right in front of Malfoy.


Night Five


Ron will come into the room and break the bad news to you that Ginny is 
missing and Hermione has been petrified. Suddenly it all falls into place, not 
that you didn’t already know everything they’re explaining. So, it’s back to 
the girl’s bathroom again for the final scenes and the last boss, The 

Eventually you and Ron work out that the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets 
is through the sinks. Harry jumps in and the real fun starts. Don’t fret the 
Basilisk is not too difficult to defeat; in fact I think it is easier than 

When you have dropped down run over and save your game. Then walk down between 
all the snakes’ heads and approach the wall in front of you. When you get 
there Harry will say something in Parsletongue and the wall will lift 
revealing the Chamber.

Tom Riddle will explain everything to you and call the Basilisk. However, 
because Harry shows loyalty to Dumbledore, his pet Phoenix will come and, 
(for those of you that haven’t read the book or seen the film, because it is 
very hard to make out what exactly it is that Fawkes does here), he will drop 
the enchanted sword of Godrick Gryffindor and poke the Basilisk’s eyes out 
leaving him completely blind.

Run over and pick up the sword and wait for the Basilisk to attack. He will 
do this by spitting a stream of foul green venom at you. After he has spat 
two lots of venom he will open his mouth revealing the proverbial light to 
show his weak spot. Press down and hold the B button until the sword is yanked 
from your hand. 

The Basilisk will drop to the ground causing boulders to fall from the ceiling 
for you to dodge. When he has picked himself up and dusted himself off, he 
will slink off through the middle right hole giving you a chance to run over 
and pick up your sword. The Basilisk will come back through the first hole on 
the right for round two.

The second time around he will spit three lots of venom at you before opening 
its mouth for it’s daily iron intake. You may start to notice a pattern 
emerging so to cut a long story short and avoid trying to write the same thing 
in six different ways I will just list it below.

After his second hit he will
Leave through the first left hole,
Then come back through the statues mouth.
He spits four lots of venom
Out again through the hole on the middle right
Back again through the statue
Five lots of venom
And out the third left
In through the statue
And six lots of venom.

After this last hit he will die. Hurrah the snake is dead! As is Tom Riddle 
because a fang from the Basilisk falls from it’s mouth and into his diary, 
killing the memory of Tom Riddle. Action Hero Harry will then wake up Ginny 
and all’s well that ends well.


Day Six


This is the last day of term and your last chance to tidy up any loose ends. 
Complete any of the side quests you have yet to do to gain extra house points 
for winning the Cup. If you have all of the other 100 Witches And Wizards 
Cards, speak to Professor Dumbledore and he will give you the card #101, Harry 
Potter, the boy who lived...

When you are ready, go into the Main Hall to collect the House Cup and watch 
the end sequence. Roll credits.


Chapter 4 	Information


4.1 Items


Sickles are basically the equivalent of pounds; you use them to buy the items 
on your shopping list for returning to Hogwarts at the beginning of the next 
term. After you leave Diagon Alley you will not need them again.

Chocolate Frogs
These are great but unfortunately far and few between. When you have a 
chocolate frog it will restore your health bar to maximum. To pick them up, 
Flipendo them and then walk over them. If ever you want one while at Hogwarts, 
there is a glass jar in the Library that will have a chocolate frog in and it 
is always the same jar.

Pumpkin Pasties
A Pumpkin Pasty will restore part of your health and can be found in chests, 
desks and cupboards and can be released from toadstools and items you Flipendo 
inside Hogwarts.

Cauldron Cakes
Cauldron cakes work in the same way as pumpkin pasties but are only found in 
chests, cupboards and sometimes desks. You will not find them amongst released 

Eeylops Premium Owl Treats
These items are found in chests somewhere near an owl stand. Call Hedwig and 
feed him the treat to get him to do favours for you, such as give you hints 
and dropping down ladders for you to use.

Potion Vials
There are three vials for you to collect throughout the game, one is bought 
from a shop in Diagon Alley, the second from Fred & George’s Shop. Agragog 
drops the third vial. Keep these filled with Wiggenweld Potion, (which can be 
collected from the shop in Diagon Alley where you bought the vial, the Library 
on the second floor of Hogwarts and the Herbology Greenhouse area), and when 
your health bar is empty it will automatically be refilled from your potion 

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans
These are the only form of currency accepted at Hogwarts and are needed to buy 
items from Fred & George’s shop, (see information), and to play the games with 
Neville, (see side quests). You will find the beans in blue or orange 
toadstools that are stood on their own, or in things like shields, vases, 
boxes and globes in Hogwarts, they are released by using Flipendo on the item 
at hand. They are also found in certain items on the Professors desks in the 
classrooms. You can also get them from searching desks and cupboards. When you 
are in shops or the Library at Hogwarts, break any glass jars you may find on 
shelves by using Flipendo and you can also get beans from those.

Stink Pellets
These are a great way of distracting prefects for easy access to restricted 
areas at Hogwarts. At first you can only hold fifteen but when you buy a Stink 
Pellet Bag from Fred and George you can carry double. These are found in much 
the same way as beans, they show up in desks and cupboards and are released 
from broken jars in the Library. If you can’t be bothered to wait until you 
get to Hogwarts you can buy ten stink pellets from Gambol & Japes in Diagon 
Alley. If you miss them there and want them before you have had a chance to 
collect them, they can also be bought from Fred and George for twenty beans.

Non-exploding Luminous Balloons
Again these are a great way to distract prefects and are collected in exactly 
the same way. If you want to buy some from Fred and George they are twenty 
beans for ten. You can hold fifteen beans until you buy the balloon holster, 
also for twenty beans, and then you can hold thirty.

Nimbus 2000
When you have played your first Quidditch match Wood will give you the Nimbus 
2000 Broomstick. When you have this you can fly around the grounds and take a 
good look around. The only actual use I have found for using your broomstick 
outside of Quidditch, is to fly through the coloured rings for beans. If 
anyone else knows something I don’t then please let me know.

Famous Witches And Wizards Cards
There are 101 Famous Witches And Wizards Cards to collect. They are found in 
chests, bought from Fred and George, won when playing games (see side quests) 
or by trading duplicates with other students in a good old fashioned game of 
swapsies. There is the occasional exception to the rule, for a full list of 
cards and how to get them see section 4.3. For every ten cards you collect 
your health bar will extend so it is very wise to collect as many as you can. 

If you want to collect all of them but have missed some along the way, 
(despite me including every card that can possibly be missed in the walkthough 
section), they can be bought from Fred and George at the end of the game 
before you go into the Main Hall for the House Points Award Ceremony. However, 
they will only tell you it is one of their spares and not which card it 
actually is so it can take a lot of time and beans before you get the card you 


4.2  Spells


All spells are cast in the same way, assign them to a button of your choice, 
(B,X or Y), and press the relevant button for the spell you want. To charge a 
spell just press and hold the button then release when it is charged to cast 
the spell. Be careful not to charge your spells too much or it will back fire 
and hurt you. 

When you start the game you already have your first spell Flipendo, or the 
Knockback Jinx. This spell is used to knock over an opponent or object. This 
is probably the most well used spell throughout the whole game as it is used 
to press buttons, release beans and pumpkin pasties from objects and hurt 

Lumos, or the Wand Lighting Charm, will cause the end of your wand to glow, 
giving you light in dark places and revealing hidden doorways. It is also used 
to defeat the Gytrashes when you come to them.

This is the Severing Charm you need when trying to rescue Neville from the 
evil tapestry. It is used when attacking plants in the Herbology Greenhouse 
and can server tapestries to reveal hidden rooms. It will also sever chains 
during certain charm challenges and will open vine-covered chests.

Expeliarmus is the duelling charm and is used when duelling with other 
students, Slytherin only, and fighting with statues during charm challenges. 
This spell also goes by the name of the Disarming Charm and will sometimes 
reflect the spells of prefects.

Skurge is the Scouring Charm and will clean up ectoplasm. Unfortunately it 
will also release ghosts from large patches of ectoplasm such as those 
covering doorways. It will give you access to all chests covered with the 
green substance.

Avifors is used when you want to transfigure something, i.e. a small rock 
will be changed into a bird. This spell will enable you to move small objects 
blocking your path or move a rock from one place to another to press a switch 
and therefore open a door.

Incendio, or the Fire-making Charm, can also go by the name of "Bluebell 
Flames" or "Cold Fire". It will burn spider’s webs to clear your path or 
unlock a chest. It is also a great distraction to prefects when you need it.

Alohomora is an unlocking spell used merely to gain access to chests. This 
spell is bought from Fred and George’s shop and although they will tell you 
that you can now go to more places I have never found a door that this spell 
will open. If anyone does however, then just let me know.


4.3 Witches & Wizards Cards


#	Name				Location			
1	Merlin				The Burrow			
2	Cornelius Agrippa		Trade #59 Boy 1st Floor
3	Elfrida Clagg			The Burrow			
4	Grogan Stump			Whomping Willow
5	Gulliver Pokeby			Borgin & Burkes		
6	Glanmore Peakes			Whomping Willow
7	Hesper Starkey			Whomping Willow
8 	Derwent Shimpling		The Burrow			
9	Gunhilda Of Gorsemoor		Chest, Library.
10	Burdock Muldoon			Chest, Library			
11  	Herpo The Foul			Chest, Library
12	Merwyn The Malicious		Chest, Library
13	Andros The Invincible		Gnome Dunking 2
					Chest, Girl’s Bathroom 
14	Fulbert The Fearful		Chest, Outside Herbology Greenhouse
15	Paracelsus			Gnome Toss 1
16	Cliodine			Gnome Toss 2
17	Morgan Le Faye			Gnome Toss 3
18	Uric The Oddball		Gnome Dunking 1
19	Newt Scamander			Gnome Toss 4
20	Wendelin The Weird		Gnome Toss 5
21	Lord Stoddard Withers		Gnome Dunking 3
22	Circe				Broom Racing 1.1
23	Glenda Chittock			Trade #27 Hufflepuff boy 1st Floor
24	Adalbert Waffling		Broom Racing 1.2
25	Perpetua Fancourt		Broom Racing 1.3
26	Almerick Sawbridge		Broom Racing 2.1
27	Mirabella Plunkett		Leaky Cauldron
					Broom Racing 2.2		
28	Tilly Toke			Magical Menagerie
29	Archibald Alderton		Buy from Fred & George’s Shop
30	Artemisia Lufkin 		Broom Racing 2.3
31	Balfour Blane			Chest, 6th Floor Classroom
					Broom Racing 3.1
32	Bridget Wenlock			Gambol & Japes		
33	Beaumont Marjoribanks		Broom Racing 3.2
34	Donaghan Tremlett		Broom Racing 3.3
35	Bowman Wright			Broom Racing 4.1
36	Jocelind Wadcock		Trade #84 Gryffindor boy 1st floor
37	Cassandra Vablatsky		Broom Racing 4.3
38	Chauncey Oldridge		Broom Racing 5.1
39	Gwenog Jones			Broom Racing 5.2
40	Carlotta Pinkstone		Broom Racing 5.3
41	Godrick Gryffindor		Chest(S), Girl’s Bathroom
42	Crispin Cronk			Chest(I), Incendio Classroom
43	Cyprian Youdle			Chest, 4th Floor Crawl Space Passage
					Chest, Dungeon
44	Delvin Whitehorn		Chest, Incendio Classroom
45	Dunbar Oglethorpe		Return Potions Kit Bag
46	Miranda Goshawk			Return Merit Badge
47	Edgar Stroulger			Buy from Fred & George’s Shop
48	Salazar Slytherin		Return Telescope
49	Elladora Ketteridge		Return Neville’s Toad
50	Musidora Barkwith		Return Measuring Scales
51	Ethelred The Ever-Ready		Return Wizard’s Hat
52	Felix Summerbee			Return Dragonhide Gloves
53	Rita Catchlove			Chest(I), Outside Quidditch Stadium	
54	Gaspard Shingleton		Return Gadding With Ghouls
55	Honoria Nutcombe		Return Holiday’s With Hags
56	Gideon Crumb			Return Lee Jordan’s Giant Tarantula
57	Gifford Ollerton		Chest, Dark Arts Classroom 3rd Floor
58	Glover Hipworth			Chest(D), Dark Arts Classroom 3rd Floor
59	Gregory The Smarmy		The Burrow
					Chest, Herbology Greenhouse
60	Laverne de Montmorency		Chest(I), Herbology Greenhouse
61	Havelock Sweeting		Trade #77 Boy 4th floor
62	Ignatia Wildsmith		Forbidden Forest
63	Herman Wintringham		Forbidden Forest
64	Jocunda Sykes			Forbidden Forest
65	Gondoline Oliphant		Chest, Secret Room, 7th Floor
66	Flavious Belby			Forbidden Forest
67	Justus Pillwickle		Chest(S), Ground floor Grand Staircase
68	Kirley Duke			Chest(I), Ground floor Grand Staircase
69	Bertie Bott			Buy from Fred & George’s Shop
70	Leopoldina Smethwick		Chest(D), 6th Floor Classroom
71	Queen Maeve			Chest(S), 6th Floor Classroom
72	Helga Hufflepuff		Herbology Greenhouse 3
73	Mopsus				Chest, 3rd Floor Classroom
74	Montague Knightley		Chest(D), 2nd Floor Passage
75	Mungo Bonham			Trade #13 Girl 4th Floor
76	Myron Wagtail			Chest(A), Lower Entrance Hall
77	Norvel Twonk			Chest(A), Library Annex
					Chest(I), 1st Floor Classroom
78	Orsino Thruston			Trade Card #98 Girl 4th Floor
79	Oswald Beamish			Chest(A), 5th Floor Classroom
80	Beatrix Bloxham			Buy from Fred & George’s Shop
81	Quong Po			Trade #31 Girl 7th Floor
82	Rowena Ravenclaw		Chest(I), 4th Floor Classroom
83	Roderick Plumpton		Chest(D), 6th Floor Classroom
84	Roland Kegg			Chest(S), 1st Floor Classroom
					Broom Racing 4.2
85	Blenheim Stalk			Chest, Avifors Challenge
86	Dorcas Wellbeloved		Chest, Dungeon
87	Thaddeus Thurkell		Chest(A), 1st Floor Classroom
88	Celestina Warbeck		Chest, 5th Floor Classroom
89	Alberta Toothill		Chest(I), Lower Entrance Hall
90	Sacharissa Tugwood		Chest(A), Incedio Classroom
91	Wilfred Elphick			Chest, 1st Floor Classroom
92 	Xavier Rastrick			Chest, 3rd Floor Passage
93	Heathcote Barbary		Chest(S), Dark Arts Classroom
94	Merton Graves			Trade card #31 Hufflepuff 7th Floor
95	Yardley Platt			Chest(A), Dark Arts Classroom 3rd Floor
96	Hengist Of Woodcroft		Chest(D), 1st Floor Passage
97	Alberic Grunnion		Buy from Fred & George’s Shop
98	Dymphna Furmage			Borgin & Burkes
					Chest, 2nd/3rd Floor Passage
99	Daisy Dodderidge		Chest(S), 4th Floor Classroom
100	Albus Dumbledore		Chest(I), 2nd Floor Secret Passage
101	Harry Potter			Get from Professor Dumbledore when you 
					have all of the other 100 cards

Please notice the letters in brackets after some of the chests. These are 
there to show you which spell you will need to open that chest.

A	Alohomora
Av	Avifors (not needed to open chests)
D	Diffindo
E	Expeliarmus (not needed to open chests)
F	Flipendo (not needed to open chests)
I 	Incendio
L	Lumos (not needed to open chests)
S	Skurge


4.4  Fred & George’s Shop Price List


Famous Witches & Wizard’s Card
Edgar Stroulger					30 Beans
Albert Grunnion					30   "
Limited Edition Bertie Bott			30   "
Archibald Alderton				30   "
Any bought at the end of the game		30   "

Stink Pellets					20 Beans
Balloon Holster					20   "
Bean Bag					20   "
Stink Pellet Bag				20   "
Non-Explodable Luminous Balloons		20   "
Wiggenweld Potion Vial				100  "
Alohomora Spell book				100  "

At the end of the game you have the opportunity to buy any cards you may have 
missed throughout the game. I would say to you, try to avoid this situation as 
you will buy the cards without knowing which card it actually is. All they 
will tell you is it is one of their spare cards so until you have purchased it 
you will not know what number it is. This means you will have to spend a lot 
of beans and a lot of time before you actually get the card you want.


Chapter 5		Side Quests


5.1  Lost & Found


In the Gryffindor Common Room by the exit is a notice board where pupils will 
write down certain items they have misplaced at Hogwarts. Find these items and 
on returning them you will be rewarded with a Witches and Wizards card. I also 
believe that you are award house points for doing this good deed.

Don’t waste time looking for an item unless you have first read the notice 
board as the item will not appear until you have checked to see what you are 
looking for next.

Potions Kit Bag
This can be found in the Herbology Greenhouse area, so go through the green 
doors and, once inside, turn right and follow the path left. Go all the way to 
the end of the path and it is right there in a little recess on your left, 
(opposite the Wiggenweld Potion cauldron). Collect it and return to the notice 
board in the common room.

Gryffindor Merit Badge
Finding this is easy! Leave the common room and go into the empty room that is 
right opposite the Gryffindor Common Room entry portrait. There it is right 
beside you.

This one gave me a little bit of trouble to start with, but if you’re using 
this you should have no problem at all. It’s in a classroom on the first 
floor. As you step off the grand staircase and into the lobby area, it’s the 
door directly in front of you, that’s the room you need.

Neville’s Toad
This was easy as the notice board tells you exactly where to find it. Go 
straight to the Herbology Greenhouse and as soon as you are through the doors, 
take the first right and there he is, right in front of you. To pick him up 
you need to Flipendo him first then walk over and get him.

Measuring Scales
Once again the notice board tells you exactly where to find it, Hagid’s Hut. 
To first reach the hut you need to go out the main entrance, and look between 
the path to the Quidditch Stadium, and the path to the Herbology Greenhouse 
area. There will be a faint trail there for you to follow to Hagrid’s Hut and 
the entrance to the Forbidden Forest. When you get there, run to the right of 
the hut and the scales are behind the bushes on the right, over the back.

Wizard’s Hat
The notice board was a bit more vague until I realised you have to take it 
literally, "taking a shortcut". It’s in a side room leading off the 3rd Floor 
4th Floor shortcut passage.

Dragonhide Gloves
Again, nice and easy. When you leave the grand staircase and are in the 
entrance hall, go down the corridor straight ahead of you past the save point.
At the end of the corridor, go through the door and it’s there on your right.

Gadding With Ghouls
Only minor hunting involved here, but none for you as I can tell you it’s on 
the 6th Floor in the left hand classroom.

Holiday’s With Hags
This was by far the worst one to find because the notice board gives you no 
clue at all. I will save you a lot of time and frustration and just say it’s 
in the Library. Go left when you enter and it is in the end alcove archway.

Lee Jordan’s Giant Tarantula
Okay, so it’s back to the Library! Go up the left hand staircase and right 
behind the Wiggenweld Potion Cauldron, there it is. There’s no need to 
Flipendo it like Neville’s Toad, just walk over and pick it up.


5.2  Games


Gnome Dunking
Gnome dunking isn’t really a game as such, you only have to beat the highest 
record to win your card. It is free however so it’s nice and easy. This is the 
only game that needs to be played on a daily basis, the others can all be 
played at your leisure, but this game is only offered once a day and if you 
miss a day you will only be able to buy the card from Fred & George’s shop at 
the end of the game, which is not an ideal situation, (see Information).
This is very easy, just use the same method you used to de-gnome the Weasley’s 
garden and you will be fine. To beat the record every time, spin around six 
times and let go of the gnome. Release him at the right time and a card will 
be yours every time. 
Although Gnome dunking can be played every day, you will only win cards on 
the first three days, after that there are no more to be won. 
The records you have to beat are as below.
Day 1		100
Day 2		120
Day 3		150
Day 4		170
Day 5		200

Gnome Tossing
Gnome tossing is much more difficult than the other games. I didn’t enjoy it 
very much but it is a necessary evil if you want to collect all the cards. It
works in the same manner as de-gnoming, only you have to aim your release to 
get the gnome to go through one of the coloured rings. Below you will find 
the cost of each game and a rough idea as to how many spins you need to get 
the gnome through each ring. Where you see two numbers, for example ¾, that 
means three spins when the ring is close to you, and four spins when it has 
moved away. The timing and spinning is no problem, it’s letting go of the 
gnome in time to get the right ring that causes me problems. The yellow ring 
is worth 100 points, the blue ring is worth 50 points and the green ring is 
worth 20 points. The best way to beat this record, especially the later games, 
is to try and get the gnome through more than one ring at the same time. Wait 
until they are lined up one on top of the other, (but not too long or the 
gnome you are holding will bite you), and you will get a 2 x bonus which 
totals your score and doubles it. Also watch out for the other gnomes around 
you as they can still hurt you and make you lose beans.

1	10 Beans		Record	 to beat  100
4/5  Spins	Yellow
4/5  Spins	Blue
4/5  Spins	Green

2	15 Beans		Record to beat	  120
4/5  Spins	Green
4/5  Spins 	Blue
3/4  Spins	Yellow

3	20 Beans		Record to beat  150
4/5  Spins	Green 
4/5  Spins	Blue
4/5  Spins	Yellow

4	30 Beans		Record to beat  200
3  Spins	Yellow
3  Spins	Blue
4  Spins	Green

5	40 Beans		Record to beat  250
3     Spins	Yellow
3/4  Spins	Green
4     Spins	Blue

Broom Racing
Broom racing is very straightforward. Just remember what you learned in flying 
practice and you will do fine. Unlike Qudditch Practice, you don’t get boosts 
and the cheating beggars start a little ahead of you. To catch up, just fly 
through as many rings as you can and you will catch up with them. Don’t worry 
if you miss a ring or two this does not cause a problem, you will not forfeit 
the game for simply missing a ring. The first three students you race are very 
easy but the last two are slightly more challenging. Each student needs to be 
raced three times to move on to the next.
Check below for the price of playing each game.

Student 1				Student 2
1.1	5 Beans				2.1	5 Beans
1.2	10   "				2.2	10  " 
1.3	15   "				2.3	10  "

Student 3				Student 4
3.1	10   "				4.1	20  "
3.2	15   "				4.2 	20  "
3.3	15   "				4.3	30  "
Student 5
5.1	40   "
5.2	40   "
5.3	50   "


Chapter 6	Credits & Thanks


There really are no credits or thanks yet as this is my first version, but I 
would like to thank all those who never thought to write a walkthrough for 
this giving me the confidence I needed to undertake this challenge. Also 
thanks to EA Games for making this great game and JK Rowling for creating the 
world of Harry Potter with its unlimited possibilities.


Chapter 7 	Copyright


This document is copyright to Kathryn Mintram 2003.
Please do not use this document without my permission for any other website or 
to print it for selling. It is solely for your own personal consumption only. 
If you would like to use it for anything else, or see it on another website, 
please contact me first.

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