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01 Chapter 1: Stormy Sea
02 Chapter 2: The New Guild Recruits
03 Chapter 3: The Scream
03.2 Boss Battle: Drowzee
04 Chapter 4: Gatekeepers
05 Chapter 5: The First Official Exploration
06 Chapter 6: Team Skull
07 Chapter 7: Groudon's Heart
08 Chapter 8: The mystery of Fogbound Lake
08.2 Boss Battle: Groudon?
09 Chapter 9: Dusknoir
09.2 Boss Battle: Luxray
10 Chapter 10: Grovyle the Thief
10.2 Boss Battle: Mespirit
11 Chapter 11: The only option
11.2 Boss Battle: Grovyle
12 Chapter 12: Dusknoir's Secret
13 Chapter 13: Into the Future
13.2 Boss Battle: Spiritomb
14 Chapter 14: The secret of World's Paralysis
15 Chapter 15: A new Dawn
16 Chapter 16: The guild's crew
17 Chapter 17: Lapras
17.2 Boss Battle: Kabutops + Omastar
18 Chapter 18: To the Hidden Land
18.2 Boss Battle: Dusknoir
19 Final Chapter 19: The Last Adventure
19.2 Final Boss: Primal Dialga
20 Chapter 20: Guild Graduation
20.2 Boss Battle: Wigglytuff's Guild
21 Chapter 21: Scizor The Explorer
21.2 Boss Battle: Frosslass
22 Chapter 22: Manaphy
22.2 Boss Battle: Gyrados
23 Chapter 23: The Aegis Cave
23.2 boss battle regi ice
23.4 boss battle regi rock
23.6 boss battle regi steel
23.8 boss battle regi gigas
24 Chapter 24: Azurill's Nightmare
25 Chapter 25: Back To Work 
25.2 boss battle palkia
25.4 boss battle darkrai
26 Chapter 26: Manaphy's Return

01 Chapter 1: Stormy Sea

you will see someone talking then the screen will turn white. you will the see 
the partner you chose walking in front of a building of wigglytuff. he will say 
something then walk onto the platform and then get off. your partner will feel 
disapointted because he was holding his most precious treasure. he will then 
leave the area and then a koffing and a zubat will show and follow your 
partner. you will then see your partner again at the beach and he will be 
talking ( nothing important ) and then he will turn and see You (as in the 
pokemon you had been given). your partner will come up and ask if you are ok  
andthen you pick your name. then koffing and zubat will come and take your 
partners most prized possesion and go into the beach cave. your partner will 
ask if you will help him get it back  say yes and into the cave you will go.
Beach cave                 
4 floors and then the pit
you will see koffing and zubat and you will battle them
koffing and zubat are very easy and you shouldnt lose to them about 20 - 30 hp 
ea. after you beat them you will get your partners prized possesion back and 
you will leave the dungeon. your partner will then ask you if u want to make a 
exploration team. say yes and then you will follow him to the wigglytuff 
02 Chapter 2:  The New Guild Recruits
you will then see a cutscene making you and your partner step on the platform 
and you will be able to enter the guild.
when you enter you will see many pokemon and then a chtot will appear. he will 
try to chase you off thinking you are salesmen but then your partner will say " 
we came here to train so we can be a exploration team" chatot will then take 
you to see the guildmaster. you will meet the guildmaster and after some words 
you will be asked what team name you want after that you willbe given an 
exploers kit which will include a, Explorer Badge: Team ID
a,Wonder Map: Just a Map, they added the word Wonder
,and a Treasure Bag: It's the Bag where you carry the items
              you get in dungeons. 16 Items max atm.

you will then be showed your beds  during the night your partner will start 
talking about how cool it is that you have made an exploration team and you 
will fall asleep. then in the morning you will be woken up by a loudred.
tip, you can save by climbing onto your bed

you will have to do this really annoying song and after that chatot will take 
you to the rescue board. he will give you a job for a spoink. you will have to 
go to a new dungeon called the drenched bluff. your goal is to get to the 7th 
Drenched bluff 7F in total (6 battle +1 peak)
after you get to the 7th floor you will see a sparkly pink pearl you will 
assume it is spoinks and take it back to him in treasure town. he will thank 
you with 3000 PoKe a iron, a calcium, and a protein. your partner will think 
you guys are rich but, chatot will come and take the money. (i know its a sad 
parting 8( ) and then chatot will tell you that it turns out that you only get 
1/10 of the money from the missions you do, so 10,000 = 1,000 for you, you guys 
will then eat dinner again and go to sleep. through the night your partner will 
talk about how good it was to be thanked by spoink and fall asleep again.

03 Chapter 3: The Scream

again you will be woken by loudred ( note i wont write that again it happens 
every day )
sing the song. then chatot will bring you to the boards again,but on the other 
side. this one is called the outlaw board where you go out and capture evil 
villains like theifs and actual crinimals. before he assigns you a mission he 
will call in bidoof to give you a tour of the guild, and of treasure town. 
after the tour bidoof will be waiting for you guys at the outlaw board but your 
partner will pull you over saying you MUST go to the kecleon shop open the menu 
then close it ( not enough money for the good stuff) and then you will see a 
marill and a azurill come up and buy a apple. kecleon 1 ( the green one) will 
explain to you guys that their mother is sick so they do the shopping for her.
azurill will come back saying there was a apple she didnt pay for and kec will 
say that one was from them. while azurill was leaving he fell and dropped the 
apple. generouslly, you picked it up for him and when azurill took the apple 
you felt dizzy and heard a scream H h h help! your pretty sure it was azurills 
voice and asked everyone else if they heard it but you must have imagined it, 
right? oh well back to the guild... hold on whos this? on your way back you see 
mar and auzr with a drowzee he said that he saw their item somewhere. ok pretty 
cool right? Wrong when he bumbs into you he is acting polite but then you feel 
dizzy again and you see a picture of drowzee and auz.

Drowzee: "Talking won't help you... you're going to get hurt now!"
                              Azurill: "H... help!!"

Wow that was weird oh well go back to the guild talk to bidoof wait why did the 
board flip? dugtrio did it to update it after flipping it your paartner will 
tell you to look at one of them. guess who? Mr. Nice Guy Drowzee is a wanted 
criminal. you and your partner will run out of the guild and you will see 
marill telling you that she got seperated from drowzee and azurill.marill will 
show you where he last saw them ok new dungeon and your in 8).

Mt. Bristle 8 floors (7 battle +1 peak)

on the eigth floor you will battle Drowzee

03.2 Boss Battle: Drowzee

not that hard about 100 hp use seed and moves that do damage( if you have it 
use leer before he is in front of u)

you will see magnezone and 2 magnemite holdig drowzee and your reward is at the 
guild for catching the outlaw what now? bigger bag and other stuff at guild the 
reward was 3000 PoKe again though you get 1/10 so have fun with 300 dollars 

in about 3 days worth of missions you get to continue on to the next chapter.

04 Chapter 4: The Gatekeepers
 This is a fairly easy chapter because all you have to do is  digletts job of 
sentry duty! For the job you jast have to look at the footprints and determine 
whos they are. And you also get prizes depending on how good you do.
Do about 2 more missions and you can enter the next chapter.

05 Chapter 5: The First Official Exploration
 You will wake up like normal, but chatot will tell you a Time Gear was stolen( 
when a time gear is stolen the time completely stops in that area). Chatot will 
give you an exploration mission to scout a waterfall.

Important things in this Chapter
You can now recruit pokemon
You can now use the marowak dojo

Well anyways, get ready for an adventure to waterfall cave.

Waterfall cave 9 floors (8 battle 1 pit)

Well at the end of your dungeoun, you will see you partner try to move a gem 
and you will try to too.well you will end up seeing the future and notice a 
pokemon push the gem and a giant wave will come, unfortunatly your partner does 
the same thing! the giant wave pushes you to the Hot Spring.After you get back 
you tell chatot about what happened, and how you think wigglytuff was there so 
he goes and checks.HE WAS! well you did get free things out of the dungeon 
anyways so... well they will later tell you that they will host a guild 
exploration then you go to sleep.

06 Chapter 6: Team Skull

 You wake up and chatot tells everyone that there is going to be an exploration
( ha ha you already knew). Chatot tells you yet again to do missions on the job 
boards but this time when you get up there you see, Zubat and Koffing! Well 
they see you and your partner blabs about the exploration. They then tell 
they're leader who comes in Skuntank, well nothing you can do know but work.

You get to do 1 job then a sentry duty job

After that you learn that... Team Skull is joining the guild for the next few 
days AND they are going on the exploration to! Well nothing you can do but 1 
more mission.

Ill make the rest of this chapter short for you!

Team skull eats all the perfect apples.
You get to go to Apple woods now!]

Apple Woods 13 floors (12 battle+1 deep apple woods)
Team skuul knocks you out and eats all the apples.
You and your partner go without dinner.
you go to wigglytuff and he freaks out untill team skull gives him an apple.
chatot tells everyone that members for expedition will be picked soon
Chatot tells you to give up on being picked for the exploration
Bidoof Sunflora and Chimeco take you and your partner back to your room and 
gives you food
you leave and Croagunk opens his shop
do 1 job, then sentry duty, then 3 jobs
Chatot tells you all at dinner time that the members were chosen for the 
you wake up and chatot tells you who all will go
The moment of truth... So... the chosen ones are:
-Team Skull
-Your Partner
yep the whole guild.
you have to go get ready to leave and you also get a bigger treasure bag.
Talk to chatot to leave.
You also get to leave with Bidoof in youre team

07 Chapter 7 The Guilds Big Exploration

 Well this is not a VERY long chapter like 6 so ill go back to normal. In this 
chapter you start out at a mountain with two paths.
Craggy Coast- continues the story line!
Rock path- go in a cricle to collect items!

Craggy coast 8 floors all battle!

After going through the dungeoun, your small team will take a quick rest. 
afterwards you will awaken and choose from 2 paths,
Mt Horn- continue the story
Rock path- same as aove.

Mt. Horn 14-15 floors all Battle!

After passing through here you will arive at the camp. marking the end of this 

08 Chapter 8 Groudons Heart

-----------------------------------Coming Soon----------------------------------

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